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Submitted by: Alicia Stevens on Mar 16, 2018
Hey, we wanted to send you guys a one-year update on our Lilly! She is doing awesome, and could play fetch all day every day.
Submitted by: Dan Cooley on Mar 12, 2018
Hi Melody,

A quick pupdate: Orla is super smart! She is totally potty trained
already(zero errors today). Runs to to the door to get out to go! My
mother and girlfriend didnt believe me until they puppysat while I ran
to Costco today. I came home to two overly excited women telling me how
good she is! She knows her name and even comes a majority of the time.
Though she figured out the run from me game today! Which instantly
reminded me that I am fifteen years older than I was the last time I
went through this stage!

A couple pics of her helping me fix the deck and fence in the yard
today. That's the first time with a tennis ball in her mouth!

Submitted by: Michael Gold on Mar 05, 2018
Just wanted to let you know Jake got 2 legs of AKC Jr hunt title this past weekend (needs 4 for title) Trainer I am working with loves him. Great dog!!!!

Submitted by: J Scott Carr on Feb 19, 2018
This little dog is becoming quite the grouse hunter. Thank you Melody Black Steele for such a great companion and hunter!! You can see the pride on Briars face.
Submitted by: karin britt on Nov 19, 2017
Submitted by: Doug & Susan Harri on Sep 12, 2017
Best wishes and blessing to all of the Chippewa Family!
We are very blessed to have three Chippewa Brittanys!!

Daisy has been with us over a year now and we thank you for allowing us to make her a part of our family. She has adjusted well, is happy and loves being with her boys, Max and Copper. We love them all and are amazed that she loves cuddling as much as the boys do! We can't thank you guys enough for these loving additions to our family.

Max is the lover boy, Copper is our mischievous baby and Daisy is our little sweet cupcake.

Thanks again!!
Doug & Susan Harris
Submitted by: Barbara States on Sep 01, 2017

Hi Melody,
I can't tell you how truly beautiful and special and smart Rudy is. When I walk him down the street he literally makes everyone smile and he always elicits a bunch of "beautiful dog!" Comments. He is truly part of the family, gets along with all the dogs who visit. I could go on and on.
Just curious, are you still breeding Jewel and Cracker Jack?
Hope you and your family are well.
Barbara and Steve
Submitted by: Al & Deb Krause on Sep 01, 2017
Well, Napoleon was 6 months old on Aug 11, 2017 and he has grown into a very handsome boy. In the pic he is on the left with orange collar and my Izzy (Cash's grandson) is on right.

He is quite the backtalker still. Al throws a training dummy for him to fetch and he screams to have you throw it and screams when he picks it up to bring back. First time I heard him I thought he got stuck somewhere. He really gives us a scolding if we go somewhere and leave him home. We are in process of trying to get him not to jump which he wants to do constantly but he is getting better. Al will take him hunting this winter or pheasant and chukar.

Once again, thanks so much for our little devil. We love him to death.

Deb & Al Krause
Submitted by: Kiyomi Doscher on Aug 17, 2017
Hi John and Melody,

Just wanted to update you on Kona! He's almost 11 months now and has been the best pal we could ask for. He is so sweet, gentle, loving, and friendly. We have been so happy with him. He loves the water, fetching, and cuddling with us. Here's a couple pictures of him now. Hope you two are doing well!

Kiyomi Doscher & Matt LeClair
Submitted by: Autumn Gardner on Aug 17, 2017
Hi Melody!
Enzo is adjusting well to his new home. He walks on a leash and stops at every corner and sits before crossing. He sleeps through the night and loves his bed inside his crate. I forgot how much work a puppy can be! He's growing so fast! Thanks again! Autumn

Submitted by: Brandten S. on Jun 01, 2017
Melody&John, Just at a year old, Piper went through advanced obedience at "Texas Duck Dogs" and will be going back for pointing training. We have been blessed to have such an amazing dog with a great personality. Thank you guys for all your help we couldn't be more pleased!
Submitted by: sara and craig wood on May 24, 2017
Hello Melody and John! We have had our Luc for a full year and have enjoyed each day! He may be small, at rip roaring 35.9 lbs. but has the heart and strength of a 50 lb. dog! He will spend hours outside flushing birds, squirrels, and anything that moves! Smart as a whip will walk off lease and heel close. We have had many people ask about him and we always tell them about y'all. We love him dearly and thought we'd take a road trip and let you see him and visit with y'all. hope all is well, Fondly,Sara and Craig
Submitted by: Deborah K. on May 03, 2017
I'm not sure if you saw any pics of Napoleon on facebook or not so I'm sending a few. He is doing very well. Got his 9 week shot last week and vet said all looks well. He goes back in 4 weeks. He weighed in at 9.4 pounds. My Izzy for the most has warmed up to him and is now playing and teaching him how things are. I have a big basket of toys for Izzy and Napoleon has taken all of them and has strewn all over the house. Potty training goes so so. Some days great others not so much. Bladder not fully grown til 6 months so I'm sure he will eventually get it. He did catch a grass snake the other day. Yuk. He is a joy. Thanks again. I love the pic of the two of them looking over the backyard. Napoleon looks like a mini Izzy.
Submitted by: Jean Lawton on May 03, 2017
Here are a couple pictures of LC. She sure looks like her mother. Hunting very well, trainer here has hunted her with Tom a couple of times and cannot believe how well she is doing and how easy to train! We love here dearly.

I am considering getting a sister for her. If I do it, I need to get one that is "ready to go"(7 weeks old) anytime from Feb to April. Also, I want one that has a lot of white, and of course a female. I love working with the puppies. When they get older they become Toms dog. But I really enjoy the training.

The pictures come in a slide show of other hunting stuff and didn't know how to send just the two of LC.
Submitted by: Annabella Johnson on Apr 02, 2017
Hi There. I hope you remember us. We bought our French Brittany 6 years ago. He is the best dog we could ever ask for. He does both obedience & agility with such excitement. His name is Gus.
Submitted by: Christi Hansen on Apr 02, 2017
Hello Melody,

Hope you and John are well. We are looking forward to spring and rooting for South Carolina​ in the final 4!

Winnie is rapidly become the darling of the neighborhood. She is just so precious to us. She is cautious but fearless. Kisses and snuggles like no other. Here are some pictures of her and Einstein running in the park today.

Go gamecocks!

Christi and Dean
Submitted by: Christi & Dan H. on Dec 16, 2016
Hi Melody,

How are you? Ready for Christmas? We continue to laugh at and enjoy our little Winnie. May be little but fierce in temperament! Here are a couple winter pix. Will send more after our 12 inches tonight. (Snow! Haha!) Yikes!

Christi and Dean
Submitted by: Andy Oliver on Dec 13, 2016
Glad to hear about Lacey! sugar is my favorite dog...even though she started an addiction for French Brittanys! You and John and family have a wonderful Christmas as well! BTW, I keep sending people to you guys because I know you produce wonderful pups and love them all!
Submitted by: Lauren L. on Dec 13, 2016
John & Melody,
Sooo nice to meet y'all today! Well, she did pretty well traveling and needless to say, our kids were ECSTATIC at the new addition! We've named her Duchess Minnie de Chippewa and we are calling her Duchess! She's settling RIGHT in too!!!
I've attached some photos. Take care!
Lauren Ledbetter
Submitted by: Craig & Sara Wood on Dec 11, 2016
Dear Melody and John
We can't believe we have had Luc for nine months!

He certainly is the smallest Brittany we have had weighing in at 34.7 lbs, but has the heart of our biggest Brittany's.

Luc is the most observant dog we have ever had and he is the dog that Sara always wanted. He is by her side constantly.

Hope all is well with you and John.
Wishing you a peaceful holiday.

Sara, Craig, Gus , and Luc
Submitted by: Christi & Dan H. on Dec 11, 2016
Hello Melody,

This little Winnie Cooper is turning into such a joy. She's gorgeous, playful, affectionate, and a great companion to Einstein. Those two are together nearly all the time. Here are a few more pix.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Christi and Dean
Submitted by: Dan & Jan H. on Oct 01, 2016
Lewie and Tucker are really becoming buddies. Just hangin out enjoying this beautiful fall day. By the way. Had him at the vet on Thursday. Weighs 15.1 lbs and is the picture of health. They love him there.
Submitted by: Barbara States on Sep 18, 2016
Hi Melody and John,
Our Rudy just passed the 10 month mark and I realize I haven't sent y'all an update since last March. Steve and I are convinced he is the best dog ever!
In May, Rudy graduated from the Petsmart puppy class, having won the best obedience student award out of 8 dogs. He is soooo smart.
He has an awesome disposition, he's a great companion, and he loves going on the boat and swimming with us. It's been a fantastic summer for us all.
2 short videos attached.
1st one is Rudy in our backyard at low tide, having fun with the ibises (he's a bird dog through and through 😀) he adores playing back there, flushing out crabs, frogs, and splashing around. 2nd one is Skipper Rudy enjoying the breeze with us on the Beaufort river last weekend.
When I walk him downtown, people look at him and they automatically smile. Many people comment on what a beautiful dog he is.
Chippewa Farms is the best thing to happen to this family. Thanks for all you do!

Barbara, Steve and Rudy
Submitted by: Dan & Jan H. on Aug 28, 2016
Hi Melody and John

It's been super hot and humid here. We go out in the yard and explore and run around. When we come in, Lewie throws himself down on the cool tile to cool down. He has slept through the night the last 2 nights and we've been able to leave him in his crate and leave the house for a couple of hours at a time with no issues. He went to the vet today and of course everyone there loved him and he checked out great.

Janet and Dan
Submitted by: adam Hunter on Aug 11, 2016
Hello, I just wanted to let y'all know that Scout is doing great. She is so smart and easy to train. She follows me around everywhere but is starting to explore on her own. She know how to come, sit, and stay already. She is good at going outside to use the bathroom and now knows how to tell me she needs to go out. We have been going hiking and she does great and loves it. The first little creek we got to she just swam right across no problem. I hope all is well with you guys.

Thank you so much, Adam Hunter
Submitted by: Dan & Jan H. on Aug 11, 2016
Melody and John

We are almost home. The ride took longer than we expected. A lot of traffic coming back from beach vacations and a couple of accidents backed us up. The first hour Lewie howled for his people. After that, he has pretty much slept in a lot of positions. He has had no accidents and no car sickness. He's been so good! We can hardly believe how good this trip has gone with such a young pup. It was wonderful to meet you both and get to see all your dogs and how they are raised. We feel we are on our way to success with our little guy already.

Take care. We'll keep you posted.
Janet and Dan
Submitted by: Lisa L. on Aug 11, 2016
Dear Melody,
Hope all is well up in SC. Samson is 9 months old today and double the size of his sister. We have been crazy busy with 2 pups, son heading to college and summer break. The britts are doing fantastic..spoiled, loving, free roaming, and full of spirit.
Those 2 truly think they're our "real babies" ..and who's fault is that??? We love and spoil them like if they were truly our own offspring. Haha.
PS: will try to get a cute pic of them for you soon.

Submitted by: conner Ayers on Mar 31, 2016
Got a nice spring pic of our Sophie (Jennie/Gilbert) I wanted to share from SC. She is wonderful! Couldnt ask for a better dog
Submitted by: doug harris on Mar 30, 2016
I hope you guys are doing well.

Attached you will find a couple of shots of Maxwell & Cooper chilling out on their steps on the back deck and Maxwell doing what he loves with his little girl.

Each day we find more reason to be thankful we have both boys.

Susan had surgery on her foot & the boys spent a lot of time on her lap, better than any pain meds she had.
Submitted by: barbara states on Mar 30, 2016
He is awesome! I can't walk 5' in our downtown park without folks stopping me to pet him, tell me how beautiful and well-behaved he is☺️
He plays great with other dogs, is great with kids and strangers. He learns so fast! He already sits, shakes hands, lies down, and walks with me on a slack leash. Check out the video too, he had a great day at the beach yesterday.
Oh, and everyone in my petsmart puppy training class thinks he's awesome. I think he's the instructor's fave 😀
Submitted by: lou Barnard on Jan 25, 2016
He is the best and I love him so much!!
Thanks for breeding such exceptional dogs.

Hugs to you and John
Submitted by: jimmy cobb on Jan 10, 2016
Melody Steele words can't describe how thankful I am to you and John for producing such a loving, intelligent and entertaining little dog and entrusting her to me. She is all I could have ever hoped for. Keep up the good work Chippeaw.
Submitted by: madison lewis on Jan 01, 2016
Hi Melody,
We hope you are doing well! We wanted to send you an update on Little Baby Blue. She is just the most perfect little puppy and she is an amazing addition to our family. She has adjusted perfectly and already knows sit, how to sit in front of the door when she needs to go outside, how to walk pretty on the leash and how to fetch! She loves to play fetch in the yard and loves to snuggle! She is already sleeping through the night and is absolutely adored, and maybe even a little bit spoiled. Please find attached some photos for your enjoyment! We can't imagine our lives without her!
Madison and Madison Lewis
Submitted by: barbara states on Dec 31, 2015
Hi Melody,
We are in love!
We have a laundry basket full of dog toys that friends gave us, Guess what Rudy's fave toy is? The water bottle in the sock! So glad u told me about that, he's already been through 2 bottles, lol. We've already taken him to the beach, he's sniffed his first non-littermate dog, and had his first Christmas😀
Hope you and your family had a great Christmas, we love you guys.
Blessings to you all in 2016!
Submitted by: karin Britt on Dec 31, 2015
Merry Christmas Melody&John! Here are some pictures of Zing on our trip home and Christmas Day. He doing well with playing, sleeping, eating and learning to go outside. Yes even with all the rain! We love him and are so happy he is with us. Take care, Karin and Tim.
Submitted by: Todd McGlaughlin on Nov 09, 2015
We had Arra out for 4 hours this morning this is some of the birds.We ended with 6 pheasants & 2 chukars.We will try to send a video of her retrieving one of the pheasants.

Submitted by: Lisa Lambright on Nov 09, 2015
Lexi turned 1 today (10/23)..Thanks again for the kind words and allowing us to have her. She has made our family very happy. Y'all do a wonderful job matching your pups. Have a great weekend. Sincerely, Lisa Lambright
Submitted by: Erica Ayers on Oct 02, 2015
Connor and I wanted to share some recent photos of our sweet Sophie. Thank you for making our family complete!
Submitted by: Edward Modestini on Oct 02, 2015
Hi Melody, I love Midge's size!!! And that face says it all. She is so so sweet. Ive been waiting for so long for this pup and she is everything i could ever hope for.Midge loves raw cow bones! She is on wild all meat dog food offered in a self-regulated way. I would be happy with a 17lb dog but my guess is she will grow to btwn 24lbs whice will be fine. I really think she is perfect. She pinned a bird at 8weeks and waits for me in the Duck Blind for hours untethered while I fish. Started her in the Raft, canoe ,car, crate all befor she was ten weeks so now at 5 months she is at home everywhere. What a GREAT Dog!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
Submitted by: jeff krizner on Jul 21, 2015
Hi Melody,

It was great meeting you and John last weekend. I cannot tell you how much fun we have had with Harry this past week - we love having him as part of the family. I cannot get over how quickly he has adjusted - attached are a few photos - we just love this little guy!

Please tell John we said hello. I hope all is well and thank you again for everything.

Submitted by: Selena Cobb on Jun 25, 2015
Stella from Lacey/Cash litter is the sweetest and the most biddable puppy I've been around. You couldn't ask for more from a breeder than you get with Melody and John. Their kennels and each of their dogs were top notch. Well loved and taken care of
Submitted by: Sharon Bryann on May 06, 2015
Melody and John are wonderful caring people, and they run an excellent business. We had the pleasure of bringing our sweet girl home today Lady Riley de Chippewa(Riley) The experience has been nothing but professional, and we strongly encourage you to use Chippewa Farms for the purchase of your next pup. We are new to the French Brittany breed but they are smart, loving, and excellent for hunting. Fine people and solid breeder of the French Brittany.

Submitted by: Bob Long on Apr 21, 2015
Hey Melody

Thought I'd bring you up to date on this dangerous duo. They came through
bird season with flying colors and I've gotten involved with a loose-knit
group of folks who try to put together a "for-fun" field trial every couple
of weeks or so. Lotsa compliments on Zack's style, speed and nose and on
Zoe's nose (fast, she isn't). I'm continually asked what kind of dogs these
are - I've never seen another French Brittany out here; nor has anyone else
that I've talked to.

Hope you folks are doing well.

Bob Long
Submitted by: helen H. on Apr 12, 2015
just found this old email cleaning out. what a wonderful, exciting time that was. Pancho is doing great! Tom is just amazed by how well he came through his teenage period. He is so sweet and loving. Very playful, but perfectly calm in the house. Thank you again for sharing him with us! HA
Submitted by: Lisa Lambright on Feb 19, 2015
Lexi will be 4 months on Saturday. She is so smart and sweet. We ❤️ her to pieces.
Submitted by: Terrry Boyd on Feb 19, 2015
Good Afternoon,
Hope y'all are well! I just wanted to say "hello", and pass along a photo from yesterday. Not the best pic, but thought y'all would enjoy it anyway. Gusto was fantastic as usual, and if I continue to work hard, he'll have me trained in a couple more seasons.
Submitted by: Mike Broughton on Nov 06, 2014
He is a great pup! Couldn't be happier!
Submitted by: Brody Youland on Nov 06, 2014
Hello melody! Long time no talk hope all is well at Chippewa farms. Everything is good up here in Maine! Brought Otto for his first hunt yesterday and he got his first partridge! He's doing well and we love him like our child couldn't be happier. Thanks for everything!
Submitted by: Todd McGlaughlin on Nov 06, 2014
Hi Mel,

I'm on vaca so we are hunting today... So far so good, Arra has retrieved everyone 😃.

We have more birds to find...will send more pics soon 😊

Todd & Wanda
Submitted by: Eric Flick on Nov 06, 2014
Finn from Chippewa farms could not be any better! He was a hard working and successful bird hunter from the age of 4 months. He was first pointing quail at age 2 months! He is also really good as a pet too...great with my two girls.
Submitted by: Maureen Rothbacher on Nov 06, 2014
The best and most wonderful place to provide healthy and loving French Brittany's. John and Melody are the best. I have own two of their dogs and can honestly say those dogs have been the sweetest and most loving dogs you could ask for.
Submitted by: Alex Large on Oct 16, 2014
Hi Melody,
Thought you might like this picture of me and Hank after his first hunt. Got a whole slew of quail.

Also, I gave your contact info to Hank's trainer, Paul Wright. Paul was raving about hank's natural abiility to his friend, Chuck Clabblers -who is in the market for a new bird dog. With Paul having trained thousands of dogs, it's a huge compliment to have him speak so highly of Hank. I believe Paul emailed you this morning about the possibility of another Lacey/Cash litter.
Submitted by: Paul Wright on Oct 16, 2014

I train gundogs, hunt test dogs (NAVHDA, VDD, BSS, HRC), and occasional trial dogs (AFTCA, AKC. BSS) for the public. Recently, I had one of your Brits, Hank, brought to me by Alex Large for some puppy work, i.e., opportunities and exposure to birds in the field, gun fire, the world at large, etc. I was most impressed with Hank's natural qualities and performance.

Do you plan to do a repeat breeding of Lacey and Cash. If so please let me know.


Paul H. Wright
Submitted by: Candie Graham on Oct 16, 2014
Rudy's first grouse. He is such a natural !! He ended up pointing at least a dozen birds! But his dad only shot four. Pretty good for a 7 month old pup! Guess we need to get him out more.
Submitted by: Joel Ellis on Jun 04, 2014
Hi, Steeles. I hope all is well at Chippewa Farms. I thought you might enjoy a couple of recent shots of Henry. In a few days Henry will join us on his first trip out west. He will go with us to Oxford (MS), New Orleans, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Santa Fe, and several cities is Colorado. We'll probably come back through Oklahoma too. I calculated that after this summer he will have been to at least 21 states with us. He's a very good traveler.

Submitted by: Deborah Cruger on Jun 04, 2014
Dear Melody,
I hope you and your family are doing well!
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how our "baby" Max is doing.
He is an amazing puppy and we just love him to pieces! He is super smart and fits in our family perfectly.
He is house broken and has been for some time. We discovered he would sit quietly by the door when he needed to go out but we wouldn't always notice. So we got a bell and we taught him to ring it. It is so cute! As you said, yes, he is quite a chewer, but he has not destroyed anything of ours and knows to chew only his toys. (Although he does make off with a few of the kids toys just to get their attention sometimes!)
He also knows how to sit and is doing well learning not to jump when people come over.
He chooses each night who he is going to sleep with and he mostly chooses to sleep with our little girl. She loves this because her brothers share a room and she is alone.
My husband thinks Max would be a great hunting dog. Initially he wasn't going to use him as a bird dog, but he is now thinking he may!
Max gets crazy when the kids are outside and he cannot be with them. He wants to be part of the fun. We take him with us just about everywhere we go and even our friends who are not dog people love him and let him in their home. He even gets along with their cats.
Speaking of that, he loves our guinea pigs too and they like him as well! They used to be timid but it seems since he got here they are more friendly. Maybe they feel protected by him.
Last weekend we had him at a winery and friends of our asked us about where we got Max. They are now interested in getting a pup of their own. I gave them your info.
You are a delight to work with and we feel blessed! Just know that is puppy is spoiled and loved so much!!
Talk to you soon!!!

Love, Debi Cruge
Submitted by: Gloria Franklin on Jun 04, 2014
Melody & John--- Thank you again fro Mr Tibbs ! We are LOVING him and spoiling him to MANY activities daily. He loves to spend tree time, hike time, people time, doggy park time, goes to Lowes, Home Depot, Bass Pro and loves the attention he gets EVERYWHERE. Hope you both are doing great!!! Loobbs is a great combination of Gilbert and Abby--- he is very silly and we all find him hilarious!! Smart too!! Does all basic commands: sit, stay, down, down-stay, hunt and find--- working on leash training this wee
Submitted by: Steven Hairfield on Feb 04, 2014
Melody and John,

Just wanted to update you on how well Chance is doing. This was our hunt yesterday.

He has excellent natural ability and little training. He never slows down and is always on the hunt. Usually he is the first to any downed bird.

In the house he is as you describe on your website. Good with the grandchildren and relaxed (mostly curled on the sofa) .

Although we sometimes have the doubters at the beginning of the hunt by the end there is grudging respect. (Yes, Virginia, there are other bird dogs besides pointers and setters)

Thanks again for Chance.


Steve Hairfiel
Submitted by: Laura H. on Nov 26, 2013
My human family feels so lucky to have found me at Melody & John's. They take really good care of my doggy parents and make sure all my fellow puppies are taken care of, too
Submitted by: Jeff Pratt on Nov 20, 2013
I have a couple field shots.. one from canoeing with my daughter this fall.. and one from this weekend - Riley pointing a woodcock.

He's a great dog.. smart, house and family friendly and very capable on birds.

Will be in touch.. Jeff
Submitted by: Helen Ann on Nov 19, 2013
I've wanted to call, but have lost your number. I just wanted to say how wonderful Pancho is. You asked me at the 1 year mark if he had calmed down, and he really hadn't yet, but about a month later, it was like magic. He has calmed down considerably and just is better and better behaved every day. He is so sweet and such a love. He loves to play with other dogs, but is not dominant at all. He has gotten really good about mostly only chewing things he is allowed to chew. He is getting much better about coming when called and does not take off whenever he gets the chance anymore. It is funny, but it really is like a switch was flipped. I need to get back into training, but it probably won't be before the new year before we take another class, but I am very curious to see how he does when we do. He still has plenty of goofy clown and makes wild tears through the house on a regular basis, but he has really learned good judgment about what he can and cannot do while on his tears. We just love him so much. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful boy.

Submitted by: Alfred Warner on Nov 05, 2013
Hi, Melody:

It's been two years since you shipped Dash up to me and I just wanted to give you an update. First, Dash is about the best dog I can imagine. Smart, playful, loving and a darned good looking dog. Almost everyone we meet comments on his appearance to the good. His head could be large if he understood just half of what gets said! My wife says I spoil him rotten and I probably do.

Second, I finally had a chance to get him in the field this year. I'm training him myself (or, more likely, trying not to get in his way as he learns) and I'm thrilled with how he is doing. He works hard and relentlessly as long as the weather is not too hot. He began by busting up birds by rushing them but he's been getting cannier and today he struck and held point at least twice where I could see him. It's beautiful to watch him stalk a bird in super slow-motion. He's also been excellent at helping me find downed birds in heavy cover.

We have a lot to learn still but he is exactly what I've read elsewhere about French Brittanies: angels in the house and demons in the field (well, my wife is not sure about the angel part as he has claimed on end of the sofa as his own....).

I've attached a photo from our work today. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my boy.


Al Warner
Erie PA
Submitted by: Joe H. on Sep 08, 2013
I just wanted to let you know the pup I got from you, she was born last September, I picked her up in November. Because she was so young, I did not get to hunt her very much last season, but she has really turned out to be a very good hunter. She is very smart and has an excellent nose, at the rate she is improving, she may turn out to be one of the best dogs I have hunted with, so thank you very much.
Submitted by: Jen H. on Aug 30, 2013
Hi Melody. I took Inzo for his 9 week shots this morning. He was so busy eating treats and getting attention that he didn’t even notice they gave him a shot, lol.

You were right about the vet. We felt like celebrities! They have only heard of the breed, but never seen it in real life. All the nurses were trying to guess and the doctor was so excited. We must have had 5 people visit us in the waiting room because they wanted to see the dog, lol. We felt pretty special. I told them all about your place and everything.

His doctor said he’s going to read up on the breed before we see him for his 12 week shots. I just thought it was hilarious on how awesome they thought it was. Inzo defiantly stole the show.
Submitted by: Robert C. on Aug 30, 2013
Jake and I are great! He is 2.5 now and is a really well behaved finished bird dog. The only thing he hasn't performed yet is a water retrieve of a downed bird. He and I will be going to NE and SD again this year to hunt grouse and pheasant. The rancher that I hunt with always wants me to leave Jake for the hunting season. He hunts very well and is my buddy.
Submitted by: Beth B. on Aug 30, 2013
Hi Melody,

Just letting you know that we love our new puppy! He has such a great personality and is so easy going. He acts like he has been here forever. Bentley is quite smart as well. Of course, Sadie is not sure about this yet. I think her tactic was to ignore the puppy and maybe it would go away. She is slowly warming up and has been very patient. I have even caught them playing a few times. I think they will be buddies soon.

Thanks again for another great family addition. Chippewa dogs are the best!

Submitted by: Jack S. on Jan 21, 2013
love my dog,thank you Chippewa Farms !!!
Submitted by: Sarah G. on Jan 21, 2013
I'd put our pup up against any other pointer breed. He's amazing!! Holds point until released, then retrieves when his master releases. It's all in the breeding... thanks Melody and John!! You picked the perfect pup for Rick. PRICELESS:-)
Submitted by: Randy S. on Jan 21, 2013
Like I said he is living up to his name. He is full of life and really enjoys playing with Yuri almost as much has he likes to hunt. We couldn’t have picked a better pup. He is well worth the cost and trip to get him. By the way if you ever have another chocolate pup please let me know.

Submitted by: Jean & Tom L. on Dec 22, 2012
Here are a couple pictures of LC. She sure looks like her mother. Hunting very well, trainer here has hunted her with Tom a couple of times and cannot believe how well she is doing and how easy to train! We love here dearly.

I am considering getting a sister for her. If I do it, I need to get one that is "ready to go"(7 weeks old) anytime from Feb to April. Also, I want one that has a lot of white, and of course a female. I love working with the puppies. When they get older they become Toms dog. But I really enjoy the training.
Submitted by: Donny S. on Dec 20, 2012
Hello John and Melody.

Sorry I've not sent pictures sooner. Meet "Cooper". He's doing great. A super smart, people dog. My wife loves him to death. He went to the vet last week and got shots and check up. The girls in the office and Dr. Cribb wanted to keep him.

Ny the way, I met a fellow at lunch today. David Hamilton from Lexington SC. We started talking about dogs and unbelievably he has one of your dogs from three years ago. You should know he holds y'all in the highest regards and loves "Jessie". He wants to get another so you may be getting a call.

Thanks again for your help. We couldn't be happier with "Cooper". I'll try to bring him for a visit on a future trip to Cola. Photos to follow.
Submitted by: Michael R. on Dec 09, 2012
Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me today. I am very excited about getting a puppy from you and your can tell alot about someone by the things they say and how they talk to you. I can tell you guys LOVE your dogs as much as we do, and will be counting the days till our new family member arrives here in Wisconsin.
Submitted by: Jaime and Terry Plank on Nov 29, 2012
I could not be happier with Gabby (Gabrielle Lee de Chippewa). She is
an excellent housedog and an enthusiastic birddog. She is the reason
that I became a hunter: Seeing how much she loves being in the field,
it is pure joy to give her that time. Not only did I get a great dog,
I gained new friends in the Chippewa family. Melody and John have
been kind in answering questions and helping me with the training. We
have met other Chippewa owners-one who I have been able to hunt with
locally and many others on Facebook. It is so nice to have a group of
people who love these dogs. And really, you can't help but love them.
They are smart, beautiful, steady, bird loving fools. A trainer at a
local bird farm calls Gabby his "pointing fool" because she pointed
before she knew what a bird was. Coming home to a French Britt always
seems to turn into a celebration because they love their humans as
much as we love them. My only regret is that I did not find this
breed years ago! In fact, we are so pleased with our Chippewa pup, we
are getting ready to welcome another addition into the family!

Terry & Jaime Plank
Submitted by: Jennifer S. on Nov 25, 2012

Not sure on the posting to Facebook yet, but thought I would show you that Dixie and Maggie are getting along fine, and that the vet said that she is a great dog.

Thanks again,

Jennifer S.
Submitted by: Rebeka A. on Nov 24, 2012
Melody do we ever sleep!?!? I don't think either of us do. But when we do lay down at least we both have the best love bugs in the whole world snuggling with us! Joe and I couldn't be more thankful for Chippewa farms this thanksgiving for giving us the silliest, most energetic, nosy, handsome, cuddly, spoiled, and good intentioned lil Dennis the menace ever! Thank you for giving us a lifetime of smiles and great memories thanks to Tucker :)
Submitted by: karen F. on Nov 17, 2012
We bought all of the remaining supplies for Dusty last night. Ashton woke up this morning and said, "Two more days and we get DUSTY!!!!!!". I can't believe we have been pet-free for over a year and I'm so thankful we found you and your sweet dogs!!! We cannot wait for Dusty and all of his awesome puppy kisses!!!!
Submitted by: Laura H. on Nov 17, 2012
My human family feels so lucky to have found me at Melody & John's. They take really good care of my doggy parents and make sure all my fellow puppies are taken care of, too!
Submitted by: Jaime P. on Nov 17, 2012
Ms Gabby is a wonderful addition to our family! The little girl even has her momma hunting! How could I not when the girl has a nose like that??? I am so grateful to have her, and the rest of the Chippewa gang as family!!!!
Submitted by: Jamie P. on Nov 17, 2012
Gabby loved her hunt training today. Mark & Karen were thrilled calling her a "pointing fool." 'Course, me, being a novice, thought she was doing something wrong, but apparently it was good that she was pointing from 2 feet away. She even had a paw up. Gabs doesnt want to pick up a bird yet, but she loves tracking!
Submitted by: Rick Kanzleiter on Nov 14, 2012
We love keeping you up to speed on what Peanut has been up to. It's been just over a year since she became part of the family and what a wonder she has been. A very smart, athletic, quick learner, a lover, and is becoming a great little huntress. We particularly like she's a real cuddle bug in the evenings before bed. Her personality makes her such a great family member, we love little quirks like the way she like ears, or when she wants you to scratch he belly. We couldn't have imagined a more perfect companion. We just want you to know how much we love her, and to thank you for all your advise as she continues to develop, We'll keep in touch about our Peanut. Rick and Suzanne Kanzleiter
Submitted by: Jocelyn C. on Oct 15, 2012
Dear John and Melody,
I wanted to give you an update on our dog Ruby!!!!!! When we picked her up from you in late April, she was called Stormy, and she was a 5 pound, quiet, timid little puppy.
Now we call her Ruby, and she is 21 pounds (still a pipsqueek, really) and we love her so very much!!!!
She is not timid AT ALL! She is a bit ferocious, really, and I think she doesn't realize that she is a small dog. She plays rough with dogs three times her size, she loves our other dog Gemma, and she is brave and curious outside.
Ruby has begun some very part time hunting training. So far, she shows a strong nose, and a love for birds. It is hard to say what her strengths and weeknesses are at this point. She most certainly shows much promise.
Ruby is a fussy dog, as far as training is concerend. We can only train her by rewarding her, because if we reprimand her, she gets pouty and training takes a step back. She is most CERTAINLY a very smart dog.
She is also most definitely spoiled. We admit it! We love her. She is really enjoying our home in the woods. We hike almost every day, and lately we have had her out in the fields several times a week. She will be a wonderful hunter, and and an even better friend!!!! Everywhere we take her, people just fall in love with her! She is very beautiful (as you know!) and she is very sweet. She LOVES people. That makes us very happy!

I am sending some photos that a friend took. They are really beautiful. Ruby looks exactly like what I remember Arra looked like! I thought you would want to see how she is progressing.

I do hope all is well with you, and your family, and all your dogs.
Be well!!!

Jocelyn and Mike Rollison
Submitted by: Shelley G. on Oct 15, 2012
Well, we are home from the Simpsonville DOG show with big smiles on our faces! Team Emmy/Tara rocked today! They scored 196.5 (out of 200), won First Place AND won their Graduate Novice title! I am a proud mom! Tara's official name is now Folie De Chippewa BN, CD, GN. Awesome job, you two.
Submitted by: Robert C. on Aug 14, 2012
Melody,Jake continues to impress me with all he has learned and how intense he hunts for me. I have used the HuntSmith method of training for pointing dogs and Jake is always a quick learner. He had the basic Whoa post down in three 15 minute sessions. Jake has progressed well and is now steady to Wing and Shot. He is a good at retrieving and has only to master a water retrieve to be a complete his retriever training. He and I have become quite the pair in the field. In September of this year he and I will return to South Dakota to hunt sharp-tailed grouse and pheasant. My friends that hunt with me can’t believe he hunts like a mature three year old dog. I am very proud of Jake and attribute a great deal of his ability to his blood line. He has some much natural ability and he really loves to hunt. You can’t train that into a dog. I would be happy to recommend Chippewa farms and their dogs as having very good hunting stock. Jake is also a family hit and my wife can get him to do almost anything he has been trained to do
Submitted by: Shelley & Emma Gilispie on Jul 20, 2012
Hi John and Melody! Just an update on Emmy and Tara and their progress! In June in Spartanburg they pulled 1st Place both days in Novice A! Yay! They are now moving up to Graduate Novice and will be showing all three days in the Foothills Cluster in Greenville. Let me know if you think you may be coming this way and I will give you ring times. We are excited and nervous since she will be using a lot of new skills in Graduate Novice. But we know that even if the weekend isn’t the greatest, she has plenty of time to get it right! We will be headed to the National Obedience Invitational again in December. Looking forward to that! I noticed on your website that Abby is expecting a new litter! She has GREAT babies! Take care!
Submitted by: Jocelyn & Mike on Jun 22, 2012
Dear Melody and John,
I wanted to update you on Ruby - she is doing GREAT!!!!!!
We love her and she is developing into such an incredible dog!!!!!
Her birding instincts are obvious and we have started some training. But most importantly, she is a loving, healthy and happy new member of our family. She is a pretty tough and confident
puppy - she weighs nearly 14 pounds now!!! She looks so much like her mother, were right!
I am attaching some photos so you can see how she is developing and I will continue to send more with updates do you can see who we'll she is doing anyhow beautiful she is.
I hope all is well with you and your family and all your dogs!!!!

Jocelyn and Mike
Submitted by: Jaime & Terry on Jun 22, 2012
Oh my! This pup continues to just be too cute, Melody! :) We went out training this past weekend at the Pheasant Farm and her nose is just too silly. Sure, she found all the quail (even the ones that I lost in the grass-I never doubt her nose!) and pointed beautifully each time.

My homework with her, besides working on tracking, is to boost her confidence. She lives in Bear's shadow a bit. What he wants, Bear takes. Other than taking her on trips without him, I am not quite sure how to do it, but the trainers also just think she is young so they aren't too worried. She points, I flush, we shoot the cap gun, she marks and points, again. LOL She is just a little timid on retrieving. I am not worried. She is just so darn cute. Like I said, if she is pointing, I know there is something there. I never have to worry about that. Sometimes those birds are just so snuggled in the grass my eyes don't pick them up! But she holds a point beautifully! I am going to have to get Terry to get some video one of these times for you! You would be a proud momma!

Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell you, it was windy and she took off on a scent and was waaaay on the other side of the field. I am not sure she heard my voice or my whistle, but suddenly she stopped, looked around, saw her people weren't with her and high tailed it back to us! It was soooo cute! Her ears were flapping and she was all excited like, "Hey, get with it! Keep up! We're hunting!"
Submitted by: Jason on Jun 22, 2012

I hope you are doing well. We got Baxter and Sanford from you in September of 2008. They were from the Cricket and Cash littler. I was wondering if by chance you had any puppy pictures of them when they were born and any pictures of their parents? They have been the best dogs we could have ever hoped for. We have always joked with everyone that we have twins at home with the two of them and now ironically, we are really having twins. Baxter and Sanford are great with kids so we are excited about adding the new additions to our home with them.

Submitted by: Lynn C. on Jun 22, 2012
Dear Melody,
I have been meaning to send some pictures for ever and a day. Love our boys! They are wonderful, sweet, mischievous, energetic little guys in the world, and we love them dearly. Really don't know what they would do without each other though. Bama (our golden) has mothered them both from the start. They eat, then she eats, she calms them down, she plays with them, she protects them. It is amazing how she loves them. Enjoy the pictures. Lynn C
Submitted by: Lynn P. on Jun 22, 2012
Chief is an incredible joy! He is so good with other people and other dogs that we are taking him along more and more. He and Marty and Rand met me at the finish line of my last race, and a bunch of my students were there (they ran, too.) He licked them all and was just so sweet. I'd bring him to school if they'd let me! We're hoping to take him to Laura's place next summer, so he and Captain will get go go kayaking together and play on the beach together.

Chippewa pups are the best! We love looking at the pics on FaceBook. Good luck with you next litters.
Hugs to all!
Submitted by: Kerri Tyler on May 08, 2012
Hey Mel,
It's been a while. I thought you might like to see some of your off springs winnings. Hers are all to the right, my other dogs are to the left, (Vlad's) my GWP. She won all this last weekend. We haven't been able to show her since last October because she ruptured the bursar sack in her elbow and it took until about three weeks ago to absorb back into her system. She is a stem winder. Stunning, Stunning dog! I have some show pics coming and I will send you them. She is now a Champion for us and Chippewa Farms, Yippie!!! The judge that gave her, her winning point to become a CH, was judging her and three other bird dogs that were 6 yr old GCH's, for Best In Group. She placed Gwinnie Second behind one of the Top Ten GSP's and told us that Gwinnie was beating her until the final lap when a bunch of birds came flying in to the ring and Gwinnie couldn't stay stacked because she changed from, I'm a pretty show dog, to I'm a Dead Stone Huntress! When she told us that, we laughed and said, we don't mind, her first job is hunting in our household and this is just to pass the time in the off season. The judge replied, your right, she is after all, A Gun Dog, and we all just started laughing are heads off. The bird dog that beat her, prob don't even hunt, it was completely un bothered by the birds in the ring. Justin and every other spectator that was watching had to agree on that issue. In her final show for that weekend, a new judge came up to us after her show, that she placed second in and told us, by the end of June when she is a year and a half, she will be almost impossible to beat. Every judge just loves her and they just can't believe how stout and compact she is. Oh and by the way, she is an outstanding huntress indeed!!! We had been so busy last fall that we didn't get a chance to take them out not even once, we didn't even have time to even train her or Vlad on the scent of birds of any kind, so back in the late part of Feb. we loaded all of them up, and headed to a hunting ranch to spend the day hunting. As we were pulling into the ranch, Justin and I looked at each other and said, "well, they will either have it, or they won't" " lets just hope they have it". We let them out of the boxes and off they went like they had been doing it all their lives. In less than five minutes, Amos found a covey, and Gwinnie caught onto the scent and came Guns A Blazzin, so to speak, and locked up behind Amos, Honoring him, and Vlad right behind her, and he Honored her. Justin, Steed and I were standing there with are mouths dragging the ground in such shock, that the birds started flying getting away and all three off those dogs looked at us like, REALLY!!! What the Heck!! It, was so funny! I actually shot video of the hunt and will get it downloaded and send it to you. We love her so much, she is incredibly smart and what a character!!..... I look at your website from time to time to she pictures of new puppies, you have sure had some nice ones. Well, I hope all is going good for you guys and maybe we can hit some shows over you guys way This summer, we would love to visit with you all again. Take care.
Kerri Tyler
Submitted by: Jocelyn on May 08, 2012
Dear John and Melody,
Just wanted to send an update and spread the good news.....Our puppy is doing so well and adjusting just fine to her new life here in Pennsylvania. Mike and I have renamed her...RUBY! And she seems to like her new name too!
She loves our other dog, and plays with her a lot. Often our other dog still ignores her, but she has definitely taken on a maternal role and is very good with Ruby.
She loves to walk with us in the woods....she has had her first vet visit and all looks good.
She also loves all the other people and dogs she has met since being with us and our friends and family! Everybody thinks she is ADORABLE and she is!!!!!
Ruby has also really developed her own personality. She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything and she is quite demanding (and maybe even a little bit spolied already :)

We truly love her and she seems so happy here. I wanted you to know how well she is doing.

Thank you again for all your help. Ruby is perfect for us, and visa versa! I hope you and all your family and dogs are doing great!!!!
We will stay in touch!

Jocelyn and Mike
Submitted by: Jaime Plank on Mar 18, 2012
Our hunt training was so much fun today! Gabby just LOVES to point. She holds it like crazy! Would probably hold a point till the sun went down. When I flush the bird, she can't wait to point again. The pistol hasn't bothered her and a nearby shotgun didn't bother her. She isn't as keen on retrieving yet since she is used to her big brother stealing her retrievals in a regular game of fetch (obviously going to stop doing that LOL) but she caught a bird in midair (tho she dropped it) and later picked up a bird to carry it and I was so excited that I practically yelped "Godd girl!" and she dropped the bird. LOL She loves the field and gallops with great confidence. And there is no mistaking when she hits that scent. I love watching her! Can't wait for my hunter safety course in 2 weeks so we can be ready to hunt together!!!!
Submitted by: Jean Lawton on Mar 18, 2012
I keep planning to get in touch with you but time flies.

We are soooo happy with LC. She has been the perfect dog for us. So easy to train, loved her crate (thank you for starting that early) from the beginning and still finds it her "security blanket". She is the perfect house dog although we have left her in a kennel a couple times and she thinks that is lots of fun! She spends a lot of time playing with the cat and just "hanging out" at home. She is a great traveler. Now she can't wait to get into the car or motor home. She has been through her first heat. We will have her spayed sometime before the next one. If we were younger we would think of breeding because she is so great. We will leave the breeding to you!

She has taken to hunting with little or not much help from us. Her natural ability is amazing. She is now 10 1/2 months old and we have been hunting quail with her all winter. She LOVES it and can't wait to get out there. This picture was taken the other day on her last hunt for the quail season. She was very proud of her self as you can see from this picture. She pointed all the birds and retrieved them well. She holds her point until we flush the birds. We will work on steady to shot this summer.

Sure wish we could get another one of your special Brittany's and if we were younger we would. For now we are thankful for every day that she has been in our life!
Submitted by: Clancy & Anna Johnson on Mar 17, 2012
Hi John & Melody - Just a note to say hello and tell you once again how much we love Gus. All things are meant to be and he truly was a gift to us.
He is the sweetest boy and so full of fun and energy. But in the house he just plays with his toys and Ben or sleeps next to one of us.
He has completed the Puppy and Basic classes within our Dog Club and is beginning the intermediate class this week. He and Clancy also go to a personal trainer once a week. He is going to another Hunt trial this coming weekend with Clancy. They went to a test last week, but Gus didn't want to go in the water. We are going to have to find a safe pond or lake he can go into. So many down here have snakes or gaters -ugh.
We are doing well. Hope all is well with you and yours. We think of you so often and are eternally grateful for Gus. Keep this Country in your prayers and we will too. Love to you both! Annabelle & Clancy
Submitted by: Maria Crupi on Mar 13, 2012
Today is Belle's 4th Birthday. After having her in our family for almost four years we know that we made the right decision to purchase a French Brittany.

Our whole family enjoyed Belle so much that we purchased another pup from Chippewa Farms 2 years ago. We are now the proud owners of Chippewa's Yogi Bear as well as Chippewa's Carolina Belle.

We still frequently communicate with Mel and John to seek their advice and expertise. We will always treasure their friendship.

Thank you Mel and John

Tom and Maria
Belle and Yogi
Wakefield Ma
Submitted by: Lynn Peate on Jan 22, 2012
Our dog, Chief, will be two in April and is the most amazing pet we have ever owned! He continues to amaze us with his intelligence, trainability, intuitiveness, and sheer joy that he exudes. He is the perfect companion for our two children, and is great with other dogs. He is also incredible with my mother in law who is suffering from Alzheimers. He stays by her side when she visits and encourages her to interact with him. I think he would make a great therapy dog! We are not hunters; however, we do take him hiking and to the dog beach frequently. He stays within 50 yards, checks in, and responds to our voice commands even from a distance. (He loves to retrieve in the water!) John and Melody are amazing people with very strong character and high standards. They provided wonderful support during the puppy months, and we continue to be in touch. It is very easy to see that they truly love their dogs and are committed to providing the best care and training possible! We look forward to being repeat customers!
Submitted by: Shelley & Emma Gilispie on Jan 12, 2012
Hi John and Melody!

Just thought I’d drop a note to let you know the results of the First Annual National Junior Obedience Competition in Orlando in December. This was part of the big Eukanuba National Competition. They have included Obedience Competition for years but just this year opened it up to Juniors to compete. You will be proud to know that Emmy and Tara came home with 4th place in their division! They did a beautiful job and had some really tough competition. Tara and Emmy make such a great team – Tara has the most beautiful heel you have ever seen. She was the only Brittany in the competition which made us even prouder. She was a wonderful traveler, too.

She and Emmy are doing so good and are aiming to compete in the Greenville Show in February in the Novice division, which will require off-leash heeling and some other new things as well.

We are just so proud of Tara and all she has accomplished. She is such a great addition to our family and we thank you again for providing such a beautiful and wonderful dog!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas!
Submitted by: robert cox on Jan 12, 2012
John & Melody,Thought I would update you on Jake’s progress. He ran in his first field trail on Sunday, in Pine Mountain, GA. He passed his Natural Ability Test (TAN) on the first try. He then ran in the Gun class and had three really good finds, points and 2 retrieves. He was “steady to the shot” which was a real surprise to me since we hadn’t practiced that yet. His crazy handler (Me) disqualified him when I kicked up the bird when the gunners couldn’t find it. Over all I couldn’t be more proud of our boy Jake at 1 year old. He continues to a great companion and my wife has grown very fond of Jake. Jake and I will be doing some part-time guide work for a local quail preserve. Thanks again such a smart enthusiastic dog. Robert
Submitted by: robert cox on Dec 12, 2011
Melody & John, Thought you would like to see that Jake is becoming a accomplished gun dog. He had a good experience hunting with GSPs in South Dakota for pheasant in October. He worked really well this past Saturday in North Georgia on pen raised quail and Chukar. I plan to run him in a field trail in South GA in January. I will keep you posted on his progress. Robert
Submitted by: Jack Smith on Nov 13, 2011
Just have to let you know how excited that I am about Lacey.We went out this morning for the first time with a friend with an older dog.We were hunting over about a 150 acres of clear cut with new pines,the dogs did find one cover of birds and Lacey was within about10/20 feet of the birds when they flew and I think the light came on.She had been hunting hard with the older dog but when they got the birds she acted like she was on a mission then.I am so looking forward to the time that we will spend in the briars together.She is a joy to have and work, she worked close and often checked back with me when she ventured out a little far. I am impressed with her, thanks again for my friend. Jack Smith
Submitted by: Judy & Jerry Gibbs on Sep 04, 2011
Jack is still an awesome dog! Such a love and still loved by the grandchildren. He is soooooo good with them! Isn't he beautiful?

Hope all is well with you. Judy and Jerry
Submitted by: Shelley & Emma Gilispie on Apr 24, 2011
Hello Melody and John:

We have celebrated Tara’s first birthday today and want to wish a happy birthday to all her brothers and sisters, too!

Tara is doing SO well – she is truly such a joy to have around. She is the sweetest natured dog we have ever owned and terribly smart, too. She just graduated from “Advanced Beginner Obedience” class and is moving on to “Heel, Jump and Retrieve” in May. We will have a champion obedience dog I’m sure. She and Emmy have learned all the basics and have moved to directed jumping, which she took to immediately. We are so proud of both of them. Emmy showed Tara in the Spartanburg AKC Dog Match back in March and won three ribbons, one of which was Best in Breed and also 2nd place in Junior Handler. Okay – I have to admit Tara didn’t have any competition in Breed but we were so proud of her anyway! J They both did a beautiful job for their first time in competition.

Tara has continued to thrive and is so beautiful, both inside and out. We are just so proud of her and glad to have her. She has brought much joy into our lives.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful dog for our family. We are truly blessed.

I hope all is well with you,

Take care and God bless you,
Submitted by: Walt & Terry Sue McVey on Apr 23, 2011
Dear John & Melody,
I can hardly believe that Fergus is 1 year old today. I can remember last year waiting for the puppies to be born how excited we were, it was well worth the wait. Fergus is such a delightful boy! I can’t even imagine what like would be like had he not come to us…
Just this morning we played fetch/give with Fergus, Wally and I were laughing at what a fun dog he is. He will get the object, then race back to give it for his verbal reward, vibrate until you throw again. He has even figured out how to get the “boss” Cairn Terrier how to play with him.
We love to go for adventures and in this rainy climate sometimes we have to head for shelter. There is a big nursery that has lots of undercover area to work on our obedience. Fergus loves to go there because he gets lots of praise for what a good boy he is and “What a good looking dog! What breed is he? I’ve never seen a tri-liver color before, he’s gorgeous”
This last year has been fun watching Fergus grow from puppy to adult and develop into a great dog. We look forward to getting him hunting next year!
I also wanted to thank you for all the time you spent with me on the phone while I was trying to learn about the breed and your kennels.

Happy Birthday Fergus !!!
Walt & Terry Sue
Submitted by: Clancy & Anna Johnson on Mar 26, 2011
Hi John and Melody -

This is to confirm our telephone conversation today as to our request for a male puppy from your dog Abby.

Upon notification of birth, I'll be up.

Thanks so much for your hospitality during our visit. You have a fine kennel and we were very impressed.

Let's keep in touch.

Clancy and Anna Johnson
Submitted by: Todd & Wanda on Mar 26, 2011
Hi Melody & John,

How are you doing? We are OK, having fun working w/Lakota and a chukar today... she is proving that she'll be a great hunter and we had her & Dixie out together last w/e, just walking some fields and they did really well together - we don't think it will be long before she'll be hunting w/us. We shot the blank pistol around her today and it didn't phase her, she noticed it but didn't stop looking for the bird.

Take care, we'll send more pics - hoping to take her to a game farm over the summer so we'll definitely take pics & send :)

Wanda & Todd
Submitted by: Eileen Arnold on Feb 04, 2011
Melody, I just received this picture of Keeper. My nephew Corey's fiance took it over the holidays. I thought you would enjoy it. Everything is going as well as can be and Keeper has been a delight in our days. We made a good choice to get another Britt so soon after Reese considering the other issues that came our way. Keeper is smart and spunky is very different from Reese's submissiveness. Hope all is well.
Submitted by: Caitlin on Dec 13, 2010
Hey Melody!

I'm sorry I haven't been in better contact with you and John lately. Anna and I are absolutely smitten with each other. She had her spay surgery two weeks ago and has made a full recovery. Actually, it barely phased her... after about three days she was raring to go.

Believe me when I say that you two have raised the MOST PERFECT dog ever. I am constantly amazed at what a sweet, well behaved girl she is. So, quick update - over the last month we have been taking super long walks, playing fetch (I'm convinced she's a fetch genius), playing with my friend's dogs, going to outdoor restaurants, she had her first beach experience, taking naps with the cat (because she is such a sweetheart with kitties I can hardly believe it), she follows me everywhere, sleeps in her crate when I have to work... We also just took our first road trip together to Asheville and she got to play in the snow! I love her. Really truly.
We will be going to my family's place in Virginia for Christmas. I'm excited for everyone to meet her. I kid you not... Every person that meets Anna falls in love with her. She hops up in their lap and curls up, gives kisses and snuggles. I can't thank you enough for her.

Submitted by: Jerry & Judy on Dec 13, 2010
Hi Melody,

I hope this finds you and John well. I know it'll find you busy.
Judy mentioned that she sent a recent image of Jack to you. Boy, he surely has grown.
I wanted to let you know that he's coming along beautifully in the bird business arena. He naturally took to woods running and quartering. He's perfectly whistle trained. We've been working with him using live-trapped pigeons. He's holding points, and just the other day had his first real retrieve on a dead pigeon. We would have given him exposure to "real" game birds this fall, just to let him find, sniff and point, but Judy and I both had a month-plus weird virus that eliminated serious tramping through covers. Next year we have plans to head north and inland in this state to spend some serious time at a camp in good bird country with Jack.
We'll keep you updated.
He surely is a terrific dog.
And here's wishing you and John and fine Christmas.
All the best,
Submitted by: Eileen & John on Dec 11, 2010
Keeper is just a barrel of fun. Reese would speak with her eye expressions and Keeper speaks with her total body!!! Her check up went very well. Our vet choked up when she saw Keeper and said she's been waiting for this happy day. I could hardly contain myself. Reese was unique and touched so many people.
Submitted by: The Padovano family on Dec 10, 2010
Hello Melody,

We are always so excited when there are new puppies. We were wondering if you could send us pictures and let us know if things fall thru with any of the males. I know they tend to go first but we are not ready to make a total commitment unless one becomes available unexpectedly. We love Sadie so much and could not imagine life without her. The attached picture was taken at Lake Hartwell this past July. Isn’t she beautiful? Hope all is well.

We love hearing from you

Submitted by: Joy & Jack on Dec 10, 2010
Dear Melody:

We certainly are loving our little boy we picked up from you a few weeks ago. He has made his way into our hearts and even sleeps on our pillows at night.
By the way, we named him Beauregard after Brigadier General Beauregard, the first confederate general in the Carolina's. How is that for such a little guy. We call him Beau for short.
We trust you will have a Merry Christmas...we know we will with our little guy!
Submitted by: Maureen on Dec 10, 2010
Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year!! I have just one wish for Christmas... I want Melody's dog Trixie to come live with us. Melody said she could come and poor Trixie is having surgery on December 16th.(spaying) Could you please make her well really quick and then bring her on your sleigh so I have her by Christmas..

XOXO. I know you'll do your best!!

Bartlett IL
Submitted by: Todd & Wanda on Dec 10, 2010
Hi Melody & John,

How are you? We hope you & your family had a safe & Happy Thanksgiving and that everyone is doing well.

Sorry we are so slow at sending pics and giving an update on the little girl but we were waiting for her 1st vet appt and that was yesterday, 11/26. She weighs 7.2 lbs and is doing wonderful. She has another appt in a month and we are having her chipped at that time.

Her & Dixie are getting along very well, Bo is still grumpy w/her but sometimes acts like he wants to play and even her & the cat seem to be getting along.

She is learning very quickly and house training is going well - much better than it went w/Dixie :) she even sits, most of the time, when instructed to do so. As you'll see in pics I'm trying to send, she found a pheasant wing that we had in the garage... and she did not want Dixie to get it LOL she wouldn't have to worry about Dixie getting it... she won't pick them up but Lakota had no problem picking it up and carrying it around.

We'll try to be better at sending updates & pics - she is growing like a weed - we can tell she is getting taller :)

How are the other pups doing?

Take care, talk to you soon!

Thanks again for giving us this sweet baby!!!

Wanda & Todd
Happy Holidays
Submitted by: Caitlin on Dec 10, 2010
Dear John and Melody,

I hope you both are doing well and not missing Anna too terribly. We are doing wonderfully! I have been completely amazed at how well she seems to be adjusting and what a little lover she is! She has explored every nook and cranny of my house and yard, we've been on some long walks and had lots of one-on-one snuggle time. Honestly, she seems happy and so full of life and joy! You're never going to believe it, but when we arrived at my house the day I picked her up, my cat was asleep on my bed. Anna did her scouting of the place, hopped up on the bed, sniffed the cat, and that was that! We all actually laid on the bed together for about an hour that night getting acquainted. I'm completely shocked at the smooth transition. Right this second she is laying by my feet as I write this. She follows me around everywhere and takes every opportunity she gets to hop up in my lap and love a little :) I think that she is the perfect dog for me and I am so thankful to the both of you for raising such a smart darling.

Submitted by: Sue on Dec 10, 2010
We took Luke to Back Mountain state lands near Wilkes Barre so that he could check out where the birds live. He had a great day.
Submitted by: Chris & Todd on Dec 10, 2010
Today was Bella's first day in the Dove field, at 4.5 months she is amazing, not a bit gun shy and loves to watch the birds, still afraid to pick them up, but will set on point and show me where there at. 20 birds today. I'm so proud of her and ya'll should be to. still all legs as you will see in the attached file. Hope all is well. talk to ya soon
Submitted by: Sherian on Dec 10, 2010
We thought you'd like to see how Zack is doing in the field this year. He has a great nose and continues to be the light of my life!
Submitted by: Maria on Aug 02, 2010
I saw the pictures of Scout. He is so cute. The Malnati’s look so happy. They seem to be a very nice family. I am sure that Scout will have a wonderful and loving home with them . At some point I hope Belle and Yogi will be able to visit with their cousin Scout. Actually who are his parents? I was not surprised to hear that they decided to purchase a pup that was already available rather than wait until the fall. Once you get a look at a French Brittany and see how wonderful they are you just have to have one right away. It wasn’t only us that couldn’t wait. They are such great dogs. I can’t imagine our life with out our Belle and Yogi.

We had the fund raiser for Andy’s boyfriend last Saturday. I can’t tell you how many complements we got on our dogs. It was such a nice feeling. You should be very proud of the wonderful dogs you breed. I was hoping so much that one of the guests would ask us about purchasing a pup. Not one of ours. One from you guys. The Saturday before last. Charlie Baker who is running for Governor of Massachhusetts and Sen Tisei (Andrea’s boss) who is running for lt. Gov. were visiting our neighborhood. They made our house the last stop. They were both playing with Bell and Yogi . They thought they were great looking dogs. The Sen has a Rodisian Ridgeback. Andy said he is beautiful. Very big too. He was talking about getting another one but things have been put on hold because of the election.

Just to give you a little chuckle. Last night Tom and I were trying to brush Belle and Yogi’s teeth. I wasn’t doing it right !!. Tom took over. He said that if I didn’t do a better job we were going to have to make an appointment to have Belles’ teeth cleaned. I don’t think I can ever remember a time when he brushed Pete or Andys’ teeth for them.. Also you should see all the brown spots on our lawn from their potty spots. It doesn’t seem to matter, he just plants more seed. The neighborhood kids always seemed to play in our yord and Tom would have a fit because he could never keep a nice lawn. I should talk. The couch in the den is definitely a dog bed. I don’t think I ever let the kids pull the cushions all over the floor. I know I didn’t. Every thing is OK when these dogs do it. It is never wrong or bad. Maybe for a few minutes or so But then they look at you with those adorable faces and you just melt and every thing is OK. We are so glad that they are in our family. They just make things right.

Well I had better be going. I still feel Ok so maybe I will be able to go for a little walk with the Tom when he takes the dogs.
By for now. Take Care.

Maria, BELLE and YOGI
Submitted by: Lynn on Aug 02, 2010
I"m so happy you enjoyed the letter! It's fun (and helpful) to think about things from the puppy's perspective! Chief's doing very well - +15 lbs. at the vet today! They just love him there; I think the vets argue over who gets to treat him! He is SO sweet, and SO smart, and SO loving. If everyone had a French Brittany, we'd have world peace, no problem. He's also strong and agile. Yesterday he moved a 20lb sack of top soil into a convenient spot where he proceeded to open in and spread it for me.(Couldn't do much more than laugh - shouldn't have been there, and he did at least move it to where we wanted in, kind of :) We took him to a field to run, and he stayed within 50 yards of us - just like you said he would. He keeps track of all of us and checks in even when we're outside playing.

Laura, her son Madison, and Captain Farmer are going to be here next week! We are all looking forward to getting them together to play! We will definitely take pics and video.

Hugs all around!
Submitted by: Judy on Aug 02, 2010
Mom and Dad of South Carolina,

one can relax on the deck in the evening coolness, lie in front of the fan, or go out on Casco Bay in the early morning, watch the lobstermen, catch a cool breeze, relax, look around, help dad catch a fish or two, go ashore with mom for necessities, get carried (delightful) back to the boat and yes relax again!

Feeling good,
Submitted by: Terry & Jean Card on Aug 02, 2010
Hi Melody and John -
You should be getting Chips "class pictures" shortly. He was well received by my students who immediately fell in love with him. He is all over "Facebook" (Google "facebook Dirk Card" and you will see a picture of Chip and my son.) Unfortunately, Chip only lasted 2 periods, then fell asleep in his travel crate so the next classes saw a much more sedate Chip. He is proving to be quite a character. He is smart as a whip and already knows NO, COME, SIT, and his name. He will also do "his duty" pretty much on command when he gets outside. Not sure if he has made the connection about not going in the house. He still forgets, but will stop in the middle when hears NO! Poor little guy. He torments the cats who now consider him one of their own and not a threat (a pain in the butt, but not a threat); and they swat at him but don't use their claws. Not that he cares, he just goes back for more in true Britt fashion.
Regards, Terry and Jean Card PS: Chip is getting used to New York State weather: It's going down into the 20's tonight! (Don't worry he's inside by the fireplace).
Submitted by: Jerry & Judy on Aug 02, 2010
Hi Melody and John,

I know Jerry has sent some photos of Jack. Here are a few more. He loves all the sliding glass doors and casement windows; and loves to follow the sun around the house. He also loves to run in the woods and the fields. Will have to get some photos of him doing that , if possible.

I HAVE been busy entertaining everyone who has come to meet Jack. He needs his own guest book! Everyone falls totally in love with Jack. And Jack loves everyone! He just loves people. Ever since meeting the two granddaughters, ages 4 and 3 (photos attached) he gets very excited when he hears children's voices whether on the radio, or wherever.

Jack is a real sweetheart. He loves to be loved and wants to please. He really is a very good boy.... most of the time. He still has his wild times which make me laugh. He is so funny.

We are happy with Jack and he appears to be happy. Last week he weighed 14 pounds so he is growing, as you will see.

We have had a wonderful spring here....lots of blooms and great weather!

Hope all is well with you all
Submitted by: Nellie on Aug 02, 2010
hi melody,

i was having breakfast with a friend in my neighborhood when i saw a couple of guys outside with a brittany puppy. unbelievably cute, so naturally, i had to meet him. i got to talking with the owner and he raved about his dog, the breed and the breeders. it turns out he got his puppy, bandit, from you. and bandit was consistent with the dogs we met when we visited you: sweet, affectionate, alert, energetic but not hyper, and just beautiful. i've been checking the website for pics of your new litter. if they were born around feb 14th would the end of march be a good time to visit them?

Submitted by: Theresa on Aug 02, 2010
Hi Melody,
I just wanted to let you know that Sadie started obedience classes and she is the teacher’s pet and star student. We love her more and more every day.
Submitted by: Lynn Peate on Jun 26, 2010
Hi, Melody. Here are some pics of Chief, Chief's room has a door into our dining room. We put up a baby gate and he sits in there and watches us eat (quietly, now, for the most part). We really don't leave him alone unless he's in his crate which he is getting used to. He will actually go in there to sleep on his own now. He loves the yard, and the sofa, and the cool floor, and his food, and his toys . . . But mostly he loves us - especially Marty. He is definitely his dog. He won't eat in the morning until he greets him. My uncle was over yesterday - begging us to go out of town so he could puppy sit - and he got him to sit and do a couple of other things. Now he sits whenever he wants something, as if to say, "Mama, I'm sitting. Please give me a treat, feed me, let me into the dining room etc." It's really cute. Marty saw him point something this afternoon - we weren't sure what - and his eyes got real big when an airplane flew over today. We're introducing him to new people each day, and as soon as our vet says ok, we'll start socializing him with other dogs. Our cat is getting more and more interested. I think she'd like for him to sit still long enough for her to sniff and cuddle a bit.

Also, he's well behaved. He responds when we "call him off" something he's not supposed to be into, and loves the praise he gets when he does that. He's relatively easy to redirect. I think I've got his language down. He understand three things - sounds of discouragement and sounds of encouragement/praise - doesn't really matter what the words are here. The third is what I call "do it" commands - come, sit, drop it, etc. My uncle says they can learn up to 300 words, and I think he's already got a few! Anyway, we couldn't be happier, and I think he's pretty happy, too!

I talked to Laura tonight, and she is very excited and getting ready. I can't wait to hear how Captain Farmer does with them. I know they are going to be just as happy!

Take care, and give all of the pups - little and big- hugs from us!
Submitted by: Laura Hines on Jun 26, 2010
Hi Melody,
Captain is doing great. He is a very smart little guy. He has taken to his crate pretty well - been sleeping through most of the night as long as we put him in late and get him up early :). He is eating well and learning to avoid the sharp end of our cat, LOL. He's full of energy and loves to run around the house, sometimes chasing the cat, sometimes chasing us! His fan club has begun coming over to pay homage to his adorableness...but no doggy friends yet. He will see Doc Taylor for his next round of shots on Friday. I took him into the vet's office last week to meet the techs there and so he could give the office a good sniff so it would be familiar. They went ahead and weighed him - 8lbs 3oz that day!
We are enjoying him and I think he is enjoying us, too :)

I hope all is well with you and that the other puppies have found their way to their new homes (especially the puppy that was flying across country!).

Laura (and Palmer!)
Submitted by: shelley gillespie on May 25, 2010
Mark and I just want to thank ya’ll for giving us your time last night to let us meet your dogs and to help us learn more about this breed and your dogs in particular!

Emmy really loved spending time with the puppies and she is in love with all of them! We found your forwarded pictures in email this morning and although she was on her way to school, she was able to enjoy a quick flip through all the pics. I told her we will take more time looking at them this afternoon, so I won’t let you know right now which is her favorite (although I think we all know already!).

We were very impressed with how all your dogs behaved and their beauty – mommy Abby certainly has a great place to take care of those puppies and they all looked so healthy and happy.

Thank you again for your time – we feel we have made new friends!
Submitted by: Tom and Janice Wise on May 11, 2010
John and Melody are the best! We purchased Murphy a year ago and what a sweetheart! From the point of researching breeders it became clear that John and Melody were knowledgeable, caring people that care about the puppies they bring into this world and want only to share the joy that each puppy can give to a family. Loyal, loving, intelligent and above all entertaining!

We have a St. Bernard, golden retriever, miniture schanuzer and then came Murphy. He stole my heart with just one look. Murphy is the house clown, a loving companion and is becoming a very attentive hunter and has natural instincts to point. Murphy will sit patiently watching birds, will point butterflies and leap into the air trying to catch them. Murphy will be going to training in August and on his frist big hunting trip in Nebraska in October. We loved Murphy's disposition and attentiveness that we purchased a female and now Muprhy is the proud Daddy of 10 new puppies! During the birthing process, which was my first, John and Melody were readily availble every time I called with questions or updates! Not only have we found a great addition to our family we have acquired great friends with John and Melody. Thanks again for all your help and support.
Submitted by: Bob & Sherian Long on Apr 20, 2010
From the moment Zack burst out of his carrier at the airport and into my arms, he has been the joy of my life. I wanted a companion 'lap dog' who would also have fun joining our other Brittanys bird hunting with my husband. I spoke and emailed a number of times to Melody with what I was looking for, and without a doubt, she helped me pick the one that has been perfect. At 33 pounds, Zack is a bigger 'lap dog' than I originally envisioned, but he doesn't think so! He goes everywhere in the car with me and patiently waits for me while I run all my errands. I think he developed his love of travel by the 3000 miles airplane trip he took to get here. He has a great disposition, loves everyone he sees and has so much personality. Like all parents, I don't think there is a prettier dog, but even strangers stop to tell me what a beautiful dog he is. On the whole he was pretty easy to train and is more than willing to shake hands if it will get him a treat! From my husband's perspective, Zack was a real pleasure to work with in his field training as a result of his mellow disposition and has integrated well with our three other Brittanys. We train our own dogs and by the time he was a year old in March he had met or exceeded all our training goals for his age. He appears to have a very good nose, points, retrieves, honors and responds appropriately to the collar, whistle and hand commands. Most important, he’s learned to distinguish when we’re just messing around, which allows him to hunt or chase most anything, and when we’re actually “hunting.” He seems quite self-assured and doesn’t require a lot of praise to motivate him. He’s been as easy, if not easier, than our American Brittanys to train. I know we owe so much to Chippewa Farms for the great bloodlines and the socialization the puppies get there from birth until they go to their permanent homes. Thank you so much for Zack. No one could do better than to get a Brittany there.
Submitted by: Clark Fawcett on Mar 30, 2010
Melody, Abby (Molly) is doing great. She has been a true blessing. I have a very stressful job and it is very nice to have a companion that loves me unconditionally. She and I spend a lot of time together. She comes to work with me a lot and most of my clients love her. She loves to run and play in the field when I get home in the evenings and we usually walk or ride the 4-wheeler down to the pond. She has made several trips to the deer camp and really enjoys it. She has more personality than any dog I have ever been around. She can be quite a handful when she gets wound up (which is frequent) but is a true joy. I call her my therapist. She fights sleep like a baby but will eventually settle down and most nights goes to sleep in my lap before I put her in her crate. I think she will be an excellent bird dog if I do my part. I promise pictures and the t-shirt will be on the way soon. Great to hear from you and I really appreciate the fact that you care about your babies even after they are gone. Hope to talk to you soon. Clark

Clark Fawcett
Submitted by: Becky Hayes on Mar 29, 2010
cassie is getting a birthday party on 03-25-2010 she is getting a cupcake u would not believe it if u seen her she is rotton she brushes her teeth and mouth wash still and she gets ginger ale or sprite with her dinner she likes to play wii the bowling part and she loves to take hanks socks and put them put outdoors. and she weighs in at about 45lbs and she still thinks she is a lap dog when ever i get home this is where she stays unless she is in the yard. and on the weekend she gets a happy meal from mcdonalds sat and sunday and 1 milkshake a week.

she also stills takes ahower with me 1 a week and she loves to go for long walks and loves everybody as long as u don't come into the backyard

will need to go now tlk with u later thanks alot love her to death

Submitted by: Sarah and Rick German on Feb 13, 2010
Hey there. Just had to report in with you and John to let you know how great Rebbie did at his real first quail hunt. Rick said he held point better than more experienced dogs, honored other dogs, and calmed right down and went to work. Unfortunately, however, they got snowed out for their hunt today, so Rebbel didn't get to work but for one day.

Rick and Rebbel really had a good time -- Rick even brought Rebbel in the lodge at night to lay by him while the "boys" had their drinks and kicked back. Also, Rebbel slept at the foot of Rick's bed both nights... I couldn't believe that -- Rick has NEVER allowed a dog in his bed since I've known him over 20 years. So, needless to say, he and Rebbie are BIG TIME buddies. Rick believes Rebbie will make a excellent birddog (for sure). He truly loves that dog :-)

The snow was really beautiful, wasn't it... but most of it's melted here.

Take care.
Submitted by: Theresa Padovano on Feb 13, 2010

Can you believe we were looking on your website this afternoon to see if the new litter arrived? We love Sadie so much! She is such a sweet dog. Sadie absolutely loves children and can hardly control her excitement when she sees them (we are working on that). She loves to be outside no matter what the weather and never seems to tire on a walk. Everyone always comments on what a beauty she is. She is now 22 lbs, not much of a peanut next to Sydney, our 12 lb Jack Russel. Michael wanted me to ask if you give volume discounts. He loves her so much he talks about getting another one often. He is very anxious to see the new litter.

So good to hear from you,
Submitted by: Jeff Pratt on Nov 03, 2009
Hey there,John and Melody

I’ve had brittanies and English setters for years.. Up here in New England, if you get a dog to be appropriately cautious and steady on Grouse by his 3rd year.. you’re doing well.

Riley had 3 solid grouse points Sunday afternoon.. and after that I limited on Woodcock over solid points as well.Riley turned 1 year old in July and he’s working grouse like a 6 year old dog.. crouching down and tracking along like a cat until he locks onto point.. He re-located on one bird 5 times.

We’ve been having a great time getting out this fall.. and Riley is all there as a New England Grouse dog.. and after an incredibly small amount of training and field time based on my past dogs.

Hope all’s well with you guys.. you’re breeding some awfully nice dogs.

Thanks Jeff
Submitted by: Andrea Wazwrzusin on Oct 05, 2009
Hi Melody,

Adopting the newest four legged member of our family from Chippewa Farms has been such a joy! I appreciated all the email and photo updates from when the puppies were born through the weeks until it was time to pick up Dax and bring him home. I also appreciated your willingness to give advice on how to transition the new puppy into the family in a way that would help our nine year old Brittany adjust to a new little brother. It is clear to me how much love you invest in your dogs and the puppies.

Dax is now a little over four months old and just finished puppy class and I need to tell you that he did great! The instructor is sort our local version of the dog whisperer, and so works with MANY dogs. Repeatedly during class she commented on what a great dog Dax is, specifically his temperment and intellect! It is so true. Not only is he cute enough to get compliments wherever we go, but has a great personality and is super smart!

Thank you for not only being selective in your breeding to honor the Brittany, but also investing the time and energy into creating a loving environement for the puppies to be start off life in... it equals happy, smart and well-adjusted pups!

Thanks again,
Submitted by: Marla Hamilton on Oct 05, 2009
We highly recommend John and Melody to anyone looking for a French Brittany Spaniel. When deciding to add a puppy to our house, we researched every breed! We were looking at all shapes and sizes, but most important to us was to find a wonderful family member that would fit into our lifestyle. We wanted a healthy, intelligent, loving dog and we were fortunate to get SOOO much more!

Melody and John were open and honest from the very first phone call and answered every question we had. They also invited us to come to see the pups from a previous litter, in addition to our future pups’ parents, to help us confirm our choice. It was obvious that John and Melody are committed to their dogs and know each of them so well.

Our Jesse was born in March 2009 and we received a phone call and pictures right away! It was obvious that all were healthy and well cared-for, and we were fortunate to be able to visit several times with the puppies. For those that can not visit, rest assured that Chippewa Farms is not only committed to raising quality pups, they are committed to finding the right pup for YOU.

Jesse is now 6 months old and is a beautifully handsome dog. Housetraining was not difficult and I was amazed at how quickly he learned the basic commands of watch me, sit, stay, down, and come. Jesse’s instincts are there to be a great bird dog, too, but since we are not hunters, we have not pursued this training. It’s fun to watch him act on impulse, though, and flush out a bird or point when he suspects something. We are constantly amazed and entertained by Jesse’s antics. He is a great addition to our family.
Submitted by: Claudia Borchert on Sep 29, 2009
Sassy's doing great. We're wistfully watching her get leggy and growing bigger... She's a gem (but of course you know that) and so darn cute.

Attached are some photos from a mellow overnight rafting trip in early September. Sassy did great, including wearing her life jacket. Hated the rain. Poor gal has little body fat to keep herself warm. Sorry the photos are so large (couldn't figure out how to reduce them).

Submitted by: Jenna Whalen on Sep 29, 2009
Melody and John,

That was so very thoughtful that you remembered Ellie's birthday!!!! I can not believe that my little baby is 2!!! I just remember like it was the other day picking her up and carrying her home......well she still thinks that she is a baby and tries to be held everywhere she goes :) She is probably the sweetest dog in the whole entire world, ive never seen a dog that just wants to be with you wherever you are. She is constantly either in your lap or laying next to us. And not to mention how gorgeous she is!!! I've seen pretty dogs but I get compliments all of the time on how beautiful she is :)
Submitted by: Jennifer K. Till on Sep 20, 2009
My husband and I purchased Wendy, our French Brittany, from John and Melody in April 2009. I unreservedly recommend Chippewa Farms. I called the Steeles because their website was helpful, their testamonials were so complimentary, and their dogs seemed healthy and happy. John kindly answered all of my questions on the phone, and Melody emailed me frequent reports and pictures after the puppies were born. I was even more impressed with the Steeles after meeting them - they are both kind and competent, and clearly love all of their dogs. They have an entire trailer devoted to puppies and their dams, with bedrooms for the nursing mothers. I was able to play with all of the puppies and meet Wendy's sire and dam. I am completely pleased with Wendy - she is energetic, intelligent, affectionate, and eager to please. She has wonderful energy and enthusiasm outside - she hikes and swims without tiring. However, she is calm and sweet inside. Because the Steeles socialize all of their puppies at at early age, Wendy has never been fearful of other animals or people - she and our other dog have been best friends since we brough Wendy home. We have not trained Wendy as a hunting dog, but she still smells out and points at birds when we take her hiking. We are so thankful for Melody and John and would gladly purchase another dog from them in the future.
Submitted by: Claudia Borchert on Aug 12, 2009
Hey Melody,

Sassy doing great. We love her. She's adapting to her crate well and is very responsive, cuddly and fun!! We went to the vet yesterday and got great reviews. The vet wanted me to tell you that you are doing everything right as a breeder and she is glad to see it. Quick question: was Sassy the smallest of the litter? And how big to you expect her to get? We're about to head off with Sassy for a week-long vacation in the Rockies. I will email when given a chance.

Hope you're doing well, say hi to the puppies

Submitted by: REBECCA HAYES on Aug 11, 2009
My Husband and i bought a french brittany back in may she is absolutely beautiful she was quit to pick up on house training and loves 2 take showers and quick to pick up on new commands if i had enough time and room i wld take another one and at 4 mths she already will go after birds but she thanks she is a lap dog and she knows that after a shower once a week she can sleep in the bed if you are thinking of a great pet this would be the one.
Submitted by: Cathy Boucher on Aug 09, 2009
Arty has been a terrific addition to our family. It was our first time having a puppy fly to meet us. From the minute he landed and greeted us, he has been a joy. Grandma Jeanne says he's a genius, but she's slightly biased. Arty is very social and friendly. We know he's going to be a great bird dog, when it comes time to train, as his scouting skills are already starting to surface. The Chippewa Farms family is the BEST!
Submitted by: David Bell on Aug 08, 2009
Hey John and Melody!!! I finally got Echo back to Kentucky!! He is doing just fine. He is torturing my mothers dog right now lol. But over all he is doing just great! Still getting used to things and trying to get the going outside potty thing and sleeping in his crate at night. But anyways. Thank you so much for your hospitality. You made it feel like we were right at home and we have known each other for years. I will keep you updated on Echo's process. Take care!!!!
Submitted by: Christi Hughes on Jun 18, 2009
Hey Melody!

Teenager huh???? Well that explains a lot...LOL!!!! No, he is doing great. It is just funny cause the other day after he stole his tenth sock of the day and fifth stuffed animal... all while I was standing right there, I was like "Baxter, what is up with you, dog???" Now I get it. However, he is such a good boy, that all he does is take the item in the living room and bark at it... like he knows he shouldn't chew on it, but he wants to so badly!!!! So funny. He is so sweet, a real lover... licks anyone who lets him. His training continues to go great. He and I did the AKC STAR puppy program and he passed. We are now training for the Canine Good Citizen. I'm hoping to do therapy stuff with him after he gets out of his puppy hyper stage. This too is getting better. He loves people, kids and especially other dogs. He continues to nearly give himself a heart attack trying to get birds and squirrels. We have done agility stuff with him a couple of times and he loves this. He is a great jumper! Hoping to be able to invest a little more time and money in this as he gets older. Isabel LOVES doing this with him. The girls are great and they are looking forward to the end of school. We just got back from Spring Break at the beach and Baxter thought he had died and gone to heaven. We took him everywhere... the beach, bike riding, downtown, Charleston... he loved it! He travels so well and really adapts quickly to any new surrounding. He is very attached to us (especially me) so he has some trouble with separation anxiety, but he manages. We gave up on his crate at night because he started crying all night. He played us like a fiddle and now sleeps with my husband and I... spoiled rotten!!! Anyway, we love him to death and I feel sure he feels the same of us. He attracts attention where ever we go because he is SOOO beautiful. I have never owned a dog that I have received so many compliments over. His face especially attracts a lot of attention. Anyway we are great and we are excited to bring Baxter back to the beach this summer. Hope all is well with you and John.
All our best and love,
The Hughes Family
Submitted by: Robert & Judy Lloyd on Jun 09, 2009
Hi Melody, I have attached 3 pictures of Sadie. One is of her pointing her first bird wing. Wow, she is wonderful. She already has us trained to her routine, Ha Ha. She is so much fun. she learns so quickly. I thought you would enjoy seeing her at work. Even the sleep work. We love her. Thanks and hope everything is going well with you all. Judy Lloyd

Robert Lloyd
Submitted by: Brenda Dixon on Jun 09, 2009
Hey Melody and John.

Jill is doing great. She has not had an accident in the house in 4 or 5 days. I think she already gets the potty outside thing!!!

She went swimming in the lake last week and took her first boat ride. She was so calm on the boat, you would have thought she had always gone boat riding.

She did not want to go in her crate at first, but now I just say "Let's go to bed, Jilly," and she goes right in.

She likes to jump in my lap at night when I'm reading or watching TV and she goes to sleep there.

She rides in the car wonderfully--just curls up in the back seat and sleeps.

I cannot think of anything that she does that does not please us. She is wonderful. She has stolen our hearts and I think my sister is also in love with her(my sister is not a dog person). My sister(Jan) tells everyone how smart Jilly is and how she walks on leash, etc.

I'll send some pictures soon.

Love, Brenda
Submitted by: Gary Stampfli on Jun 09, 2009
Hi guys, I have recently had the pleasure of field training one of your
pups, Jasper out in CA. I have to say he was one of my all time best
students, He accepted the training very well, learned better than most dogs
that come through my kennel for training. He is 100% bird dog now, he holds
his point very well, I have him steady to wing, the shot releases him to
make the retrieve or begin hunting once again. He was a bit immature for
full forced training on the fetch, he has great natural instincts and Steve
and I have discussed ways to build on the natural retrieve as he is close
there! He was purchased for a hunting dog and with a bit more maturity he
will be a GREAT hunting dog!

I am planning on moving my business to the northeast and after working
Jasper, I may purchase a pup from you soon to expand my breeding program.
Keep up the good work in producing fine, well mannered, high desire, go get
them bird dogs!

Jasper got his send off session with Steve in 100 degree, very dry weather,
showed like a champ!

Gary Stampfli
Lockhard Bird Dog Training Center
Submitted by: Tom And Maria Crupi on Apr 14, 2009
Hi Mel ,

Thanks for the pics. They are so cute. I can hardly remember when Belle was that size. I think I’ll go dig out her pictures. I love doing that. Belle and I are going to sneak upstairs to watch TV. As you can see from the pics we sent she loves our king size bed.

We love Belle so much. I remember how excited I was last year at this time.I was driving my whole family crazy always talking about which pup we should get.I know Annabelle is very pretty and that you love her very much. As for us I don’t know what our lives would be like if you hadn’t let us purchase your little Belle. We all love Belle so much, she has brought so much happiness into our lives. We will always be grateful to you and John for all your help in picking the right pup for us. I know she came to us with all the love of a wonderful family. I know she was loved and spoiled just as I would have done if I were there with her for her first 8 weeks. We all thank you for letting us raise her. Because of our precious Belle, I feel we will always be bonded to A VERY SPECIAL SOUTHERN FAMILY!!

Love , Maria
Submitted by: Andy Oliver on Mar 13, 2009
Our family loves Sugar, our French Brittany from John and Melody Steele. She is aptly named because she is one sweet dog. No matter how many times I get up and move from one room in the house she has to follow. When I work in the yard she is always on sentry, checking out what I am doing and checking out the birds! When in the field she goes for four hours straight working to find every quail out there. And when she finds one, she always has a pretty point…usually, nose up and foot up unless she is on a full run when she gets a wiff. Sugar is not a creeper; she is an absolute statue until shot is made. She is retrieving to hand well considering she is doing it naturally. The only work I am doing is taking her hunting and she does the rest. I have recently started training her with a dokken dummy to retrieve from water because she is a great swimmer. John and Melody definitely know what they are doing producing great all around dogs!
Submitted by: Rob and Liz Trenckmann on Mar 02, 2009
Bailey continues to be a great dog! We often marvel at how easy to train she is--she is so eager to please and responsive to our commands. She is also full of life and energy. She never quits and never backs down. We like her so much and have become natural 'salesmen' for the French Brittany breed. When we have taken her out, she is naturally interested in birds and not afraid to root them out, yet is always mindful of where we are. She checks in regularly which means we have never had to worry about her running off or getting lost. I think she is going to be a great hunter, and she is already the ideal family dog. We love her!
Submitted by: Maureen Rothbacher on Feb 26, 2009
Today February 26th2009 my Tri-colored French Brittany “TEDDY” celebrated his first birthday. I purchased Teddy from John and Melody Steele at Chippewa Farms in South Carolina. Teddy came to our home in Maine last April when he was 8 weeks old. Although I had owned American Brittany’s in the past, Teddy was my first French Brittany and long distance puppy purchases. I had initial concerns about purchasing a puppy on line and not being able to see it in person, but John and Melody were extremely personable right from the start with our first phone conversation, and were able to answer all my questions and continued to do so as more questioned came up. They shared in my excitement and anticipation of our new puppy with pictures and emails. They kept in close contact with updates on my puppy from the day he was born to the day he was flown to our home in Maine. Teddy was flown to us from South Carolina to Portland Maine on April 23, 2008 and arrived Happy and energetic. The intelligence of this dog was very apparent from the moment he arrived. I had an 8 week old puppy, which was sitting on command and learned to come when called in the first few days. At 6 month old I enrolled him in Puppy training and the instructor continually used Teddy to demonstrate because he was such a quick learner and was eager to please. He made his mother proud! Although he wasn’t purchased for a hunting dog, I know he would be an excellent one if trained to do so.
I purchased Teddy as our family pet and oh how he has joined the family. Our Children just gave him a birthday party today. He is very loving and wants to be with us all the time. He loves going for car rides and playing outside with the kids in the snow while pulling their sled, but his most favorite thing to do is to cuddle up next to us watching TV. He sits right between me and my 3 young kids to watch a movie with us. Yes, he has typical Brittany energy and has moments when he needs to be encouraged to calm down, but he can also just be the biggest snuggler on his down time.
We have had our Typical Puppy challenges with house breaking and chewing as any puppy owner does, and yes we are now in the “Teenage Years”, but I just can’t imagine our home without Teddy in it. When I purchased Teddy last year not only did I receive the most beautiful, loving, intelligent, and personable dog, but I have had the honor of getting to know John & Melody Steele and truly being able to call them my very special and close friends. I have enjoyed staying in touch with John and Melody and sharing pictures and stories of Teddy and my family over the past year. Thank you so much John and Melody for being the very special people that you are and for the wonderful little “TEDDDY BEAR” that has blessed my heart and home.


Maureen Rothbacher and Family
Scarborough, Maine
Submitted by: Sara and Rick German on Feb 22, 2009
Hey there guys! Wanted to give you a little update of the boy... Rick spoke to his trainer (Tony Bingham in Shelby, NC) this morning and the trainer bragged on Rebbel, saying he was really doing well and he believed he'd turn out to be an excellent bird dog. Tony is taking a group of dogs to Abeleen, Texas next week for three weeks or so for training on a ranch out there. Rebbel will be going too.
So that's the latest on our boy. Rick brought him home for a short visit of few weeks back and WOW, Rebbel had really filled out and bulked up muscle wise. He sure was glad to get some TLC while here, though. In fact, when Rick got home with him, Rick brought him in the house and Rebbel fell asleep for 1 hour in Rick's lap.
Sarah German
Sanctuary Arabian Farm
Submitted by: Kelly Kjersgaard on Feb 18, 2009
Like many others, we were initially wary of getting a new puppy based on a webpage and without seeing the pup or his parents (the dogs or people). Melody quickly changed our minds with her assurances and, more importantly, with her constant and accurate communication. She sent us tons of pics and videos and lots of emails about the pups, their (growing) personalities, their markings, etc. We were able to pick Riley up in person. We spent an hour or two with all the pups from the litter and met the sire and dam as well.

At 6 months, Riley is a constant source of love and entertainment for us and we want another! Despite being busy with their own growing family, Melody is always available to help and quickly returns our emails giving us training tips and answering our questions about getting Riley through the "teenage" stage.
Submitted by: Cliff and Audrey Keisler on Feb 14, 2009
Dear melody,

Bindi is doing very well. She loves everybody, but kids especially. She tries so hard to get to little girls. Your granddaughters gave her so much love; tell them they did a great job, and Bindi remembers them and loves them. I'm not a great picture taker but I will send you the latest pictures. Adrian puts Bindi's ears up and Bindi just lets her, the one picture that looks something like a mohawk is Adrian's doing. Oh! its only been a few months but it feels like she has always been here. She is free spirited and loves to play. I agree with you as she grows she looks like her Dad Cash, She is so tall. What suprises me the most is she understands "No" obeys it very well. I think that your John touched been with love also she gives Cliff extra cuddles along the way. We are so happy with Bindi. Very appropriate day valentines day, love day, to share about Bindi she is one loving puppy.

Thank You,
Audrey and Cliff
Submitted by: Jeff Pratt on Feb 14, 2009
Riley's doing well.

Vermont is a tough place to do much training in the winter.. we have had
about 2-3 feet of snow since December. So I've been letting him just
romp.. he loves the snow and leaps and bounds where our Setter plods...
Riley is very athetic and his jumps can range up to 10-12 feet...

A good friend of mine runs a nearby kennel, and when he gets back from North Carolina, where he goes to train for
the winter, in April.. we'll get Riley going on birds, training, etc.. I
suspect we'll be in pretty good shape come fall..

I don't have any recent photos.. but will try to get something and send it

All best.. glad to hear spring is settling in down there.. means it can't
be too far away from us up here.
Submitted by: Christi Hughes on Jan 23, 2009
Hey Melody and John

Wanted to give you an update on Baxter. He is now almost 16lbs. He is very
healthy and happy. He will be getting neutered in February. He had a great
Christmas, Santa was very good to him. He also got to meet lots of my
extended family. He is doing so well with his training. He can now do sit,
stay, down, shake, crawl, wait, look at me, and we are working on beg. We
are starting some more puppy training and socialization classes in February,
and in March, we will be starting agility training. We just switched him
from a harness to a Martingale collar for walking, and the transformation in
his ability to walk on a lead with no pulling is amazing! He is true gift
to us. We love him so much. He snuggles with everyone he meets.
We often think of you both and are
so thankful for giving us such a great friend to raise and call our own. We
love you both, Christi and family
Submitted by: Christi Hughes on Dec 07, 2008
We picked up our beautiful Baxter on October 14th and he has been a joy ever since. Our experience with Melody and John has been wonderful. We still email back and forth regarding Baxter's progress. The Steeles let us come to SC when the puppies were 5 weeks old and pick out the male we wanted and that was an experience that my 8 and 5 year old girls still talk about! After we picked out Baxter, they started calling him by his name and would give us weekly updates and pictures. Their kennel is very clean and it is very apparent that Melody and John love their dogs and that their dogs love them in return. I would highly recommend them and their dogs for your next puppy!
Submitted by: JEFF PRATT on Dec 02, 2008
Our family's search for a French Britt combined the need for a
part-time, but serious, bird dog with a full time and easy going family
pet. After consdering many options, we opted to work with John and Melody
Steele and that was clearly the best choice we could have made. In
addition to the personal hunting dog breeding, we appreciated the heavy
socialization that their grand-children were able to provide.. Riley
showed up ready to run in the woods and ready to settle in with our kids.

At 5 months old, Riley had both spunk in the field and knows when to
downshift in the house. He is VERY intelligent and good natured and is
keeping our 13 year old Setter young at heart and spirit.

John and Melody were great to deal with and even had to over-come a few
airline glitches on shipping Riley here.. all with steady and professional
attention to detail. Riley arrived happy, healthy and ready to go.. and
I'm sure we'll enjoy many years with him in the field and around the house
as a new member of our family
Submitted by: Audrey Keisler on Oct 30, 2008
Submitted by: Jack & Jo Kalmar on Oct 25, 2008
We recently purchased a pup named Luke from the Steele's at Chippewa farms. Luke is an energetic, lovable, and smart pup that is a joy to be around. We were very pleased with the professionalism and loving care the Steele's display toward all their pups. They have stayed in constant touch with us via e-mail and telephone checking on Luke's progress. We would highly recomment them to anyone looking for a good dog. Thank you for Luke!!!!

Submitted by: Kristi on Oct 09, 2008
Melody and John are the sweetest people! And, their french brittanys are gorgeous! You'll feel you know your puppy before you even get it, with all the pictures you'll receive, along with emails. Melody became a close friend of mine before even meeting her in person. Last week we were able to pick our precious Jasmine up. Their place is so wonderful and clean! They even have a trailer that's like a Sheradon just for the puppies and moms that even has a T.V.!
Jasmine cried for over a half hour not wanting to leave her 1st family! It was very obvious all the love and attention Jasmine had received. Thank you so much Melody and John for all you do! Friends Forever, Kristi and family
Submitted by: Jenna and Brian on Oct 03, 2008
We have always wanted to have a Brittany. When we moved to Charleston, SC we luckily came across Chippewa Farms. John and Melody were the most sincere and kind couple to speak with over the phone. It was an even greater pleasure to come to their farm and meet them in person. They both take great pride and raising their Brittanys and other dogs that they have. We were very impressed!! It was very evident that they cared for each and every one of their dogs and puppies at the farm. Melody even shed a tear when we left with our puppy Ellie!! Miss Ellie is one years old now and we could not be happier. We are very blessed to have Ellie in our lives and this could not have been possible without the quality care, love, and devotion that John and Melody have shown towards her as a puppy!! On and ending point, I must say Ellie is absolutely beautiful!!!!!! I would recommend them forever to anyone interested in a Brittany!!!!!
Submitted by: Steve Graaskamp on Aug 23, 2008
I don't know if we got lucky or if all your dogs have this kind of disposition, personality and smart looks. We couldn't be happier with our 6 month pup Jasper. You should see him freeze on a bird wing!
Submitted by: Susan McKay on Aug 07, 2008
Ms Petey is great! She is an absolutely wonderful
puppy and seems happy with her new home, even without the quail hunting. She does try to point sea gulls, bees and about anything else that moves outside and it's a trip. One of my little granddaughters(who both adore Petey) put it correctly when she said "Petey is too happy to be mad" This is the BEST NATURED pup we have ever seen.
We had her spayed a few weeks ago and the down time was hard on us all, but she got a clean bill of health from the vet yesterday, and is back to cutting flips on her beach walks with me..

Thanks to ya'll both for Sweet Pete..
Susan McKay
Submitted by: Carson Lovell on Jul 10, 2008
We got our puppy, Reagan, from John and Melody in late April 2008. She was from their February 26th litter. She is everything Melody described and more!!!! Reagan is beautiful, sweet, intelligent, spunky and social. We get compliments on her appearance and her demeanor everywhere we go. Thank you so much John and Melody!!!
Submitted by: Maria & Tom Crupi on Jun 15, 2008
We wanted a French Brit, but unable to find a breeder near Massachusetts, we were hesitant. Mel and John patiently walked us throught the process, providing us with tons of information, regular puppy updates and photos. In May, we recieved our orange & white female. At 12 weeks, Belle is everything Mel and John said she would be, and more. She is beatiful, loving, inteligent and eager to please. Our whole family is delighted with her. We contiue to contact Mel & John for advice. They are always there to help and we consider our relationship as more than just that of breeder/customer. Thanks for everything, Mel & John.

Tom, Maria, Pete, Andy, Papa and Chippewa's Carolina Belle
Submitted by: Rick and Sarah German on May 18, 2008
We are so grateful to Melody and John for letting us purchase a very special tri male from their Feb. 26th litter. Rick lost his 18 year old American Brittany bird dog the end of 2007, and I knew only a very special pup could replace his beloved Charlie -- so the Steeles came to my rescue with little Rebbel.

While Reb is just now going on 3 months, he shows wonderful signs of being an excellent bird dog, as well as being a perfect family dog. He's also very handsome with outstanding conformation.

Thank you Melody and John so much. You guys are the greatest and we appreciate everything!!

Rick and Sarah German
Submitted by: John Arnold on Mar 08, 2008
We took a chance buying a pup on the internet and from out of state but once we contacted John and Melody Steele our worries were over. They made us feel good about trusting them with such an important decision. Our pup,Reese is now 5 months old and has a wonderful personality as well as being beautiful and well bahaved! She is a delight to our family and gets along well with our other dog and cat. We made a excellent choice in purchasing a pup from the Steele's.
Submitted by: Rob and Liz Trenckmann on Feb 18, 2008
We have really enjoyed our experience with John and Melody Steele. They were helpful and honest on the phone. Our pup, Bailey, arrived in great condition after a cross-country flight. She has lots of energy and a sweet temperament. She is a beautiful pup and very healthy. We recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: The Steen Family on Feb 17, 2008
I got a dog from Mel and JW about 18 months ago and her name is Elly Mae. She is a french brittney spaniel. She is about 2 years old. She is very sweet and my family loves her. She is an inside dog and loves to run deer and other animals. She was very well taken care of before I got her. She loves the outside and running around with our other animals. Thank You again Mel and JW for Elly Mae.
Submitted by: Kim & Greg Creech on Jan 30, 2008
Melody & John We made it back to Kentucky. It took a bit longer with a few extra stops. But we did not have any problems. Both pups are good travelers. Both have been eating very good and sleeping quite a bit. Buffy seems to rough Jody up a little bit, but they are both really great little pups. At last vet visit, just before Christmas, both weighed in a bit over 13lbs. You are doing a good job with your breeding. Buffy and Jody are a real joy. Thanks!!Kim and Greg
Submitted by: Rob & Liz Trenckmann on Jan 24, 2008
Hi Steele Family, Hope you all are fine. Things
are great here. Bailey is doing very well. She is a very energetic pup. She is always playing, if not playing then she is sleeping. She sleeps so hard it takes a calvary to wake her. She has been a wonderful addition to the family!!! However she is growing to fast,she is at 14lbs. We love her alot and are really enjoying her. Thank You!
Rob and Liz
Submitted by: Billly & Angie Derrenbacher on Dec 12, 2007
We purchased a white and orange male French Brittany from John and Melody at Chippewa Farms. Our little guy, Sanford was eight weeks old when we got him. He has been such a joy to have around. He is very smart,and caught on very quick to the crate and potty training.When we take him outdoors he is always pointing something, birds ,squirrels or whatever is in his sight.The Steele's are very nice people, they have very Clean kennels. All the pups and mom are taken care of indoors.You get a tour of the whole farm from: pups,moms,dads and even the hatchery where the baby quail are hatched and to the flight pens for maturity. For anyone wanting to get a pup or dog I give Chippewa Farms an A+. Thanks again John and Melody for allowing us to become owners of Sanford I am sure he will bring us many years of happiness.
Submitted by: LIZ PICCIOLI on Dec 12, 2007

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