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Submitted by: adam avinger on Nov 16, 2014
What an amazing dog. She was hitting water retrieves back to foot at 12 weeks. she's such a wonderful family companion as well. She's a Bosun X Jenny puppy! We drove all the way up from Louisiana to get her just before Christmas 2013! Chuck was very hospitable and super willing to show off the parents and how impressive they were! Thanks Chuck! We are lifetime Chessie owners now!
Submitted by: Katie Hamberg on Nov 15, 2014
I just happened upon this site, I bought a pup 5 years ago out of Jenny and Tator. I'm not a hunter, but grew up with three generations of chessies and knew that was the breed I wanted. She is the sweetest girl and absolutely loves retrieving and swimming. You should see her when we arrive at the dog beach :). She gets along great with all dogs and people. Thanks for providing me with such a wonderful companion!
Submitted by: Steven McCartney on Sep 05, 2014
I just wanted to thank Goldeneye Retrievers for my Chesapeake Bay retriever. Otis has been a joy since we brought him home. He went back to chuck for some force fetch and basics retriever skills although he was gone for 4 weeks it was well worth it Chuck did an excellent job with Otis. Chuck breads some excellent hunting/family dogs I would not hesitate to get my next dog from him. Not only is chuck an excellent dog trainer who knows what he is doing, but I also now have new friends.
Steve McCartney
Oswego, IL

Submitted by: Ben Mueller on Sep 03, 2014
My wife and I are extremely pleased with our Labrador pup. The back ground and quality of dog they breed is exactly what we were looking for. In the first month of getting him home heís shown great temperament, quick to pick up on basic training, and is beginning to show a strong retrieving drive while also functioning perfectly living inside the home. Everyone that meets him comments on what a good looking dog he is and I canít wait for the day to get him out hunting! We would recommend Goldeneyes to anyone. An additional appreciation to Ryan for connecting us with Goldeneyes and providing us with details before hand and following up with more information after we brought him home.
Submitted by: David Conrad on Feb 04, 2014
I have had a wonderful experience getting a 4 month old male Chesapeake from Goldeneyes. I have to say after having this pup for 2 weeks he has the heart of my whole family with how smart and loving of a pup Hunter is. He is willing to please and you can tell by him looking at you he is looking for your approval. I drove 8 hours through 40mph winds and blowing snow and would do it allover again! So far very easy to train and cannot wait to brag about this guy come the 2014 hunting season! Thanks especially to Ryan for getting me in contact with Chuck and Chuck for holding onto this fabulous guy until I could come out to get him!

David Conrad
Round Lake, IL
Submitted by: Ashley Anker on Jan 09, 2014
Hello Chuck,
My husband and i bought a dog from you almost three years ago and just found you guys on Facebook. Our dog is out of Tator and Spinner... Goldeneyes Tuff Guy. WE LOVE HIM! he is the perfect dog and everything we wanted. He is a big strong dog (105 lbs) who is incredibly intelligent, a wonderful family dog yet an amazing guard dog. He is a natural hunter, he is a chessie through and through... read a description of the breed and that is him. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs! We will be coming back for another in a few years
~~Ashley and Nick Anker
Submitted by: Paul Hansen on Nov 23, 2013
I got Ribeye roughly one and half years ago. She is a Chessy that every hunter dreams of having. The retrieving desire that is fantastic and a great nose to go with it. Chuck I don't know how to thank you for this dog. I have been lucky enough to have already had 2 great dogs. After 2 hunting seasons I realize this dog will be my best ever. Thanks a million. Paul
Submitted by: John Harlan on Jul 19, 2013
Had just a wonderful buying experience Patti was very gracious and showed Us the kennels. Couldn't have been more pleased with Our choice, Pearl is just the most perfect dog I have ever owned. Temperament is awesome can't wait to go find some roosters. Ride home was fantastic girl was socialized just rode in My lap adoringly Love at first sight. Price was reasonable couldn't be more pleased. Stopped at the lake on way home for pee break and Pearl went on point for hot girll in bikini, on the beach I love this dog. Get Pearl trained coming back for another.
Submitted by: Val Walker on Jun 09, 2013
We're the second in our family of duck hunters to get a Chesapeake from Chuck. Our uncle's dog, Switchgrass, is a great-tempered dog who loves to retrieve. So when we needed a new Chessie, we knew we wanted a dog from Chuck. He really knows and cares about the breed, and he breeds strong, healthy, smart hunting dogs. He is a straight-shooter and you can trust him to deal with you fairly and honestly. Chuck has been very responsive whenever we called or texted to check on puppy status over the last few months. Thrilled to be driving home to IL today with our 7-week-old pup today!
Submitted by: Lrd Stanley K on Jun 07, 2013
Best pet /hunting dog I have ever 11yrs old will be in sd this fall she's not a sprinter but she can go all day. Incredible breeding.Would tell anyone to get there next pet/hunter from goldeneye
Submitted by: Matt & Stacy Halling on Jun 02, 2013
If we had to pick 1 word to describe Chuck & Goldeneyes Retrievers it would definitely be "awesome"! We 1st met Chuck in 2011 when we picked out our beautiful male chessie pup, Griz. He was out of Tator & Teala, & was absolutely PERFECT! He was an excellent bird dog & took to hunting naturally. Big, strong & had the greatest personality of any Chesapeake we ever had. We were looking forward to having 2 chessies again when we put our deposit in on another male for this spring's litters. We were very excited, & had kept in touch with Chuck on a regular basis. We were lucky enough to get 1st pick of the males (after Chuck's pick)!! Unfortunately on May 6th our Griz was struck & killed by a speeding idiot right in front of our home. We were devastated... We got in touch with Chuck right away & made plans to check out the new pups the following weekend. We fell in love with the 1 deadgrass male in Bosun & Brandy's litter, not knowing he was the pup Chuck had picked to keep himself. After seeing how much we liked him & understanding the pain we were in from losing Griz, he told us we could pick him!! We couldn't believe it! We brought our boy, Si, home last weekend. He is a legend in the making, couldn't have asked for anything more! We look forward to completing our family with another chessie pup in a year or two, from Chuck, of course! We will never go anywhere else. Goldeneyes Rerievers is a 10 on a scale of 1-5 & Chuck an 11!! Thank you so much Chuck, you are the BEST!!
Matt & Stacy Halling

Submitted by: Breann Osborn on Apr 09, 2013
Just wanted to say thanks to Chuck for such a great puppy! My lab puppy has been amazing! He is super sweet and very smart...He was exactly what I was looking for! Chuck spent lots of time with me and explained a lot about training and his dogs! I would highly recommend him as a breeder for great dogs and his training knowledge!! Thanks again and look forward to working with you in the future!!!
Submitted by: Matt and MaryAnne Higgins on Jan 12, 2013
Hello Chuck and Patricia,

I thought you might like to see a few pictures of Bonne. He has settled in nicely. He is doing his best to wear out his new Uncle Buck, but they have become good buddies. Since his arrival we are now getting LOTS of exercise. He does have the motor of a young pup that just keeps going and going. When he gets to his kennel after our runs, he is out like a light asleep. Now all we have to do is figure out how we can put up our Christmas tree without Boone thinking all the pretty ornaments are not new chew toys. Have a safe and happy holidays.

Matt and MaryAnne Higgins

Lake Geneva MN.

Submitted by: Ryan Eder on Jan 11, 2013
My first Chesapeake pup was from Chuck and Patty. The dog was everything Chuck promised; easy to train, very driven, hardy and a perfect combination of a hunting dog/family companion. I would recommend Chuck to anyone looking for a solid hunting retriever both in the field and in competition, as well as a family pet!
Submitted by: Brodie Wubben on Feb 10, 2012
Chuck is a great breeder and the proof is in his dogs. I purchased a female chessie from them two years ago. Jada is the smartest and most trainable dog I have ever had. The trainability and drive that chucks dogs have is unmatched from any dog I have every seen or hunted around. The first time I had Jada out goose hunting we shot 6 geese and she brought back all six without hesitation. The harder the goose would flap the faster she would run and bring it back. My dog is the best thing I have ever purchased and I would have paid $2000 for her as a pup if I would have known what I was getting.

Submitted by: Melissa Long on Jan 29, 2010
We are leaving Tuesday to pick up our second puppy from Chuck and Patty. Amazing dogs and GREAT hunters!
Submitted by: Jane and Steve Maas on Jan 26, 2010
We just got our puppy shipped from Goldeneyes kennels and found Chuck and Patty to be great to work with. The breeding is solid, the puppy is healthy and we are looking forward to training, showing and hunting with our new dog!

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