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Submitted by: Jessica Mackey on Jun 10, 2013
I started searching for a Vizsla pup my senior year of college. I was on my own, dog-less for the first time in my life, and in search of a new hunting companion. I approached numerous breeders about their dogs, many of whom were very knowledgeable, but few of whom were willing to take me seriously. Jon Peck at Midnight Run Vizslas was the exception. He promptly responded to my first email and actively engaged me in deciding whether or not a Vizsla was the right fit for me, and whether or not it was the right time to bring an active pup into my life. After numerous conversations, I decided to put a deposit down for a male pup out of one of Jon’s litters. Jon provided me with everything I needed to know and was always willing to answer my questions. He kept me up to date on my litter helped me prepare for my new pup. I picked up Sitka from his home, met his dogs, and continued to gain confidence in my decision to both get a Vizsla and get that pup from Jon Peck.
Sitka is absolutely amazing. He was the only boy in his litter, and I knew he was meant to be mine. Jon was not kidding when he told me that my pup was special. His natural instinct in the field has never ceased to amaze me. On Jon’s encouragement, I took Sitka to a Field Trial when he was 6 months old. After that first experience we were hooked. Sitka has excelled in the field as a hunting buddy on both upland game and waterfowl, and has started coming into his own running field trials, with several Puppy and Derby placements and wins. I am new to both vizslas and the field trial world; Sitka and I are learning as we go along. He takes all of my mistakes in stride, learns all of his lessons with unbridled enthusiasm, and is THE best snuggle-bug on the couch at the end of a long day. Sitka is a natural bird dog, an incredibly driven pup, handsome as can be with good conformation, healthy, and, above all, loving with a great temperament. Jon has been there every step of the way, answering my frantic emails at any time of day and guiding me through Sitka’s ups and downs. He has given me advice in everything from Sitka’s field training to his split pads or sore tail. He keeps in touch and sincerely cares about our progress. I could not ask for anything more from a breeder, and will always be truly grateful for Sitka. He is everything and more that I imagine a vizsla to be.
Submitted by: Bill Newton on Aug 31, 2011
I grew up hunting over GSPs with my dad and my brother. When our last male passed away and I moved into my own house, it was time for me to search for my first hunting dog that I would own and raise all by myself. I came across the Vizsla breed in a book and it sounded like the perfect dog for my situation. I wanted a good house dog and one that could excel in the field. I called a couple of breeders and after I contacted Jon at Midnight Run I decided he was very knoledgeable and thought it would be worth making the 3 hour trip to MI. I had never seen a Vizsla before and was a little skeptical I'll have to admit. Once we got to Jon's house, I was mainly interested in seeing his stud Cisco do some birdwork and see the facilities. I was immediately impressed by both. After we toured the kennels and watched Cisco peform flawlessly in the field, Jon said now I want to show you how these dogs are in the house. He told my wife and I to go in and sit on his couch. Two of his females ran over to us and after our friendly greeting, one of them put their head on my lap and one put their head on my wife's lap. I told him right then that I wanted one! It was everything all the books said and I couldn't believe it. We agreed on a breeding and soon brought home Huck. He was so easy to potty train and started showing some serious interest in birds by the time he was 14 weeks old. This was the first dog I had trained by myself and he makes me look like I know what I'm doing. Jon and I met up for a summer training session and I was a little cautious about taking Huck along on a hunting trip to South Dakot when he would be only 10 months old. Jon said, no doubt is that dog ready for out west. Huck blew my expectations out of the water hunting wild pheasants (which can be tough on experienced pointing dogs). He had many solid points and hunted methodically the entire week. We came back home to Indiana where we actually have a decent quail population and he kept getting stronger and stronger. Our first hunting season was filled with successful hunts and great pictures. The next spring we decided to get involved in some field trials. This was the first field trial for both Huck and myself, we received a 4th placement on futurity weekend at the Vizsla Club of Illinois' spring trial. All the credit goes to Jon Peck for his planning and Huck for his ability, I had no clue what I was doing. We continued on and improved on our placements and experience. Jon followed through with everything he said he would and to this day he still is available to offer advice on training or general questions. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a great companion at the home, an excellent field dog or both to Jon Peck of Midnight Run Vizslas!
Submitted by: Bill Newton on Aug 12, 2011
I purchased my first Vizsla from Midnight Run Vizslas in January of 2010. I couldn't say enough good things about the quality of puppy that we received and the customer service from Jon. He has the buying experience dialed in and everything went exactly as he explained on the phone. We made a visit to his kennel and as soon as we saw the facilities and spent a little bit of time with Jon and his dogs, we were hooked and new that we had come to the right place.
Huck was 10 months old when I took him to SD for his first wild bird hunting experience. I shot multiple limits of pheasants over a staunchly pointing puppy, Huck blew my expectations out of the water on pheasants to boot, which can be tough on an experienced pointer. Then it was back to IN which we actually have a decent quail population and he never disapointed. I would put Huck's bird finding ability up against any dog that I've ever hunted over. After hunting season, I thought I had something special and thought I'd give the field trials a whirl. Huck and I entered the Open Derby at the Vizsla Club of Illinois on Futurity weekend. Out of 14 dogs, Huck got 4th place! I had not idea what I was doing, luckily Huck did and he improved his placement on his very next trial. He goes everywhere with me and he gets compliments all the time from people saying how handsome and well behaved he is. It has truly been a pleasure living and hunting with Huck. October is right around the corner and I can't wait! I would recommend anyone looking for a Vizsla to contact Jon Peck at Midnight Run Vizslas.
Submitted by: Jeff and Julie Zenas on Mar 27, 2011
After our initial research we thought a Vizsala might be good to fill the void of our deceased Golden Retriever. Our search of Vizsala breeders led us to contact Jonathon Peck of Midnight Run Vizsala’s. After a lengthy phone conversation Jon invited us to his home to meet the breed first hand. Upon our arrival, it was to our surprise that one of his females had just given birth the night before. Even though Jon was up all night he still invited us into his home and spent several hours answering our questions and showing us Viszala’s of all ages. After our visit it was very apparent that this was the breed and Jon was the breeder for us. We brought Cooper home in June 2009; he was sired by Jon’s Cisco. We were so pleased with our puppy a year later we purchased Zoey, from Jon’s Rio.

Jon truly is vested in the breed. He spends the necessary time to help new owners decided whether a Vizsala is the right fit for them. He’s always available to offer support and answer questions. We highly recommend Midnight Run Vizsala’s and Jonathon Peck to anyone who is interested in the breed.
Submitted by: Katie Thomsen on Mar 03, 2011
My husband and I were looking for a dog who could run a 10K with us and snuggle on the couch when we got home. The Vizsla was a perfect choice for us, and Jonathan Peck was a perfect breeder for us. When we found out that we were expecting our first child when our intended pup would be 6 months old, we talked to Jonathan and his expertise convinced us that we would be fine. He was right. We brought home the pup Maizey in September 2010 and had a blast training her - she was a very exuberant and smart student (and still is). She is affectionate and energetic and eager to please and hilarious. A perfect combination of being obedient while still having a dynamic personality. We brought home our baby girl in January 2011, and Maizey immediately "got it." Maizey is in love with her baby sister - she is calm and attentive and affectionate.
I know you will not be disappointed with Jon and the way he runs his operation. He is professional and kind and raises beautiful dogs. Go visit him - you will see immediately what we saw and what these testimonials reveal. He is a class act. And, importantly, so are his dogs.
Submitted by: Tom Start on Feb 17, 2011
Well my story starts in April of 2010, I had to put my 13 year old female Vizsla down because of kidney failure and it was a very tough because I had just lost my wife to cancer five months prior. So I was going through a little bit of a difficult time trying to determine if I wanted to get involved with a new puppy all by myself or what.
I was looking for a pet only, but I wanted a dog from a good background and a breeder that could give me a pretty good idea of what the puppy would become. So I started looking and investigating breeders in the Midwest and visited a couple of them. After some disappointing trips I contacted John at Midnight Run and he invited me down to see a small litter that was just born. Upon walking into Johns place I had the feeling that I was in the right spot. On the first visit we sat and talked about what I was looking for now and as the dog matured and after we spent so time with the puppies and their mom (Tricky)it was feeling right. After about an hour and half I asked John where his other dogs were, and he said your sitting right next to them, they were in their crates and didn't make a sould the whole time I was there, they were just sitting in there being little angels. Right then I knew this guy knows how to breed Vizslas.
That day John informed me that if I wanted, he would sell me the one female that he planned on keeping for himself for breeding, and that is the day RUBY came into my life. Now after 7 months I have the best dog that I've ever had, she is not overly excited, knows when its time to settle down and she learns very, very fast. I's sure she is smarter then I am. Even when I take her to the Dog Park here in Grand Rapids, everyone that meets her say; are you sure she's a Vizsla she is so calm and in control, and then the freak out when I tell them she is only 7 months old.
If your in the market for the best Vizsla you have come to the right place with Midnight Run Vizslas, John gets it.
Submitted by: Jill Holdstock on Feb 14, 2011
I sought Jon's help in learning more about the Vizsla breed. He allowed me to visit his home and meet his dogs. He has a wonderful home and kennel for raising puppies. I was especially impressed with the early interaction he provides to the pups in the 1st several weeks. In my opinion, that is what distinguishes a great breeder from all the rest.

I picked out my Sofie in March 2010. I am hoping to use her in a most unconventional way. I want to do search and rescue work with her. I wanted a puppy who was a great problem-solver, bold and somewhat independent, and athletic and agile and willing to range, among other things. I feel the Vizslas are a healthier breed overall.

Sofie met all those characteristics and more. I think she is part billy goat! From birth, she has been exposed to textures and sounds and a multitude of environments. When she was only 8 months old she climbed the ladder of a jungle gym to play with a little girl. Then she proceeded down the slide, just for fun, all on her own. Sofie knows no fear. She climbs virtually any surface. She loves the water. My hardest job is to keep her from swimming to Canada from Michigan! She has no fear of ice and cold water either. Luckily she has a good recall and comes back when called.

I have had dogs my entire life, but I can easily say that Sofie is the smartest dog I have ever had. She can work through problems like no dog I have ever seen. It's almost scary to watch her work to get what she wants. It takes a lot more vigilance on our part, but worth it.

Sofie has a nice temperament and gets along easily with other dogs, including my other two. She visits doggie day care once in a while and gets along well with virtually all dogs. Despite her "live life at full throttle" personality, she is really kind of mellow around other dogs.

One trait that I find most impressive is her stamina in the field. I recently had her out in 2 ft of snow during a training. She seemed to float over the snow. Regardless of conditions, she seems to work and give a 110% until you ask her to stop. While I don't hunt with her, I really appreciate being able work her in SAR or just hike or swim or whatever and trust that she can keep up in any conditions.

While she is still a work in progress for SAR work, she is simply a wonderful dog, pet and friend. My husband didn't want a 3rd dog originally. Sofie is now his favorite of the bunch! We love our "full throttle" Sofie!
Submitted by: John M. Bowman on Feb 09, 2011
In early 2010, I was looking for a good gun dog for a person with limited experience with gun dogs. I live in Germantown, TN very close to the National Bird Dog Museum. Needless to say, there are a lot of bird dog experts here. After researching on the internet for several months, I kept coming back to the Vizsla. Everyone around here said that I was crazy. Pointer this, retriever that. After calling the breeder referral officers for several clubs, one breeder's name kept coming up: Jon Peck. I figured that if the breeders wanted a dog from this guy, then I wanted a dog from this guy.

This was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Jon was awesome to work with. He really cares about his dogs and future owners. Last fall, my family immediately fell in love with Midnight Run's Rusty Michael Bowman. Rusty is a beautiful dog. He is extremely well mannered. He is very eager to please. He learns very quickly. I taught him sit in about ten minutes the second day we had him. I taught him to wait to be released when entering a door with people. More than once, I had to go back and get him because he was patiently waiting when the kids accidentally closed the door. There he was, waiting for the command to come in.

He loves our daily walks in the woods. He is amazing to watch as he tracks scent on birds and points. He immediately comes when called in the field. He also loves to lay with us on the couch and watch movies. Our kids still fight over who gets to have Rusty next to them in the car or on the couch. It is a sad thing to see that beautiful hunting dog nudge the kids and roll over to get his belly scratched. He is extremely friendly with small children, adults, and other dogs. Jon did a great job socializing him with the litter.

We love Rusty so much that we are starting to plan for our next puppy, Midnight Run's Rosey Lynn Bowman. My wife is tired of sharing MY dog. That's right, we already know that we are going to let Jon do his magic again. He did such a great job picking out Rusty for us.

I just realized how long that I have been rambling on about Jon and Rusty. If you have read this far, you must be serious about your research. If you are that serious, call Jon. You will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: CarolCarney on Feb 08, 2011
I purchased my puppy Colbie from Jon this fall. I am VERY happy with her. I wanted a puppy with performance events (obedience and field work) in mind. She has exceeded my expectations, Colbie is fast to learn. Not only smart she has the conformation to excel in the show ring also she recently competed in an AKC event coming away with a Best of Breed over several other puppies. When we went to Jon's home to meet Colbie's mom Nico and the rest of the gang there all were VERY friendly--all of them wanted to hang out with my grand-kids sit in their laps and be loved and hugged by them. In return all Jon's dogs kissed them and hugged back. I have known Jon Peck for quite a while and would not hesitate to recommend him as a breeder.
Submitted by: Bobby Cooper on Feb 24, 2010
I am a quail and pheasant hunter. I live in Texas and have hunted primarily over English Pointers for 2+ decades. The ranch I hunt is 35,000 acres and with that much territory I need dogs that will range out and cover ground quickly. However, when I pheasant hunt in Kansas, I need a dog that will hunt closer. As much as I love my English Pointers, they run too big for pheasants. I was introduced to vizslas years ago in Kansas since most of the guides I hunt with use them. So last year when I needed to replace a dog, I decided to try a vizsla.

I spent several hours on the internet searching for breeders and found 4 kennels that I thought would have the dog I was looking for. One of the kennels was Midnight Run. I talked with Jon Peck at length and described to him that I needed a dog bold enough to run big in Texas, but one that would also hunt pheasants within range. He assured me that a vizsla would be able to do both and said he would help me pick out the dog that would meet my needs.

Jon is a very knowledgeable, very professional and he is a pleasure to deal with. Jon keeps you informed during your wait and sends pictures soon after the litter is whelped.

I flew to Battle Creek to pick "Jack" up in July 2009. The kennel was just as I imagined -- clean and well organized. Jack was a happy puppy, full of energy and very friendly. He integrated into our family immediately. Jack is one handsome dog!

At 4 months of age I took Jack to begin his training. My trainer has decades of experience training bird dogs -- mostly English Pointers. He was happy to train Jack, but had never seen a vizsla before. I could tell he was skeptical. His skepticism didn't last long. In the phone reports I got, I could hear the excitement in his voice over the rapid progress Jack was making. After 8 weeks, I went to pick Jack up. That day I watched my 6 month old puppy have 3 points, one honor and 3 retrieves. One retrieve was a blind retrieve and one was a water retrieve. As I left, my trainer said " this is as good a puppy as I have ever seen. You can kill birds in west Texas over him right now." He is now quite a fan of Jon's vizslas. Jack was at the trainer when our pheasant hunt was scheduled this year, but he has done well on our quail hunts even though this is a down year for quail in Texas. At 8 months, Jack is not afraid to range out to 200+ yards, but will turn when I whistle and find me. I am hunting him without an electronic collar or rope!!

So I can without hesitation and without reservation recommend Jon Peck and the dogs of Midnight Run Vizslas to you. I will be happy to speak with any prospective client -- Jon can give you my contact info. God Bless!
Submitted by: William True on Jan 14, 2010
My name is William True and my girlfriend Lindsay and I came across Jonathan's site and Midnight Run through an internet search. We had waited a year to get the right dog. We were in no way disappointed with our decision.

Jonathan was able to guide us every step of the way to make sure that our pup would be perfect for us! Admittedly, we were not looking for a "gun dog". We both wanted wanted a wonderful companion to share our love with. What we got was Brooklyn. She was born on May 29th, 2009. Her father is Sisco and her mother is Diamond Lake Katie. Brooklyn was the largest of this litter at 10.6 lbs when we brought her home at 7 weeks. She is still a big girl! Just a few weeks over 7 months old, she is already 50 lbs.

We were able to pick from several different females and Jonathan helped to guide us towards the pup that exhibited the traits we were most looking for. We asked for an even tempered, outgoing pup who would be willing to share an exciting life with two first time dog owners. Quite a task! Brooklyn has been the greatest dog anyone could ask for. She is outgoing and adventerous. She is affectionate, yet not emotionally depenent. She is energetic, and yet she can curl onto a couch cusion for hours on a rainy day!

Brooklyn is loving, intelligent, emotional and chalked full of personality in the best possible way! A dog will be what you train it to be. I believe that Brooklyn owes her demeanor in no small part to Jonathan's head-start!
Submitted by: Pat Weide on Sep 24, 2009
I am a long time Chesapeake person that was looking for a little smaller and intensely affectionate dog as I got older. I saw the Vizslas on Dogs101, and decided that was the breed for me. I researched the Vizsla breeders on the web for quite some time. I was particularly taken with Jon's descriptions of Rio and Cisco, so I put down a deposit. Jon corresponded with all us puppy "hopefuls" throughout Rio's pregnancy, and sent lots of pictures once the little ones were born. It seemed like forever, but finally I took the trip from Western Wisconsin to Battle Creek to get my little "Veeza". Midnight Run was a great place to visit. Jon clearly loves his dogs, and is very devoted to the breed. He had a lot of information for me to take with. LOTS more than any other breeder I have ever dealt with. Veez is now 6 months old, and I have sent pictures and progress reports to Jon several times. He is always interested, and has good advice. Especially for the novice Vizsla owner. Everyone loves little Veez, and he loves everyone. The Vet, the daycare people, everyone who puts groceries in my car, etc. He and my Chessie love each other to death. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience. I would buy from Jon again in a heartbeat (heaven forbid I need to anytime soon). Veez is healthy, happy, calm, and EXTREMELY affectionate and cuddly. He is quick to learn, and is an cheerful easy going guy. I got everything I was looking for, and more.
Submitted by: Becky Brent on Sep 24, 2009
Midnight Run’s Ollie White Toe LaRouge is the newest addition to our family, thanks to breeder and Vizsla expert, Jon Peck.

Ollie is an amazing pup! Just a couple bragging points – he was house trained in just over one week, he learns commands at an amazing rate, he is kind to everyone he meets, and he has a great drive to hunt. He loves to run trails, swim in the lake, play fetch, carry his stuffed animals, take naps, and please his owners. After a long day, you can find him sleeping under our feet. Ollie has become a loyal companion and a very important part of our lives.

Mr. Peck has supported us every step of the way, from a year before the birth of the pups to the present. He opened up his farm to us so we could meet his dogs. We were immediately impressed by his kindness and knowledge of the breed. When it was time to pick up Ollie, Jon met up with us for a thorough consultation. He even supplied us with reading materials on raising a puppy. After bringing Ollie home, we had many questions – we were first time dog owners. Jon was always quick to respond and detailed in his explanations. His words of advice always provided us with a well-needed sense of calm. Even now, we still keep in contact with Jon to visit with him and meet other Vizsla owners from his litters. We assume he will be a friend for life.

Our experience with Midnight Run and Jon Peck has changed our lives for the better. We are forever grateful and would recommend Midnight Run to everyone!
Submitted by: Ginny Patek on Sep 21, 2009
We are the happy owners of Vella, a now 5-month-old female out of Nena & Cisco. We can't say enough good things about breeder Jonathan Peck. You would be hard-pressed to find someone as knowledgeable and passionate about his dogs, or as willing to share his expertise.
Even though our previous pet was a vizsla, we needed help handling our new pup, who was more willful and rambunctious. Jon immediately addressed every question we raised, with helpful recommendations and encouragement.
When Vella developed a stubborn vaginitis that completely disrupted our early housebreaking, he was the voice of reason and experience. When we saw inexplicable (to us) puppy tantrums, Jon had us bring Vella out to his place (2 1/2 hrs. away)to interact with his dogs so he could evaluate what was going on. He spent 2 priceless hours teaching us how best to train Vella. And when Vella needed an outlet for more puppy play, Jon even emailed nearby owners of littermates so we could get the dogs together for a backyard reunion and romp.
Jon is exceptional. We realized this more fully after we took Vella home. Jon gave us generous assistance by email and in person. He's willing to be a lifelong resource. Thanks to his guidance, we now have a smart and beautiful young dog, frisky personality intact, whose growing self-control makes her a treasure. She's the neighborhood favorite.
Submitted by: Trip Breen and Jessica Pearson on Jun 26, 2009
We formally owned a GSP and when she passed unexpectedly we began our search for a new dog for our home and a Vizsla is what we decided on. We talked to many breeders and the same names kept coming up about where to get a great dog – Midnight Run was one of those names. After speaking with Jon Peck many times the decision was easily made about obtaining a dog from him. He was so informed, patient and had such a passion for the breed. He was always so responsive to our phone calls and emails we sent his way.

We drove 5 hours to pick out our pup, which was not an easy process as we were the second people to have all those girls to pick from! He answered all of our questions and gave us all the time we needed to pick her out. We have not been disappointed. She has such a loving and quizzical spirit. She was one of the smallest of the pups and has grown into a gorgeous dog.

Midnight Run’s Peach Fuzz (a.k.a. Peach) will be a year old on July 31st and has filled our home with energy and much humor since we brought her home. She loves to be outside tracking as much as she loves to be inside lying across our laps and collapsing under the covers after a long day. She’s so versatile and her interests range from tracking birds down, splashing after sticks in the water to cuddling up on the couch (or our laps as best she can) and everything in between.

Peach has brought us so much joy; when we look to add another dog to our home I know Midnight Run Vizsla will be where we turn for another quality companion.
Submitted by: Joel and Bonnie Peterson on Mar 06, 2009
We first bred our bitch Lili to Si Cisco in the late fall of 2006. That litter arrived on January 2, 2007. This was an excellent litter of pups. One of these pups earned her A.K.C. senior hunter title prior to her second birthday. The pup which we kept earned her junior hunter prior to her first birthday. Both of these dags excel in the field and at home. Pups from this litter have excellent dispositions and have made outstanding companion pets. This year we again decided to breed Lili. Because of the wonderful litter we had in 2006 we made the trip from Kenosha, Wisconsin to Battle Creek Michigan to again breed to Si Cisco. We anticipate that this litter will be as impressive as the previous one. We have been acquainted with Jon for approximately four years. We know him to be a knowledgeable and dedicated breeder and handler of Vizslas. We can without reservation highly recommend Si Cisco as a stud dog for anyone interested in breeding to a quality Vizsla.
Submitted by: Patti Hamlet on Mar 03, 2009
I have bred Cisco to my female Ruby twice with very beautiful, healthy, and successful puppies. We just completed a breeding last week for the third time. I have not had one puppy returned for any reason. The two dogs have very strong champion bloodlines for field trial and hunting. However, I continue to be amazed how versitle the puppies are. They are first very incredible, loyal, and loving pets. They are be highly competive but yet highly affectionate with children. I have so appreciated the help that I recieve from Mr. Peck. His desire as well as mine is to keep the integrity of the breed at the highest level. I am very pleased with Cisco and Mr. Peck's professionalism
Submitted by: John Bacik on Mar 02, 2009
I Bought a Vizsla pup in June of 2006 that was sired by Jonathan Peck's Cisco. Last year (2008) I entered him (Bailey) in an AKC amatuer walking derby trial in Ohio. I had never seen an AKC trial before, much less ran in one. The trial went great & Bailey took a first place. I called Jonathan & he told me of a trial the next weekend in Michigan that he would be at. So I entered the trial, & met Jonathan & Cisco for the first time. Bailey & Cisco looked like twins, plus they have many of the same traits. Bailey is an intense field dog, a calm duck blind dog, and a joy around the house. Plus he's the smartest dog I've ever owned. I would put Cisco's pups on the top of my list when I'm ready to add a pup again. And also, Bailey placed in both classes that I ran him in that weekend in Michigan.
Submitted by: Samantha Schulze on Mar 01, 2009
We bought a 10 month old Vizsla, Lola, from Jon 1 year ago. Lola's parents are Cisco and Rio. We have 5 year old twin boys and Lola has brought an incredible amount of joy into our lives. There is something to be said about growing up with a dog. My father and two close friends had Vizsla's when we were thinking about getting a dog. They could not be more in love with their dogs, as well as the breed. Lola is a special dog who only wants to give love and be loved. She is unbelievably gentle with the boys and they adore her. Anybody who has met Lola instantly falls in love with her and wants to take her home. She came to NJ with us over the summer for 1 month. She stayed with my dad and his Vizsla. He misses her as much as he misses us. Jon has kept in touch and been great. I highly recommend buying a dog from him.
Submitted by: John and Denise Moote on Feb 27, 2009
First, if you don’t have a vizsla in your life, do something quick! The breed is affectionate, social, intelligent and easy to train. They have quirky little endearing traits like resting their head on your knee and giving curious little quizzical looks trying to figure out what you’re saying. They have a stunning look, all in one color, including the rust-colored fur, nose and nails. The short hair is incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Warning…they like to sleep in the bed especially under the covers on a cold night. You may hear that this breed is high spirited. We have three vizslas. They do have an active twenty to thirty minutes around 7PM. Given a half hour walk or playing “fetch” with a tennis ball, they really relax down and drape themselves all over you or the couch for the balance of the day. Did I say that they’re great with kids?

On to Cisco and Nena’s pup, Ruby the Rockstar Rocket…

Jon Peck is an incredibly well-versed breeder. He came highly recommended and is well-known among the field practitioners such as the members of the Vizsla Club of Michigan. We researched breeding lines for both Cisco and Nena. We were really impressed with their background. Both had champions in their makeup that were variously appointed in the field, the show-ring and in flyball, showing a good mix and balance in choice. We talked at length about Jon’s breeding philosophy, which is very solid. He really knows how to breed for the traits he wants and checks back often on his pups to find out what he got. His facilities are clean and spacious and he gives his dogs lots of loving attention.

Ruby is one of the fastest vizslak we have seen. She has a perfect timed gait to accelerate to full speed, stop and turn on a dime. Nena is a more diminutive vizsla with fantastic back musculature. Ruby got her powerful legs, smaller size and fast speed from Nena. Ruby won her puppy agility course with the fastest time the instructor had seen. Jon’s dogs have a very unique conformation compared to other vizslak. They tend to be smaller, have much better developed musculature, softer fur and a distinctive block-shaped muzzle. We have received dozens of favorable comments from people on the distinctive appearance.

Ruby loves to be outside in all kinds of weather. She is clearly from field stock. Our other two vizslas tend to be more finicky about the weather but not Ruby. On walks, she maintains a close proximity but is not afraid to venture a little out of sight. Did I mention smart? Ruby was house-trained at 8 weeks! Believe it! Never has a dog been house-trained this quickly in our experience. She is very bright and has taken to obedience training really well. She has that all important desire to please.

As for personality, fantastic! It turns out that she has a little less quirkiness than the other vizslak. This is great because sometimes, too much quirkiness can be downright annoying. Ruby has a good natured personality and playfulness. She is very even-tempered and eager. She doesn’t really strive for dominance but is not submissive either. I guess I would term it “a reserved strength of personality” if I was describing a human. Our vet wanted to keep her!

We don’t hunt or do field trials, but if we did, the Midnight Run Kennel pups would be great. They also make great pets for the home. As Jon described it, he travels to field trials a lot and a hyper dog would be impossible to deal with. The older Ruby gets, the more and more we love everything about her. If there were any more room in the bed, we would probably be getting another one of Jon’s vizslas this spring.
Submitted by: Matthew Antrup on Feb 23, 2009
Wow where should we start? My wife and our two daughters (6 & 8 yrs old) had just completed buliding a new home on three acres and realized something was missing. We spent about a year researching the type of dog we wanted as our fifth family member. Our search consistently landed us on the intriguing Vizsla breed brcause of the traits ranging from a family dog to a hunter. Our decision was solidified on 8/9/08 when my wife came across Midnight Run Vizslas and uncoverd the first litter between Cisco and Nena "Girls Girls Girls". From the initial phone call to six months later Jon has been very willing to answer any questions. Even though our selection process of the puppy was easy since "Lynk" was the only male hence the "Girls Girls Girls". Jon's passion and knowledge for the breed is what provided us with the comfort we had made the selection of not only the breed but also Midnight Run Vizslas for our fifth family member. Lynk is now 6 months old and has demostrated all the traits we were looking for in a dog. Lynk is very smart (at time smarter than the owner) and quick at learning the basic training, which "ALL" of us are in basic training as I write this. We live about 80 miles from Jon and his Vizslas and fortunately can stop by often. Frankly I would not hesitate to drive a long distance to get a Vizsla from Jon. I strongly recommend and encourage if interested in the Vizsla breed to call Jon (Midnight Run Vizslas) as his passion and wealth of knowledge will speak for itself.
Submitted by: Jen Baird on Feb 14, 2009
We purchased Zoey from Jon on 10/31/2008. Out of Jon's first breeding of Cisco and Nena, Zoey has proven to be a delight! She is our fourth Vizsla (we love this breed!) and our first from this breeder. We have been Vizsla owners for 14 years now -- and have one 2 1/2 year old (Dakota) who eagerly accepted puppy Zoey after 15 year old Shelby died. Zoey is developing into a very powerful little lady. She is incredibly strong and dense. Smart doesn't begin to capture how fast this little pup learns. She has become a wonderful companion for our 3 children (ages 9-12) and loves to play with Dakota each and every day. Our personal opinion is that Vizslas as a breed are easier to keep in pairs (or more) because they play so wonderfully together and wear one another out. We do obedience training, have played flyball with our Vizslas, and enjoy them primarily as companion dogs. Everyone who meets this medium sized, easy to keep clean, friendly, smart breed is complimentary. Zoey looks like she'll mature to be around 45-50 pounds while Dakota is about 45 pounds. They both love to curl up in your lap during a movie or roast themselves in front of a roaring fire. They like to roar around in vigorous play, retrieving balls, playing catch, and tugging -- and then collapse in a heap at your feet for a nap. They absolutely must be with their people routinely. Ours are crate-trained. They spend the night in the crate as well as during the day when we are out. When we are home, they are virtually always in the same room as the people. This is a great breed to enjoy -- and the health benefits of getting a dog bred by someone as conscientious as Jon are wonderful. We have seen no health anomalies with Zoey to date -- and our vet's first comment upon meeting her was that this was a "very well put-together puppy". Zoey has also done very well with puppy socialization classes and does well playing with other dogs both large and small as well as other people. We highly recommend this breed -- and this breeder!
Submitted by: Adrian Overstreet on Feb 13, 2009
I purchased a female puppy last July from Midnight Run Vizslas who I named Gloria. She was the oldest of a litter of Si Cisco JH x Shiloh's Midnight Run.

I am a first time dog owner and I really appreciated John at Midnight Run's willingness to answer what I am sure were probably stupid questions.

Gloria splits her time between my home and my 300 acre ranch in Central Texas. She is a very bright dog with a wonderful disposition. I have found her to be a natural pointer and full of energy. She has had no health issues, and now at 6 months old has been fully vaccinated and spayed.

She is affectionate, and has taken training very well. I got her primarily to keep me company as a house pet as well as a dog who would be at home on the ranch, so I have not attempted to train her to compete in any hunting or agility events, however she has mastered tasks such as getting in the elevator herself when she is too tired to walk up the stairs.

If i ever wanted a second puppy I would not hesitate to get one from Midnight Run. A very good overall experience.
Submitted by: karen sterry on Feb 13, 2009
We were recommended to Jon Peck by a Vizsla breeder here in California. Jon's professionalism, knowledge, and passion for the breed is what we were most taken with. We are thrilled with our female Luna. She is smart, energetic, and a terrific companion. She is a beauty to boot! Jon is always happy to help us with any on-going questions that we may have. A great experience all around!
Submitted by: Philip Rohs on Feb 12, 2009
I purchased a Rio X Cisco puppy from John Peck in May of 2007. It was my second vizsla and my interest in field trialing and hunting was growing. Having started off with a dog that was great out of the box my expectations for my next dog were extremely high. Having said that I also had high expectations for the dog as a house pet. At the time I lived in an 800 square foot apartment and needed an animal that not only could excel in the field, but it need to be well mannered in the home and get along with my current dog. Almost two years later I couldn't be happier. My pup from John, Silent Bell, was a top performer in field trialing from the first brace she was set loose. She was the number one puppy derby dog in the country from May 2008 until October 2008. Along with that I have shot countless pheasants over her during hunting season. Most importantly she is a great house dog. She is crate trained and trustable to leave out in the house unattended. She and her older sister "Paige" get along great. Most importantly she and my Fiancé share a favorite hobby of curling up on the couch and watching TV. I couldn't say enough great things about the dog. As a final note I believe in Cisco's strong pedigree so much that I bred my first dog to him with great results. Please feel free to contact me at anytime to talk about my experience with John's breeding.
Submitted by: Julianne Hahn on Feb 12, 2009
We have found Jon to be an excellent and experienced breeder of the Vizsla breed. He is conscientious when breeding. He follows-up with the owner, offers help and guidance. The Vizsla that we have is from Cisco and La Rouge litter and we couldn't be happier with the temperament, intelligence, and beauty of our Vizsla.
Submitted by: Joseph Cronin on Feb 12, 2009
I own two dogs bred by Jon Peck from Midnight Run Vizslas. Both dogs were sired by Si Cisco and one of them is from Si Cisco and Nena. Jon is a wonderful guy. He's helpful and easy to deal with. He cares a lot about his dogs and a lot about his clients. He helped me and my wife every step of the way and checks in with us every few months. His dogs are great. Both of mine are compact and powerful and intelligent creatures. They simply do not tire. They are very prey driven and athletic. Yet in the house they are calm, relaxed, and fabulous companions. I should add that they are beautiful and friendly. People stop us on the streets to compliment and pet them. Simy put they are great companion and hunting dogs.
Submitted by: donna baumgartner on Feb 11, 2009
Lola 6 1/2 mo. Vizsla. Lola is much beloved and adored by all who meet her. She is beautiful to watch reasonably obedient for a puppy and a quick study in obedience classes. Jonathan Peck the breeder spent as much time as we needed trying to select our puppy from a great looking litter and was very detailed in all the necessary instructions. I have emailed him repeatly over the last 4 mos. with questions. He has been quick to respond and through in his explanations. His knowledge and patience with a 1st time puppy owner has been invaluable. I have every reason to beieve that Lola would turn into a great bird dog if that was something we wanted. She has great speed, strong nose and was on point at 8wks. She is a well bred and classy pet.

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