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About LongMeadow Kennels *GUN Dog AKC Breeder of Merit*

LongMeadow Chesapeakes 



 *** Puppies Available ***


Breeds only


From Top AKC Field/Hunting/Show Bloodlines 



 Wonderful Family Companions & GREAT Gun Dogs! 

Longmeadow Kennels are dedicated breeders of only Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  We are one of the very few true Chessie Gun Dog Breeders in the Nation! We are also one of the few Chessie breeders that keep live birds on the premise. 

Most kennels listed here are focused on producing the next Best in Show dog so their goals for their litters do not include, health, temperament, bird desire or trainability. 

We are professional full time breeders- we make dogs for other folks vs. the "hobby" kennels who breed dogs for themselves and have other careers. 

When you purchase a pup from Longmeadow you will actually deal directly with us – your puppy will be raised at our kennel by us personally vs. other breeders who get most of their pups from novice co-owners located all over the country.




GENERATIONS of health clearances that include;


 Longmeadow has more OFA Excellent (highest hip rating) current breeding dogs than any other Chesapeake Bay Retriever kennel; we also have a top ranking for OFA CHIC awards which recognizes dogs tested in accordance with the breed protocol set by the American Chesapeake Club!



We are dedicated breeders of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers ~ Our breedings produce puppies with fabulous temperaments that are suitable as Family Companions & Great all around Hunting Dogs ~ We provide a LIFE TIME of Health & Training advice for our VALUED puppy clients ~ Pups are Vet Checked, Wormed, Vaccinated & Bird/Retrieving Skills Tested to insure you're getting the right puppy for your needs!  


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Laura Chambers
Dover/ Near Maryland, Pennsylvania 17315
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Submitted by: Laura T on Feb 21, 2019
Laura, Happy New Year from Louisiana and Hazel (AKA Longmeadow Belle of the Bayou from the 2017/2018 Abby and William litter). Hazel turned one in December and we wanted to provide an update (albeit a late one) on how she's been. Hazel is now a healthy 68 lbs and has grown up to be a smart, sweet, energetic young lady. Hazel loves to swim, fetch/retrieve, and of course loves to play. Whether it's from our vet, a stranger at the dog park, or the folks at our local doggy day care, we receive numerous compliments on her temperament being patient, sweet, and friendly. Although Hazel is still relatively shy, we've put in a lot of work socializing her over the past year and her confidence has increased tremendously. We love having her join us on trips to local breweries, parks and other dog friendly locations. We are looking into taking the Canine Good Citizen test this year and definitely will let you know when we've completed it. We've included a few pictures for you. We hope you are doing well and thank you again for all that you do! Laura & Brian
Submitted by: Mary & Molly K on Feb 21, 2019
We are thoroughly enjoying Oshie! She’s brought a lot of love and excitement to our home. Thank you again for Oshie, she’s been such a wonderful addition to our family. Kind regards, Molly
Submitted by: Jessica J. on Feb 21, 2019
Hi Laura: Rambo is growing quickly and has been the perfect addition to our family. We are so happy we chose Longmeadow. I hope all is well. Thank you again! Jessica
Submitted by: Chris & Christine B. on Feb 21, 2019
Dear Laura: I hope this finds you well! Canton is AMAZING we cannot possibly love her anymore and she is a fabulous addition to our family. At ten (10) months she is a solid 80 Lbs. and healthy as a horse. LOVES the water, boat, kids, well socialized and so very happy. Sincerely, Chris and Christina
Submitted by: Judy M. on Feb 21, 2019
Hi Laura, Hope you had a happy birthday with and without your doggy friends. I want to tell you that Nessie celebrated her 10th birthday this summer and is doing well. We go to the pond every day for stick retrieving and swimming. She is the first in and last out of the water. She brings me sticks and dances around, if I don't throw them fast enough. I wish I had her energy. She is getting a little gray around the muzzle (like me) and enjoys a good nap on the couch after swim time. Anyway, she has been a delight and hopefully we will have many more years together. Thank you for being her mother, too.
Judy (and Cooper)
Submitted by: Merrymen P. on Feb 21, 2019
Hi Laura, I’m happy to report that Tess is adjusting well! She was an angel on the plane and we didn’t have any problems in the airport. My husband, daughter and Mother adore her. She loves Buddy and he seems to like her as long as she doesn’t use his tail as a chew toy. It was so nice meeting you yesterday, and thank you again for the fabulous puppy info packet. I’ll send another update on Monday after we see the vet. Merryman
Submitted by: Carol N. on Feb 21, 2019
Dear Laura, We purchased two puppies from you (Django 9 years ago) and Suki (6 years ago). In fact, I was delighted to see a picture of Django at about 5 months on your website page!! He's a prince!! Suki is in good health (and she's...well, a "princess"--yes, all dogs do have their personalities!) But I was just checking to see if you were still in business. My husband has been in Colorado, and his fishing guide, whose Chesapeake is very old now and not in good health, is looking to find a good kennel that takes particular care with the issue of inheritable conditions. He wants his next Chesapeake to have the best genes possible for a good and healthy life. I know that was important for us when we purchased from you, and we were happy that you were so careful about those matters. So, I will pass on the good news that you are still in business and producing beautiful Chesapeakes. Carol
Submitted by: Catriona H. on Feb 21, 2019
Good evening Laura. I want to say first we love CiCi she is a fast learner and great dog! We are thoroughly enjoying her. Thank you again for the beautiful loving dog you picked for us. Catriona H.
Submitted by: Jennifer B. on Feb 21, 2019
Hello Laura! Just wanted to drop you a note letting you know we made it home safely! Bowie is doing awesome! He was great on the ride home. He slept with me last night and was such a good boy. He woke up twice and sniffed my face so I took him out to do his business and it worked perfect! We are learning his signs of when he has to do his business and his schedule seems to be about every 30 minutes while he is awake. This morning has been busy - we ate our breakfast and played outside in the rain - which didn't seem to bother him at all! I am super amazed at how attentive he is to us! He would go smell something and then run right back to me and sit on my feet! My husband has been calling every two hours to check in….he can't wait to come home Saturday and play with our new little guy! I can't say enough about how awesome this puppy is! I can tell he is one super smart cookie! He already realizes where the door is and pushes his nose on it in an attempt to go outside! He just wants to be next to me all the time - I love it! My yorkie is still wondering where I found this guy! LOL Bowie has discovered its fun to chase her around the table! I won't have to worry about hawks swooping in to get our yorkie with Bowie around! I think they will make fine friends in a few weeks! They do well together when we all go outside to do business! Thank you so very much Laura for our new love! We will be very busy and lacking sleep for a while, but he is so worth it! Thank you for selecting us for one of your perfect babies! We are totally in love! I look forward to seeing what this pup becomes - he's so smart!
Take care! Respectfully, Jen B
Submitted by: Jim & Carolyn D. on Feb 21, 2019
Laura, just wanted to let you know that Chance is half way to his Junior Hunter Certification. He should finish this coming weekend in Va. Bobby has done wonders with him as he has been at Troy Creek since February. Bobby has a couple of pictures on his Facebook page if you wanted to see our magnificent looking Chessie. Thanks for selecting the perfect puppy for us.
Jim and Carolyn
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