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About Midnight Run Vizslas
Midnight Run Vizslas specializes in Vizsla puppies for the discriminating pet owner, upland bird hunter & field competitor. Located in Southwestern Michigan, we are the area's premier Vizsla breeder, dedicated to producing attractive, healthy, and well-tempered pups that are as much a joy to live with in the house as they are to hunt over afield. Our Vizslas are proven field performers with excellent temperaments and easy-going dispositions that make them wonderful companions in the home. All of our dogs live in our home, and all of our puppies are raised in our home (and not in a kennel, basement, garage or barn. Our pups are highly socialized and well-adjusted to life in the home. Whether you're looking for a great pet, a productive hunting companion or a successful field competitor, we have the pup for you.
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Jonathan Peck
Battle Creek, MI, Michigan 49015
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 14 years.
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Submitted by: Mark Berlin on Jan 20, 2022
I highly recommend Midnight Run Vizslas and Jonathan Peck/family. We got Willow 18/19 months ago. She is an awesome dog. She loves and is loved. She is sensitive and tuff. We had her professionally trained and she is smart as a whip. Once I was comfortable letting her off lead we often walked two tracks in the woods. Her hunting instinct and stamina are amazing. I hadn't planned on hunting upland birds, but after seeing her joy in the woods, I plan on having her/I trained this spring. Jonathon Peck cares about his dogs and the people that get their dogs from him. He is not just a breeder. Anyone that gets their dogs from him becomes part of a huge extended family. We couldn't be happier with our choice of breeds and Midnight Run.
Submitted by: Amanda Husband on Jan 20, 2022
Such a great experience working with Jon! He is so incredibly knowledgeable about the breed. He continues to be a great resource even years after we adopted. It’s amazing the community he has built between owners too. I highly recommend adopting a dog through him.
Submitted by: Paul Tomshany on Aug 29, 2021
We are more than satisfied with Midnight Run and Jonathan Peck. We had a deposit with another breeder and our pup sadly died in the first week after being born. We had already waited for more than six months and were very disappointed. We got Jonathan’s name from a friend and contacted him. We got lucky and were able to get our Midnight Runs Sweet Ruby Red. She has been great and it is hard to believe we had a life prior to her arrival. Jonathan provided a great deal of information for us before we picked her up and we even had a play date a few weeks before she came home. Thank you Midnight Run!
Submitted by: Phil DiMitri on Dec 07, 2020
I recently picked up my second Midnight Run Vizsla from Jon on 12/4/20 traveling from NJ. There was no doubt I would rather wait for the right litter from Jon as opposed to going with another breeder. My last Vizsla from Jon was everything I had hoped it to be. She was a strong hunter and a lover in the home. He assists with choosing the correct dog for your family. He breeds great field dogs that are fantastic family companions as well.
Submitted by: Carolyn Schofield on Dec 14, 2019
We have 2 Vizslas from Midnight Run. They are Vizsla #4 and #5 for us and they are by far the best temperament we have had. We get compliments all the time on our dogs- not only on how beautiful they are but on how well behaved they are. Even our vet has commented on them and asked several times who we got them from. They can be handled by anyone yet are loyal to our family. Jon takes such care in knowing his families and personally selecting the right dog. It is amazing how they have been the perfect fit for us. I could not imagine our lives without them. Even though we live 3 1/2 hours away, we would never go to a different breeder.
Submitted by: Scott Piper on Dec 04, 2019
We picked up our Midnight Run Vizsla puppy, Darby, in June of 2012. It was the second time I had visited Jon's house/kennel even though I was traveling from New Hampshire. A friend of mine's vet (who are both from Michigan) had recommended MRV kennels in my search for a Vizsla/bird dog puppy. I had spoken to Jon about my search prior to a trip to MI for personal reasons and was invited to come visit his kennel if I had time. My friends and I were able to do such a visit and I instantly fell in love with the breed. Having very little experience with bird dogs and none with Vizslas I was intrigued by the description of the breed in prior research (about a year) in advance of trying to find a puppy. Jon's dogs seem to match the description to a tee and maybe even more so than in their desire for human contact. His dogs were very well behaved and attended to. After explaining to Jon about our life style and my quest for a companion/pointing bird dog I think we were both convinced a Vizsla would be a perfect fit. My wife and I picked Darby from the three available female puppies with some guidance from Jon. We couldn't have asked for a better match.

The next step was the challenge of training a puppy and a hunting dog all at the same time. We soon learned that the obedience training was the most important part. The natural ability for Darby to find and point birds was instinctual. Her drive to run through fields and push through the thickest of covers all the while winding for the slightest smell of upland birds is a joy to watch. I have been fortunate to shoot countless birds over Darby through the years and our excitement for the start of a new hunting season seems to grow every year. Our bird hunting in New Hampshire consists of pheasant, woodcock and ruffed grouse, in which Darby is proficient in finding all three.

The family member and hunting partner she has become is hard to describe, "best friend" is about as close as I can get!

I would highly recommend one of Jon Pecks Vizslas if these are the traits you are looking for both in a breeder and a hunting dog.

Submitted by: Colleen Hyman on Dec 03, 2019
I’m a dog lover. I fell in love with a dog who was my husband’s and my first ‘child’ together. She was my rock and helped me through some tough days. Sadly she passed away. Fast forward about a year later, when I was almost ready to consider bring in a new puppy into my life. We could not bring ourselves to adopt another Lab, so we researched breeds and determined a Vizsla would be a good fit for our family of 4 humans. We researched breeders and were most impressed with Jon Peck. He suggested we visit to become familiar with the breed before making a commitment. We walked into his house and you could not hear a peep from what was at least 10 full dog crates. The house was impeccably clean and you would never know dogs out numbered the single human in the house. We met puppies and played with a few and instantly fell in love. Jon knee we were still mourning the loss of our lab and suggested we wait for spring when he was sure to have puppies available. Fast forward about 9 months and Jon’s girl Nena had a litter of 1 girl and the rest boys. He knew we wanted a girl and despite the urge to keep her for himself, he allowed us to adopt her (Loula Mae). Loula has been the perfect dog. She has excellent temperament, she’s sweet, loyal, and loving. She turned 7 in May (2019). Having lost 2 dogs under the age of 5 - we get a little nervous as the months roll by. So when Jon had a litter born this May (2019) we inquired about the availability of a puppy to adopt - I’m sure we drove him nuts with our wishy washy decision but he never let on; and in the end we adopted a sweet boy puppy (Dante Inferno) and have been navigating puppyhood with guidance from Jon. Walking into Jon’s house 7 years later; he still has an impeccable home with crates filled with dogs of all ages and you would not know because they are all so well behaved!
Jon treats his puppies like they are his own newborn babies and by the time he releases the puppy to their new family they are well adjusted, almost completely housebroken.
Each dog that Jon touches is handled as if it’s the most important dog! Jon still keeps in touch with us and I would never consider another breeder if we were in the market for another dog!
Submitted by: Betty Jordan on Dec 03, 2019
I loved the whole process of getting our baby from Midnight Run. We were interviewed first for suitability then our dog selected for us. She is a perfect fit! We are not hunters but our dog is. She is smart, calm, and a love. I couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family.
Submitted by: Nate Burns on Dec 02, 2019
We have a 2 1/2 year old male vizsla Tate, who came from Jon at Midnight Run. He is our second vizsla but our first from Midnight Run. Beginning as a puppy Tate showed signs of strong natural bird dog characteristics. We expanded upon those instincts with some formalized training and regular bird contact which not only came naturally to Tate, but he truly enjoyed. His field stamina always impresses me. He can go from being a demon in the field to completely settled in his crate or on the couch in a snap. Tate has hunted quail, grouse, and pheasants in the differing upland terrains of PA, MI, and KS.

Jon at Midnight Run has always been supportive of Tate’s upbringing and willing to answer any questions we have had along the way. I know that Jon maintains engagement in all of the Midnight Run puppies lives and I give my utmost support and recommendation to Jon as a breeder.
Submitted by: Anne Lewis on Dec 02, 2019
Sawyer is our third Vizsla. From our perspective, she was going to have some big shoes to fill! Could she capture our heart like the other two! Absoulutely! We contacted Midnight Run Vizslas and Jon Peck when we decided our 8 year old Vizsla, Sophie needed a buddy. We were familiar with Midnight Run, as Jon's dog Cisco, was Sophie's sire. From the get go, Jon Peck was accommodating and thorough with all information needed. Jon was accessible and eased any nerves about bringing a puppy into our home. Midnight Run's facilities are as advertised! It was evident the puppies had been socialized and well cared for making the transition into our home easy. Jon assisted in all paperwork that needed filing and was thorough in vet records to date. We would not hesitate to recommend Midnight Run Vizslas and Jon Peck.
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