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About Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels
Keeping tracks of our lines since the divorce. Check in say hi. I miss all the dogs.
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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Dennis A. Canterbury
Medina, Ohio 44256
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 24 years.
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Submitted by: Linda Fath Fath on Sep 18, 2020
Dennis just wanted to let you know that Smokey has cancer he is doing ok for now he is 10yrs.4 months old Love him and he has had a good life.

Submitted by: William Sigalove, MD on Nov 06, 2014
This is a note of both appreciation and respect for Dennis Cantaberry (Grey Rock Gun Dog Kennels) of Medina, Ohio.

I contacted Dennis because my two-year old Chessy was extremely gun shy. I had previously spoke to several professionals who were all very pessimistic. The advice varied from "living with it" to "putting her down."

Dennis invited us to Medina. The first exposure was a disaster. She was petrified of a single pigeon. The following four weekly visits saw progress to where the dog was unflinching at small caliber fire and returned pigeons to me. Since then exposure to larger caliber (410 and 20 ga) went well.

This is a dedicated work in progress. The final word has not been written. Will this series of advancement continue? (I don't know.)

But what I do know is that we started out with nothing and that now we have a beautiful hunting dog. The alternatives were indeed bleak.

I thank Dennis Cantaberry from the bottom of my heart for his perseverance, dedication, and kind heart.


William Sigalove, MD
Submitted by: bill sigalove on Oct 20, 2014
This is a note of respect and high praise for breeder and trainer Deddis Cantaberry {Gray Rock Gun Dog Kennel} of Medina,Ohio.Dennis has worked with my "Chessy"with severe GUN SHYNESS. Within 4 or 5 short sessions there was dramatic improvement.The dog now retrevies birds while exposed to low caliber firing.If this progresses
{and I,m not saying it will} I will always be grateful that we tried.
Bill Sigalove MD
Submitted by: Caleb Cotterill on Sep 16, 2014
Two months ago I purchased my first hunting dog from Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels.The owner of the kennel was very helpful in getting me started by recommending great reading material and by giving me tips on how to train the dog.All the pups are given the best of care from the time they are born till the day you pick them up.My dog is pointing at only three months and i never had to teach him.Put in your time in yard training and have fun.I highly recommend Greyrock Gun Dog Kennels they have great dogs and will be the only place i purchase a hunting dog from now on.
Submitted by: Ryan Taylor on Aug 14, 2014
My wife and I four years ago received the best news ever, we found out she was pregnant!! After all the hugs and phone calls of excitement ended that night, I sat down on the couch and start crying because I knew we would have to put down our American Bulldog..His aggression towards people was something we could could not of risked when we brought our son home with us..This crushed us, but he only loved us and nobody else could of taken him in..Flash Forward four years and it hit me, I missed having a dog to come home to..I love dogs and so does my wife..I'll be honest, I had guards up from all directions!! Talked to some breeders that were a help but it was a phone call w/ Dennis that had me convinced that I found exactly what I was looking for..He ensured me that in all of his years that none of his german shorthairs have ever bit another dog or human..He spoke w/ conviction and you could tell his passion and loyalty for his dogs was matched by no one! He knew what I wanted and said he has a female that would be a perfect fit for my family! His words did not disappoint, Izzy is an absolute sweetheart! She is so good with my ornery 3 year old son and never gets upset or annoyed with him! We couldn't be happier then we are with this gorgeous pup!! I'll never buy another dog other then a GSP and won't buy it from anyone other than Dennis! Thanks again for our new addition!
Submitted by: Kristie on Aug 10, 2014
We brought our newest member of our GSP family home on July 12, 2014. She is proving to be a smart and adventurous little girl. Dennis introduced me to her dam and the other dogs in his kennel. They all seem to be well cared for and happy.
Submitted by: Curtis Tutak on Aug 07, 2014
We picked up our puppy Nellie about 4 weeks ago. She has been a great pup and is everything that Dennis promised. She is friendly to all people and other dogs, she is bold, playful and affectionate. Dennis was very helpful during the buying process and was always willing to take time to answer questions. I would not hesitate to get another pup from Dennis.
Submitted by: shawn on Aug 06, 2014
Breeder was great to work with. His expertise and willingness to share his knowledge was invaluable. My puppy is incredible. I would highly recommend Greyrock Kennels.
Submitted by: Eric Pierce on Aug 06, 2014
After talking to Dennis and looking at the bloodlines of Ace and Sammy, I decided to make the 7 hour trip to OH to pick up “Greta.” It was a trip well worth the effort. Dennis was what you hope for in a breeder. He was knowledgeable about the breed, passionate about what he was doing, and obviously loved his dogs. I swear he teared up a little when we put Greta in her kennel for the ride home. She made the trip to Delaware with no issues. She was as happy at each stop along the way as she was in Medina. She has quickly adapted to her new family. She has readily taken to the kennel and leash, eats like a champ and is a whirlwind when she is awake. Greta is doing very well with her yard training and put a really nice point on a few pigeons that unexpectedly landed in our neighbor’s yard. She has been a great addition to the family and I can’t wait to see what she can do in the field. Based on what I have seen so far, I have high expectations! Thanks Dennis, for giving us a great new member of the family.
Submitted by: Abe Ali on Aug 02, 2014
Dennis is not just knowledgeable but also passionate about the GSP breed and breeding.We received our pup Remy a few weeks ago and everythings going great. Most reassuring thing about Dennis he will be available for the life of our Dog. I know I can call him and he'll be more than happy to educate me. We hope to send Remy back to Greyrock in the future for more specific hunting / training. Thanks Dennis !!
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