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Submitted by: Dane Neumann on Aug 31, 2016
Cooper is doing quite well. I've had him out grouse hunting a number of times and he has pointed and flushed his fair share. Quite a few woodcock as well. Unfortunately with as green as it has been and as dense as we've been finding them, he hasn't had much reward. We did go to a gamefarm yesterday and he was smarter than us on a few of the birds. He'll hold point quite a while. He is even finding dead downed birds better than some of the other dogs. The farm we went to actually breeds brittanys as well and they were pretty impresses with him for his age. He retrieved one hen but has been leaving a lot lay too. Any pointers there?

All of us are very pleased with him as we seems to be maturing and developing quite well!

Submitted by: Andrew Heath on Aug 31, 2016
We bought the last pup in the litter from you in August. I just wanted to send you an email with some pictures and an update on Elli.

We have nothing but good things to say about her. Her temperament and personality are exactly what we were looking for. She loves people and other dogs and is always looking to make new friends. I have never owned such an intelligent dog. She quickly learned many trick as well as manners. Hunting skills are very natural and only need fine tuning. She knew exactly what a pheasant wing was and is always excited to get a nose full of bird scent whether its pheasant or a sparrow in the yard. I took her out in the field this past Sunday. We weren't lucky enough to find any birds but I was extremely impressed at the way she worked the cover and how it seemed that she knew exactly what she was supposed to do. Needless to say we are more than happy with our pup and look forward to many more years of great hunts and memories.

Thanks again,

Andrew Heath
Submitted by: Dave & Kim Hughes on Aug 31, 2016
Our dog (Jax) is doing well. He loves to run (quite fast!) around our 1.5 acre rural yard, sometimes chasing a ball. He has a tremendous nose checking out all scents that warrant his attention, sometimes food if left too close to the counter edge! He is pretty much a "velcro" dog, following someone everywhere. He loves to play and gets along well with any dog willing to tolerate his need to play, He's extremely smart and learns quickly. He's quite healthy (lean), weighed about 33 lbs at last vet visit. He appears a little taller since then. When he was younger, I tried crating him at night, but he wimpered for most of the night. After a week of little sleep, I gave in. He now sleeps in our bed between us and is pretty happy about that! He gets lots of love and is very much a part of our family!

Dave & Kim Hughes
Submitted by: Jim Johnson on Aug 29, 2016
My new pup is getting accustom to my dog babes and his new home. We are bonding . We named him Rudi Chief. Took him for a vet check, everything is fine. Want to thank you for the great dog.

Submitted by: Kathleen Brew on Aug 29, 2016
I just thought I would send you an update on my puppy. She has been doing really well. All the vet visits have been going good. She has a lot of energy. We are going to puppy classes to work on this. Although she is leash trained she rarely needs one. She does great socializing with other dogs. She loves to go on runs with me and she stays on my heels the entire time. :)

I attached some pictures of her for you. Feel free to use them on your website! She will be 12 weeks tomorrow.

Kathleen Brew
Submitted by: Tara Barribeau on Aug 29, 2016
I was wondering if you still had some puppies for sale? and what ones are left. Trigger is doing great. We started him on training with a dummy and scent. He points now and is very happy. We love him and he is great with my children and with our cat. He was easy to housebreak. I can send you some pictures of him if you would like. We have spread the word out about your kennel and with how pleased we are with Trigger. He is an excellent dog and fits perfect with our family.

Take care and thank you for a wonderful dog.

Submitted by: Mike ceslok on Jan 13, 2014
I had bought a dog from you about a year and half ago. He is doing awesome more than I could of hoped for. He has an outstanding nose and will hold point forever. Going to start guiding hunts and running him in the bdc competitions. Thanks again for a great dog

Mike and boomer

Submitted by: Beth Geisler on Jan 13, 2014
Jake is a year old today! BY FAR, the best dog either my husband or I have ever had:) Thanks again!!!

Beth Geisler
Submitted by: Jeff leverenz on Nov 23, 2013
It may be a bit early at 14 weeks to tell but, hunting must run deep in her family tree. She has been fun to watch in the field and we have seen to find plenty of birds.

Checkout the attached photos... I have a friend that said he is calling you when his son is a bit older to get a Brit after seeing her!!!

Thanks, Jeff
Submitted by: Don Haufe on Sep 28, 2013
Thanks, Kevin. She's doing really well. I think 2 or 3 accidents in the house. She swam last weekend like a pro once she got used to doing so after a few seconds. I'm sure we'll be very happy with her (I already am!). My wife and daughter are spoiling her, however. I'm not around enough to do so.

Thanks again.

Don Haufe
Submitted by: Paul Webber on Sep 28, 2013
Hi Kevin, I have thought I should let you know how the pup was doing ,so your note was timely. I will start by saying I am very pleased how she, "Molly" has developed. She is 22# at about 4.5 months, healthy, and more energy and active than I imagined, even for her breed. She has strong pointing and retrieving instincts, and I need to find a source of birds soon for her. She also shows no hesitation to enter the water. I am taking it slow on the training' partly, because she has so much puppy play in her, and I don't want to rush or get hard on her. Fast Eddie and Hope was a good pairing in my lay opinion. Paul
Submitted by: Matt Schmidtke on Sep 28, 2013
Hey Kevin,
He is awesome. He has become crazy birdie over the last 2 months and that rocks because I have 25 pheasants that I have been raising to train him with. They will be ready to go about the middle of September. Even though he is hyper he is good with commands. He will retrieve a dead pigeon to hand and absolutely loves gunfire! I am excited to see how he does with a live bird flushing. And he has an incredible nose and serious patience on point. Basically, I couldn't be happier.

Submitted by: Randy Kirk on Sep 23, 2013
My family and I are completely satisfied with our two Brittany's we have from Gilmore Brittany's. We purchased a male approximately two years ago. He has been an excellent family dog, gets along great with kids, and is a skilled hunting partner. With very little training, he points pheasants like a pro. He is a handsome dog we constantly get compliments on. Very recently, we have purchased a female tri-colored Brittany from Gilmore Brittany's. She is beautiful, has a great personality, and we are very pleased. We cannot wait to see how she does hunting.
-Randy K, Hastings MN
Submitted by: Paul Voelkel on Sep 23, 2013
The pup is a pointing machine. He is doing great and almost bigger than my female. Thanks for setting me up with such a great dog. He is all natural ability. We are going to be working with him to run some hunt test. I will keep you posted on his progress. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Hailey Boland on Sep 08, 2013
Izzy is such a great dog. I think you have the right stuff with your breeding program at your kennel. She is already almost house trained now.
Just yesterday she pointed at the birds out in the yard also. My husband cant wait to take her hunting he thinks she will be very good at it, he can see it in her. I would recommend you to any one who want a outstanding Brittany.
Thanks so much for a wonderful dog.
Submitted by: Jill Jackson on Aug 24, 2013
Good morning Kevin,

Rose is doing great. High energy! J She loves to go to Governor Nelson park where we throw the tennis ball into the lake and she swims to fetch it. Sometimes she gets distracted by the ducks and starts to follow them instead! She is all about her ball though! Some neighbors behind us has some chickens in their back yard that she likes to watch. She constantly picks on our cat whose has learned to stay away from her..We always get compliments on her when we take her for walks on how pretty she is. (Although I must say we still need to work on her walking straight instead of all over the place!) I will have to send you an updated picture. I think she looks more like her father. Thanks for checking in and like I said… I will send you an updated photo.

Jill Jackson
Submitted by: Stephen Stacy on Aug 24, 2013

Jackson is doing great! Seems like it only took him a day or two and he'd made himself part of the family. He and my daughter Ella are good together and play nicely. Bird training is coming along. Jackson has a great nose and holds point well, he'll be a fine bird dog. Thanks for everything.
Stephen Stacy
Submitted by: Beth on Aug 23, 2013
Jake is doing really well!! He has surpassed the weight we, you and the vet thought he would be and now weighs in at about 35 pounds of lean muscle. We take him to the dog park (a 4 acre fenced in area) daily so he can run for an hour or so off leash. He listens really well there. He is a REALLY good dog and learns so quickly. We get a lot of compliments on how beautiful he is! I do have one question~ do you ever sell any dogs that are older? Eventually, we would like to get him a friend, but don't necessarily want to go through the puppy stage again.
Thanks again for such a great dog!
Submitted by: Dan & Tracy Vesper on Aug 23, 2013
Kevin- he is doing Great! He is picking up the sent that I have been working with him on very well. Brings dummy back and drops at feet. Thanks so much for the Great Dog!!! I will recommend you to anyone that is interested in getting a Brittany!

Thanks again and will send pictures!

Dan & Tracy Vesper

Submitted by: Kevin Gilmore on Aug 17, 2013
Submitted by J Frisch from WI on Jan. 15, 2013:


We bought Browning from you last year in the spring. We wanted to let you know he has been amazing. I have never trained a dog before for hunting but he figured it out on his own. He points and retrieves perfectly.

Thanks alot i attached a few pictures for you.
Submitted by: J Frisch on Aug 13, 2013
We bought Browning from you last year in the spring. We wanted to let you know he has been amazing. I have never trained a dog before for hunting but he figured it out on his own. He points and retrieves perfectly.
Thanks a lot I attached a few pictures for you.
Submitted by: Nancy McCoy on Aug 13, 2013
Kevin -

We purchased our puppy from you Memorial Day this year. Just wanted you to know how well he has turned out! I am doing agility and obedience in LaCrosse with him and hope to compete next year in agility. Toby took him hunting to SD and killed about 90 birds and everyone there thought he was heads and tail above the other dogs. I am training for a marathon and he runs 20 miles or more a week with me - we just did 12 the other day and he didn't even seem to care. He gets along great with the kids, too and sleeps with our youngest every night. I just told Toby if we ever get another one, we will buy from you.

Take care and Happy Holidays.

Nancy McCoy

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