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Submitted by: William Sigalove, MD on Nov 06, 2014
This is a note of both appreciation and respect for Dennis Cantaberry (Grey Rock Gun Dog Kennels) of Medina, Ohio.

I contacted Dennis because my two-year old Chessy was extremely gun shy. I had previously spoke to several professionals who were all very pessimistic. The advice varied from "living with it" to "putting her down."

Dennis invited us to Medina. The first exposure was a disaster. She was petrified of a single pigeon. The following four weekly visits saw progress to where the dog was unflinching at small caliber fire and returned pigeons to me. Since then exposure to larger caliber (410 and 20 ga) went well.

This is a dedicated work in progress. The final word has not been written. Will this series of advancement continue? (I don't know.)

But what I do know is that we started out with nothing and that now we have a beautiful hunting dog. The alternatives were indeed bleak.

I thank Dennis Cantaberry from the bottom of my heart for his perseverance, dedication, and kind heart.


William Sigalove, MD
Submitted by: bill sigalove on Oct 20, 2014
This is a note of respect and high praise for breeder and trainer Deddis Cantaberry {Gray Rock Gun Dog Kennel} of Medina,Ohio.Dennis has worked with my "Chessy"with severe GUN SHYNESS. Within 4 or 5 short sessions there was dramatic improvement.The dog now retrevies birds while exposed to low caliber firing.If this progresses
{and I,m not saying it will} I will always be grateful that we tried.
Bill Sigalove MD
Submitted by: Caleb Cotterill on Sep 16, 2014
Two months ago I purchased my first hunting dog from Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels.The owner of the kennel was very helpful in getting me started by recommending great reading material and by giving me tips on how to train the dog.All the pups are given the best of care from the time they are born till the day you pick them up.My dog is pointing at only three months and i never had to teach him.Put in your time in yard training and have fun.I highly recommend Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels they have great dogs and will be the only place i purchase a hunting dog from now on.
Submitted by: Ryan Taylor on Aug 14, 2014
My wife and I four years ago received the best news ever, we found out she was pregnant!! After all the hugs and phone calls of excitement ended that night, I sat down on the couch and start crying because I knew we would have to put down our American Bulldog..His aggression towards people was something we could could not of risked when we brought our son home with us..This crushed us, but he only loved us and nobody else could of taken him in..Flash Forward four years and it hit me, I missed having a dog to come home to..I love dogs and so does my wife..I'll be honest, I had guards up from all directions!! Talked to some breeders that were a help but it was a phone call w/ Dennis that had me convinced that I found exactly what I was looking for..He ensured me that in all of his years that none of his german shorthairs have ever bit another dog or human..He spoke w/ conviction and you could tell his passion and loyalty for his dogs was matched by no one! He knew what I wanted and said he has a female that would be a perfect fit for my family! His words did not disappoint, Izzy is an absolute sweetheart! She is so good with my ornery 3 year old son and never gets upset or annoyed with him! We couldn't be happier then we are with this gorgeous pup!! I'll never buy another dog other then a GSP and won't buy it from anyone other than Dennis! Thanks again for our new addition!
Submitted by: Kristie on Aug 10, 2014
We brought our newest member of our GSP family home on July 12, 2014. She is proving to be a smart and adventurous little girl. Dennis introduced me to her dam and the other dogs in his kennel. They all seem to be well cared for and happy.
Submitted by: Curtis Tutak on Aug 07, 2014
We picked up our puppy Nellie about 4 weeks ago. She has been a great pup and is everything that Dennis promised. She is friendly to all people and other dogs, she is bold, playful and affectionate. Dennis was very helpful during the buying process and was always willing to take time to answer questions. I would not hesitate to get another pup from Dennis.
Submitted by: shawn on Aug 06, 2014
Breeder was great to work with. His expertise and willingness to share his knowledge was invaluable. My puppy is incredible. I would highly recommend Greyrock Kennels.
Submitted by: Eric Pierce on Aug 06, 2014
After talking to Dennis and looking at the bloodlines of Ace and Sammy, I decided to make the 7 hour trip to OH to pick up “Greta.” It was a trip well worth the effort. Dennis was what you hope for in a breeder. He was knowledgeable about the breed, passionate about what he was doing, and obviously loved his dogs. I swear he teared up a little when we put Greta in her kennel for the ride home. She made the trip to Delaware with no issues. She was as happy at each stop along the way as she was in Medina. She has quickly adapted to her new family. She has readily taken to the kennel and leash, eats like a champ and is a whirlwind when she is awake. Greta is doing very well with her yard training and put a really nice point on a few pigeons that unexpectedly landed in our neighbor’s yard. She has been a great addition to the family and I can’t wait to see what she can do in the field. Based on what I have seen so far, I have high expectations! Thanks Dennis, for giving us a great new member of the family.
Submitted by: Abe Ali on Aug 02, 2014
Dennis is not just knowledgeable but also passionate about the GSP breed and breeding.We received our pup Remy a few weeks ago and everythings going great. Most reassuring thing about Dennis he will be available for the life of our Dog. I know I can call him and he'll be more than happy to educate me. We hope to send Remy back to Greyrock in the future for more specific hunting / training. Thanks Dennis !!
Submitted by: Stephen and Rachel Jarman on Jun 02, 2014
We got our puppy from the Hank and Maggie’s 2/9/14 litter. Dennis was extremely helpful answering all of our questions. We told him that it was our first puppy and with the information he gave us we felt very informed in making our pick. Dennis told us he is there for us for the life of the dog and has answered many questions for us. Our puppy has exhibited a lot of natural instinct and shows a lot of feild potentional. He is quick to learn new commands and has become a well behaved dog in the short time that we have owned him. We couldn't be happier with our puppy and would recommend Dennis and Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels to any one.
Submitted by: Maria Vana on Apr 11, 2014
Dennis was great to work with, knows the breed, keeps his dogs in excellent health and took the time to answer all of my questions when I first went out to meet him and the dogs. I brought my dog Freya home last August and she has been an excellent companion. I have a non hunting home but she is more than willing to hunt frisbees instead of birds. I've never known a more friendly dog, she loves adults, kids, other dogs, cats, horses, goats and has never been too "prey driven" I'm proud to own a greyrock dog and would suggest anyone considering a GSP to talk to Dennis about them and go meet his lovely pack of dogs.
Submitted by: Richard Patton on Apr 08, 2014
In my search for a GSP I talked with many breeders and Dennis certainly stood out. His experience, knowledge, and breeding program are top notch. He responded to one of my many emails an hour before his own surgery, now that’s customer service. I picked my puppy from Hank and Maggie’s 2/9/14 litter. Named after his sire, Hank Jr. is an amazing pup. I couldn’t believe it but he never had an accident in his crate and was house broke in just 6 days. He is extremely smart and has great instinct at 8 weeks he points at his toys on the ground and will fetch them even with the distraction of being outside. I couldn’t be happier with my Greyrock GSP. Thanks for everything Dennis; I’ll keep you updated as Hank Jr. grows.
Submitted by: Dennis Bartel on Apr 05, 2014
We picked up our GSP male pup on March 21,2014, one of Hank and Maggie's litter born 2/9/2014. We talked to Dennis and were extremely impressed by his breeding program and his extensive knowledge of the breed. He answered all of our questions since this is our first GSP. Winchester fit right in to our family and lifestyle. He is so well socialized and travels well. He was crate trained on the second day and will enter the crate on his own. Housebreaking is going extremely well. We found this breed/pup to be extremely intelligent and loves all interactions and new adventures. He sits on command and is learning basic retrieving. We highly recommend Greyrock Kennel and Dennis for his excellent GSP breeding program and knowledge of the breed. Thanks Dennis for an "Exceptional" pup.
Submitted by: Scott on Mar 28, 2014
Picked up my pup march 21 and couldn't be more pleased. Kort is well proving to be quite intelligent. Crate trained by his 2nd night home. Eager strong pup that I expect is indicative of Mr. Canterbury's fine breed. Highly recommend Greyrock to anyone.
Submitted by: Noah on Aug 21, 2013
I just picked up my puppy on Sunday the 18th. Bella could not be any more well behaved. She cried in the kennel the first night when left alone but has since become very comfortable in the kennel. She has had no accidents and is already showing signs of being a great dog. Dennis and his kennel could not have been any more friendly and knowledgeable. If you are looking for the perfect gun dog I will only send my friends here for them. I should note that I drove 12 hours to pick up the pup. I look forward to her growing and starting her training. Thank you Dennis!
Submitted by: Marty Denney on Jan 02, 2013
Back in October my family picked up a new GSP puppy from Greyrock Kennels. To date we could not be any more pleased! So far she is doing extremely well! She never had the first accident in her kennel and was bascially crate trained from the first night. She is three months old and is retrieving everything from small duck decoys, to deer antlers, to tennis balls. She is whoa broke and I am even working her on some blind retrieves. She will also sit on command and lay flat on the ground when given the down command. Overall, we could not be more pleased. Dennis should be very proud! She is a sweet little dog that loves to please and has the making of both a great gun dog and also a great addition to our family. This past weekend I put her on some quail and after flushing the first one she nailed the next four like a pro. She is off to a great start! Thanks for a great gundog Greyrock!
Submitted by: ben cochran on Oct 29, 2012
I could not be more pleased with Dennis and greyrock. I bought my first GSP from him about three years ago. After a lot of hard work training both my pup and more importantly myself we made our first trip to South Dakota this year. It was an amazing trip hunting only public land we still had success during the drought that has hit South Dakota this year. It is possible to plan a trip under $1000 if three people drive together, that included gas, hotel and license fees.

Greyrock breeds natural hunting instinct in dogs like I have never seen before. Since day one my pup has been all about birds. I will be a customer for life and plan to purchase another pup in the next year or so. My dog is always complimented for being the most well mannered and friendly dog in all hunting groups and public environments. My dog stays inside and is spoiled very much but that only seems to help.

I will only buy a GSP from Dennis at GREYROCK
Submitted by: Ray and Kathy Schrader on Oct 22, 2012
Dennis spent a substanital amount of time talking to me prior to making the decision to purchase a GSP from him. He was courteous, very knowledgeable and you could tell he loved the breed and was not in it for the money. We picked up Snoopy on 10/20 12. We were greeted by Hank and this was a well behaved dog. Impressive. We meet Dennis at the front door of his house along with Snoopy and Hank leading the way. He showed us the many awards his dogs had won, the facilities and spent time telling us about the dog and the shots and medicine he had given. Our Vet was very impressed with the file he gave us. We wanted a mellow pup and Snoopy fits the bill. When you talk to Dennis, you know he cares about his dogs and the puppies.
After numerous people at the vet held Snoopy, he was checked out. He is in great shape and has a laid back but mischievious personality. One person at the vets wants a puppy from Dennis when their old dog passes. I highly recomment you talk to Dennis before purchasing a GSP puppy. Great person and caring breeder. Snoopy is number 4 GSP and Dennis is the best breeder I have delt with over the years. Thanks Dennis. We will keep you posted on Snoopy's progress.
Submitted by: Kelly Bloemker on Oct 14, 2012
We looked at many different breeders before talking with Dennis and I have to say that none of them compared to the service and information that we received from Dennis. He answered all of our questions and took his time with us. We received our dog in June and he has been the best dog. He is so intelligent, friendly, and energetic. He has a great temper and not scared of anything. He was a perfect fit for us. We will definitely be going back to Greyrock Gun Dog's here in the future!
Submitted by: Charles Lutmer on Oct 10, 2012
Dennis is the best breeder for German short hair pointers we have ever found! Axel was potty trained and house broke with in the first couple days after we got him is june 2012. He listens very well and has lots of energy. He his built very well and super strong!! We are so happy to have axel and hope to get another one soon!! We want him to have a brother!
Submitted by: Joseph Ault on Aug 15, 2012
I first talked to Dennis back in November 12 after I saw one of his dogs on a Pheasent hunt earlier that month. The dog I saw was one of his customers and nothing but good things to say about greyrock and Dennis. Upon first call Dennis talked with me for over and hour about his breeding program and his dogs. I was sold from there. This guy is a professional and is to date the best breeder i have delt with no matter what the breed. I got my little Eva at 7 weeks old and she has been just awesome. Dennis let me have pick of the litter female at my request and I got to go see them at 4 weeks to make my choice. I have had over German Shorthairs in the past and Eva is by far the best I and any one she comes across (that knows the breed) has ever seen. She is well mannered, calm and smart. She was housebroken in no time and is just a joy to have in my families life. These traits are no doubt due to Dennis's fantastic breeding program. I cannot wait untill I can take in the field with me next year. I highly reccommend Greyrock if your looking for a GSP, they dont come any better.
Submitted by: Steve Harris on Jun 09, 2012
Dennis runs a first class kennel and breeding program. He spent so much time on the phone and in person talking about his program and educating us about GSP's. We picked up Harley on June 2nd 2012. What a great edition to our family. Housebreaking was accomplished in a few days. He is so smart an energetic. He has such a great temperment. He is very curious and not afraid of anything. He is going to be an incredible dog!
I would highly recommend Greyrock!
Submitted by: Danny Zeimer on Jan 08, 2012
What a great addition Kona has been to our family! We have had her now for just over 6 months and what a joy she is. She's very intelligent, athletic, healthy, and above all, affectionate. She's very social with our neighbors dogs and well mannered.

Dennis has done an excellent job with his breeding program. We hope to purchase another german shorthair pointer from Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels in the near future.
Submitted by: Eric&Tricia Caudill on Sep 13, 2011
We picked up our pup 6-24-11. Chinook is such a great girl. The first 2 weeks she already learned how to sit, lay down and stay.We use this before we would feed her because she likes her food too much! Now that she is 4 months old she is pointing at everything and shows great promise, she is going to be a great field companion. We have 2 small girls and Chinook is so much fun for them. She loves to go boating too. She is the best over all family dog. Thank you Dennis for breeding such excellent dogs. We will be back some time in the future for another one.
Submitted by: Elise on Aug 18, 2011
Dennis with Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels was so helpful while learning about GSPs. I stopped out with my Stepfather to look at Magnolia Mae, and he sat and answered questions with us for probably close to two hours. At which point I decided the lil pup was the right choice for my husband and I. He then allowed me to pick her up around 7 on a Friday, which was nice to have the full weekend to work with her. She is one of the smartest dogs that I have dealt with. She is also so sweet, loving, and beautiful. I am very pleased with the exerience, and Dennis continues to be there if I have any questions. I would suggest Greyrock to anyone looking for a GSP!
Submitted by: Kevin Lyden on Aug 08, 2011
I purchased a female from Ruby's May 6,2011 litter after doing extensive searching for a hunting dog. I have owned many breeds but this was my first pointer. Dennis was very helpful when I met with him to view his kennels, dogs, and pups. After selecting my pup and returning home with her I began training. She has been quick to pick up on commands and generally listens well for a pup. She is very socialized and gets along well with my other dog,an irritable, over weight English Bulldog. She has made a great pet so far and is very good with children. I have worked up to starter pistol's in training her to work around guns and hasn't so much as flinched once. She sight points to a pheasant wing and I will introduce her to live birds once she has her commands firmly established. She enjoys daily walks through high brush in a nearby field and works close by. I look forward to finishing her training and getting her out looking for pheasants. Overall I am very happy with my experience dealing with Greyrocks and Dennis and would recommend him as a breeder.
Submitted by: Jeff & Joy Cooper on Aug 05, 2011
Dennis is one of the nicest people we have met. We went to see Dennis and to learn about GSPs. He was graciuos enough to meet with us on a Satuurday afternoon,at which time we spent at least 3 hours with him learning about GSPs and meeting his dogs. What a wonderful experience. Dennis, along with Hank, confirmed for us that a GSP was the dog we wanted. Due to the distance we had to drive, we let Dennis pick out our puppy for us, and I know without a doubt he picked the one we would have! Murphy was 3 months old on August 2nd, and is growing like a weed. He is already housebroken, sits on command, and is doing very well with recall. Dennis has been very helpful and a wealth of information-we rely on his expertise. We highly recommend Dennis and his beautiful dogs at Greyrock Kennels.
Submitted by: Karen keenan on Jul 06, 2011
We brought Montegue (Monte) home a little over a week ago, and cannot be happier with the newest member of our family! He is beautiful, bright, playful, and a little mischievous - perfect! I was a little worried about lack of sleep this weekend, but he did great in his kennel. Our experience with Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels was nothing but exceptional. I would (and have) recommended Greyrock to family, friends, and others who ask where we found such a beautiful dog. I would not hesitate to get another GSP from Greyrock in the future. Thank you, Dennis!
Submitted by: Laura & Brad on Jul 06, 2011
We just picked up our GSP pup on June 24, 2011 from Dennis at Greyrocks Gun Dog Kennels and we have been very happy with the service we received from Dennis. Our puppy Abby is very smart and seemed like even when we first brought her home she already knew how to sit and really wanted to please us. She is now only a little over 9wks old and already knows to go to the door when she needs to go out (most of the time). She has a beautiful healthy coat and everyone raves about how cute she is. She is very good with other dogs and loves to play. If we ever need another GSP we would for sure go back to Dennis at Greyrock.
Submitted by: Kyler & Amy Morrison on Jun 18, 2011
Very, Very pleased! Called Dennis and the next day we were able to visit and purchase our puppy, TRAPPER! Very good temperament and playful personality. The first night home, he slept the whole night through, not even a whimper. HIGHLY recommend Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels not only for their great dogs but also for Dennis' advise for starters and 21 YEARS expertise. THANK YOU!!!
Submitted by: Matt Freas on May 22, 2011
Belle was from the Hank and Abby litter whelped 9/28/2010.

We picked Belle up the day after Thanksgiving 2010. Since that day she has been an integral part of our lives. She has been a wonderful pet and addition to the family. My wife says that she has never seen a dog that is more affectionate and caring. She house broke effortlessly. I cannot begin to tell you how many people have told us how beautiful and well behaved she is. Most people are surprised to find that she is still a puppy based upon her obedience and behavior.

After bringing her home I joined the “German Shorthair Pointer Club of Greater Pittsburgh” and Belle and I have been working hard on our field work. She has a tremendous amount of natural ability and although it is early, she exhibits very good manners around birds. Her temperament has made her a quick study and easy to train. She has been pointing and holding birds since she was 12 weeks old. Belle has shown a tendency to naturally honor other dogs.

At 7.5 months old Belle has completed the testing for her ACK Junior Hunter title. She consistently scored 8's and 9's in “Hunting”, “Bird Finding”, and “Pointing”.

I guess what I am really saying is that she truly is EVERYTHING Dennis said she would be! My wife and I owe Dennis a sincere thank you for the work he puts into his breeding program.

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels.

Submitted by: Tony Moran on May 17, 2011
I would like to thank Greyrock for there sale of Daisey.We went to Greyrock to visit the kennel and was very impressed.Daisey is a outstanding dog.Shes very protective of my girls 10 and 12.Being a single parent its nice to know there in good PAWS when iam at work.Thats Greyrock
Submitted by: Jim & Vicki Livingston on Mar 07, 2011
We would rate Dennis and Greyrock Gundogs Kennel a 10 if we could. We purchased our second GSP from Dennis in October. Max is a joy ! He is friendly, outgoing,and very smart. He is showing signs of being a GREAT gundog and , at the same time, is so good with our 3 young grandsons. He and Abby (our 2 1/2 yr old GSP, also purshased at Greyrock ) have become best friends and always sleep together in their special chair. Dennis has been so helpful any time we needed help or had a question. If you do not contact Dennis before purchasing your GSP you will be missing out on the best experience. Thank you, Dennis , for everything
Submitted by: william haines on Jan 13, 2011
theres so much to say about this breeder so ill try to keep it short. we bought winchester around begininng of june. when we first arrived at the kennels. we were greated by a very handsome older gsp who was a remarkable dog. you can tell alot about a breeder and a man by his personal dogs. we were greated by dennis and he took us to the kennels to meet the mom and other dogs there which was a first for me no other breeder has let me into their kennels. he let us then play with all the puppys in the comfort of his home and we were never rushed we spent easily an hr playing and talking. after we picked our pup we went to get him and were greated with the same hospitality. he then gave us all kinds of info about the breed his diet his shots his pedigree and even some take home puppy food. def more info they i have ever recieved from a breeder. chester went to obedienc class in july and did exceptional no problems training and picked many higher skills quickly. for those doing the math he was born march 29. he is a pleasurable dog. loves to play and has learned every trick in the book, he is great with kids and other dogs in our family, very adaptible to any situation. i would recommned this breeder whole heartedly and i know i will be purchasing another gsp from him in the future he has the best gsps out there
Submitted by: Joe and Kristin Young on Oct 17, 2010
Buying our puppy from Dennis at Greyrock Gun Dog Kennel was a wonderful experience. Dennis was knowledgable and obviously cares a lot about his dogs. We have had Guster for about 3 months now, he is 5 months old, and he is a wonderful puppy. He is outgoing, smart, and an all around great dog. He is doing well with training, and gets along great with our other dog. Thanks to Dennis for all of his help matching us up with our new family member.

Joe and Kristin
Submitted by: Cindy on Aug 08, 2010
Our experience with Dennis and Greyrock Breeders was superb. Dennis spent time with myself when I originally called with questions and inquiries, he spent time with my whole family when we came to visit and pick out our new addition to our family, he allowed extra visiting, and he was helped work around my vacation schedule. He showed us how he had worked with all of the puppies in the litter to have them socialized to being handled.
Dennis is a wealth of information. Since we are breed-jumpers, Dennis has been very helpful with us understanding our new GSP.
Dennis made sure we knew that he would be with us for the life-time of the dog if we ever needed him.
It has been 4 weeks since we brought Echo home. She has established herself in our home quite nicely. Echo is the youngest in her puppy socialization class, but has been doing quite well. She can play nice with other dogs (including her friend, the Rottweiler). She seems to like all animals and people. She is just a joy and I know a lot of this is because of the choice in breeder.
Dennis had posted that he wanted to give his clients the best dog experience. He has definitely followed through on his word. Thank you Dennis, for bringing Echo into our lives!
Submitted by: Daniel and Nicole Cisek on Jun 20, 2010
We Thank Dennis and his family at GreyRock for the wonderful experience we had when purchasing our German Shorthair Pointer puppy Cosmo. This is our third German Shorthair purchase and the most pleasant. We highly recommend GreyRock and are looking forward to our future relationship with the kennel. Thank you Dennis.
Submitted by: Patrick Parsons on Jun 15, 2010
My very first phone call with Dennis was an education in and of itself. At that time my wife and I were no more than just another inquiry, but Dennis spent nearly thirty minutes not just talking to us, but with us. He listened to what we were looking for and took the time to explain Greyrock's breeding program and philosophy.

This was our first experience getting a dog from a breeder, and Dennis could not have been more helpful. He patiently and thoroughly answered every question we sent him (no small chore, given how many questions we had!).

When it came time to make our selection from the litter, Dennis not only gave us all the time we needed with the pups, but he also offered us his best advice on what to look for based on his 20+ years of breeding experience.

Dennis has been a great help from the very start and has kept us at ease, and well-informed, throughout the process.
Submitted by: Dana Bohner on May 27, 2010
My fiance and I purchased our GSP, Wess, two weeks ago and could not be happier with our new addition to the family! He is so smart, healthy, and has such a great temperment! He's very social with all other dogs and people, and walks perfectly on a leash! Training has been a breeze, even though hes just 8 weeks old! Dennis was wonderful to work with. Very helpful with training tips, nutrition, and general knowledge of the breed. Not many breeders say that they're there for the life of the dog! I can truely say that i cant see myself buying from a different breeder any time soon, due to our great expeirence at Greyrock Kennels! Thanks again Dennis, for all your love and care you put into caring and raising your dogs!
-Dana and Kyle
Submitted by: heather atkinson on Jan 28, 2010
The GSP we purchased from Dennis will soon be 2-he is a happy, energetic and beautiful dog. Everywhere we take him, we get compliments on him. His true love is tennis balls-retrieving them for hours on end!! He is the healthiest dog we've ever owned-would definitely recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: dave on Jan 12, 2010
just bought an english setter from dennis and couldnt be happier, dennis is very professional and friendly with his work and commited to his dogs
Submitted by: william hill on Dec 28, 2009
i bought rock from dennis in october, he was 3 years old. i am so happy with him, he is such a good hunter he holds a point almost forever if the bird stays put. i only had him two weeks before i took him hunting and he did fabulous his first trip. he is such a nice dog as has become my companion and goes almost everyplace i go. ilook forward to many great years with him. i recommend dennis to anyone looking for a great gsp. i know my next pup will be from greyrock, hopefully from some generation of rock.
Submitted by: Cari Cendroski on Aug 09, 2009
We just picked up our puppy, Ellie, from Dennis this weekend and we have already had such a wonderful experience with her. She is already on her way to being housetrained! Everyone comments what a pretty and well behaved puppy she is. (Of course she has her puppy moments!) We are so pleased with Dennis and our new little puppy. His facility is very clean and he puts a lot of time in to his puppies to make sure they are well adjusted. We hope to eventually get another one to give her a companion. Thanks Dennis!
Submitted by: Ken Montgomery on Aug 01, 2009
We brought Jersey home a few weeks ago. She was easily house trained. It took just two days. We were very surprised. Dennis said she would be a fast learner. She's a great companion for our son Tim. He intends to train her as a bird dog when she gets a little older. Right now she sits, comes and is leash trained. She is a beautiful pup and we are happy to have her as part of our family. I would recommend a dog from Dennis and Greyrock to anyone who inquires.
Submitted by: Joshua Lopez on Jul 29, 2009
My name's Joshua Lopez, and I've been working alongside Dennis Canterbury over the past five years. Dennis has a true love for the breed and continues to impress me with the quality and effort he puts into his dogs daily. Day in and day out, I thoroughly enjoy working with his young dogs due to the trainability they have at such a young age. Working alonside some of the best dogs I've seen to date makes it all the more reason to continue loving what I do.
Submitted by: Lauren Merlock on Jul 28, 2009
We got our GSP from Dennis and have been very happy with our decision. Great dog, well behaved and adventurous. Highly recommend Dennis and Greyrock.
Submitted by: David Selders on Jul 05, 2009
We couldn't be more happy with the our new family member, Otto! Dennis and his family were very accommodating with our pre-delivery visits. We picked up Otto at 7 weeks and now that Otto is home, we are stunned at how well trained. He listens well, responds to commands and waits until he gets outside for any bathroom time!
Dennis is always there to answer questions and has made it easy to bring our dog home. Otto even liked the fireworks on the fourth of July! Thanks much!
Submitted by: elise on Mar 08, 2009
Our GSP from Dennis is now almost 8 mos. old...he has amazing natural talent, is smart as a whip (too smart, the trainer sometimes says!), has gone thru basic training well, but most importantly is EXCELLENT with our children! He is also well socialized around other dogs and people and we are thankful we found Greyrock! Jack-jack's natural talent for pointing is amazing. Thank you , Dennis!
Submitted by: Kole Amor on Jan 01, 2009
I purchased my dog in August and durring pheasent season he did great and training is going great.
Submitted by: Vicki Livingston on Nov 21, 2008
We picked Abbey up about a month ago. She is just about 5 months old and we could not be happier. She has been sitting on command for about 3 weeks, walks on a leash fairly well, was crate trained almost immediately. Comes when we whistle( most of the time ) Dennis has been very helpful as we have had questions, we have called and he has been very helpful !! Highly recommend !! Thanks Dennis , We love her.
Submitted by: Sarah Treesh on Nov 12, 2008
I got my puppy, Chesni, from Dennis. He is now about 4 months old and I couldn't be happier. He has a great temperament and willingness to learn. Not only do I notice is natural ability to point and stalk birds (and sometimes my cat), but he is a great companion dog for me, which is what I wanted. I am grateful for Dennis' knowledge and his reputable breeding line to give me such a wonderful wo-man's best friend! I would definitely recommend Greyrock for a companion dog, hunting dog, or both.
Submitted by: Chuck Baddley on Sep 26, 2008
We picked up our GSP from Greyrock over labor day weekend having never owned a GSP before. I owned an english pointer prior to this and was so impressed with that dog that I was a little hesitant to make the switch. I will say that only a month later I could not be happier with the decision. Dennis was extremely knowledgable of the breed and takes great pride in the quality of his dogs. Our dog will be both a field dog and a family pet so the socialization was very important to us. This dog is very intelligent, very social. Dennis spends a lot of time with his dogs to make sure that they will be both good pets and field dogs. I strongly recommend that you consider Greyrock if you are in the market for a German Shorthair.
Submitted by: Jennifer Hayes on Sep 24, 2008
We recently purchased a GSP pup (Bella) from Dennis and she is really a fabulous dog. We just started her on obedience training and it's remarkable how easily trained she is. Her temperament is so even keeled and just what we were looking for - we couldn't be more pleased. While our dog is great, I also can't say enough good things about Dennis. I had never owned a GSP before and I had LOTS of questions - many ridiculous ones I'm sure - and Dennis was always very patient and kind with me and only chuckled at me a few times. Anyway, Bella was definitely worth our long drive from Kentucky and Greyrock was definitely the right choice!
Submitted by: lynn whelan on Sep 24, 2008
We found Dennis to be a very educated and reputable breeder of Shorthairs. We were very pleased to see such a well kept kennel with an "at home" environment. Our puppy was 9 weeks old when we got him and is doing very well. He is pointing wings (and butterflies) and has a lot of natural ability. We highly recommend this breeder! Lynn and Marty, Lancaster, Ohio
Submitted by: Mark Klinect on Sep 07, 2008
Dennis was very knowledgable and helpful in matching us with a puppy. Even though Gus will be a family pet and not a hunting dog, Dennis was still very insightful to our needs. Gus is a very happy and energetic pup. Thanks!
Submitted by: Mike Whitmer on Sep 06, 2008
The puppy we purchased from Greyrock Kennels is now 10 weeks old, she is great. Her natural instincts are amazing for a dog so young. We have owned several GSP over the years and she seems to be one of the most intelligent.
Dennis was very helpful when we were looking for a GSP puppy this spring. His kennels were clean and organized. Our puppy was well socialized and has adjusted well to her new home. We are very pleased with our new puppy.
Submitted by: Larry McGuire on Sep 04, 2008
The pup we received was well socialized and quite intelligent. She has begun pointing and has responded well to training. Dennis and his facility is the example of what a breeder should be. It is refreshing to see such genuine concern and care for the breed and the individual dogs.
Submitted by: Elise on Aug 18, 2008
We picked up our male pup in August (2008). He is an athletic, intelligent, well-socialized pup and surprises us every day with how quickly he learns. Greyrock is a clean, well-organized kennel with great dogs. Dennis is very knowledgable and happy to share this knowledge with buyers. His experience makes him a much more valuable source than any book or website! We are very happy with our pup, Jack, and look forward to learning more about gundogs and pointers with Jack in the coming years. Thank you Greyrock!
Submitted by: Jack Kreeger on Aug 12, 2008
Dennis is an expert breeder. After seventeen years,he has accrued a vast data base of information. He gladly answered our questions and concerns.
He takes the time to analyse each puppy"s temperment. He uses his expertise to place people with puppies, not puppies with people.
Kennels were clean. Dogs received exceptional veterinary and handler care. There is a lot of love given to his dogs.
We will continue to use Dennis as our breeder for years to come!!!
Submitted by: Robert Dollman on Aug 07, 2008
In July we went to visit Dennis Canterbury at his Greyrock Gundog Kennel facility and to select the female GSP pup (Isabella or Izzy for short), which we will be picking up shortly.
Dennis was knowledgeable about GSP's and offered some great suggestions on them. He spent all the time we wanted and needed to feel comfortable about purchasing one of his gun dogs.
His facility was clean and offered activities and stimulation for all the adult dogs as well as the pups.
Besides the great attention and care that Dennis has for his dogs, Greyrock Gundogs offers top quality GSPs at a very fair price.
It was worth the 4 hour drive from the Buffalo, NY area.
The fact that the parents are on the premises allowed us to see what types of characteristics our pup might have as an adult.
Once we live with our new pup for a while, I will post another testimonial about Greyrock's breeding results.
Submitted by: chris johnson on Aug 06, 2008
I picked up my pups frpm Dennis at greyrock today again very good service and Dennis was quite knowledgeable. I have just settled them in here at their new home and cannot get over how sociable they are and smart / brave. They are definately going to be good bird dogs and will make a good addition to my shorthair family. I can already see that these two pups (male / female) are ahead of my female shorthair when she was this age in sociability. Im lucky enough to be local but would have come a long way for the quality pups we got. It was such a nice experiance and the pups were good enough that we couldnt take just one and had to have two!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: KOLE AMOR on Aug 04, 2008
great kennels clean and nice dogs good serves. The dog that I got is a very very nice dog I hope it becomes a wonderful hunting dog thanks Dennis.
Submitted by: chris Johnson on Jul 23, 2008
Dennis at Greyrock has shown great patience with me and my wife in choosing a new Shorthair pup. He really cares about what quality animal he puts out and even in a time of turmoil was courteous to me and mine. The facilities are spotless and the dogs wonderful. The pup we picked is a nice little female and this experience has guaranteed Greyrock is where we will go for our Shorthairs and is where you should go too.
Submitted by: Daniel Esquinas on Jan 29, 2008
Time for some follow up on "Tag". Dennis, I wanted to let you know that I took him out for opening day of pheasant season this year at a state park. It was just he and I and he was able to get 6 cocks into the air. I have to say that was all natural. He will get his training this upcoming summer and fall and I am very excited to see what he does next year. The cover was very dense so I could not watch him work to see point but he was sending the birds up and did not run on gun shot. Thanks again as Tag is a great family dog and hunting companion for me. Great GSP breeder.
Submitted by: Sarah R. on Nov 29, 2007
We brought home our Sadie in the end of September and she has definitely become a member of our family. Her tail is always wagging, she continually makes us laugh because she is silly, and she loves every person she meets. We did not purchase her to hunt with her, however, does show great instincts. Sadie is very energetic, is very loving, and is very curious. She also absolutely loves the water. She has learned to turn the water on in our tub and bites and plays in the water. We love her to pieces and have had a very pleasant experience with Dennis. He was very informative and thorough with our puppy - thanks Dennis!
Submitted by: SUZANNE ASSENHEIMER on Nov 14, 2007
Submitted by: James Clark on Oct 29, 2007
I was fortunate enough to get the last male GSP pup from Dennis's recent litter. He is a very intelligent dog and knows no strangers. He loves being outdoors and is very aware of what is going on around him. My Vet, who grew up hunting with GSPs , is very impressed by him and told me I have an exceptional pup in all rergards. I am thankful that so many others passed him by. My dealings with Dennis were very professional. Dennis, thank you for the great companion for myself and family.
Submitted by: Allan Coil on Oct 14, 2007
I just bought a male gsp pup from Dennis 2 weeks ago for my 10 yr old son. As a family we run NSTRA and he is looking to have his own dog to run. The pup has shown tremendous learning abilities along with some great traits that are inherited from great parents. Dennis is really great individual to work with and we hope to be able to deal with Dennis and Greyrock again in the future.
Submitted by: Donn Dixon on Oct 07, 2007
We have just brought home our pup from Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels. He is a very healthy, energetic pup and our vet was excited to see such a fine example of the breed. Dennis, the breeder, is very nice and answered all of our questions. We were given time to tour the kennel and see the dogs. Both pup parents were on site. The facility is well kept and the dogs are in excellent shape. We drove all the way from Syracuse NY to get a dog from Dennis and it was the right choice. We are so pleased with the entire experience and thrilled with our puppy, Maverick!
Submitted by: Robert Moon on Oct 07, 2007
Wow what can I say. I purchased a 7 wk GSP from Dennis and she is awesome. I am a hunter from Washington and she has already shown good natural instinct, and temper in the field. I cannot wait to start the hunting season. The train ability of "Case" has been one of the easiest dogs I have ever purchased. This is what you get from Grey Rock, genetically sound dogs ready to hunt. Thank you again Dennis as I would recommend anyone wanting to purchase a top quality GSP with a breeder of honesty and integrity, purchase from Grey Rock Kennels.
Submitted by: David Carroll on Sep 04, 2007
My 7 month old GSP purchased from Dennis is a natural. There was no training - I just put her in the birds, and her point could grace the cover of any hunting magazine. She was also very easily yard trained. Dennis took great care in ensuring his pups are healthy and well cared for. I hope I don't have the need for another pup soon, because I look forward to hunting her for a number of years, but if I do, I would certainly not hesitate to purchase another GSP from Greyrock.
Submitted by: Daniel Esquinas on Sep 03, 2007
Got a 12 week GSP "Tag" from Greyrock about 4 weeks ago. What a great dog he is. I get so many compliments on what a great looking dog he is. That is only the surface. Tag has a great nose and is tracking and pointing very well at his young age, all bred instinct no training yet. He also very inteligent and learning his obedience well. Dennis took the time to make certain that his dogs are socialized and good with other dogs, people and especially kids. I can not say enough about the quality I have seen in Tag at this point in time. I can't wait for the hunting season to see what he will be like around wild birds this year. I have a feeling that is going to be the icing on the cake in the complete family friend and hunting dog that this breeding produced from Greyrock. Thanks again Dennis and I will keep you up to date on Tags progress..
Submitted by: Jackie Feldman on Aug 30, 2007
We contacted Dennis about a puppy in May, and did quite a bit of research before getting our beautiful Charlie from him. I have had dogs my entire life, and this puppy has been the smartest and easyest to train. We are not hunters, and we have children, and Charlie has been a wonderful fit for our family- he is eager to learn and please, and while he loves to run through the woods, he is also great at coming back. We have been thrilled with the quality and intellect of this dog!
Submitted by: The Leitzel Family on Aug 05, 2007
We looked long & hard for a top quality breeder of GSHP's, and we sure found one in Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels. From the first telephone conversation I had with Dennis, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable of the breed as well as very caring towards his dogs. We picked our pup up from Dennis the end of June and found his kennels to be well kept and managed. Greyrock Kennels is not a large kennel by any means, which to me indicates that he puts a great deal of time and effort into the care of his dogs and pups. Now that we have had our pup for a month, we are extremely satisfied with her and Greyrock Kennels. In the short time that we've had her, I can truly see she has a great bloodline. She's been very easy to train so far and has an abundance of bird instinct in her. She has been a great joy to our 3 young children as well. We would highly recommend Greyrock Kennels. When the time comes for our next GSHP, I will be giving Dennis a call.
Submitted by: Gloria Carlson on Apr 10, 2007
Our son, while serving in Iraq as a helicopter pilot took it upon himself to contact Dennis and surprised his mom with a GSP puppy when he came home on his two weeks leave. (He said it was a belated Christmas present and thought I needed someone else to care for.)

Baxter has adapted so well to his new surroundings and is a great little dog. He and our 7 year old pointer, Chester are inseperable.

Once my husband has the time to start hunting with him, I will update you on his progress.

Feel free to use us as a reference, Sincerely, Gloria Carlson
Submitted by: Jennifer McCann on Mar 21, 2007
Working with Dennis was a pleasure he was very helpful in insuring me that the trip for her (pup) would not be to hard on her. She travled from OH. all the way to Ca. She made it fine and when we opened the crate she was happy to see us and gave lots of kisses. Dennis was more than concerned about pup and her arrival we keeped in touch through it all. I would recomend his dogs to anyone that wanted a friend to go hunting with or a good family dog.
Submitted by: Jonathan Bandi on Mar 18, 2007
I can not say enough about the dog I got from Dennis. The dog I received has great natural instinct.

I would not hesitate to get another dog from Dennis, and look forward to someday to getting a liver colored shorthair maybe...

Would strongly recommend to all!
Submitted by: EDWARD VINCENZO on Jan 17, 2007

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