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Submitted by: Mathew S on Oct 30, 2013
Just a quick note to let you know that thus far Lakota is settling in great with the family and routine. She has done very well with the kids, walks well, and loves a good rub down. We are working on the basic obedience training and simple retrieving (she does fine with a ball but could care less about a stick or dummy).

Our vet gave her a positive report this morning, as you mentioned just the weight and heartworm.

Some quick pictures after a long walk this afternoon attached.
Mathew S
Submitted by: Thomas B on Oct 30, 2013
Hello Laura,
I hope all things are going well with you and the Chessies. Here are a few pictures of Hoss and us on his first trip to the Shenandoah National Park on a trail. Hoss is up to 47lbs. now and still growing strong, he has learned a quite of few commands already. He is the talk of the neighborhood that we live in. We take him just about everywhere we go and he is an absolute joy to have. Thank you again for everything.

Tommy & Julia

Submitted by: Chris C on Oct 30, 2013
Hoss is really getting big! An 8 month old who thinks he is an 8 week old puppy. We would say perfect all around, so smart, picks up training almost immediate, although definitely has a stubborn, "He will do it when he wants too" streak when he get's tired.

Anyway, we were thinking it might be a good time to introduce another, but wanted your opinion before we made a decision. Hoss is great around other dogs and great around the kids. I just want to be sure introducing another pup as he approaches a year old is a good idea especially for him.


Submitted by: Pam B on Oct 30, 2013
Hi Laura,
Mango is wonderful! The whole family has fallen deeply in love. She is doing amazingly well with house training and is just a pure joy and beauty! Thank you so much for all the love and care that you give to create such wonderful dogs. I have attached a sweet photo. If you want I will send others with the kids in them. Just let me know.

Submitted by: Angus M on Oct 30, 2013
I've been meaning to send you some pictures. Our chesapeake "Moose" has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is a moose weighing in at a svelt 98lb of solid muscle. His love of hunting is matched only by his love of playing with kids. I'm not sure which he would get first a soccer ball or a duck.

This has been his first year of really hunting and on each hunt he gets better. Last year he went but being young was scared of the ducks which had me worried but this year the light bulb went on. Watching him leap into the water to make a retrieve is more thrilling than actually shooting the ducks.

Thank you for a wonderful dog.

Submitted by: Nichole H on Oct 30, 2013
Good afternoon Laura,
Levi is doing wonderful! He's growing and getting very strong! He has such a sweet disposition.

He graduated from his positively puppies class last weekend and is starting his first manners class tomorrow. He's sometimes stubborn, but he's learning. :)

Last weekend we went to a local fall festival and he was blessed by the church priest during their blessing of the animals ceremony.

I've attached a picture of him that I took yesterday evening. Very handsome!!!


Submitted by: Carol N on Oct 30, 2013
I just wanted to send you this adorable picture of Suki! [And yes, we do monitor her activity on that bone!] Her nose is dirty because she had been excavating a hole under the hemlock tree.

She is, as you can see, just beautiful. Yes, I know, the ears are longer than breed standard, but we think they are adorable! I’m sorry that this picture doesn’t show up how beautiful her fur is. She has lovely dark fur, and her top coat is lusciously shiny. Also, the picture doesn’t show up how lovely and graceful her head is. She’s also sweet and very people oriented. She and Django get along wonderfully. It is a good thing that she went to a “pet home” rather than a “hunt home,” however, as she shows absolutely no interest in retrieving anything! She watches with disbelief as Django chases balls, Frisbees, etc. She does enjoy walks, however. And she is very affectionate and gentle. (She’s a great favorite at the puppy play group where we take her for socialization).

We’re so happy to have her. Thank you!!

Submitted by: Leonie B on Oct 30, 2013
Zoey is doing great, she weighs 53 lbs. And is the star of her obedience class, which is real basic.
And so far she has had all positive meetings with other dogs and people.

The vet, dog trainer and other people that know dogs ( Chessies) are really impressed with her temperament.
We think she is great, the training to leave the chickens alone has worked so far.

Just a few pics attached to see for your self how good looking she is!!

Stop by anytime or let me know when you are in Morgantown and I will meet you there.

Hopefully all is well with you,

Take care, Leonie

Submitted by: Ken F on Oct 30, 2013
I hope you are well.

BRUNI is awesome. He is fun, easy to train and has an exceptional disposition. He has exceeded all of our expectations!!! He is clearly exceptionally well bread!!!

Thanks again - BRUNI is amazing.

Submitted by: Joyce L on Oct 30, 2013
Hi Laura,
Thought you'd like to see our girl now that she's grown past the puppy stage. She is a beautiful girl, very loving and extremely athletic. She is totally appropriate with small children and babies but is still learning how to rein in her enthusiasm when folks come over or when we've been away from the house -- good work in progress!

All best to you,

Submitted by: Lorranie A on Oct 30, 2013
Hi Laura
Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Shelby is doing great and Ruger loves her. She is finaly getting developed and she is house broken for the last two months. What a sweet girl she is such a nice personality and so loving and smart and sassy and full of herself. She runs poor Ruger, he gives in to her it's too funny. Very pleased with her and she is going to be a big tall girl. I am sending you pictures of both of them. Talk to you soon. Enjoy the pictures

Submitted by: Mary Lou on Oct 09, 2012
Hello Laura! Hope this email finds you safe and warm this afternoon. We received a couple of inches of snow in our neck of the state, but we like snow, so it's all good. I finally figured out how to download and attach photos to emails! As you can see, Gunny is a very handsome CBR and he's a good little kisser/nibbler too - it makes me giggle. Besides being handsome, he's a really well behaved and obedient dog. It did take consistent work on our part, but he's getting it. He gets along well with children. He even gets to go to doggy day care occassionally. They tell us he's a really good dog. Of course we love to hear that! Thank you for choosing him for us, and thanks for all the instruction and knowledge you shared with us prior to getting Gunny - it really helped us. He still loves to chase my cats, but it's all fun now. I think they're starting to enjoy the chase....hahaha. Enjoy the photos. Mary Lou
Submitted by: Travis on Oct 09, 2012
Laura -- Here are some pictures of Tank. We decided to rename him "Kenobi." We are Star Wars fans, and our cats are "Luke" and "Leia." We already love him dearly! He is such a wonderful dog -- very affectionate and loving. He did very well on the ride home. He threw up a bit after the first hour, so we found a place to stop and let him get some air while we cleaned up. After that he was fine. He's getting along very well with our cats. He was a bit too playful at first, but the cats have let him know when he gets too energetic, so now all is well there. He's doing well in the crate and has slept through the night each night. We're making good progress on housebreaking. Today we tapped into his retrieving instinct. The first two days he wasn't focused on it, but today something clicked. We've been to the dog park twice- hasn't played with any dogs yet, but otherwise shows good manners. He's starting to get the hang of "sit." He's also walking nicely on the leash, except for being bothered by his collar. All in all, I give him an A+. Best, Travis
Submitted by: Joyce L on Oct 08, 2012
Hi Laura, Don't know why I can't get this image to flip the right way, but, here's our girl last month. She's beautiful, and is an amazing athlete! She is so smart and is a source of pure joy. Ivan loves her and he is her idol, that is, next to me. Just opened the pool so there is a lot of fun coming her way... Also, at 9 months she is much more obedient, can be left with Ivan unattended in the house for short periods without getting into any trouble -- just plays with their toys. She enjoys placing her many different balls in other things like the laundry basket, paper recycle bags, the freezer drawer... what a hoot she is. We love her dearly. Hoping all is well with you. Joyce

Submitted by: JD Driscoll on Oct 08, 2012
Hi Laura, We just wanted to shoot you a quick puppy update. I can't believe that it has already been a month since we got our pup! I cannot tell you how many comments we get daily on our pup, whether it be at the park, beach, or in the neighborhood. He is doing great and has adjusted so well. He is an awesome retriever too! We are so happy with him.
Submitted by: Gary V on Oct 08, 2012
Laura, Wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful CB. He is such a joy in our life. He loves the water, fetching, occasional tugging, obedience, etc. I've forgotten how much fun puppies are. He is so intelligent. Within minutes he understands what you want of him. We now know sit, down, shake, stay, wait, off, drop it and heel. I let my puppies be puppies, but when they want to learn, I teach them. He is a wonderful student and very eager to please. I have some pictures of him so you can see how he is maturing. The latest pics are 11 weeks. I had him sit stay next to a bucket so you can see his size. He is now 23.5#'s and is in great health. He eats 1 cup of food 3 times a day. Loves his food. He also knows sit and wait for his food. WOW!!!!!

I've been taking him to work with me daily so he can be socialized with other people and dogs. He is doing very well. Starting this week, I am going to start leaving him home with Gary 3 of the 5 work days. I figure this way he will adapt to home life, but still get plenty of socialization at work. Hope all is well with you and we will keep you updated.

Thank you so much. He has helped to fill the void in our life and so much more. We couldn't have asked for a better match. I really respect the way you do things with your dogs and the way you manage your kennel. If we decide to get another CB in a year or two, we will contact you. This time, both Gary and myself will try to make the trip. I would love to meet you in person.

Melissa and Gary

Submitted by: Scott C on Oct 08, 2012
hi Laura, I want to send you pictures of coco from the cat and bb litter in September! She is doing great, she will be a great hunter and companion.
Submitted by: Brook T on Oct 08, 2012
Hi Laura! I thought it was time to send you pictures! Henry is over a year now. He is our 4 yo daughter's most faithful and best friend! He is a great companion to all of us. He is gentle with our daughter, has a great mix of energy, sweetness and great bird instincts according to my husband. Jason took him hunting last October at about 10 months old, said his natural instinct, listening skills and ability to learn was uncanny. He excelled at his puppy training (chessies are SO smart!) as well. You picked a great match for us and we adore him!!! Brooke, Jason and Alicia
Submitted by: Jonna D on Oct 08, 2012
Hi Laura, Just wanted to let you know that Jessie is doing great! Our ride home started out a little rough; she vomited 3 times in the car. But the turnpike was much smoother and she did well from that point on. She does fine in the car now. If she starts to whine in the car I put on the Disney CD with princess music and she settles right down. We get compliments all the time on how beautiful she is and how pleasant she is. She loves people, especially kids. She plays hard and then sleeps a lot to make up for it. She will always sit when told to, even if she is being wild. When we say “sit” she stops what she is doing and sits at attention, it’s wonderful! The girls used Jessie in their 4H presentations last night and people were amazed at how well she responds to commands at just 13 weeks old. Thanks for doing such an awesome job raising our little girl. She is a precious addition to our family and we are already seeing glimpses of her hunting abilities. We will keep you updated with pictures and stories via email and Facebook. Have all of the other puppies gone to their new homes now? Take care, Jonna
Submitted by: Bill S on Oct 08, 2012
Rags and trapper litter puppy doing fine in NYS !! Laura, You may remember this female pup from 2 years ago (see the last picture, you may have taken it)... She loves her home and we love her. She has a gentle and loving personality with all the intelligence, spunk and independence that makes us love Chessies. Thanks for training her so well...although she has a voracious appetite...she is very well mannered around the food bowl and with other dogs. I'm proud of her and I wanted you to know that she is doing well. I hope you are well also. Sincerely, Bill
Submitted by: Jamie S on Oct 08, 2012
Hi Laura! I'm very happy to hear from you!! A little more information on Sydney--well, she definitely is a little princess! I'm afraid being home with me every day hasn't resulted in the "man's dog" Mark was hoping for! Even our vet is amazed with her. He has two Chessie's of his own and has complimented our raising Sydney---she has a wonderful temperament and truly is a joy!! The sweetest dog I have ever had, by far! And SMART!! Sometimes a little stubborn.. but I win in the end! She is a mommy's girl!! We're working on dad for a brother! I hope your move went smoothly!! We'll have to set up an appt to come see your new place....and the dogs of course!! Thank you, Jamie
Submitted by: Diane B on Oct 08, 2012
Hi Laura! I know you have seen her pictures on Facebook, but I wanted to let you know that Tangier is a wonderful addition to our family!! Sweet girl with an outgoing personality!! Training is coming along nicely, enthusiastic, great nose, and loves, loves, loves to swim. She is bomb proof in public, stays at a nice heel even when other dogs are barking and leaping toward her. Took her to the vet the other day, she is already 80lbs! Can not believe how much she looks like Latte!!! I think she gets her stature from Trapper. Hope all is well with you! Hard to believe it has almost been a year! Take care. Cheers, Diane
Submitted by: Kim H on Oct 08, 2012
Laura- Just to let you know about Buck. Pictures are included. He is currently in training for agility. Everyone who see's him says that he is beautiful. His temperment is great. He is sweet but doesn't realize how big he is. He was putting on weight so fast we had to stop the cottage cheese as advised by our vet. When we signed Buck up for his original obedience class, we didn't realize that the leader was an AKC judge for retreivers. Apparently after our first class, which the leader wanted to know all about Buck, he then spoke with a trainer who came to Buck's second night in class. She introduced herself and told us that Buck is one of the best looking Chessies she has seen in a long time. We are working with her now with agility. He had a vet visit today, he currently weights 69.5 lbs. We have to be careful because we don't want him getting too heavy. He is still a playful puppy but so far we know he is a great retreiver, he jumps high, and he dunks his head in water (salt or fresh) to get his toy. He had GREAT EYE CONTACT. It is amazing when he is processing something. He will often cock his head to one side then you can actually see the light go on and he gets whatever you are trying to teach him. We often affectionately call him the genius galute. He is a talker and a smiler. I think he is the best dog we have ever had. Kim
Submitted by: Amy C on Oct 08, 2012
Hi Laura! Jason and I wanted to send you a few pictures of Carrot. We also wanted to let you know that she is simply the most amazing puppy to have ever lived (we say this completely unbiasedly :)). She is sweet and smart and funny and incredibly good-natured. She Loves the snow, the beach, water, the woods, other dogs and kids and people in general. She is quick to adjust to new situations and generally does so with grace. She is in great health and now weighs a little over 30 lbs! What a treasure. In case you couldn't tell, we love her a lot. :) Anyway, please find attached some photos from over the last few months. Hope you are well and the the move went smoothly. Warmly, Amy, Jason and Carrot
Submitted by: Wayne C on Oct 08, 2012
Hunting Picture of Taylor - Longmeadow Greek God Ares Laura, I just wanted to send you one of the many pictures that I took this year hunting with Taylor. What an absolute perfect dog for me. I can only hope the next one my wife & I purchase will be just as great as she is. Thanks again for a wonderful Dog Wayne
Submitted by: Wayne on Aug 02, 2010
I just wanted to check in with you since it has been a while, since I have emailed you. Everything in my neck of the woods is still pretty much the same. Ms. Taylor is absolutely the best dog in the world & I could not have asked for a better dog. Taylor is absolutely a saint. She loves practically everyone. Her behavior & temperament around other is out of this world. She is without a doubt the best dog & FRIEND that I have ever had in my life & I owe that all to you. If I could only talk my mother in to getting one, because after being around Taylor my father is sold on the bred & in your dogs.

Our first year hunting went rather well, with only a few mistakes (mainly on my part). I did not get any good pictures of her hunting this year, so that is my goal for next year. We have already started counted down too. We have been working with her a good amount this spring & summer. You can tell that the hard work is paying off because she is really coming into her own & I look forward to seeing if all our hard work will pay off.

However here is a picture of her @ my friend’s house. It was over Memorial Weekend & since we could not bring her into the neighborhood pool I went out & got Taylor a pool of her on. She was crazy about it & every time we would throw a ball or dummy she would pick it up & run right back to her pool. So now every time I head back to my parent’s house or anywhere that there is no water I make sure that I have her pool.

Well I hope all is well & look forward to sending you some great pictures over the next months.
Submitted by: Sam on Aug 02, 2010
Dear Laura,
We are having the best time with Atlas. He is a great dog. He loves kids and other dogs, but is still wary of adult strangers until they make a friendly gesture, which is exactly what we wanted. I am impressed by how calm he already is, as he has no problem sitting down next to me outside and staying in the same spot for as long as I am there. I have attached some pictures for you to see how he is developing. I hope all went well with your move, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks again,
Submitted by: Serra on Aug 02, 2010
Hey Laura:
I thought you would enjoy getting a 1 year update from us on our awesome dog Frida!
She turned 1 year in early October. She is the most amazing dog ever and we love her very much. Great fun, nice to everyone, and extremely smart! Really feel lucky to have her and look forward to working with you for our next dog too!
Hope you are well,
Submitted by: David on Aug 02, 2010
Hey there. I hope you are doing well. I was thinking that you would like to see the latest photos of Maddie. She is truly an amazing dog and we love her more now than ever. These photos were taken around her second birthday. The river was beautiful that day and it was really hard to convince her to stop swimming and come up and hang out with us at the camp fire. She is really great and we very much appreciate having her in our lives.
Submitted by: Carol on Aug 02, 2010
Dear Friends,
Here’s Django. He’s a “hunk” of a dog. And he’s going to have an amazing coat. But of all his features, I think his ears are just drop dead gorgeous. He’s sweet, too, but his “learning issue” is controlling his emotions—he adores other animals. The same day this picture was taken, he waded/swam across the creek and climbed what I thought was an inaccessible bank in order to go play with a dachshund on the other side! And we still have to keep our house partitioned because he wants to “romp” with the kitty. She is fascinated by him, however, and frequently comes up to the gate dividing their “sectors” of the house, settling down to get a better look at him. Someday, they will work this out.
Submitted by: Barry on Aug 02, 2010
To make your holiday a little brighter I send this note re: yet another scion of Longmeadow's accomplishment.

The title achieved yesterday under Kathy's gifted and caring handling allows us to refer with pride to:

HR Longmeadow Punch's Grommet CGC CD MH.

Grommet is now 'home for the holidays'. However, as I consider our goals for him for the coming year I would like to add ( in addition to CDX and Master National qualifying) ....a CH in front of his name.

But most of all thank you, thank you, for my wonderful bright, happy go lucky, pal. He is a treasure. Please know that he and I (and Kathy) will continue to work to insure that he will live up to the potential we see in him. We will continue to keep you posted.

You have every right to feel as proud as we do in his accomplishments.
Submitted by: Annie on Nov 12, 2007
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Laura at LongMeadow Chesapeakes for selecting just the right puppy for us. He is so smart and mastering his housebreaking already! His post purchase vet exam went very well- the doctor gave him a clean bill of health and commented on his wonderful temperament. My husband has begun puppy drills and he gains retrieving skills with every session. Thank you so much for a happy healthy puppy and a dream come true!

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