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Gun Dog Breeder Reviews for J&L Boykin Spaniels

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Submitted by: Jeff Nugent on Mar 05, 2016
First and foremost we received an excellent hunting dog in our Boykin Spaniel from J & L Boykins. These truly are special dogs in the field, water, canoe, truck and in the home. Our boy works hard all the time and is always seeking to please. He does very well on upland and waterfowl!
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jan and Larry and I appreciate his hard work in developing quality dogs. I appreciate he always returns an email or a phone call before and well after the pup left his kennel. I give this kennel a very strong recommendation!

Submitted by: Matt Jordt on Feb 25, 2016
I met Jan & Larry at Pheasant Fest in 2013. I had only ever owned Labs for my hunting but, it was time for me to start my search for another dog. My daughters wanted a small dog. I wanted a dog that could be used for hunting. After seeing their dogs and talking to them, I decided that the Boykin fit the bill. After several more conversations with Larry, I got on their waiting list for a puppy. While I was waiting for a pup, I was fortunate enough to attend some training days to watch the dogs work. I was very impressed with what I saw. I have known Jan and Larry now for a few years. You don't just get a dog from them, you gain an extended family. I have met so many great people because of them. They are breeding some the best dogs in the country and their dogs accomplishments speak for themselves. If you are looking for a Boykin, you owe to yourself to at least give them a call!!
Submitted by: Lee Olson on Jan 01, 2014
I was impressed with everthing about Larry and jan and the boykins that they raise. Captain Jack has been a total companion. He is always my best friend even when I miss a bird. Top of line dogs and business. Thank you Larry and Jan.
Submitted by: Mark Rieger on Oct 09, 2013
Best dog I have ever had. He has over the lst 7 years has been a partner in all that I have done with dogs. Hell and Larry ain't so bad either. Mark
Submitted by: Kellyn on Oct 08, 2013
Larry & Jan really care about their LBDs... I have fostered a litter for J&L when things went array with a whelping.. They were wonderful and very helpful if I needed anything and have been wonderful about keeping me informed about the babies I bottle fed for a few weeks!! a more caring breeder of Boykins you will be hard pressed to find!! I have also seen their dogs work in the field and snuggled them on the couch!! Their dogs are truly family!!!
Submitted by: Dave Martinsen on Aug 15, 2013
Honestly, I couldn't have found a better guy to get me a Boykin! I met Larry at pheasant fest this last year and I had talked to him on the phone a couple times before that. He knows all about these dogs! Everything he said was spot on. I still call him today to ask questions and get advise he's happy to hear from me and answer me. My dog is just turning 6 months! She's holding steady retrieving no barking no accidents jumping off docks and has a great attitude. Really I couldn't be happier! If your looking for one of the best breeders of Boykins You have got to talk to Larry!
Submitted by: Steve Kawamoto on Mar 04, 2013
I met Larry at the Pheasant Fest in 2011 and I was immediately impressed with the Boykin breed and with Larry's knowledge of the dogs and attention to detail. It's the attention to detail that makes Larry and Jan's dogs quite unique. He truly selects his breeding pairs to highlight the best qualities in the dogs it really shows. I immediately got on his waiting list, and it was worth the wait. My pup Riley (now 16 months) is the best family/hunting dog I've ever owned. His intelligence, will to learn, and huting/retrieving drive far exceeds that of any of the labs I've ever owned. In addition, Larry and his assoicates are always happy to talk and give suggestions when ever I have questions. I highly reccommend J&L Boykin Spaniels to anyone looking for a high quality hunting and family companion.
Submitted by: Darrell & Sharyl Schlieckau on Dec 19, 2011
We were so lucky to have met Jan and Larry at the Pheasant Fest held in Madison, Wisconsin, a few years back. Darrell was looking for a smaller size hunting companion and a friend had pointed us in the direction of the Boykin Spaniel. Larry did the most important part -- making sure WE were right for his dogs! A sign of a very good breeder in our opinion. No fast puppy here as we had to wait our turn and prove ourselves to him as well. The wait was well worth it -- in June of 2010 Sadie Belle joined our family. It has been a time filled with many puppy struggles but she has turned into a wonderful companion and her hunting skills are improving daily. These little dogs love to please and Sadie has enormous drive and energy. On top of her hunting skills she's a perfect house dog now too! At a recent dog show people remarked "I want a dog just like Sadie!". It starts with a quality breeder and Jan and Larry are tops!
Submitted by: Bruce Warnimont on Mar 02, 2011
I have two male Boykin Spaniels from J&L. My younger one, J&L's Splendid Splinter, aka Ted, just became the youngest Boykin to earn the UKC Hunting Retriever Club UPLAND HUNTER title at only 11 months of age. He is also the youngest Boykin to ever pass the Canine Good Citizen test (through the AKC but open to any dog). He is a very bright dog, easy to train, eager to please and just a whole lot of fun. Ted was pheasant hunting by the time he was 7 months old and is a very good family dog. My elderly mother never liked any dog until she met my Boykin Spaniels and now starts every conversation with "How are my dogs?"
Submitted by: Brian Pease on Feb 01, 2011
I got my Boykin from Larry three years ago, she is an excellent hunting dog, awesome family pet and indoor dog. She has a junior and senior title in AKC and a SHR title. She will be working on her master title in AKC this year. Larry and Jan are great people that care deeply about the Boykin breed and breeding standards.
Submitted by: Matt Martinsen on Dec 31, 2009
I met Larry about three years ago when I was searching for a Boykin Spaniel. I recieved a wonderful male,Drake, and now he has his SHR title. We are doing great and looking forward to entering more competions. Drake loves to go upland and waterfowl hunting with me. He has flushed and retrieved many birds for me this year. What an outstanding breed! Small dog with a big heart.
Submitted by: Paul Feldhake on Aug 07, 2009
We met Larry and Jan 6 years ago and have 2 boykins from him. They have been great additions
to our family and very good gundogs - easy to train and if you know about boykins then I don't need to tell you how well they bond with owners.
In addition getting to know the Hinchmans and participating in some hunt tests have exposed me to a lot of really nice dog people. I was ready to quit bird hunting until I met Larry and his little brown dogs.
Submitted by: Lyne Rabern on Jun 20, 2009
I got my dog from Larry in 2008 after a couple of years search for a Boykin breeder I could work with. In my opinion he is interested first and foremost in the Boykin breed. He bothered to get to know me and selected a dog for me. Although I thought I needed a female; Larry had a male in mind for me. My little male is a wonderful hunter,very smart and one of the best house dogs I have had. He is a goer in the field,a demon swimmer and quite content to lay quietly at my feet when I sit down.

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