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† We are a small farm in central South Carolina, that produces bobwhite quail, and of course the beautiful French Brittany. We got our first French Brittany sixteen years ago,† It was several years after having Bella Anne that we decided to breed. We love the beauty, temperament, size, personality, and most of all their willingness to please "YOU". † Our pups are out of our own hunting stock .."Yes" we hunt our own dogs.† Bringing together the best from the present, and past for the future. All our our dogs has many champions in their pedigree's... we will be glad to send you a copy of their pedigree upon request.† French Brittany's make wonderful companions/hunters/family pets for the whole family that will last a lifetime.† We love our dogs, and we love what we do, and it is very satisfying for us to connect quality† dogs, and pups with families. We find the pup that is right for you, and your family. If needed, we can ship your pup by air.† Please call or email to learn more about us, and our French Brittany's.† Please visit our website. Thank you, and May God Bless you and yours.


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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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John & Melody Steele
Leesville, South Carolina 29070
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Hayden Owens on Jul 29, 2019
Thank you for everything with the puppy buying process! Esme is loving her new home and is spoiled rotten. If theres a way to leave reviews for your website please let me know. You guys are awesome and we could tell the dogs were all happy, healthy, and cared for!
Submitted by: Bob Wurgley on Jul 01, 2019
Happy Birthday Melody! Thank you for the Love and care you put into every pup , Takes a special person ! Have a great Day !
Submitted by: Pat Mannion on Jun 22, 2019
So, we got Hurricane Jackson home today. We picked this sweet pup out when he was six weeks old, expecting to get him in a couple of weeks. Then came Hurricane Florence so an extra week went by as Mother Nature took over. Then the heat was too high for Jackson to fly through Atlanta, so that delayed him another two weeks. Then it was Hurricane Michael that got in the way, but he finally got here today at 3 months old. He is so well taken care of and happy. Thanks John & Melody. Chippewa Farms has the best Brittanyís. With that name Hurricane Jackson would be a blues singer for sure. Lol ūüėā
Submitted by: Jan Jurrisen on Jun 19, 2019
Hi Melody and John,
We made it home safe and sound. Kiki as on her best behavior. Home she is a rascal, we have 1 acre fenced in to keep the deer out, this will keep Kiki in. She runs around as a maniac start to listen a little bit and will start training soon. At night she sleeps in her box, from 9.00 PM till 6.00 AM with no crying,and the box is dry.Thanks again for a wonderful pup. Jan.
Submitted by: Rob Sanders on Jun 19, 2019
Well, it looks like I have another hunting dog. Boudreaux went to the trainer for a couple months and came home May 30. Trainer said he didnít stop barking for three days after I left him and he held himself pretty aloof. Didnít want to play with other dogs, didnít want to listen. He was mad because I left him and he was a bit spoiled (thatís okay). It was his first time away without even Gunther to keep him company.

But, he came around. Minds well. Has a great nose (when we worked him over a few birds, he never stopped moving until he found the bird. He had his nose up in the air a lot; as a matter of fact, he would stand on his two hind legs and sniff around. Trainer said, I love it when they do that - thatís where the scent is. He knows.) Loves birds and the hunt.

He came home because it got too warm to be good training weather. Heíll go back in September to finish up.

Jim said I shouldnít be surprised if Boudreaux turns out to be the best dog Iíve had. That says a lot as Jacques was great and Gunther is fantastic.

Submitted by: Jeff Gross on Jun 19, 2019
Thought you might like to see Dewey at 5.
Happy dog. Squirrels are his greatest sport other than swimming.
Submitted by: Lauren Bland on May 30, 2019
Melody, we love our Charlie! Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Sheís the sweetest and smartest baby!
Submitted by: Anna Johnson on May 10, 2019
Abby is so wonderful! We absolutely adore her! Gus loves her too. She follows him everywhere. They go outside together so she is practically potty trained. She watches him go & then she goes. They both sleep with us & she is so sweet. We couldnít have asked for a better companion for Gus & for our family. She will crawl up in my lap & put her head in my neck & fall asleep. She loves to play & she runs around the yard. Then drops & falls asleep.
She is totally part of our family & we couldnít imagine our house without her. Thanks for being the best breeders of the most wonderful dogs.
Love - Clancy & Anna
Submitted by: J Scott Carr on Apr 11, 2019
Four years ago today, I was bringing Briar home from Chippewa Farms. Thank you Melody Steele for a wonderful dog!!
Submitted by: Clancy Johnson on Mar 19, 2019
This is Gus Johnson. we got Gus from you 8 years ago. Time flies. He is absolutely the best boy ever. We love him so much! He is so smart & kind. Thanks for your great breeding. Anna & clancy Johnson.
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