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Submitted by: Craig Kowalczyk & Becky Madru on May 28, 2018
We just purchased our third dog from Don and Linda. Our other two dogs are such good hunting & family dogs. Raina, our newest addition, has such a good deposition, and is eager to learn. We would highly recommend Don and Linda if you are looking to purchase German Shorthair Pointer.
Submitted by: Patti & Bill Deckert on Oct 10, 2017
We purchased our 9 week old male GSP (Indy) in September, couldn't be happier! Thank you Don and Lindalee for your kind reception & professionalism. He's a smart dog, growing like a weed, and training is going great. We have recommended you to quite a few of our hunting enthusiast friends and hope cross paths with other London kennel dogs in the future.
Bill & Patti
Submitted by: Dino Carseli on Sep 11, 2017
We purchased a GSP puppy almost 3 weeks ago from London Kennels;
Reading all the testimonials cannot bring justice about the real experience of choosing a dog bred by Don and Lindalee.
They are probably some of the nicest people that I have ever met.
They have a first class operation and truly love what they do with their dogs.
We were delighted to see pictures with the puppies as early as the first week, and we were welcomed to visit them as soon as was possible.
Choosing ours dog was very easy and we are more then pleased with our female, Terra;
She is great with the kids, extremely lovable and very easy to train, even at this young age - she was asking herself out after only 2 days;
Don and Lindalee are extremely helpful with their excellent advice grounded in over 40 years of experience with this breed;
If you are looking for a German Shorthair Pointer, look no further
Submitted by: Mike & Echo on Dec 06, 2016
We purchased our GSP from Lindalee & Don in August. Lindalee was very professional, courteous & patient while answering all our questions. Since his arrival home, our pup has been amazing. He has the best disposition, is great with our kids and has been easy to train. He is an amazing dog who enjoys both working the field & lounging with the family. For anyone interested in purchasing a quality GSP, London Kennels fits the bill.
Submitted by: paul on Sep 23, 2016
I want to thank Lindalee for breeding such a great bird dog. My dog Irish, a 4 year old female is the calmest short hair I have ever seen. she was even mellow at 6 months. The dog is by far the smartest dog I have ever owned and took to training very quickly and easily, she needed only several training sessions before she got it...what ever it was. Yes she is calm around the house but when you get her in the woods she is a different dog, hard worker and loves to hunt! I'm writing this testimonial which is something I normally would not do. But I felt the rest of the GSP world needs to realize what a great breed of dogs London kennels raises.
Submitted by: Mike & Melissa Corraro on May 28, 2016
Our family is so happy to have found Don & Lindalee. We got our GSP puppy from them in December. We couldn't have had a better experience with our first GSP. Lindalee was great with answering all of our questions and helping us pick out perfect puppy! She sent us pictures as he grew and let us come visit as often as we wanted. We still keep in contact!!! Thank you!!
Submitted by: Darren & Kim on May 27, 2016
We purchased a male gsp pup from London kennels in December of 2015. He(Baxter)is a great dog, very friendly, and is showing all the signs of becoming a great bird dog at only 7 months old. We've had him on many wild birds and he will no doubt be ready to guide over by the end of the fall season. We would highly recommend London Kennels to anyone looking for a gsp. Don and Lindalee are very nice to deal with and are great at what they do.
Submitted by: Becky Adams on Dec 26, 2014
A big thanks to Don and Lindalee for the outstanding attention we received from inquiry straight through to pick-up. We brought Buddy home last week and he has been pure joy! Don and Lindalee stayed in constant contact throughout the process, answered all of our questions and took excellent care of this recent litter of beautiful pups. Lindalee sent weekly pictures and facilitated our visit to see the pups, pick ours out and pick him up to bring him home.We couldn't be happier with our purchase and are thankful to have picked such knowledgeable and caring individuals! We would highly recommend Don and Lindalee to anyone wanting to make this investment! Becky Adams and Evert Dahlquist
Submitted by: Kelly & Craig Kowalczyk on Dec 21, 2014
We just purchased our second dog from Don and Linda.. After purchasing a GSP from them in the spring, we couldn't wait to get another. Their kennels are very clean and well maintained. Our first dog Kasey is well behaved and obedient. From the time we got her in the spring she has adapted and played well with our older male GSP. Our newest addition to the family, Rhett, is very smart and eager to learn! He gets along well with both other dogs, and is learning to listen very well. I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a GSP from London Kennels..
Submitted by: Kim Farrell on Oct 12, 2014
Dear Don and Lindalee,

Nelli will be 10 months old tomorrow and she is absolutely amazing. She is both the perfect pet/best friend and hunting companion for Mike! She is full of energy, very playful and social with other dogs and loving. We always get compliments on how beautiful she is and people always ask where we got her from. Mike took her dove hunting opening day in Pennsylvania and she loved every minute of it (and so did Mike). Because of our hectic schedules at the hospital, Nelli is in doggie daycare and cant run to my car fast enough when I say are you ready for school. Thank you for a wonderful furry friend/hunter and thank you for your hunting session over the summer. We will definitely be coming back to get another dog when we get a bigger house.

Kim, Mike, and Nelli :)
Submitted by: Michael T on Apr 26, 2014
Hi Don and Lindalee. Nelli is doing wonderful she is now just about 5 months. She has taken some time to get housebroken but is now doing great. She is extremely playful and full of energy. I haven't had her start her formal training yet -- but its very clear the hunting instinct the dog has, she's already gotten on a bunch of rabbits and wild turkeys. At the same time she has become a wonderful part of our family and look forward to the many years of friendship the dog will provide us. We can't thank you guys enough!!

Submitted by: Kaila & Ryan on Jan 15, 2014
Hi Lindalee and Don!

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful our new GSP Wlater is! My aunt also has one of your dogs which is how we found out about you. He is an amazing dog and we were hoping that ours would be just as good with a sweet temperament. So far his has been awesome. He is doing very well in his new home. Everyone that meets him falls in love with his sweet face! He's such a good puppy with a wonderful temperament just like my aunt's. Walter is very smart and has already picked up on basic commands and was potty trained within a few days! He is already getting bigger which makes me sad! I wish he could stay small forever! That just means we will be back for another soon. We love our puppy and I highly recommend you guys to everyone that has inquired about him!

Thanks Again!
Kaila and Ryan
Submitted by: Jill Deschamps on Jan 13, 2014
Thank You Lindalee and Don!!!! WE are having so much fun with our Gsp puppy Moxxi. She is now 9 weeks old. We have had her a little over a week now. She loves her crate and has not whimpered once to go out in the middle if the night!!! We are working on her routine and she loves to learn and cuddle. She has such a great temperment and she does not even bother our cat! She could care less and walks right by her!!!! We will definaetly recommend you to anyone who is interested in a Gps puppy!!!!
Submitted by: Ken Johnson on Dec 17, 2013
I just picked up my GSP puppy from Don and Lindalee just over a week ago. I can't believe how intelligent this puppy is! She (Misty) was house broken in 5 days (No exaggeration). She will bark a couple times and jump on the door every time she needs to go out. I had her in pet co the other day and she did the same thing to go out (no cleanup in isle 9..) She will sit on command and loves to retrieve her toys. I can't wait to get more time outside for some more formal training. Don and Lindalee were very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional, to say the least. I am going back next week with my nephew to pick out another pup for him (Misty will have a friend).. I could not be any happier with the overall experience! Looking forward to 2014 Hunting Season!! Thank You Don and Lindalee!!
Submitted by: Chloe St Jean on Mar 14, 2013
Getting my gsp pup from Don and his wife was the best choice I could have made. My male gsp Khona, was house broken in less than two weeks and loves to learn. He is so handsom and well behaved. He fetches like no dog I've ever seen and is the biggest cuddler. Don and his wife made my boyfriend Brian and i's experience for our first puppy so easy and fun. Both were friendly and knowledgable about many different dog topics and put my mind at ease for many things. I recommend this breed to so many active people I know and I always tell them to check out London Kennels.
Submitted by: Ricky Merizalde on Nov 21, 2012
We recently bought our puppy from this breeder. He is now 14 weeks old. I've had pups in the past and this puppy was house broken in a week...amazing. The breeder was very friendly and very knowledgable. I take our puppy to puppy classes and he is very intelligent and has a great temperament. Our pup is great house dog as well and great with the kids. We also take him out to run around in open fields and his hunting instinct kicks in its actually amazing to watch. If I could I would def get a second gsp pup from this breeder...highly recommend !!
Submitted by: Lance Mueller on Nov 13, 2012
I recently purchased a pup from here. Great people to do business with and very knowledgeable. My pup has great bloodlines and is showing her natural hunting ability already at just under 3 months. The pup is very intelligent, I have never had a dog with this kind of intelligence. Would highly recommend a dog from London Kennel to anyone, whether just starting or a seasoned hunter.
Submitted by: mark tigner on Oct 25, 2012
Well Millie officially turned one on Oct 1st. on opening day of pheasant season myself and two other hunting buddies limited out in less then 2 hours. the next day we left for Maine and drove 7 hours to do some wild grouse hunting. i have never been and didnt know how to hunt them,and either did Millie. We got up, drove down the dirt road in the heart of the great north woods. Within 15 minutes she had three grouse. 15 minutes after that she winded a snow shoe hare(a beagle couldnt have done better) and pushed it right to me.In the two full days we were there she pointed over 20 grouse and the hare. The most amazing part of it all wasnt the game she found.It was the way she changed her hunting style from the day before where she bound thru cover to find the pheasant. she realized the grouse flushed easily before she could point them. she knew they were in the soft woods. Millie slowed down and worked the wind she would stand on her hind legs and put her nose in the air. she slowed down and quartered back and forth and slowed her approach and was able to point them after 4 birds flushed. Millie continues to learn and impress. To think her better hunting years are ahead of us is amazing!!!
Submitted by: Maryellen Allegretti on Sep 16, 2012
We are so happy with our male GSP puppy. We have always had Labrador Retrievers and after our 9 yr old lab passed away, we decided to try a GSP. We are so glad we did. Our little bailey is now 12 weeks old and already close to being 100% housebroken. What fabulous dogs Don and Linda have. We are tempted to get another from them to keep bailey company. I highly recommend them as very reputable breeders.
Submitted by: mark tigner on Apr 09, 2012
as i have previously stated i would update millies growth. with a hour a day and some basic bird dog training this 5 month old pup i felt was ready to hunt. i think everyone thought i was nuts..except for millie and myself. i took her out on a 13 bird hunt..and yes she pointed all thirteen held point and retrieved 7 out of thirteen..she was ready i needed more time at the skeet field. she never tired and pointed like she was 5 years old not 5 months. my long time hunting buddy couldnt believe it. the hunt was at millstream ask them they saw it. i dont think much more needs to be said..its off to water training next!
Submitted by: John Pereira on Apr 05, 2012
I've known Don for a few years now so when it was time to purchase another pup - Don was the first person that came to mind. I've had quite a few German Short-haired dogs and I've done my share of training them also. I purchased Jojo from Don back in July from his May litter, and I couldn't be happier with Jojo. She loves being with people. @ 7 months we had Jojo working birds and she had her first point a few weeks after that - she has a great nose - loves to track and retrieves. I would recommend Don's dogs to anyone and everyone.

Don is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to German Short hairs and training them.... You won't go wrong!!!
Submitted by: Erik Campbell on Jan 20, 2012
My girlfriend and I purchased our first dog from the Faverys. Outlaw Josey Wales. We have to admit, the decision of who to buy from was overwhelming, but when we met the Faverys they were very welcoming. They answered our questions and were honest with us, and they stand by their word. Our dog is unbelievable, have been training her with rod and wing, she has been pointing since day one. She takes commands in stride, it's so natural. We can't imagine not having her. We are very active people, and Josey rides everywhere in the car, runs beside us when we're mountain biking, and loves being outside and in the woods. House and crate training went well. Josey gets along wonderfully with our friends and family dogs. We can't wait to hunt her. We took her to our gun club and she is not phased by the gun fire. The dog loves to work, either during training sessions or in the woods, and it all starts from great breeding from the Faverys.
Submitted by: Danielle Missell on Jan 05, 2012
We purchased a puppy from the Favry’s in December, born 10/1/11. We have had Ella for 4 weeks now.

She is confident, smart, active, curious, brave, and sociable, she is everything one would look for in a GSP. She runs towards loud noises, rides good in the car, crosses the stream out back (even though it is cold out right now), loves to retrieve, and points at her toys.

She seems to be housebroken already and even has figured out how to let us know when she needs to go out. From the first day we got her she hardly ever went in the house. And crate training was a breeze.

She practically trains herself. She knows many commands already and really excels at stay. She will already sit and stay even when I leave the room. Stay is usually a hard thing for an high energy puppy, but Ella is a pro.

She was good at the vet and did not yip or nip not even when she got her microchip (that is a big needle!). The vet likes her, the trainer likes her, other dogs like her (and she likes them), everyone comments on how beautiful she is, and she certainly is. She is physically and mentally healthy and it shows.

Everything seems to come so natural to her, and we attribute that to her great breeding. The Favry’s are nice people to deal with and have been honest with us. If we decide to get another one I am certain I know where I will be heading.
Submitted by: Mark Tigner on Dec 09, 2011
this is the third full day with our 8week old puppy. her name is Millie. I have had dogs my entire life. this is my first gsp. I had multiple spaniels,setters, and currently have one of the best dogs I have ever owned a yellow lab. All have been well trained and obedient. Obviously some took longer then others. Without question Millie is the smartest puppy and easiest to train to date. She has impressed me so much in three days I felt compelled to write this. She knows her name,sits on command,comes when called, and yes retrieves and drops her toy(soon to be birds) at my feet consistently. I am blown away! I am not exaggerating in the slightest. I also have three children ages 6-10 who she lets carry her around like a toy. This is a true testament to the breeder. Don and Linda Lee are true professionals who know exactly what they are doing. If unsure speak with them and see the dogs and facility for yourself. You wont be disappointed as a matter of fact you will be educated. I don't usually write testimonials but I would be doing everyone and every dog of theirs a disservice if I didn't. I will update this with her growth. My family thanks you Don and LindaLee
Submitted by: Patty Ardito on Jul 20, 2011
I can not stress enough about my husbands comment Obie our dog is worth his weight in gold. He is the first dog I ever had and he is truely amazing as a family pet and as a hunting dog. The minute David gets out his gun Obie goes nuts and he knows its time to work and loves every minute of it. I am already looking at the pictures of the new pups
Submitted by: David Ardito on Jul 18, 2011
We purchased a male GSP from Don in 2002, he is my wifes first ever gdog and my first ever hunting dog. Obie showed hunting promise from the get go despite my inexperience as a trainer. Obie has grown into a first class gun dog who relishes the opportunity to go after Woodcock (his favorite bird), Ruffed Grouse (a bird he finds andhold on point quite well) and the usuall suspects (Pheasant, Chukar). He's also a natural retriever who made water retrieves and hunts dead when needed.

4 years ago we had a little girl, and Obie has proven to be a loving, loyal and patient companion to her. It's amazing how gentle he is with her, and tolerant, giving the reckless adandon he shows in the field.

When it's time to add another GSP to the fold, I will be calling Mr. Favry first.

David Arditp
Submitted by: Damon Bowers on Mar 07, 2011
We got our dog Gus from the Favry's in January 2010, and he is by any measure a perfect dog for our family. We like to think of Gus as our suburban bird dog, but he is 99% family pet for my two young girls. We do not hunt him, but his natural instinct to locate, point game and fetch is obvious to all. He adapted well to our lifestyle, was easy to train, healthy, friendly with kids and a good all-around watch dog. Gus is equally happy running all day at the dog park (which he excels) or able to spend the day on the couch. I would like to take credit for what a wonderful dog we have, but the Favry's deserve most of it.
Submitted by: Anthony F. Posteraro, Jr. M.D. on Feb 13, 2010
I purchased Daisy, my first German Shorthaired Pointer, from Don Favry of London Kennels and Millstream Hunting Preserve a year ago. The kennels were clean and orderly and the dogs all in good health and active. Daisy and her littermates were well cared for active pups and had all of their initial shots in order. Don provided me with basic care and training instructions that they have found useful with their litters as well as a supply of the food she had been eating. He was available for questions and frequently called to check-up on me and Daisy. I was raising her alone.
Daisy is bright, healthy, active, intelligent, and best of all a naturally enthusiastic hunter and a wonderful house dog as well. Everyone who meets her is impressed by her sleek lines, dignified appearance and playful loving manner.
At about seven months I returned her to Don for training. She learned quickly and has retained her lessons. I am looking forward to sending her for more training this summer.
I would not hesitate to recommend Don and London Kennels to anyone contemplating the purchase of a German Shorthaired Pointer.

Anthony F. Posteraro, Jr. M.D.
Submitted by: Stacey Derosier on Feb 13, 2010
We just would like to say thank you for Gauge, our Germain Shorthaired Pointer. We never realized what an awesome breed these dogs are. Gauge has a temperment that every dog owner would love to have in their dog. He is very affectionate and wants to be with us. He is just an all around great family pet. He strives to be the best both as a pet and a hunting dog. We would say, since he started hunting about a year ago, he must have gotten about 100 plus birds. He also had the best trainers and thank you for that too Don. We just can't exspess enough thanks to you for selling us this awesome dog that we love so much. We will be purchasing another one in the next year.
Thank you again.
Robert & Stacey Derosier
Submitted by: Steven Sabella on Feb 12, 2010
Purchasing a German Shorthaired Pointer pup from Don was a very easy decision for me to make.
I found Don to be very knowledgeable about the breed and run a clean and professional operation.
As the pup matured a few short hunting sessions at the preserve started Jake on his way to be a true hunting companion.
A Saturday was well spent taking the NRA pistol course and I'm looking forward to a pheasant hunt there in Connecticut with my dog Jake.
Check it out!!
Steven Sabella, Jamestown RI
Submitted by: Frank Scotti on Feb 02, 2010
One of female pups born 11/4/2009
Ulla: part Sleeping Beauty; part Wild Tiger; part Miss Wiggles; part Piranha;
always Beautiful; never late for a meal or snack; Willfull and Wise; And always on the run.
She is growing up, and is as happy, energetic, open and fun loving a creature as there ever was.
Broke to the house, sit and come; working on down, off, and stay.
Needless to say the big poodle is in love, as are Sarah and myself.
Submitted by: Rosalie Mikos on Feb 02, 2010
Female whelped 8/26/08
If the puppy's are anything like my first GSH Cheyenne and now my beautiful Shawnee, you shouldn't have any trouble at all finding them good homes. After Cheyenne died we knew our next dog would be another of your pups. Shawnee is such a wonderful tempered dog. She's loving, and so happy. Everyone that visits me falls in love with her. My son John used Cheyenne as a hunting dog and she was the best in the hunt club. All of the other hunters knew it even though some wouldn't admit it. There was something so special about Cheyenne. Whenever I was home alone, I always felt so safe and secure. She was so loyal. I know when Shawnee gets a little older she will be the same way, already she is showing signs of being partial to me above the other family members. I guess that's because she is with me most often and I feed her and give her treats. I do spoil her. Shawnee is not used for hunting, she is strictly a house dog. I think she would be good at it because she points a lot. Our Vet said Shawnee is the most beautiful and healthiest GSH she has ever seen. You know how beautiful she is just by looking at the calender cover of the contest she won in New Haven. If you remember, Shawnee won first place in the contest to raise money for NH PD drug sniffing dogs. When the two dogs got their badges Shawnee was at the police department as a guest and got honorable mention in the New Have Register.
Your dogs are the smartest dogs that I have ever had. I only had Shawnee two days when she was house broken. I could go on and on about my Shawnee but now it's time for her walk and she is all excited and ready to go.

Rosalie Mikos
Submitted by: Roberta & Andrea Cusano on Feb 01, 2010
Um Boden London's Miracle / call name: Bodie:
Whelped Januar 4, 2009

We can't thank you enough for all your help and advice with Bodie! He is a joy everyday and as you can imagine a very big part of our family. To think we originally wanted to come home with 3 puppies! That really hasn't changed! We appreciate your "check in" calls and look forward to the updates we can give on Bodie's well being and his perfect behavior!
It's amazing what a little training can do! It is also very comforting to know that we can call on you anytime with any questions and you are more than available and helpful.

Thanks again and we can't wait until Bodie has a sibling!
Roberta and Andrea Cusano
Submitted by: Peter Reneson on Feb 01, 2010
In 1997, I was hunting at Millstream Hunting preserve,LLC with Don Favry (owner) and my Chesapeake retriever (Maggie). Don noticed that I had a rough time shouldering my gun to shoot at a bird that Maggie had flushed.
The reason for my slowness is because I had polio as a teenager, which left me with extensive paralysis of my arms and legs. I have done all my hunting from a power wheelchair ever since.
At the end of my hunt with Don, he complimented Maggie on being a well trained good bird dog, but suggested that I try a pointing dog in the future in order to allow me time to shoulder my gun. I told Don that I do all my own training with the help of my wife Ginny, and I had never tried a pointing dog, because I have seen too many pointers that are big on ranging and small on retrieving. Don smiled and said that's bad blood and bad training. He went on to tell me that beyond good hunting traits he breeds his German Shorthairs for intelligence and a desire to please. He felt that I would not have a problem training one of his dogs and said the dog would adapt to my style of hunting.
That summer, I bumped into Don and he said that he had a litter of pups and he wanted to give one to my wife and me.
Twelve years later, Jessie, my German Shorthair is asleep on her bed next to me as I write this. Don was right. Jessie was easy to train and turned out to be a great dog. She is a dog of endless determination. At just 32 pounds she always amazed me when a large cock pheasant would scale down hundreds of yards over thick brush and rough terrain and Jessie would retrieve it to me. Ginny and I have spent many days in the field watching Jessie perform her solid points and quick retrieves while we filled our limits.
Chewing on her toy next to Jessie is Annie, our one year old pup, of course a German Shorthair, and of course, I bought her from Don Favry of Millstream. I would not have it any other way.
Annie is the dog of a hunter's dreams. She is a dog that loves to learn and wants to please more than any dog I ever worked with. She hunts with a lot of intent and quarters the field with class. I took her to Millstream at about seven months old and went out with one of Don's guides. Annie quickly winded a bird, positioned herself down wind, and moved up for a solid, pretty point. We flushed the bird, shot it and sent Annie to the retrieve. In seconds she was at my side with a beautiful cock bird. The guide looked at me and asked, "How old did you say that dog is?" We went on to the next bird and it was a repeat of the first. At that point the guide was offering to buy Annie.
Don gave me some good advice twelve years ago and I'm glad I took it. - Peter Reneson

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