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Submitted by: John and Tami Simkins on Jan 05, 2016
The whole process was as simple as it could be. You presented the puppies exactly as they are. On the day we arrived we picked the puppy by allowing the puppy to pick us. The paper work was a snap, it was explained very thoroughly to us, and was very easy to understand. You showed us the puppy and explained what we should be looking for. The mouth for a good bite and the belly. Now that we have the puppy at home it is everything you said it would be. She is very smart, athletic, and easy to work with. In the first week she will run up behind me and automatically sit. She loves to fetch and has even pointed at different smells she has found. She has been very willing to be potty trained from the first day.

Thanks so much for the best puppy. We couldn't ask for more in a puppy and I think it would be impossible to find a better puppy!

John and Tami Simkins
Submitted by: Mike Busch on Jan 05, 2016
Ruger is doing fantastic and making my incredible strides in such a short time! Vet gave him 10 out of 10 rating! She hadn't seen that high all around quality in a puppy ever!!!

Submitted by: Natalie Purcell on Jan 05, 2016

Bells is doing great! We just adore her!!!

She's doing well with potty training with only a few accidents. She did however pee and poop in her kennel for the first time last night...? She usually wakes me up with a cry if she needs to go but she didn't do that this time. Oh well, she'll get it figured out in time :-)

As far as feedback from the business transaction from beginning to end, it was good. We felt communicated to on a regular basis and, of course we loved the pictures as the pups grew!

Thank you again for everything and hopefully we can do business again in the near future as we look to getting another pup someday.
Submitted by: Scott Ferguson on Jan 05, 2016
Hello Mike and Happy New Year!

Scarlet is doing great, We try to spend as much time as possible with her as she is loaded with energy. I spend at least 30 min or so after work tossing the Dokken Quail decoy in the back yard with a 22 cal blank gun and also work with her in the house at night practicing her commands. Every Sunday I take her for a long walk through the outdoors.
I started her off by introducing her to a dead pheasant in the back yard to get her used to the scent. I then brought her to a hunting preserve where we kicked up a about 5/6 birds without a gun, she was very interested in the scent where the birds were sitting when they flew. And then last week I shot over her on a bird, she wasn't scared, but not existed ether until we retrieved the bird and then she was just crazy about it. Since then I only was out once where I had two birds on the ground that wouldn't flush, but ran. She new what we were trying to do because she was on the scent trail.
Even tho our state pheasant season ended on Dec. 31. I joined a local club that can be hunted until March 31 for stocked pheasants and chukar partridge. So she will have much more experience with training as time goes on.

This past week she lost three of her teeth. So far everything is great with her, she doesn't start or pick on our other dog the papillon as we last discussed on the phone. The papillon pretty much put her in her place a couple of times, so Scarlet knows her place now in the house. The only issue is that she is up every morning at 4am barking. We let her out to pee, and then she will go and sleep for a hour or so. I sleep with my shooting ear muffs next to my bed which I end up waking up with on every morning.
I have some pictures on my phone that I will forward to you, shes hard to sit still most of the time to get good pictures.
Thanks Mike for all your prior help and I will try and keep you posted on her progress.
Submitted by: The Watkins on Dec 13, 2013
GSP Pup- Lennon 2013

Lennon has proved to be the most challenging puppy we have had to date (our third GSP)! While very petite, with pretty feminine features -she made up for her smallness with an energy and tenacity that is unmatched!

We still laugh at the fact that early on, she would wake up at a level 10, commonly at 5:00am - bouncing off the walls, wanting to play!!

As she has aged, she has matured, having calmed down a great deal. She has very sweet mannerisms; gentle with the neighbor kids, very loving with us (cuddle bug) and is a really good listener. She loves her brother (6 year old GSP) and although he is double her size, 9 times out of 10 he caves to her (giving up toys etc) - not so much because she dominates per se, but more because we think he likes her. :)

Lennon has an eagerness to learn and to be engaged, loves to run!! Fun loving dog overall!

Lennon is very small, 45 lbs and healthy. She loves fruit! (oddly). She has been known to steal apples from our work bags and strawberries straight from the garden.

She is a great addition to our family and we love her very much.
Submitted by: The Lawrence's on Dec 06, 2013
Yellow Lab Male pup- "Vern"

Hi Mike,

Hope this finds you doing well. Here is a photo of Cole and Vern (the puppy we got from you). He is now 6 mos old and a great dog. Chris has been hunting him and he got his first bird in South Dakota last month. Chris says he has a good nose and retreives well and loves to hunt.

Thanks again for finding us Vern. We love him.
Happy Holidays....

Laura & Chris
Submitted by: The Totman Family on Nov 19, 2013

Our GSP pup, Gunner is doing great! We couldn't be happier with him. He still very sweet and affectionate like you said he would be, and does great around people and other dogs. We receive a lot of comments on his temperament and how he's such a handsome pup! He's also a very quick learner and is always looking to please. We've been doing some pheasant hunting training and I can't wait to get him into the field in the next couple weeks!

Thanks again!!

Wes and Sara Totman
Submitted by: Michael Villhaugher on Nov 19, 2013
Hi Mike,

Brantley, from Lucy's litter is doing well. He is a friendly dog who loves to interact with people and dogs alike. We both have some things to learn still, but we are getting there.

He hasn't got to do much bird hunting lately, but he loves to go shed hunting. We had a slow year last year, but he loves nothing more than running through the timber for hours looking for antlers. I'll have to send you some pictures of the sheds we find when we go again toward the end of February.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me and I'll answer them ASAP. Below are pictures, some are old and some are new.
Submitted by: TIM SANDERS on Nov 19, 2013
Good Morning Mike,

Gus is doing fine. He is very loveable, smart, stubborn, birdy and enthusiastic. I am very pleased with him. He eats well, gets car sick, plays well with my older GSP, chews some, very handsome,

He needs more training than I am able to give. Do you know of any east coast or southern trainers that I could take him to for a month or two. I go to Florida in the winter.


Submitted by: THE GLASGOW FAMILY on Nov 19, 2013
Hi Mike,
Just want to let you know, we are very happy with our dog, Ace. He is 2 today.
We hunted him last year and he was amazing! He had around 200 retrieves.
He is hunting again this year and just keeps getting better. He is a lot of fun in the blind. He is very loyal to Dan. He drinks a little of Dan's coffee, and has taken his sunglasses out to the river a few times, but retrieves them too.

We have a blind in a bay on the Mississippi between Ft. Madison and Montrose.
We Love the Dog!

Thank you,
Jane and Dan Glasgow
Submitted by: The Schneider Family on Oct 28, 2013
7month old GSP Pup
Jake x Fancy Litter 2013

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to give you an update on what we've been working on with Hank since I last e-mailed you. Two weeks ago we got a few pigeons and have been working with Hank with those. For the first introduction we had the wings tied and we were just in our small back yard. He approached it instantly, nosed it a bit and got pretty excited. We did that a few times and then progressed to having the wings untied (primaries removed on one side so that it couldn't fly away). He did really well, the flapping wings didn't scare him, got very excited and just let him chase it around and go to town with it.

Since he was doing so well in our yard we took him to a field to work with the pigeons. We planted them without him seeing then let him loose. He found the first one right away and held a point momentarily, we flushed it but didn't let him chase it and then got him focused on finding the second one. He found that one right away but grabbed it before it flushed and we let him play with it for a bit before having him fetch it to us (which he did, not even caring that there was a flopping bird in his mouth, haha).

The last thing we have done was incorporate shooting into the mix. We did the same thing only we left a long lead on him. Once he found it and pointed it, we whoa-ed him and kicked the bird up, shot in the air (to simulate an actual hunting situation) and then once it landed released him to fetch it (where he again brought us a live bird in his mouth).

So, overall he is doing great and continues to progress well. We can definitely see his confidence improving more and more each week. Doesn't seem to be hesitant after having the bad experience at the preserve. We are also continuing to get him more comfortable around strangers which we are seeing improvements with slowly but surely but am sure that as long as we stick with it he will overcome it. Sometimes we forget he is only 8 months old and is still a young guy!

We might be going to Cedar Rapids to visit some family friends on November 9th and if you are around, could stop by quick with Hank to chat about more training tips and set up a time for him to come stay with you for a month this spring for training. If not, we can always plan to stop by another time. By the looks of Facebook you have been very busy with training and guiding! Talk to you soon.

Ann Schneider
Submitted by: Marshann Entwhistle on Oct 28, 2013

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but the kid does keep us hopping. I don't think either of us felt we were old until this little bundle of joy arrived in the quite household. We have here enrolled in classes three times a week with a very special trainer. She pickes her up and delivers her back later in the day. She does quite well with sit and down. They are working on stay. She gets to play in a large area with other puppies of her age range and she also gets to meet other people. We are trying to stop her chewing on the woodwork with just about everything we can think of. Lady has had her final shots and her rabies shot. She does like to ride in the car. Here are a few pictures of her but she just does not stand still long enough. We have a large area that she can run in and she does stay close to us. Answers great to a whistle it's just the word come she seems to become tone deaf. She also loved the snow last week. At first she didn't know what to think, but the tongue came out and off she went. Just loved it. She also loves to run through the piles of dried leafs. Loves the crunch. Also, Daisy lets her give all kinds of kisses, but when enough is enough the paw comes down and the kid gets the message enough is enough.

All in all she has been a joy and keeps this once quite household jumping.

Marshann Entwhistle
Submitted by: Brenton Feuchtenberger on Oct 24, 2013

Ruger is doing well, he is fairly energetic, intelligent, friendly, curious and very excited about live birds and finding pheasant wings. He is fetching very well from the start and picks up new commands quickly when were consistent with them. My wife got a great picture of him in our kitchen I have attached. He is growing fast and looks like he will be a big boy!

Brenton Feuchtenberger
Submitted by: Mark Groth on Oct 23, 2013
Lab Pup Summer 2013

Hey Mike,

Lincoln is doing great! Finishing up obedience training and getting out on some bird marks. Hey has no issues with gunfire at all! Shot two 12gauge rounds right over him last night while out having him find some quail.Need to work with him on flushing them rather than just picking them up! Going to take him out in the next couple of weeks duck hunting a time or two to get him a little experience with that before it gets too cold. He is a retrieving machine! Had him do 50 plus yard retrieves and a short double just to see how he would do.

I should bring out to your place again some Saturday afternoon and get some pointers.

I will get you some pictures when I get a chance.


Mark Groth
Submitted by: John Howard on Oct 23, 2013

Hey Mike,

Just wanted to shoot you a quick update on Libby. From a temperament standpoint we couldn’t be happier. She is extremely social and has yet to meet another dog she doesn’t like. With that said, she seems to love people even more. She’s very active and playful but surprisingly mellow in the house for a young pup. We’re not planning to hunt her until after the first of the year but we can already see she packs a lot of energy and athleticism in a small package. Very fast and agile and a great swimmer as well. We expect her to become a great hunting companion but she’s already a great household companion.

Great pup and exactly what you hope to get for a family dog.

John Howard
Frontera Marketing Group
Submitted by: Mike Sjoerdsma on Oct 23, 2013
UG Jake x UG Izzy GSP Litter Spring 2013
Female Pup- "Gracie"


Gracie is doing well and very healthy! I have started to hunt her and she is doing great for 7 months. She stays close, comes back to my whistle and is steady on point. She will break and chase birds she visibly sees running. She finds the downed birds but has not fetched the birds back to me. She stays over them until I arrive to retrieve the bird.

She still pees very frequently when running around which concerns me but I don't have a medical issue we can detect. I am hoping this improves with age.

Gracie is sweet, smart and a good companion. She will go south for training in January and February. Until that time I plan to hunt her and continue to work with her.

Mike Sjoerdsma

Submitted by: Brad & Eric Eisenbacher on Oct 23, 2013
Female GSP Pup
Bear Creek Kennels 2012 Litter

Hi Mike,

Natalie is doing well, she has a great disposition for being a pet in the house and does very well in the field. She is the perfect mix, she does excellent with other dogs and kids. We couldn't be happier with her. I have no action shots but I do have a few photos from last season after a couple hunts. Have a great season.

Brad & Eric Eisenbacher
Submitted by: The McMichael Family on Oct 23, 2013
Hey Mike,

Hope all is well. This is Kathleen McMichael. I bought Ellie Mae from your litter of Angel and Willie in November 2011. She resides in Florida and is a "Florida" dog if I have ever seen one!

She is doing great and we love her to pieces. She is very much the dominant one over my male and she demands attention...a true female as you warned me. She is an avid hunter and spends as much time as she can in our backyard hunting anything and everything she can find. She has caught 3 squirrels, a rabbit, and numerous lizards so far. Her confirmation and point is beautiful and we get so many compliments anywhere we take her.

We have a pool in our back yard and all she does it swim all day long! She will swim laps in the pool for up to 30 minutes at a time. She loves to jump in from all sides of the pool, I will attach a video in a separate email highlighting her favorite activity :)

Her training went well and she is very smart....too smart sometimes. Her only two bad habits that we are still working on is counter surfing and heeling off lead. She is good off lead until any small thing that moves catches her eye and then she wants to hunt it and catch it and she doesn't reliably come when called if she is in the "moment". And with too many cars and other things in a more city environment I can't risk her off lead. She is very crafty when it comes to counter surfing. She wouldn't dare do it when I am in the room, but if I walk out and she sees something she wants she will quietly get up and get it...a work in progress :)

Her temperament is good. She was very head-strong and stubborn in the beginning as a puppy, but overtime has evolved into a very loving and loyal dog....with an occasional stubborn streak :) She is very protective over her home and her people, but she is very social with other dogs and is a big hit at the doggy day care I take her and Mason to occasionally.

I am actually pregnant and 3 days past my due date. I am very interested and excited to see how the dogs will respond to the baby and to watch their relationship evolve with our soon to be new family member. When I had first found out I was pregnant Ellie Mae used to lay her head on my stomach when we snuggled....I still swear she knew from the beginning.

Hope all is well and that your upcoming litters are successful!

McMichael Family

Kathleen, Chris, Mason, Ellie Mae, and baby McMichael
Submitted by: Abby Harms on Oct 17, 2013
Hi Mike,

I wanted to take a quick moment to respond to your email and let you know how Stella is doing. She is a very healthy, rambunctious girl! She loves to play, chase shadows/reflections around the house, pull papers off the counter and overall get into trouble. She is very smart, and becoming more and more loving and sweet each day. She is well trained on her shock/sound collar, and loves swimming in her small pool and drinking as much water from the hose as possible.

Basically, she keeps us on our toes and loves her dog brother, Leo. I have attached a video from last weekend when she became a guard dog against something in the kitchen...what a goon! She usually starts the trouble and Leo joins right in. He doesn't even know why he's barking, except that Stella is on high alert and so he must be too. She also loves hiding behind the couch and ambushing anyone/thing that goes by.

People at the dog park comment constantly on how beautiful (and FAST!!) she is, and boy, is she!
Submitted by: Craig Myers on Oct 17, 2013

Neytiri is doing great, healthy, full of energy and personality, and hunting just fine for my standards. I don't hunt her in any kind of sanctioned tournaments, not really of interest to me. Mostly hunting wild birds and enjoying the outdoors is more my speed, although I do take her to the local game farm so that she has plenty of birds shot over her each year.

Craig Myers
Submitted by: Liz Rivers on Oct 17, 2013
Hi Mike!

Lilo turned 3 at the beginning of October, but she’s still our puppy. She’s an amazing dog. She hunts waterfowl, upland birds, and fur here in the mountains of Colorado. The best German Shorthair we've ever seen!

Thanks for checking in and hope all is well with you!

Liz Rivers
Submitted by: The Pittmans on Oct 16, 2013
Hello from the Pittman's!

Kolby is doing good. He is still dealing with some gun shyness but Keith has been working with him and seeing a bit a progress. He's really hoping to be able to take him out sometime this season. He is still his energetic and ornery self.

I realized when looking for pictures we have few of him stationary but not sleeping. One photo shows his nice long legs and coat. We still get comments every time we go on walks about how good of a looking dog he is.

The next photo was his announcement to the world that he is going to be a big brother in January. I thought it was a good photo of him.

Thank you for such a great addition to our family!
Submitted by: Sharon Veeder on Oct 16, 2013
Hi Mike! Joy runs for her JH this weekend and NAVHDA NA in December. Pretty impressive for under a year old!

Cool huh? She is a little long and lanky in the legs though... oh well. Scout will breed her puppies up. Scout is CH, his sire is BIS BISS Grand CH JH. His grand sire is Westminster Best Of Breed and so is his grand dam.

King regards and hope all is well.

Submitted by: Amanda McGinnis on Oct 16, 2013
Chocolate Lab Female- "Limit"
4 months old

Hello Bear Creek!

I just wanted to say that I am very grateful for your patience and time in helping me find the perfect puppy that fit me. After telling you everything I was looking for, a deposit with you for MONTHS, a ton of phone calls back and forth, I received a phone call telling me you picked out the perfect puppy for me. I was very scared that I might purchase a dog that was afraid of water, feathers, and guns.

Bear Creek Kennels took the time to send me videos of her playing in the water and with feathers to prove to me this little girl was fearless! After having her for 4 days I decided to take her with me while I worked my other dogs in the lake. As soon as she saw the bumper hit the water she didn’t even give my other dogs a chance! At 10 weeks old she made her first water retrieve at 20 yards! Mean while just a few days later I had a dove hunt lined up… I was scared to take her with me because it was SO hot, a lot of guns in the field, and once again she was only 10 weeks old! She did perfect!

Sat in the blind the whole time and guns did NOT bother her! At 11 weeks old she was already trained on going outside to use the restroom, and would sit and stay while I walked all around the house until I called her name! At 13 weeks old we traveled to Missouri. I could not leave this pretty girl at home because she goes everywhere with me! 6 of us shot over her in the blind, and as soon as she saw a duck hit the water she was gone! Brought me back a beautiful blue wing teal!

I have owned a lot of dogs in my life and I am proud to say this girl is my best friend for life! Bear Creek Kennels does a fantastic job on breeding their pups! I have trainers and big time hunters already contacting me about getting a pup from this beautiful girl in the future! I cannot wait to get another puppy from y’all!

Amanda McGinnis and “Limit” from Jonesboro, GA.
Submitted by: Jessica Fellows on Oct 16, 2013
Black Female Lab Pup- "Samantha"
Cosmo x Susie 2012 Breeding

Hey Mike,

Here is a quick update on Samantha:

She is amazing! We didn't have as much time during the summer to work with her as we would've liked and were worried how she would do at the start of dove season. By the end of her FIRST hunt she was spotting birds in the sky and retrieving all on her own. She is a natural. We can't wait for duck hunting!

She is also incredibly spoiled. She is only outside while we are away at work and has a very fancy dog bed in our room to sleep at night...which she rarely sleeps in because she's at the foot of our bed.

I am attaching some pictures of her most recent hunts.


Jessica Fellows
Submitted by: The Metcalfs on Oct 16, 2013
Hi Mike,

Shelby is doing great! Brian has taken her out several times and she is retrieving birds and is very disciplined. She is typical pointer as far as energy and is a wonderful family addition.

Thanks for checking in!
Brian and Cathy Metcalf
Submitted by: Janice Grimes on Oct 16, 2013
Hi Mike,
Here is a picture of Jet (black lab) and Zeke. Jet is huge. He weighs about 130 pounds. He has a great sniffer nose. I know that if we trained him he would probably be a bomb sniffing dog or drug dog. But he is just a pet and not a working dog.

Zeke weighs about 80 pounds. He LOVES to swim and to chase wild birds. He is very sweet. But we love them so much and they are spoiled rotten!

Janice and Todd Grimes
Submitted by: Jessica Fellows on Sep 17, 2013
GMHR HRCH Woody MH x UG Susie Lab Female Pup
Black Female, 9 months- "Samantha"

Hey Mike!

Wanted to give you a quick update on Samantha. We haven't been able to practice with her this summer the way we hoped. However since she had mastered basic commands and some fetching we decided to try her on a dove hunt this weekend. She was a natural!!! By the end of our first evening she was seeing birds in the sky before we did. This is a picture of her third hunt. She follows the barrel and retrieves without much direction. Sam is so gentle with each bird and brings it straight to Chase (even if she retrieves another hunter's bird lol).

We absolutely can't wait to get her on a duck hunt in the fall. She loves the water. We go swimming at the lake and can't seem to keep her out of the bath tub.

These first three hunts are way more then we ever expected because she has become such a spoiled member of the family.


Jessica Fellows
Submitted by: Ryan and Ann Schneider on Aug 30, 2013
UG Jake x UG Izzy- Spring 2013 Litter
Male- "Hank"


Sorry for the delay in getting our update on Hank to you. He is now 6 months old and is doing great. As of yesterday he weighs 40# and seems to still have plenty of growing yet to do. We've thoroughly enjoyed seeing Hank's personality develop since we got him. He has such a sweet temperament; gets along with all other dogs, people and children. At times he can be slightly timid around strangers but quickly warms up. Given plenty of exercise he relaxes well at home or anywhere we take him. Such a great family dog!

Out in the field or at the local state parks hiking he is full of energy and is all business with his nose constantly to the ground or scanning the sky. He is extremely observant and continues to learn very quickly. He has an immense amount of natural hunting ability and we are looking forward to taking him out this fall to see where he's at. We know with the right amount of training he will be a great hunting dog. We look forward to scheduling a time this coming spring for him to come down for some additional training.

We are very happy that we got Hank from BCK! He has an amazing personality, is extremely intelligent and great instinct. Also, he receives complements daily on what a good looking dog he is (no lie)!

Ryan and Ann Schneider
Submitted by: Steve Huedepohl on Aug 14, 2013
UGA Colt SH x UG KC Litter
Female Chocolate Pup

Hey Mike!

Suzy is doing great. She has a mild temperament and minds well, most of the time. J We have been teaching her to heal, sit, stay, come and retrieving a small dummy. Great family pup that grows on you quickly…

We have taken her down to the English river a couple times to get use to water.

She did get scared by fireworks over the hill on the fourth. It doesn’t appear she is gun shy though we haven’t shot a shot gun next to her. We have done several load noises by her, keep a 5 mm pellet gun on her kennel, and pump it up high and shoot it by her all the time. We plan to work up to a 22 pretty soon.

I will send some pictures soon. The boys are having a blast with her….
Submitted by: The Hahn Family on Aug 14, 2013
Tank MH x UG Magic
Yellow Male pup


All is well here. Training is coming along. Hank is very independent and very eager to investigate everything. He is very outgoing and not afraid of much. At just over 3 months, he is 28 lbs. and a constant bundle of energy, his nose is always on the ground. He has become attached to all of us and is a constant point of laughter. Attached are a few photos. I will take some better ones and post to Facebook and send to you also. I would like to set up a time to come out and do some training with you, once my schedule cools down a bit.

Dave Hahn and family
Submitted by: Ashlee Loudenslager on Aug 13, 2013
UG Jake x UG Fancy JH
Spring 2013 Litter- Male "Blaze"

Blaze is doing awesome. It took some time to get the potty training down but he's got it only a few accidents every once in awhile but he's doing good. Marty took him out the other day and was shooting his gun and letting him run around and he loved it the gun didn't bother him at all he just got a little scared when he ran into a throne bush, i don't blame him. We got him a playmate she is half golden retriever half yellow lab and they get along real well and play all the time. We are definelty going to have to get her fixed though haha. The black german shorthair you just got not to long ago is adorable!! So when she is getting ready to have puppies will you please let me know because we might take one of those too :) and I know you have your own dogs but we are willing to breed blaze if thats ever an option for you :)

Thank you so much
and please keep me in mind when she does go to have puppies :)

Ashlee Loudenslager
Submitted by: The Grumieaux Family on Apr 28, 2013
UG Colt JH x UG Haley GSP Litter July 2012
Male Pup- "Beau"

Hello Bear Creek!
Beau is a good boy funny very loving still wants to sit on your lap like a baby. He's a good listener when it comes to commands he knows his place with us he has our daily routines down :)

He walks/runs to the car with me in the morning before we leave for work. We have a deck on our pool and he gets atop of the storage bin and looks out over the fence and barks at everyone going by. We love that nice to know hes got your back :)

We love him, such a great dog. Can't wait to see what his future holds in the field!
Submitted by: The Amoroso Family on Apr 22, 2013
UG Jake x UG Fancy JH GSP Litter Feb 2013
Male Pup, 8wks old "Duke"


We just wanted to give you an update on our new lil' guy. Last night he crawled into his kennel and passed out at 9pm.. and didn't cry until 5:15am! He also is already learning to go to the deck door to go outside to go potty!

He is so sweet! Love that he plays hard for about 30 min. then passes out for an hour. : )

Thanks again for a great puppy!

-Whitney & Dominic
Submitted by: The Lubben Family of Iowa on Apr 22, 2013
UG Jake x UG Fancy JH GSP Pup Feb 2013 Litter
Female "Ruby"- 8wks old

Hey Mike,

Ruby(Jake and Fancy Female #4) is adjusting well to life with us. We are working on Potty training, she still has some accidents but is pretty good at controlling when she goes. We started working on basic commands today and is doing well with "sit" and "down". What is bear creeks facebook page? We have a few photos to share.
Thank you for an amazing pup. Can't wait to see what she does this fall!

Eric and Amanda
Submitted by: Heather Wood on Apr 22, 2013
UG Jake x UG Fancy JH Litter Feb 2013
Female Pup "Luna"- 8wks

Hi Mike,

Luna is doing well at home, loves to cuddle and chew:). House training is going well, a few accidents in the house, but the majority of the time she is going outside and getting lots of praise. Ruby (our other gsp) is doing well with her, she is initiating play with Luna, until she gets nipped:).

Luna is doing great at night too....only crying when she needs to go outside. She is beginning to recognize her name and comes to you sometimes when you tell her, "here". And she definitely knows what "no" means, but still tries to get away with stuff:).

We are very pleased and thank you very much! We has definitely already become a part of our family!

Thank you!

Submitted by: Dan Cady on Apr 22, 2013
UGA Cash MH x UG Lucy GSP litter Dec 2012
5 months old- Female "Eva"

Eva is GREAT! She is more and more curious of her environment and I'll be getting her on winged bumpers soon. She is great around the kids and everyone who is around her love her! Although she doesn't know everything we are trying to get her to do, she is VERY attentive when she is spoken to. She comes to a whistle RIGHT NOW without any training. We are surprised and impressed.

I could go on for a while about her. We are just very pleased. Very good pedigree, genetics and obviously a great kennel. Thank you again!
Dan Cady
Submitted by: The Zimmerman Family of California on Apr 22, 2013
Lab Litter Nov 2012, Male Black Pup "Ziggy"

Hey Mike,

I cannot even begin to express how great of a dog Ziggy is! He is extremely intelligent and was a breeze to train, and can honestly say he has not done anything wrong since we've had him. He seems to adapt to whatever I'm doing, if I'm calm he's calm, and if I'm looking to play he has endless energy.

He always sticks close when I walk him off the leash and listens to everything I say the first time I say it, and loves other dogs and all people.

I am extremely impressed with you as a breeder, and have already recommended you to a friend, J. Stuercke, who has a pup reserved from one of your upcoming litters.

Thank you so much for giving us such a great dog!

Submitted by: Siedelmann Labs on Apr 18, 2013
GMHR HRCH Woody MH QAA x UG Susie Lab Pups
Nov 2012- Male Chocolate Pup


Max is doing well. He holds until released and knows all of the basic obedience commands as expected. He is now doing blinds out to 30 yards and doing very well. Would be nice if it would warm up and we could get him in the water. He's a great pup. Thanks again.

Submitted by: KATY GSP'S on Apr 18, 2013

Hey Mike!

Joy is exceptional! She loves other dogs, pointing on birds, and we just shot over her yesterday with blanks and she didn't flinch.

Thanks again for this exceptional pup!

Sharon Veeder
Katy, TX. 77494
Submitted by: Aaron Schroder-Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club on Apr 07, 2013
UG Haley JH GSP Female 2010

Darlin is a medium ranging GSP. She has a nose that finds EVERYTHING, even if she doesn't want to retrieve it.... Tho in some competition (I run4 pointers and a lab on a guide) she'll find the bird and bring it.

More importantly she's a great companion and house dog when we're not working. She sleeps with us every night and doesn't bark. She's ready every morning to go to work and guide/train.

She's paid for herself 10x since I've started guiding, but more importantly she's my best friend.

I couldn't be happier.

Chef, Pheasant Bonanza and Roosters
Gun Dog Trainer and Upland Guide
Submitted by: Tom L. on Apr 03, 2013
10 month old Yellow Female- Started
UGA Rage MH x UG Magic Daughter


I took Crash, who we have renamed Callie, hunting last Thursday. She did even better than the first trip, retrieving pheasants, chukar, and quail in our hunt here in Illinois. Attached are some pictures. She is doing very well and she is now at 44.9 lbs. All in all she has been a great addition to our family. A tremendous Upland Retriever.

Submitted by: Mike Knuth on Mar 04, 2013
GSP Male Pup 6 months
UG Colt JH x UG Meg Sept 2012 litter

Hey Mike-

Had Ryder on birds on Sat and Sun……SEVERAL really good points already…..honest to God……one very solid point from about 50 yards on a half dying quail that we’d released the day before that was out in some stubble. We thought he was nuts but sure enough there was the bird.

He’s extremely bold…has the looks of something that could do well in the field trial world.

Submitted by: The Therese Family on Feb 18, 2013
UG Colt JH x UG Meg GSP Male Pup
Nov 2012 Litter, "Bainer"

hi sorry i took a little longer to reply bainer is doing great picking up on training very well. he is also doing good with training with a birdwing and is starting to get in point stance. we love him very much and are so happy we got him. we are looking forward to taking him to PA to have some fun in the woods with our family with gsp's :)
Submitted by: The Vogels on Feb 12, 2013
GMPR HRCH Woody MH QAA x UG Susie Lab Pup
Nov 2012 Litter- Male "Grizzly"

Grizzly is doing great! So far, he is very good natured, playful & is listening and learning very well. He uses his nose a lot & is beginning to fetch. He is really good with our children, you just have to say his name if he is getting too excited and he will walk away. Still working on the potty training, but he is coming along pretty well. Attached is a recent photo!

Overall, we were very pleased with our experience with Bear Creek & would recommend to our friends/family.

The Vogel Family
Camanche, Iowa
Submitted by: Matt Richardson and Kim Stanford on Feb 12, 2013
GMPR HRCH Woody MH QAA x UG Susie Lab Litter
Nov 2012- Male Choc "Harley"

Hi mike,

Harley is doing great. He is very health and full of energy. He's very friendly to other people and dogs and LOVE'S kids :) . We get so many compliments on how he's such a beautiful dog. Everyone loves him. We're in the process right now of training him how to hunt and retrieve birds. And getting him use to water ( that wasn't very hard cuz he loves water.) We also have kennel trained Harley and he goes in he's kennel all by him self now. He's very loveable and he's going to be a great workin dog.

We are very happy with Harley and are extremely happy we got him. You did a great job breeding and keeping us up to date though the whole process. We would highly recommend you . Thanks again Mike

Matt, Kim and Harley
Submitted by: Kyle Zimmerman on Feb 11, 2013
GMPR HRCH Woody MH QAA x UG Susie-Lab Litter
Nov 2012- Male Pup- "Ziggy" 12wks old

Hey Mike!

Ziggy's doing great, I honestly couldn't have asked for a better dog! Very healthy, very handsome, and unbelievably smart. Everyone is incredibly impressed with how well behaved he is and how fast he is learning.By the end of the first week Ziggy was already house trained and knew how to sit, lay down, shake, stay, and come! Ziggy's a very calm dog the majority of the time, but still loves to play and loves all people and dogs he's met so far!

Thanks again for such a great pup!
Submitted by: Wing and a Prayer GSP's on Feb 08, 2013
UGA Cash MH x UG Lucy GSP Litter Dec 2012
Female Pup- "Joy"

Thank you for such a fantastic pup. So far ours is the best puppy ever ... Couldn't ask for anything more! Take care Mike.
Kind regards...

Sharon Veeder
Katy, TX.
Submitted by: Pat Cline on Jan 17, 2013
Well Started Yellow Lab Female
Call name "Yellow" Sold 2009

Yellow is doing great and is a polished upland and waterfowl dog. She always impresses other hunters and is the best dog in any hunting party I'm involved with. I have hunted her extensively in both Canada and South Dakota. She does point about half the time on pheasants.

I am looking to spring to breed her and will try it then as there are a number of guys who want a dog from her. Shes the best dog we've ever owned.

I hope all is well with you.

Submitted by: The Semichs on Jan 11, 2013
GSP Litter Spring 2012- Male Pup

Hi Mike,

Our little guy Lenny is doing Great! We could not be happier with him. He is an extremely fast learner, it's hard to come up with new games/tricks for him because he learns them so fast. He picked up pointing at about 4.5-5 months. There is an area on our morning walk where he usually sees rabbits and will point, creap, point, etc until he sees one (or pretends to) then on "Get It" will chase after it. He has also starting chasing deer but will come back quickly when called. He is very good with other dogs as well, he will be very calm and submissive for the first minute or so and then start playing with them assuming they want to play. He never barks unless he gets really excited playing with us but doesn't bark or act aggressively at all around other dogs.

Hope all is well at the kennel. My boss is looking at getting a black GSP, are you guys going to have another litter this next year.
Thanks again, I can't emphasize enough how happy we are with him.

John Semich
Submitted by: CHRISTIN CATRON on Jan 03, 2013

Hey Guys,
Just coming across your email again - sorry I have not gotten back to you. Busy and was hoping to get some good active pictures of Gracie. She is growing and very active as you can only imagine. The girls have shot around her at the target while practicing which seems to not even bother her in the slightest. She goes on with whatever I am doing with her at the time. She loves to retrieve and house manners are coming along. With the cold weather she has not been out as much and her energy sometimes gets her into trouble:) We have not had her officially on any birds. They have come back into our tree lines so Nick may take her out one of these warm days just to play around and get some photos. She is a very busy little girl that is very headstrong. But intelligent at the same time. When she gets something she does very well and is very determined to do it well. We also had to put down our 13 year old this past fall so Gracie helped us with taking care of him in his last summer. (I have attached pics with both Ty the liver and white and our new female, all liver) We have adopted an 11 year old female that has a lot of hunting experience a couple of weeks ago and Gracie is doing very well bonding with her. I have had both out just in the pasture and they work very well together. Anxious to see them on birds. Take care and hope your holidays went well.
Christin Catron
Submitted by: LUKE RICHMOND on Jan 02, 2013

BCK Family,

Happy new year to you all and thank you for the Christmas card and dog treat for our puppy. First I would like to say that my experience with BCK has been outstanding. Mike has far exceeded my expectations in any dog breeder by being readily available for questions, concerns, and tips on our puppy. Additionally, his costumer service, shipping, and pro shop gear is top of the line and the very best. Thank you for all your time and attention given to your customers and puppies.

As for Tuckie, she is eight months old now and is doing great. She's 45 lbs and a beautiful black and roan GSP and is the best looking dog on the block. I am not hunting with her but I can tell she has it in her to be a great field dog. Around the home she is very controllable and responsive to training. We have had very few accidents but when they do happen she is very responsive to discipline and we have no problems with recurrence. Her temperament is very calm and low key, until we go to the park and allow her to run free. When outside she's very active, fast, social, great around kids, people of all races, etc. Pretty much the perfect family dog!

She is the perfect dog and companion and our experience with BCK has been great. I don't have any updated pictures but I will send you guys some or post some on facebook as she grows up. Thank you for all the help and great costumer service. As long as BCK is breeding dogs I will be a loyal costumer!

Happy new year and feel free to contact me anytime.

Luke Richmond

Submitted by: AARON HEMMER on Dec 27, 2012
Willie x UG Lucy Litter Summer 2012
Male Pup #7- Oscar

Hi Mike,
My pup (Willy x Lucy #7) "Oscar" is doing great. He's very smart, and has learned some very important commands like stay and heel. He has a lot of energy, and loves to play outside no matter how cold it is, but he also knows when it's time to take it easy and relax on the couch. I spent a few days at my parents house over Christmas, and went out into the cornfield behind their house every day and let him run and track. Even though there was a foot of snow, he didn't want to stop. There weren't any birds, but he did track down a few rabbit nests. I also took him out to the public hunting area (Hawkeye reserve in Johnson county) and let him do his thing. He made one great point on what ended up being a sparrow. He's finally started to fill out his frame a little bit; I think he's around 45 pounds right now.

Thanks again for allowing me to purchase a dog from your kennel. You have a lot of really great dogs, and your willingness to reach out to me and answer any questions I have is a testament to how much you care about your kennel.

Submitted by: MIKE HEERHOLD on Dec 27, 2012

Hi Mike,
I took Cash to the vet this morning for a check up and my vet liked him a lot. He weighed a shade over 58 pounds so I hope to get him up a few pounds yet. I also took him hunting yesterday. He handled very nice and found and pointed four pheasants of which we got three. The snow was 20 inches deep and the birds were burrowing under sorghum. I theorize that that is how we lost the one bird. I shot it and it looked like it should have been dead but it was not there when Cash got to where it fell. Very odd.
I never even tapped him with the collar. He responded great to just his name and "here".
My wife loves him. Hope you and your family had a good Christmas. Have a safe and happy New Year.

Submitted by: THE THOMPSONS on Dec 23, 2012
UG Colt JH x UG Meg Female GSP Pup
"Fancy"- 8 months old

Hey Mike!
Fancy is now 8 months old and we wanted to update you on her progress. She is doing very well but is a bit spoiled. The only real issue is her competitiveness when hunting with our other German short hair. I have taken her out by herself a few times and she does great. I have attached a few photos of her in action for you. Thank you for the holiday letter and treat you sent us as well.

Happy Holidays,
The Thompsons
Submitted by: The Jans Family on Dec 18, 2012
Female "Jade"

Hello Mike,

Jade is doing really well. She has adjusted into a nice routine. She is very good in the house and only gets into a few laundry items to play. LOVES to play! Her health has been great now. She loves the outdoors. She is in the kennel outside during our work day and in the house the rest of the time with us.

Here is a recent picture of her. I will send more later.

Merry Christmas!

Ronda & Daryl Jans
Submitted by: Karen Erickson on Dec 13, 2012

Hi Mike,

All is well in Polk City! Adriane has had a very productive fall hunting season. So far she and my husband and son have brought home 6 pheasants. According to my husband she is an awesome hunting dog, with great hunting instincts! The picture attached is her very first pheasant.

She is a great family dog, excellent with children. She is so much fun to have as a pet. She is only a year old, so she has a ton of energy, and that is sometimes hard to contain. But overall her temperament towards people is good. She tends to be a little dog aggressive towards strange dogs, and is a little territorial. But she gets along well with dogs she knows or dogs at the kennel, and dogs out in the field.

We have had a great experience with your kennel and have recommended you to our neighbor who will soon be in the market for another German Shorthair.

Happy Holidays,
Karen Erikson
Submitted by: Sid Greenwalt on Dec 13, 2012
UG Colt JH x UG Haley JH Summer 2012 Litter
GSP Pup-Black/Roan Female- "Minnie"


Minnie is doing great. She can't wait to get out of the kennel when I get home so we can start roaming around. The heel and whoa commands are going pretty good. We still have a little work to do on them. She likes to tease me once in a while when retrieving the dummy but I haven't been able to put in as much work with her as I should have. She gets along great with Bella,
my other shorthair. We'll see how this winter goes, I may have to talk to you about training in the spring. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Submitted by: TOMMY LEPAGE on Dec 12, 2012


Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. I hope you're doing well.

"Houston" is doing great and enjoying life in Central Virginia. He is almost 17 months old. He is about 58 lbs.... He is a great dog and great listener. He also has a great attitude and temperament. He gets along well with all people and other dogs. My three year old female GSP and him are best buddies and get along great. He can be excitable at times, but he is still young. Overall, he has been easier to train and already listens better then my 3 year old female shorthair (and she is also a great dog, she can just be a stubborn and moody at times!).

I moved in September and have a larger backyard and a 10 foot fence, so both of the dogs are enjoying that. I also live about 1/2 mile from a big field that is surrounded by woods and has a few creeks, so I take them there about once a day to "run". I attached a few pictures. Take care and Merry Christmas.

- Tommy
Submitted by: Nick Bergeman on Dec 11, 2012
Rip x UG Bear (1st Place Open Challenge Trial)
Lab Litter Spring 2011- Female Black "Rio"

Hey Mike,

Good to hear from you again! Hope the hunting season is going/has gone well for you thus far! Unfortunately for me and my pup we didnt get to spend ths hunting season together as I have been deployed to Afghanistan. Its been tough as Rio (our Bear X Rip pup) and myself took so much time in preperation for this duck/pheasant season. Before I left in June at 14 months Rio was doing very well, i was suprised at how easy/fast she would pick up on new training. Her personailty is second to none, she is very calm inside but very high drive in the field. Very good with kids, and little ones. I was very happy with BCK and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thereare a variety of pictures of her on my facebookpage feel free to use her pictures on your website. I get compliments every where I go on how beautiful she is.
If there is anything else or any other answers I can provide just shoot me an email I check it fairly regularly. Have a great Christmas!

Nick Bergeman
Submitted by: Jaime Bartunek on Dec 10, 2012
2012 UG Colt JH X UG Haley JH
Male Black Roan Pup- "Cooper"

Things are going well here. Cooper has been a very good puppy, still having a few “piddle” accidents when he gets excited but other than that he is wonderful. He is very laid back for a shorthair puppy, I think he’s the calmest one we had. He is more dominant than are older dog, but still likes to cuddle. We have taken him out to a field to run, and he listened very well and enjoyed himself. He is a fast learner. We did take him to the vet the other day, the dew claw on his right leg is starting to have a nail grow back. She said that it shouldn’t be anything to worry about, just wanted to let you know. He also gets a little car sick when we take him places, hoping he out grows that. I attached a picture of Cooper, of course it has Buck in there too because they are inseparable J Hope you and your family have a great Christmas.

Jaime Bartunek
Submitted by: Jake ellefson on Dec 10, 2012
2012 GSP Litter UG Briar x UG Tequila
Female GSP- "Belle"- 8 months old.

This is “Belle’s” first wild point and shoot bird shot on Minnesota opener this year at 8 months of age. I just got back from a 5 day trip from South Dakota and she did well for her age and the conditions. She is extremely biddable, great around the house, and should develop into a great little dog at 22” and 40 pounds.

Thanks Again!!!
Submitted by: Jerry and Phyllis Roberts on Dec 09, 2012
Rip x Addie Pup
Summer 2011- Female Black "Brandi"

Just a note to tell you about Brandi.
Her coat is very beautiful as she is also. She is very intelligent,a bit head strong. She has a good nose for hunting and of course she loves to swim. Early morning just at sunrise she's out for half hour run and exercise.
She is just over 2 years old.Needless to say we love her very much.

Jerry and Phyllis and Roberts
Submitted by: The McVay's on Dec 09, 2012
Cosmo SH x UG Susie-Litter Spring 2012
Female Black Lab Pup- Bailey

Hi Mike,
Bailey is doing really well, she’s calmed down a lot which helps. She’s really great with our 2 yr old son, he can do anything to her and she just doesn’t care. We don’t let him be mean to her or hit her, but he can play with her mouth and climb on her and she just lays there and hardly even lifts her head. They have a great time chasing each other around the house too, it’s pretty funny. Doug took her hunting a couple of times. The first time Lucy was along but her leg really bothered her after so he took only Bailey the second time. It sounded like she did alright and understood why she was out there. He froze a couple of birds for training later on. Hope all is well.Darci
Submitted by: Dan Pharris on Dec 09, 2012
UG Colt JH x UG Haley JH- Summer Litter 2012
Male GSP Pup-Black/Roan- 6 months old

Hey Mike,

My pup is doing very well. He is trained to Heel, sit, stay, retrieve to hand, and he points birds without flushing. The first time I took him to work over pen raised quail he pointed solid every time without any training. I have took him quail hunting with an older dog and he honors the old dog on every point! He is still a pup when hunting but when we get in to birds he is all business. he has a great temperament with people and other dogs. He has retrieved pen raised quail and doves to hand. Very Happy with him so far. Looking forward to bringing him to hunt some Iowa Ringnecks!
Submitted by: Tim Fecht on Dec 09, 2012

Tixie is a good hunting dog. The picture is from our 1st hunt together, just me & her because I wanted to see how she worked. The next hunt was with my cousin & his lab. Tixie locked on point & hid dog couldn't find anything. He swore my dog didn't have anything. After I flushed the bird & got it he went back to his truck & went home. LOL.
Thanks for a great pup, we can't believe at only 7 months of age she's producing the birds she does. WOW.
Submitted by: The Hills on Dec 07, 2012

Ok Mike – you asked for pictures! We love Wingo! We have a large wooded area a block from our house with deer, squirrel, turkey, stream, etc. There is no hunting allowed because there are residential areas nearby – but he LOVES to go smelling there every weekend! He has a very social temperament – but I do take him to a doggy day care - which has helped tremendously with his interaction with other people and other dogs. He is basically the “greeter” because they let him roam anywhere he wants all day. His training with the e-collar has gone well – he is a very smart dog and catches on quickly to the house rules! I wish we were official hunters and lived nearby so that we could have him trained by you and your staff…….but we are very satisfied that we have a wonderful buddy dog.
Thanks, Denise
Submitted by: BARBARA DUPONT on Dec 07, 2012

Dear Mike, As you can see, my wonderful 7 month old GSP male is the nicest, dearest, but also huntingest young dog I've ever had the privledge of owning. Here he is with a Jack Russell litter of 5 weeks...he is like a mother hen with them- there are 6 in this litter, and he delicately steps into the box and eases himself( 60 lbs.of ease) down amongst his kids and plays with them by the hour. I have never known a dog to do this or even be interested in new babies. he has other young dogs to romp with but loves these little guys. The rest of the day is spent pointing song birds for lack of and worth while quarry is non existent here in this area. I plant quail on occasion and am not disappointed- he is a pointing maniac- evn pointed a parrot at our Petco! So. in short, I adore this Boy, Yogi of bear Creek, and he is a joy to have in the house as well- heads to his open crate for naps, or lies fireside. Thanks for breeding him! Merry Christmas,
Submitted by: JEFF ROBISON on Dec 07, 2012
Hi Mike,
Porter (my favorite dog and favorite beer) is doing well. He is my running companion, along with my two other dogs I try to run five miles twice a week.
My spouse calls him "Mr. Exuberance"
The attached picture was taken last June.
Ports is happy and well!

Jeff Robison, Marion, Iowa
Submitted by: Ryan and Robyn Reeves on Dec 07, 2012
Willie x Lucy Pup
May 2012- "Madoc"

Mornin’ Mike,

Madoc is doing really well! We’ve had him out on three hunts so far, and we have shot about 30 quail over him. Not a lot of pheasant/chukar/etc. hunting down here in FL, primarily quail. He is steady on the point about 70% of the time and has held points for upwards of 5 minutes while I search for the bird. We haven’t begun to work on steadying him to the flush, shot, or fall. That will come after his first season is under his belt and he’s ready to move forward. He does a good job of going and finding/getting the downed bird, but still has a long way to go to retrieve to hand. We did some sound conditioning with him early on, and I know you did as well, and it worked because we’ve shot 12 gauges right by him and he flat doesn’t care. Not a smidgen of gun-shyness! He swims really well, and loves the water. We have a pond close by that we take him to and swim him quite a bit. He has a buddy that is a Weimaraner that he swims with, and they have a great time. He is extremely friendly with all people, we’re working on getting him not to jump at people. He is somewhat skittish around new dogs, but once he’s had a minute to sniff around them, he wants to play and be their best friend. He’s definitely not mean/aggressive towards people or other dogs. Around the house he can be a stinkin’ handful. Full of energy, and it is blatantly obvious the days we don’t get to take him on a long walk or out to the pond to play. My wife and I run a lot, so we’re definitely looking forward to when he is grown enough to go on runs with us. Keep him in shape, and do something productive with his energy. If you have any suggestions for us based on any of the above information, we’d be more than happy to hear them! I’ve attached a pictures of our family, and a link to a recent photoshoot is linked below. I’ve also linked a YouTube video of him swimming from a couple of weeks ago. We’re extremely pleased with him overall, and he has such great natural instincts that it is really a joy to watch him work in the field. Madoc has been a phenomenal addition to our family, and we love that little guy! Thanks again for everything that you did to make Madoc the great dog that he is.

Ryan & Robyn Reeves (and Madoc and Winston!)
Submitted by: MIKE BABINEAU on Dec 07, 2012


Lucy is dong wonderful! She is a great family dog. Lots of energy. In early Sept she did some training at a local trainer. 10 days getting over some birds. She will go back in December while I am out of town, and then again next summer more extensively. I had a great fall hunting with her. She flushed woodcocks behind my house all summer and fall. Starting in September we went grouse hunting. Numbers were way down, but we found a few. I only got one grouse this fall. She flushed it, but didn’t see it go down. Once she found the dead bird, she pointed it for me. We went out for pheasant opener in MN. I hadn't hunted MN in a long time, but went out to get her more experience. We learned quickly that she wasn’t ready for the swamps where she couldn't see me. In the shorter grass she did great. We flushed some hens. No points or roosters:( We went to Pierre SD for the second weekend of pheasants. She was AWESOME. 4 great points, hunted close, and tried to retrieve some birds. Her nose was getting better with each bird. She was still slow tracking a bird, but got better and better. I tried to get her away from the other dogs, to get some work to herself. We got 32 birds on Friday and 48 on Saturday. She was loving it. We have been out twice since then and hopefully get out one more time. We all love her. I will send some pics in a separate email. I will be calling very soon, I am almost out of vitamins.
Submitted by: The Metcalf Family on Dec 06, 2012
Willie x UG Lucy Litter
Spring 2012- Female- "Shelby"

Hi Mike -
Shelby is amazing. She is such a good little girl. She is very affectionate and very good with children. She is very calm and very obedient. She is getting big, nearly 40lbs and growing!! We are so happy that we purchased from you and we get so many compliments on Shelby. Brian has taken her in the field twice now to introduce her and he says she did very well. He can't wait to see what she does next year when she is a bit older. I will keep posting pictures on Face book so that you can see her grow :)
Have a Happy Holiday!!
Submitted by: Jordan M. on Nov 16, 2012
Rip x UG Bear Pup Spring 2011
Male, Black Lab- "Santo"

Hey Mike, Went hunting with some friends up by Ft Dodge, IA this past weekend, ended up with 7 on Saturday and 13 on Sunday. Santo did well for his 1st time out, had a ton of energy and seemed to have great instincts that I could never teach!
He is on the left in the picture. Thanks again
for a great pup!

Submitted by: The Bartuneks on Nov 04, 2012
UG Colt JH x UG Haley JH Litter
Fall 2012-GSP Male Pup- "Cooper"

Mike, Just wanted to let you know that we took Cooper to the Vet yesterday and everything went well. He is 25lbs and healthy. He fits in with our family so well and is a great puppy. He is the most laid back GSP pup I have ever had! I will send some pictures of Cooper and our older dog Buck, they get along great. Thanks Jaime
Submitted by: Ryan Reeves on Oct 10, 2012
Willie x UG Lucy Litter
Male GSP Pup- 2012- "Madoc"

Here are a few YouTube links from Madoc’s first time on the hunt this past weekend. Only his second time on live birds, and we couldn’t be happier with him. Thanks, Mike for giving us Madoc, such a great pup! Also, attached a couple of pictures. He absolutely loves to hunt.

The Reeves
Submitted by: Eileen Scott on Oct 08, 2012
Cosmo SH x UG Susie- Titled Litter
Male Pup-Gunner

Just some amazing photos of Gunner and his first hunt. He just finished 60 days training at Stealth Kennels in Meteese (Bo Allen)...he flushed and retrieved beautifully. He is high energy and a machine in the field. Not bad for an 8 month old? (Logan is on the left...he helped out too)
Eileen and Doug Scott
Cody, WY
Submitted by: Mike Babineau on Sep 21, 2012
UG Colt JH x UG Meg GSP Litter-May 2012
Female Black/Roan Pup- "Lucy"

Here are some pics of Lucy. She spent 10 days at training last week. I wanted her to be over some birds before hunting this fall. She now points everything. She has been flushing woodcock and pheasants for me, but can't get one to hold for her to point. She pointed all the pigeons at training. This weekend we will go out grouse hunting for the first time. She has been a great dog. Lots of hunting instinct and great with my family. Love her!
Submitted by: Thomas Warnke on Sep 21, 2012
Willie (3 Master Passes) x Angel GSP Litter Jan 12
Female GSP- Liver/White "Echo"


"Echo update" I had Echo at a game farm two weeks and released 6 chukars. She did a great job, both pointing and retrieving to hand. All she wants to do is hunt, so you have to keep an eye on her, because she does not quit when you do. She is intense, focused, and endless energy. I'm looking forward to a great season ahead. She just came into heat, and still about 40lbs. She found a young flicker(woodpecker) the other day, when hunting in our yard. She picked it up unharmed and waited by the door of our house for me to take it from her. I was pretty impressed. I think she has it figured out.

Tom Warnke
Submitted by: Valerie Harsh on Sep 12, 2012
UGA Cash MH x UG Dixie SH NAIII Litter 2012 Litter
Male Pup- "Lenny"

Hi Mike,
The drive back was good and he did really well. I was planning on emailing you today since I just took Lenny to the vet this morning.
The vet said he was healthy and looked good! John and I have been having a lot of fun with him! He is starting to recognize his name and has been learning to go up the stairs! He is so adorable and we are really happy with him!

I attached some pics. He's a great pup and we're so happy to have found him and you!
Thanks again!
Submitted by: Sid Greenwaldt on Aug 28, 2012
UG Colt JH x UG Haley JH Female Black/Roan GSP Pup
-aka "Minnie"


I was just going to email you about her. Our vet is in Canada fishing this week so we won’t be able to get her checked out until next week. She was really quiet on the ride home. We didn’t have to get her out of the carrier until we were 10 miles from home. We did make one stop about half way to let her run a little bit so maybe that helped. Let your kids know we kept the Minnie in her name. We named her “Minnie Haley”. She has adjusted well to being here. I am sure our three month old Bella in a kennel next to her helps a lot. She really is a little fire ball. I think she is going to make a great dog. Thanks for the great pup. We’ll keep in touch.

Submitted by: Lisa Belenardo on Aug 20, 2012
Cosmo SH x UG Susie Litter Spring 2012
Female Lab Pup

Hello Mike,
I just wanted to update you on Piper. She is doing great and we are so pleased with her! She is super smart--sit, lay down and shake all by 12 weeks! She loves the water and has such a great personality. She also LOVES her food (Blue Buffalo large breed puppy, chicken and brown rice). She house trained pretty quickly and loves her Himalayan Chew bones. She moans and whines so loud when she chews on them it keeps us up at night! She is a beauty and we get lots of compliments on her. See attached photos of her--she is gorgeous!

Thanks again!

We'll talk soon. Let me know how to get the vitamins.
Submitted by: Chris S on Aug 17, 2012
Cosmo SH x UG Susie Litter 2012
Male Black Lab- "Hawk"

What a busy and hot summer. Hawk is doing good and likes going to the camper and Lake alot. He knows when we get close and gets excited. We finally took him on his first boat ride and swim in 25 ft of water and he enjoyed it. After being in the water he kept pacing the boat and wanted back in the water. Our friends always comment how well behaved he is. He has a ton of energy , typical of a lab. Over the last couple of days he actually let's me sleep in till 5AM before he whines and barks to go out and eat even though I take away water by 6:30PM. Caitlin and Hawk get along great and she has been a big help over the summer taking care of him while I am at work. He is starting to listen to some commands better and is starting to do better on a leash. He is always using his nose and if there is a bird (robbin) on or near the ground he wants to take off after it.
He gets along well with my friends 9 month old Mastiff(female) and other dogs at the lake and always wants to play. The mastiff and Hawk both are early risers and Renee's mastiff comes to look for Hawk in the morning if they are on a walk.
Hes a fantastic pup, thanks again and we look forward to the upcoming Dove, Duck, and Pheasant Season with Hawk!

Submitted by: Josh Wilbanks on Aug 15, 2012
Just a couple of recent photos of Mia. She is doing great! She just turned one year old. We still keep her in the house with us. Our two kids love her so much! They are 4 and 5 years old, and they love going out to help train her. She is picking up blinds at about 150 yards and will pick up as many marks as you will give her. She never wants to quit retreiving. We are currently getting ready for dove season which starts September 1 here. We really enjoy Mia, could not have gotten a better dog!! Thanks, Josh wilbanks and Family
Submitted by: Kyle Hughes on Jul 23, 2012


Hank did pretty well this past fall, this was his first year pheasant hunting and we hunted some farms that actually had a decent amount of birds. We probably only went out 6 or 7 times, but shot that many birds, and pointed many more. I look forward to taking him out this fall, with the winter we had there should be more birds to hunt.
Here's a pic of Hank and one of my buddies dogs after a good day last fall.

Kyle Hughes
Submitted by: Verna T. on Jul 21, 2012
Diamond x Bogey MH Lab Pup
Male- "Gauge"

We wish you well & appreciate that you keep in touch. Gauge is doing very well. Please friend me on fb to see pics of him (the files are too big to send in email...that, or my computer tech skills are too low!) He is such a part of our family & is an amazing duck dog!!!

Take care, Mike.
-Verna Thietje
Submitted by: Lisa N. on Jul 19, 2012
Cody JH x UG Haley JH litter spring 2011.
Female Black/Roan GSP- "Maggie"

Maggie is doing great. She is smart, super energetic and get lots of exercise.

I love having two dogs and Maggie just loves Ginger. We are leaving for a family vacation to Charleston, SC tomorrow. When I get back, I will snap a couple pictures of Maggie and send them to you.

Take Care,
Lisa Nielsen
Submitted by: THE REEVES FAMILY on Jul 18, 2012

Howdy Mike!
Wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that Madoc is doing great. He’s definitely a bundle of energy, and I have to say that we’re a little bit tired. He’s just about potty trained, he’s been ringing his bell when he needs to go out for the last two days with no accidents in the house. He’s also about 80% trained to recall. Even with distractions he does pretty good. We just transitioned from getting up with him every three hours at night to just one potty break in the middle of the night. Last night was our first night with that, and he performed perfectly. We’ve taken him several places – the beach, our family’s house, and have been spending a lot of time outside with him. He does great with other dogs in our neighborhood and is very friendly. He does have a mind of his own and sometimes just doesn’t feel like walking on the leash. But he’s young yet, and we’re thrilled with the progress he is making so far.
Couple of pictures attached, and all in all we are very happy with Madoc. Hope to hear from you soon.

Ryan Reeves
Submitted by: The Shockley Family on Jul 16, 2012
Susie x Cosmo SH Lab Litter Winter 2012
Female Pup

Hi mike.
Good to here from you! Hope all is well. Millie is doin great! She is about 50 pounds runnin single marks on land and water retrieves to hand. She is high energy!! Stay is good heel needs work my falt.. I like to play to much. She is about done teething and will go to cuiver river labs to start her official training on 8 2 12.

I will miss her very much as she is my new best friend!!! She is all you said she would be. She is on royall cannin food and seems to like it. Can't wait for duck season!! I think she will do great for a first year dog. We have been spending time at the duck club and she loves going.

Thanks for hookin me up with a great partner!! My offer still stands for tradin a hunt this year. Its been hot n dry butt we have a pivet runnin so our corn looks good!! Thanks again for everything. Stay in touch! Happy hunting!!
Submitted by: Jen B. on Jul 16, 2012
Rage MH x UG Magic Female Lab Pup
Spring 2012 Litter- "Annie"

This pic is of Annie today out at my parents acreage. They had their fountain apart and she loves water so much we filled it up and she spent a majority of the afternoon playing in the water. I bought her a baby pool and she pretty much lives in there and loves it so much. She is doing really well. Last week she had another set of puppy shots and was almost 17 lbs. She is on the blue buffalo diet and is quite the eater. Everything is going very well with her if I could just break her of the chewing habit-but hey she is a puppy and that is what they do.

Just have to keep my eye on her at all times or it seems like she has something in her mouth that she shouldn't. Hope all is well.

Annie slept the whole hour ride home tonight and is completely exhausted and will sleep well tonight. Have a good night and thanks again for my little girl!
Submitted by: The Metcalf Family on Jul 16, 2012

Hey Mike -
I tagged you in this photo on Facebook but not sure how often you check, so wanted to email you also. Shelby was pointing in the front yard today with the bird wings and is doing fantastic with fetching up her toy bird. Such an awesome sight to see!!!! And she's only 10 weeks old!

Thanks for this great pup, tons of drive and natural abilty for days!
Submitted by: Dave Griewe on Jul 14, 2012
Susie Pup x Cosmo SH
Male "Otter" 2012 litter

Hi Mike,
all is well with Otter. His shiny new white teeth are all in after kind of a concern with his dark yellow puppy teeth. retrieving good and keeping his kennel clean on his own which is nice after a lot of work.

started preliminary force fetching with him and my 22 yr son is taking charge of most of the caretaking and obedience. this is his first time training a dog from a pup, and Otter has been a little tough on the consistancy and predictability, but with several "trainers" and the wife also involved probably confusing a bit, but, he is a family guy and really doing ok. he's a fast pup with retrieves and return, done a little water work but want to finish out the force fetch first. he's got a great personality with all his quirks and habits.

He has really grown nicely and uniform, and he is a very nice looking young dog, not gangly at all. the hot weather has been a little tough and will start the water work very soon as he's done several water retrieves already. once the weather breaks, we'll get started on bird introduction and heavy cover, start stretching him out a bit.
excited about the fall when we start the real work with him.

Thanks for a great dog.
Submitted by: WILLY N. on Jul 14, 2012

Hey Mike,
Nick has been a very good and heathy pup. He plays well and eats well. We feed him iams dog food, and he has had no problem with it. He has completed all the vets visist and taken all the needed shot. We just love him and he is a great addition to our family..thanks for a great experience at BCK...i hope all your customers have had the same good experience.

Submitted by: Thomas L on Jul 12, 2012
GSP Male Pup 2011 Litter -"Houston"
Cody JH x Sally

Thanks for the email. I hope you're doing well. "Houston" is doing great. He will be one on July 23rd. He and my three year old female shorthair get along great and are best buddies. He listens very well and is a quick learner. He has a lot of energy, like all short hairs, but he is easy to deal with as long as he gets his exercise.

Thanks again for a great dog.
Take Care,
Submitted by: The Donnelly's on Jul 12, 2012
GSP Female- UG Haley JH x Harley litter
2yrs old female- "Maybee"

Maybee was two in April. This is my son's dog, however she spends a lot of time with me while he is working. As you can see she has a darn good life! She has been basic trained and wants to please so does listens and obeys all commands. She has a loving and sweet personalty and since we live on 55 acres loves to run. We think of her as part of the family. Thank you for such a great dog.
Lori Donnelly
Submitted by: Aaron Hemmer on Jul 12, 2012

Hi Mike,
Thanks for asking about the pup! Oscar (Willie x Lucy #7) is doing really well. He's getting much better at being in his crate alone, potty training is going well, and he can already come, sit, and lay down. He loves everyone he sees - I've taken him for a couple of short walks in my neighborhood, and if he sees someone else walking towards him, he'll stop, sit down, and wait for them to pet him. I've had him play with a couple of friends dogs, and he played pretty well with them - though one was an American Eskimo and Oscar kept trying to bite his tail.

He's already grown so much, is eating well, and really enjoys playing in the backyard. He seems to understand retrieving already - he will regularly return a ball to me after I throw it. He's make a couple of points in the backyard (I think because he smells rabbits). He is going to be a great dog.

Thanks again for such a great pup!
-Aaron H
Submitted by: TIM HELGESON on Jul 12, 2012
Great to hear from you Mike. Lilly has been doing excellent outside of the stubborn puppy stage. She is sitting on command both spoken and whistle. She is full of energy and would retrieve all day if I let her. I have been throwing duck dummies to her both on land and in water with great success. She really enjoys the water which is a welcomed changed from out last black lab. We have most recently been working on getting her to “stay” and “come”. The “come” part is coming along fine but getting her to sit in place and not move has been a challenge to date. I was successful with my last lab getting him to “stay” so I know I can do it with her as well.

She is just more stubborn than my last dog so I need to be patient. I am going to try and work with hand signals but not until we have all the commands down. I have Lilly on Science Diet and she seems to really like that food. I stayed with this food as I had great success with it on my other lab. She has a nice shiny coat and looks really healthy. She has been to the vet for the 3rd time and everything checks out great and she weighed in at 46lbs. She also takes 1 NuVet vitamin a day along with a monthly heart worm dose. I attached my favorite picture of her retrieving a duck dummy on a pond. The picture is a little odd because I snapped it with my Iphone from out camera screen.

Submitted by: The Bruner's on Jul 12, 2012
hey man. Thanks for the email. It's nice to hear from you. Dozer is the best dog ever!!!!!!!!! We LOVE him so much!!!

We are having a great time raising him. We still have him on the Blue Buffalo puppy adult. His vet visits are all up to date and good, no problems at all.

He just loves to run all the time. He is full of energy. We walk him regularly. I spend a lot of time running him. He just loves it. He loves playing fetch with a tennis ball. I have been teaching him to keep his eye on the ball and now he doesnt take his eye off of it or anything else in your hand. He's super smart, he pays attention to everything. He loves the scent, smells everything, eats a lot of things (lol) he's just great. We couldn't be more happy with our dog that we got from you! Thanks so much for breeding such a wonderful dog.
Submitted by: Jessica Hellweg on Jul 12, 2012
Cosmo SH x Susie Litter Winter 2012
Female Black Lab Pup- "Daffney"

Hi Mike,
I ended up naming my puppy Daffney. I'm still using her for school (St Louis Gun/Drugdog Program). I ended up spraining my ankle so I haven't finished the course with her yet.

But she loves to swim, play with the ball and do sendouts. Right now she's learning heeling, and a key and knife search for class. Soon we will be starting her retrieve. She's definitely a high energy dog, so she will make a great working dog once her obediance is down.

Also a new class has started here and students will be looking for puppies in the next week or so. If you have any from the 5 to 9 wk range let me know and I will pass along your information.

If I ever get another lab I will definitely be coming back to you.
Submitted by: J Brolhurst on Jun 22, 2012
Rage MH x UG Magic Titled Lab Litter
Spring 2012- Annie

Hi Mike,

Thought I would share a photo of Annie at 10 wks. She is getting along so well. She has really come out of her shell. She is making it 9 hrs at night in the kennel with no crying or accidents and is fully potty trained. I have been pretty spoiled with her as she was super easy to potty train and is so smart and picking up commands and tricks within such a short time of learning them.

The word she loves and knows best is "treat". If she doesn't ever want to come all I have to say is treat and she comes running full speed. She is a ton of fun and I love her so much.

Have a nice weekend. Oh and thanks for the advice on the blue buffalo food. She absolutely loves it. :-)
Submitted by: Jen B. on Jun 11, 2012

Hi Mike,

Just thought I would share a photo of Annie from yesterday at 8 wks old. She was trying to help me fold towels and ended up falling asleep in the pile of towels. I have her completely potty trained and crate trained already and she will sit, shake and hi-five (of course a treat has to be involved). We are working on heel and leash training as well and she is picking up quickly on that too. Such a smart girl and a joy to be around.

So happy to have her and am enjoying her so much. Have a great weekend. :-)
Submitted by: The Hill Family on May 27, 2012
GSP PUP out of Spring 2011 Breeding
Cody JH x UG Haley JH

Hey Mike:
Since we are not a hunting family (which is too bad because even though Wingo is neutered – he has so much prey drive and is ALL nose)!........we take him to doggy day care 3 days a week, which totally helped with his socialization skills – he is wonderful with other dogs – whether new to the center or not…and it has been helpful having their staff reinforce my desires during the day – no jumping up on people, etc. He’s never been much of a barker, even though we are surrounded in our neighborhood by barking dogs – I guess that’s the breed, he would rather slink around silently, stalking birds, mice or squirrels! At around 8 months, I started working with him using an electronic collar. It’s very hard to get the attention of a dog that is dominated by their nose……and I really didn’t enjoy running after him – yelling “stop”, “sit”, or whatever! The e-collar has worked great with him. I have been able to train him to stay out of certain areas of our yard (garden, flowers, etc.) and not to chew on outdoor furniture. He will “release” anything in his mouth – which has come in handy. He retrieves – but I haven’t challenged him to go searching in hidden brush, etc….If I could find squirrel scent, I would. I am still having trouble with him holding a “stay” for a long period of time, but work on that daily. He mainly just wants to be by our side – or in close vicinity, laying at our feet, etc.……so it’s hard for him to see us walk away….He walks well on the leash ( I use a short, traffic leash)…..I am still working with him on “heeling” and walking beside me. Again, his nose is his main driver and he has an intense drive to smell…….On the weekends, we take him up to the high school to run free. We live in a very rural area and there is a stream behind the school and lots of open fields. He rides great in the car and will stay in his crate in the house without whining at all – although he has the run of the house now and does fine….. (he still sleeps in a crate at night). He now weighs 55 lbs and I hope that is where it stops…. He looks thin and agile – which depicts the breed, , so you would not know he weighed that much. He is just so long when he completely stretches out. I’ve never seen a dog jump like a cat or rabbit – but he has some slick moves! He has a very sweet disposition and doesn’t seem to meet a stranger – we really enjoy him – and of course, he is basically spoiled rotten – but in a good way. We are taking a family vacation to Lake Jocassee in August and he is coming with us. I am hoping he will love the deep water as much as he does splashing through the stream near our house. Thanks for replying and asking about Wingo. We are pleased with our Iowa transplant!

Take care, Denise and Mike Hill
Submitted by: Sarah Pittman on Apr 16, 2012

I want to thank you for taking the time to come over to our house to help us. We really appreciate it and it was very educational for us.

I've practiced laying him on his side a few time with good success. I also have been working with him on the growling or snapping when he doesn't want to do something or give something up. I found the "biting" techinique with my fingers didn't work quite as well for me (works fine for Keith) I don't think I'm using enough force but I did find if I put his pinch collar on and give it a tug he stops/drops the toy. I can already tell a difference when he's playing or out walking.

Again, thank you for taking the time to help us out. Kolby is such a great part of our family and I'm so happy to have him.

Sarah and Keith
Submitted by: THOMAS LEPAGE on Mar 24, 2012


I hope you're doing well. I bought "Houston" from you in September.
I thought you would like an update. He is doing great. He listens
well. He responds to just about everything on first command and he
has great recall. He is very happy and energetic and has a great time
running with my 3 year old shorthair. I attached some pictures to the
email. They are from earlier today. He turned 8 months old today. I
think he is a little over 50 lbs right now. Thanks again.
- Tommy
Submitted by: The Greiwes on Mar 24, 2012
Lab Litter
Cosmo SH x Susie Male Pup -"Otter"

Mike, all is well with our pup. Potty training going good, made his first retrieve Tuesday. We do about 10-15 retrieves a day now with a light wt bumper. Walks and runs with me every morning about 1/2 mile.

We are naming him "BCK's Terrymup Southpaw" and we call him "Otter". He is named after my late brother "Terry" who really got me started in duck hunting. Myself, Drew my son, were/are LH college pitchers and my late brothers son (Brent) plays in a band named southpaw.

Otter is full of energy, and lots of confidence. We are working on the manners right now with the puppy teeth!! keeping quiet in his temp kennel is going well also. My dad has been staying with us this week to take him out several times during the day. next week will be the challenge with work and longer stays in the kennel.
Otter traveled to the ball game with us in MO last Saturday (3 hr drive) no problems at all.

He ended up being babysitted by all the college girls while we watched the game. He will be traveling again with us to KS to another ball game. Drew got to see him last weekend and excited to see him again.

He's a great addition to our family!!! we are getting quite a few pictures, but having some computer memory problems. once we get some time to pull together, 'll get these to you as well.

Submitted by: C. Arbogast on Mar 11, 2012
Started Lab Female, Teal-9 months
Hi Mike,

Finishing up force fetch with teal this week. she is doing very well. Moving along very nice. Love her so much. got some weight on her. she is 45 lb. looks good. Update 1! cant wait to run AkC and UKC trials with her. she is a great first training dog.

-Cory Arbogast
Submitted by: Sarah P. on Mar 11, 2012
GSP Male Pup- Summer 2011

Hey Bear Creek Kennels!
Kolby is doing great! He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He hasn't been doing much field training but he did go through an obedience class. (Due to our location we enrolled him in private obedience lessons) and he did great! The instructor was amazed at how quickly he caught on and learned. He was also amazed at his strength...something we already knew.

He did really well and we see improvements in his behavior and listening skills everyday. (He still has his ornery/puppy side but he is listening a bit better). He defiantly has LOTS of energy but with the weather being so nice we've been able to get out a lot. We've been able to let him off leash quite a bit and he usually comes back with little prompting and LOVES to wander around in the woods and tall grasses. Due to our work schedules he goes to a nearby farm for doggie daycare most days and does really well interacting with other dogs and enjoys running around outside. He is continuing to grow well, I think he's at 65lbs already! We are still frequently stopped while on walks by people telling us how handsome he is:)

He defiantly a healthy and happy pup! Thanks again.

Sarah Pittman
Submitted by: Craig M. on Mar 04, 2012
Haley Pup 2010
GSP-Black/Roan Female

Hi Mike,

Neytiri has matured into a gorgeous female. I've had several offers to breed her, only to have tell them she's spayed (my choice - which I don't regret). I hunt her all the time, not in any field trial format, just a guy and his dog enjoying the outdoors. She mind's extremely well and holds point indefinately. Retrieving still needs practice, but she did track a cripple nearly a mile for me.

She also honor's my older short hair - I don't know where she learned this - but anytime she see's another dog on point - she copies it. Just an all natural amazing dog.
She's one of a lifetime.

Submitted by: The Jans Family on Mar 04, 2012
Rip x Bear Pup- April 2011
Black Lab Female

Hello Mike,
Thank you for a great dog, loves to retrieve. She is 70# and very active. Just full of energy!

I will send pics soon. We have really enjoyed her!
Daryl Jans
Submitted by: Jeremy Jacobson on Jan 30, 2012
Cosmo SH X Rhylee Black Male Pup
Fall/Winter 2011

This is Jeremy Jacobsen, Shannon and I purchased our Lab from you end of December (Diesel). He is doing great and has been the best dog I've ever owned or seen. Since day one he has stayed by my left foot at all times, I run a mile or two once a week with him and he stays by my left foot as well when running. He has instinctively retrieved with no training or even the use of a leash to bring him back.

I wanted to let you know that we are extremely impressed and have already recommended you guys' to several other individuals we know.

Thanks again for a great dog!
Submitted by: Jeremy and Shonda Bruner on Dec 30, 2011
Cosmo SH x Rhylee Black Lab Litter
November 2011- Male Pup

Hey Mike,
Thanks for checking in on Dozer! He's great. We took him to the vet the second day we had him which was a Thursday. I got him on Tuesday at like 1:30pm. I took the day off to be with him. Shonda was working so it was him and I all day. Which was great. He's a good boy.

We feed him 3 times a day. He eats Blue Buffalo large breed puppy food. He LOVES that stuff! We bought him a small bag of some other food before we got him just so we would have food in the house for him when he got here. Well I researched foods for him on day one of having him and found out that Blue Buffalo is human grade all natural food. Well proof is in the pudding Dozer picks through the other stuff and mainly eats the Blue Buffalo now. We are almost out of the other stuff and bought him a 30 pound bag of the Blue.

He is really good house training so far. He has NEVER pooped in the house as of yet. He will pee if we dont get him out soon enough. He has pooped in his crate twice, but never in the house.

He's a happy dog. Between my wife and I we give him plenty of attention and love. He never really leaves our side. luckily I have been slow with work since its the holidays. I have only had like 1-2 service calls a day mainly. So I'm home a lot with him. We always taking him out every 1-3 hours depending on if I can see he needs to go out sooner or not. Shonda is good about it also. She LOVES Dozer!

I cant wait to get him in the woods stir crazy. I have to wait until he gets his 2nd booster shot before I can take him where other dogs have been, but once i can i'm taking him outdoors! I really wanna bring him up on a hunting trip with you when the time is right. Shonda and her family are from the country in the middle of PA. They have like 70 acres out there and I see turkeys out there every year. I cant wait to get some of them. I actually still need to get all my gear and hunting shotgun. I'm a member of the North American Hunting Club, NRA, Maryland Rifle Club, Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Freestate Gun Range and so I read up on hunting a lot and am always outdoors or shooting somewhere. But yeah it will be a great time to come up with Dozer and go hunting with you and your dogs!

Thanks for everything
Jeremy and Shonda Bruner
Submitted by: THE JACOBSENS on Dec 30, 2011
Cosmo SH x Rhylee Black Lab Litter
November 2011- Male Pup

So far, things have been GREAT!!! He LOVES our miniature dachshund and those two have been playing constantly. Even though he is now bigger than her. LOL She mothers him like he's hers, so cute.
And I will say he is VERY well behaved. We have had literally only 2 accidents since getting home, otherwise, he goes right away the minute we take him out to the bathroom. The minute he's done, he runs to our feet, sits down and looks at you.
Our neighbor, who owns black labs, said he did notice he is very well mannered for a little guy. So far, he is the SMARTEST DOG WE'VE HAD. :-)

We have taught him sit already! And although we have not taught him heel, he does it on his own we take him for walks around the block etc. His mischievous side is still there, he knows how to get inside our cupboards, so had to break out the baby locks. LOL. But he's so cute, its ok ;-) So all in all, things have been GREAT!!!

We love him! And his name is Diesel, in case you needed to know still. Our neighbor brought over some pheasant wings to work with him with, to get used to the scent etc, so should be fun. :-) Thanks so much, he has been a GREAT puppy so far!! And we have had MANY inquiries as to where we got him, so I have been passing along your name and info. :-) Have a great day!
Submitted by: JEROD FROST on Dec 29, 2011
Cody JH x Harley May 2010 Litter
Female- Black/Roan- "Riley"

Hey Mike
Thanks for the holiday card. We currently live in San Antonio and the dogs are adjusting to the warm temperatures. Our house backs up to a forest and a creek for the dogs to run. Riley might be the fastest gsp ever, its pretty impressive. The forest is filled with deer, raccoons, squirrels, and birds which keeps her pretty busy. I attached some pictures for you to use on your website if you want. She's a great dog, beautiful and intelligent. We're blessed to have her.

Thanks again, Jerod
Submitted by: Mark Traum on Dec 26, 2011
GSP Pup- Cody JH x Haley Male- "Max"
Spring 2011 Litter

Hi Mike,
Just an update on Max. We went hunting today, and this was the day that Max made that turning point as a hunter. I have seen in my other two dogs when they hit that age where they just take off and start to become a hunting dog. Max is just 7 months old, but his confidence soared today. He listened well, which is a big difference compared to my other dogs, and he worked well. Unfortunately, we were hunting good cover, which should of held wild birds, and we didn't find any. I have a friend, who has offered to take me to a local hunt club on a Sunday afternoon. That is what he needs right now. I will try and get you some pictures of him in action in the next couple of weeks. Again, have a Merry Christmas and thanks for our boy. He's amazing.

Submitted by: Sam Wolffe on Dec 22, 2011
Rip x Addie Black Lab Litter 2011

Mike, We received the gift, I want to say Thank You.

That was very nice of you and it definitely earned our business next time we are looking for another pup. We were happy with everything before but THAT SETS YOU APART FROM THE REST.

Happy Holidays
Submitted by: Greg Dunn on Dec 12, 2011
Ray x Cora Fox Red Male- "Tanner"

Tanner is doing great! He is a ball of energy and we are loving every minute of it. He is growing everyday, hit the 40lb mark on Sunday! Tanner is 100% house and crate trained. We are obedience training on a daily basis. He knows the commands, he is going through the stubborn puppy stage and doesn't always deliver mainly on here and heel, unless he knows you have a treat in your hand... we are working on it. He is doing well on his retrieving and he is starting to learn how to use his nose with the dummy scent and pheasant wings. Trying to find someone around here that has pigeons or quail to get him on real birds, its been difficult. But we a are still working towards the goal of achieving junior hunter. I am very impressed on how smart he is and have no regrets going through you guys.

Definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a quality dog. Plus, I think he's the best looking dog out there!

Submitted by: The Mink's on Dec 12, 2011

Hey Mike, it's been too long since I contacted you guys! So, I just wanted to let you guys know how Molly, the german shorthair I purchased from you guys is doing very well! She's already 38 pounds and a huge furball of energy. She's up to date on all shots/vaccines and everything else the vet could throw at us. I'm still working on some indoor manners, as well as trying to work on obedience, she's just a very young, energetic, and high strung dog that needs lots of exercise! Although sometimes I wonder why I purchased such a high energy dog, I haven't regretted buying her for a second! Once she's a little more mature, I think she's going to be an outstanding hunter. Even playing around in the yard she shows how instinctive she is when searching for whatever it is I threw or hid. So thanks again for an amazing dog!

Submitted by: The Layton Family on Dec 06, 2011
Fox Red Started Lab Male- Clifford

Mike, just to give you an update of Clifford, our duck season finally opened and his first retrieve I sent him on was 4 birds and he did great. At first he would not pay attention when the shooting started and after 3 days he started watching for the ducks to fall, and now I think he understands the process. We are really happy with him as he is also a great family dog and companion. Thanks for sharing him with us.
Submitted by: Jordan M. on Dec 06, 2011

Our male "Santo" is doing quite well. He has really grown these past few months! I haven't weighed him lately, but I'm guessing that he's around 70lbs. It has been a blast watching his personality develop so far. He has done really well in the house, doesn't chew or tear up anything, and loves to sit on the bench by the door and watch people & cars go by. I've also been impressed with how well he knows the boundaries to our yard. I thought about getting an invisible fence, but as long as I'm outside with him, he rarely goes too far from the house. He's been a great dog to work with - glad we decided to get him!

I attached a few pictures that I had on my phone, I will send some others off of my wife's camera that are a little better quality. Sometime this winter I'd love to stop in with Santo and get a few tips from you on training.

We love him, thanks again.
Thanks Mike,
Submitted by: The Moorhead Family on Dec 03, 2011
Conner x Harley Litter Dec 2010
Male Pup- "Ollie"

Hi Mike!

Ollie is amazing! He is such a friendly puppy and he is a quick learner! He knows 'sit', 'down', 'roll over', 'off' and 'high five'. We use the high five one during Iowa games...although I guess there wasn't much to high five about this year...I think we only showed him high five about 3 times before he understood. We taught him this trick in about 30 minutes. He has not had any accidents in the house since early April. I think we had him house trained in about 3 weeks or less, it was amazing!

When the weather was nicer we frequented the dog park here in town and he LOVES his time there! He gets along really well with all of the other dogs. He especially likes it when the other dogs chase him probably because most of them cannot keep up. He did have a Greyhound chasing him one time and he got owned...I think he was rather surprised!

One thing we really enjoyed seeing at he dog park is how he interacts with the children that are there. He will run full speed at them (which I'm sure can be scary for the child) but then he stops on a dime when he gets up to the and just sniffs. He's so gentle and friendly with people of all ages!

We are still taking him to Doggy Daycare twice a week at Just Dogs and he loves his days there. I couldn't stomach the thought of him being in the crate 5 days a week so that was our solution. I also think its been a great way to get him socialized with other dogs. We started taking him back in April so I think it was a great things to do as a young pup so he could be around other dogs and such.

We feel like he has calmed down a lot in the past few months. He is much more willing to just hang with us on the bed or couch than in his earlier days. He's such a sweetie pie as he loves to cuddle and be loved. lol. He has such a wonderful personality!

We could not be happier with our puppy from you guys and we are so thankful to have such wonderful breeders who have helped so much along the way! We have finished the first bottle of vitamins that we purchased from you and we'd like to order another one if possible. Do you need me to call you for that or just put a check in the mail? Let me know!

Hope all is well in Marengo!
Submitted by: SARAH AND KEITH P. on Dec 02, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Things are going well here! Kolby is growing like crazy and has been a great addition to our home. He is already about 45lbs and growing. He LOVES mealtime! (Often drooling while he waits) He is growing into a very handsome pup, we often have people tell us how handsome he is when we are out and about.

As for his temperament, as with all puppies and the breed he is very energetic! He would play fetch all day if he could! We try to wear him out but his energy does get him into trouble often:) We are signing up for an obedience class here in town that starts in January. He is very smart and quickly learned how to sit, shake, lay down, and stay (sort of stay) but he can be a bit headstrong. He loves to meet new people and doesn't have fear of people but is timid around new dogs. He's had quite a bit of interaction with other dogs and does okay at the dog park but when approached while on the street he usually hides behind me. He defiantly loves people and often cuddles with me in the mornings or evenings.

Keith has taken him out hunting with him a few times, basically to explore. He isn't bothered by the gun shot at all. He seems to enjoy wandering around the fields but always sticks close to Keith. He stumbled upon a pheasant last time but I think it was luck. He certainly has the pointing down, he frequently points at our cat, so he knows what to do!

We have really enjoyed having him as part of our family and are excited to watch him continue to grow/hunt/play etc.

I've attached a couple of pictures. One is Kolby taking a nap, shows how big he is getting. The second is Kolby and I walking at my parents farm. He had a great time exploring the pasture/field.


Sarah and Keith Pittman
Submitted by: GREG DUNN on Nov 30, 2011


Tanner is doing great! He is a ball of energy and we are loving every minute of it. He is growing everyday, hit the 40lb mark on Sunday! Tanner is 100% house and crate trained. We are obedience training on a daily basis. He knows the commands, he is going through the stubborn puppy stage and doesn't always deliver mainly on here and heel, unless he knows you have a treat in your hand... we are working on it. He is doing well on his retrieving and he is starting to learn how to use his nose with the dummy scent and pheasant wings. Trying to find someone around here that has pigeons or quail to get him on real birds, its been difficult. But we a are still working towards the goal of achieving junior hunter. I am very impressed on how smart he is and have no regrets going through you guys. Definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a quality dog. Plus, I think he's the best looking dog out there!

Submitted by: The Dominic Family on Nov 28, 2011

Hi Mike,

Nice to hear from you!

Kaiser has been settling down quite well, getting used to guests. He's quite at ease inside the house & within our yard & very playful. Never tires. Left to himself he would play all day. attaching a few pics we took today.

Potty training & house breaking have been quite easy so far. Has taken to the crate very well & sleeps comfortably in his crate. Tho he's yet to sleep thru the night.
He had his 1 year booster rabies vaccine & DA2L4PP vaccine today.

He has been very inquisitive out in the yard. He appears to be very quick to learn. Surprisingly he has done very well to "Fetch" & "COME" commands right from day one every time. We are starting on "SIT" now. We did see him "point" a few times by himself if he catches something behind the bush. But we are not able to make him do that or predict when he will do it. We plan to work on that. Would appreciate some tips on that. He does smell out & track the toy when asked to fetch, even when its out of sight.

His sense of hearing & eyesight has been very good. Responds with a short bark if he hears anything unusual behind the bushes or in the dark. Still misses you & recognizes your voice. He gets all interested on the video when he hears you & your whistle on your youtube video (of him & his sis) :)

Overall we are very happy with his development. Will keep you posted as he grows. Thanks for a GREAT PUPPY!

Eva Dominic
Submitted by: Mark Traum on Nov 28, 2011
GSP Litter 2011

Hello Mike,
Max is doing fine. He is doing typical puppy stuff in and around the house. He is a little over 6 months now, and I forgot how much they change in a weeks time.
For instance, I have been hunting/running him in the field, and yesterday, he really started to really look like he was hunting. He was running through knee high grass with his head in the air searching for sent. He also stumbled onto his first wild bird yesterday (pheasant). Overall, we are very pleased with him, and we are looking forward to watching him grow as a hunting dog.

Submitted by: Jean Erdman on Nov 26, 2011
Ray x Cora Fox Red Lab Litter Summer 2011
Female- "Sadie"

Hi Mike! Sadie is doing great. Went to north Dakota this fall and she was retrieving full sized birds already Oct 14. Great personality, loving yet feisty and confident. I would love to hear how other pups are doing. The other pup here in town have had good feedback. Lots of complements on the look and color also.
Thanks again!

-Jean E.
Submitted by: Verna Thietje on Nov 26, 2011
Bogey MH x Diamond Litter
Fall 2010- Male Pup- "Gauge"

Hi Mike!

Gauge is definitely a bird dog. Brian's had him out hunting all week & he has been great! Maybe once this semester is over I will be able to post pics for you. He's a great dog! Thanks again we love him!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving & that you have a great Chrsitmas, too. We will be in touch!

Submitted by: Greg Osland on Nov 21, 2011
Cody JH x Briar
GSP Litter Summer 2011
Female- "Cocoa"

Wife named her Cocoa, She is doing great with only one poop accident so far and just a few wetting.I've had alot of dogs but never one that house trained this easy. She now goes to the door and whines to go out, she retrieves like a champ, working on sit and stay. Only problem is biting and chewing, still working on that.
Thanks again for a great dog.

Submitted by: Chris Sutorius on Nov 20, 2011

Hey Mike

Kya is doing great! She is up to 57 lbs and is solid as a rock. I had her to the vet last week and the doctor says she looks great.

Attached is a photo of her first duck. She had to crash through 10 yards of ice then swim another 15 yards to get the bird. I couldn't be prouder of her. I took her to Kansas pheasant hunting last weekend and she had a real good time. She was quartering the field and even going into the heavy cover on her own, which is not something I've worked on with her. Kya is a sweet heart and I was very fortunate to come in to contact with you, Mike and that Kya was available.

Chris Sutorius
Submitted by: BRENDAN GIRSCHEK on Nov 02, 2011

Our female pup, Schatzi, is doing amazingly well. She is learning basic commands quickly and is an affectionate girl. It took some work but he is doing great with our very young children. Not to mention that he is the most beautiful GSP I've ever come across! Thanks for your advice and for getting back to me so quickly when I had questions. Your pups are top quality!

Submitted by: Scott Hefel and Family on Oct 23, 2011
Chocolate Lab Female Pup 2011

Hi Mike -
I feel I should apologize for the delay in response. August and September are extremely hectic for me at work and with a baby at home things get crazy!
Nestle is doing great! She is a bit of a chewer but I keep reminding Scott that she is a puppy! I attached a couple of pictures of her with Jackson, who lovers her more than anything!
thanks for keeping in touch!
Submitted by: Tommy LePage on Oct 19, 2011
GSP Litter- Cody JH x Sally Litter
June 2011 Litter


I hope you're doing well. I am writing to give you an update on the
Shorthair puppy i bought from you in September. "Houston" is doing
great. He didn't have any problems adjusting. As soon as he got off
the van, he started playing with my two year old Shorthair and they
have been best friends ever since. They get along great.

I was able to "house-train" him in less then a week. It has been
about two weeks since he has had an accident inside (pretty
impressive, considering the fact he is only 13 weeks old right now).
I was also able to teach him how to sit in less then 10 minutes, and
he probably has a 95% recall on first command right now. I have been
very pleased with his intelligence.

He is also a very confident and out-going dog. He gets along well
with all other dogs and all people. You guys do a great job of
breeding, he is probably the most intelligent and confident dog i have
ever owned. I really don't have any complaints, he has been a lot
easier to train at such a young age then I anticipated.

Thanks again for everything. I have attached some pictures for you.
I will occasionally email you pictures and updates, if you would like.
Take care.

- Tommy
Richmond, VA
Submitted by: The Mortvedts on Oct 06, 2011
Cody JH x Sally GSP Female Pup- "Nikki"
June 2011 Litter


Nikki is doing good!
I weighed her yesterday- 10.6 lbs! Growing like crazy. She is such a sweetheart, we love her. She's doing well at potty training. We have been working on having her come when you call her name that seemed to click with her in the last few days. She loves to get her treat when she comes. We are also working on sitting.

She is sleeping through the night in her kennel and will go back to sleep after I let her out. (unless the cat wakes her back up)

Her and the cat still play well. I'm wondering how it will go when she gets bigger than the cat- won't be long! Will send pictures when I have time.

Thanks for checking in-
Brenda : )
Submitted by: The Symeon Family on Sep 18, 2011
Haley GSP Black Roan Pup Spring 2011


Sorry it has taken forever to get back to you, we have been super busy. I wanted to thank you again for the most sweet, smart and beautiful GSP dog. We are enjoying her super temperament! We get compliments were ever we go with her. Hope you and your family are well. We will send pictures soon.

Submitted by: Chris Layton on Sep 12, 2011
Started Dog- Clifford. Fox Red Male Lab


Clifford is doing great, I work him everyday with the throwing dummies and he likes it. I am going to get a few live ducks and start him on the real thing here in a couple of weeks. He has adjusted well and my wife wants to make him a lap dog. Everyone that spends time with us at the lake wants a puppy out of him. And one thing is for sure if it’s a windy day he can smell everything around and he will go check it out if you don’t watch him, but he always comes back. Thanks again for such an incredible dog.

-The Laytons
Submitted by: Claude Vachon and Family on Sep 04, 2011

Hi Mike,

Soleil is such a happy little girl! She is getting along great with Rogie, our almost 3 year old Boston Terrier. He is very gentle with her, but they have a good time playing around. Our family is in love. She is so sweet and beautiful. She easily captures the heart of every visitor.

She is doing a good job adjusting to her new home. Her little happy tail wags around like crazy! We are working on potty training. We take her out at least every 2 hours during the day and last night she made it to a three hour and four hour stretch between bathroom take out times. So we are progressing nicely. I am not going to lie and say we don't have accidents, because during the day we do, but not when she is in her crate. When I am home, I keep her gated in a small area which the family has pretty much taken up residence in. She is definitely a curious pup so this helps keep her contained in a safe area with little items to chew up. It also allows Rogie to have a break from his hyper little sister when he needs one. :)

She is a hungry little pup! As soon as the food is put down, she gobbles it up while standing in her food bowl and water bowl. We give her 1/2 cup of kibble each feeding (breakfast, lunch and dinner).... taking away the water bowl by 6 pm. We are slowly bringing in the puppy food that we used for Rogie. It is Blue natural lamb and oatmeal puppy recipe. She is not having a problem with this.

We cannot thank you enough for blessing us with the newest addition to our family. We are very grateful. I still need to send some pics, I'll try to do that soon!

Take care,
Submitted by: The Dunn's on Sep 04, 2011


Tanner is doing greatl! Health-wise he is doing well - he's hungry and is growing fast. He has adjusted to his kennel. There were only a couple of nights where he cried all night and now he doesn't make a peep unless he has to go to the bathroom. We're still working on potty training, but he is doing good for the most part. We have him on a regular schedule so we know when he has to go. He loves to explore and we are trying to get him to start retrieving. It stormed here the last couple of nights and it did not phase him at all. He has a lot of energy and loves to play with his toys! We're going to attempt to get him walking with a leash here soon. Overall, he has adjusted to everything perfectly and we couldn't be happier.

The experience of getting Tanner was great. You were very responsive and open to allowing us to come to your home to check things out first. Your kennel was exactly what we were looking for - the size was perfect. Unfortunately, it took longer to get a new pup than we anticipated, but that was beyond your control and Tanner was well worth the wait! As you can imagine, we were very excited when the pups were born and would have loved to have seen more pictures as they got older. We would definiately recommend you and would go through your kennel again. Thanks for everything!

Attached are some pictures of Tanner.
Submitted by: Don and Sharon C. on Sep 03, 2011

Hi Mike,We are doing great with Rusty, he’s really grown and has adjusted to his new home very well. Rusty has started chewing everything and we are working on training for going outdoors for the potty training, and Rusty loves to retrieve but he thinks he should keep the bird & chew on it !!!!!! :}.
Will send some pictures next week.

Don & Sharon
Submitted by: Doug Deimerly on Sep 03, 2011

Hi Mike
Pinny is doing well. Has been sleeping all night in her porta kennel since the second night. Typical puppy likes to get into everything, so the shoes are up off the floor. Could use some advice on how and when to start working on sitting and staying. Otherwise have been focusing on letting her get familiar to her new surroundings. Attached a couple pics and a video clip of her going into the water already at 8wks!
Thanks again.

Doug D.
Submitted by: Greg Dunn on Sep 03, 2011


Tanner had a great car ride home, no accidents at all! He is a great car rider, just slept the whole way! Took him to the vet today and he has a full perfect bill of health. He is already going up the stairs and he is retrieving the bumper, picking the whole thing up in his mouth. We are so proud!

We'll keep in touch.


Submitted by: The Wilbanks Family of Mississippi on Sep 03, 2011

Mia is doing great! We have been keeping her in the house and traing is going great. She is starting to retreive canvas bumpers and duck wings, just letting her have fun with no pressure. I will be taking her out this week to intoduce her to the water.

Thanks again for a great puppy!

Submitted by: Dan Cadagin Homes on Sep 03, 2011

Hi mike Camo is doing great. First couple nights were a little rough but he has settled in good. Kids love him. He is already doing 30 ft retrieves with dummy. (7WKS OLD!!!)

Great dog and great dealing with u. U have a first class operation.
Thanks for everything will be dealing with u in future.

Thanks Dan Cadagin
Submitted by: Jerry Roberts on Sep 03, 2011
BOGEY MH X DIAMOND (BDC Finalist) Female
Black Lab Puppy from Fall 2010 Litter


Well Brandi Weighs 76 lb. 2 weeks ago. She is very tall and has a very long back. I won't say she is a small female however we love her very much. She has a very long nose and big mouth. She has quite a voice and we think she is a great watch dog. It is hard to imagine she is only 8 months old. She still acts like a puppy . She has a great eye and a great nose for tracking . We work with her a lot but she never gets tired and wan'ts to come home.

Her swimming of course is great. She glides through the water like a pro. We'll get some pictures soon. Thanks for a great puppy.

Jerry and Phyllis Roberts
Submitted by: Todd Keppy- Illinois on Sep 03, 2011


Attached are a few photos of our puppy.We ended up calling her Bailey.She has been awesome so far. She has a great nose and loved to hunt chipmunks at this point in her life.

Hopefully that will transfer over to Pheasants this fall.She listens great and loves to play with my 4 year old lab.
The kids adore her and she knows it!

Thank you for a fantastic pup and great member of our family.

-Todd and Family
Submitted by: Michael Hermes on Sep 03, 2011

Hi Mike,

Abby is doing great! Mom and Dad are having a great time with her. She was shy for about the first 2 hours after we picked her up and she definitely changed after that. At about 8 weeks, she was sitting, laying down, and shaking.

She is super fast and retrieves for hours on end. I watched her point on several sparrows in the yard, which was pretty awesome.

She has a very strong drive, which has made it hard for her to learn how to 'stay', but she is getting better.

She has a very good personality, with tons of energy. She loves people and attention. My parents have several customers and sales reps that are becoming good friends of hers. They have to see her every time they come in.

I'll have to get back to you on the photos. I have a lot of them but they are on my SD card at home.

I'll be sure to send photos your way as I can and we'll keep them coming. Thanks again for the great pup!

Submitted by: Sarah Pittman on Sep 03, 2011


We finally got Kolby to the vet this morning and Keith said everything checked out okay!

He's adapting to his new home well. Doing pretty good at potty training and sleeping. We're still working on not chasing the kitty:) We have enjoyed having him and are looking forward to watching him grow!


Sarah Pittman
Submitted by: Aaron and Mindi on Sep 03, 2011

Hey Mike,

Sorry, meant to email you a few days ago. Kale is doing well, she seems to have adjusted well and she get's along good with our black lab.
Right now were really working on crate training her, for the most part she does well, a little bit of barking here and there but thats expected. She has been really good at retrieving things, aaron started working with her on retrieving ducks and sheds, and she has been really good in that regards. I have attached a pic of her with our black lab Coye.

Thanks, Mindi
Submitted by: Roger Baumert on Aug 22, 2011
Bogey MH x Diamond Lab Male Pup-Oct Litter 2010

Hi Mike,
Bogey's Taz Mania Devil (Taz) is growing up to be a monstrous good looking pup that is living up to his name. He is 9 months old now and weighs 91.5 lbs and still growing. He loves to go camping and be around people and we can't keep him out of the water. He is well socialized and not afraid of anything or anyone. He loves his rawhide chewys.
He has exhibited hunting skills from an early age. When he was about 3 months old he was walking crouched down with his tail straight out and slowly approaching our miniature schnauzers and then he would pounce on them. Just like his momma does on the video. He has gotten 3 birds and a squirrel in the fenced in yard, bringing one inside before we knew it.
There are a couple things we can't seem to break him of; getting on the kitchen counters and into the trash. Aslo he hasn't grown out of the chewing phase yet.

Will there be any room in your schedule for training this fall. I hate to send him away because although he loves being outdoors with me, Taz is also housebroke, kennel trained and very spoiled so he sleeps inside.

He has brought a great joy to our home.
I will send some pics of my pup soon.
Submitted by: The Sutorius Family on Aug 07, 2011

Hey Mike

Kya is doing great. She is healthy, happy and full of energy. My wife, kids and all my friends love being around her. She has such a sweet and adorable disposition.

Kya is doing 150 yard back piles and taking hand signals extremely well. She is doing short blinds that are a little sloppy but SHE ALWAYS MAKES THE RETRIEVE. Blinds are by far and away Kya's favorite thing to do and she has an excellent nose. Her marking is getting better and better everyday. She is completely conditioned to gun fire and will sit at heel while I shoot birds for her and never flinch, all she cares about is the bird. The gun conditioning was a real challenge, I had to start her out with a toy cap gun and SLOWLY work up to .22 then 12 gauge. I have been shooting a lot of pheasants for her and she is retrieving them beautifully (see attached photos).

I think Kya is just about ready to go hunting. It will be fun to watch her learn all the ropes this first hunting season. In some ways Kya is the most challenging dog I've ever owned due to her softness but in a lot of ways she's been the easiest to work with because of her intelligence.

Just thought you'd like to know how Kya's doing.

Submitted by: Scott Graves on Aug 03, 2011


Bella is doing great.Gets along with other dogs very well.Trying hard to bond and just let her explore everything.Having a little trouble potty training and learning her name.Been putting her in a cage for period of time,then she goes more regularly,but still-will pee again right away.What elese can we be doing to train her? She does some simple retreiving,but havn`t exposed her to pigeons yet.When should we?Vet exam went well got frontline and heartworm,Tremendous potential just need some mentoring!Love her to death1!!!!The buying experience was great.Answered all questions.Took the time needed for some added advise.Would consider some training and a good hunt in the- future.Very personable.Would buy another dog if needed.Would like your help in the future when it comes breeding Bella.

Thanks again she's amazing!
-Scott and Denise Graves
Submitted by: The Nielsens on Aug 03, 2011
Haley x Cody JH Black/Roan Female #1
Spring 2011 Litter

Mike, Everything is going great with Maggie. Her and Ginger are bonding nicely and honestly it is nice to have a mature dog to help. They play quite a bit. It is good for both of them and takes the vinegar out of Maggie. I can tell Maggie looks up to Ginger and looks forward to spending time with her. She is a good girl. She is sweet, affectionate, smart and very observant. She has figured out her place in the pack. I can tell she would have made a great hunting dog. In the morning when I take her out to go poddy, she throws her nose in the air and picks up on all the smells... We are taking her into Chicago this weekend to meet our oldest child Lauren. Lauren has been very impatient to see her. I will send you a picture soon. I will take one this weekend and forward it to you. She is growing so very fast. Hope all is well with you.
Submitted by: THE RIVERS on Jun 27, 2011
FALL 2010- "LILO"

Hi Mike!

Lilo is doing great. She’s been out in the back yard hunting Robins, Magpies and whatever other birds she can spot (sometimes kites and shadows J). We ran into a mama goose on a walk one day and Lilo held her own, even though the goose was hissing at her, and tried going into the water after her. She definitely loves birds! She’s learning to like the water but is still a little hesitant to get in all the way. Lilo is a very affectionate dog.
I think that’s common with the GSP breed but we’re very happy about it…out Weimaraner is sweet but not cuddly.
Lilo is an amazing dog – I would definitely recommend your kennel to anyone looking for a great hunting dog and family addition. We’ve had a great experience, from the day we called to inquire about Lilo to today.

Thanks Mike!

The Rivers
Submitted by: Patrick Maleki's on Jun 26, 2011
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Sadie is doing great! I finally found a trainer near me that I am comfortable with and so far he has been awesome.
So far he has had her for 3 weeks. He holds weekly handling sessions for owners and encourages clients to come at least twice a month. Today was my first training session. Not only did I see her make a lot of improvement, she recovered her first water retrieve and located some shallow sunken ducks.
Godwin has a great passion for each dog in training which shows in the way the dogs performed. I am doing gun dog training and thinking 3 months. The training grounds were private and more than she will need. Ill let you know how she comes along but for now here are some pics I took, some of which were from today!
Thanks again for a great dog.

-The Malekis
Submitted by: The Roberts on Jun 26, 2011
Bear x Rip Lab Litter Spring 2011

Well Brandi Weighs 76 lb. 2 weeks ago. She is very tall and has a very long back. I won't say she is a small female however we love her very much. She has a very long nose and big mouth. She has quite a voice and we think she is a great watch dog. It is hard to imagine she is only 8 months old. She still acts like a puppy . She has a great eye and a great nose for tracking . We work with her a lot but she never gets tired and wants to come home. Her swimming of course is great. She glides through the water like a pro. We'll get some pictures soon. Her legs are so long our friends think she must have grey hound mix. We tell them she is pure black lab. LOL

Thanks again for a great dog.

Jerry and Phyllis Roberts
Submitted by: Todd Keppy on Jun 22, 2011
Diamond x Bogey MH Litter Fall 2010
Female Pup "Bailey"


We ended up calling her Bailey.
She has been awesome so far. She has a great nose and loved to hunt chipmunks at this point in her life. Hopefully that will transfer over to Pheasants this fall.
She listens great and loves to play with my 4 year old lab.
The kids adore her and she knows it!

Great Dogs! Thanks!

Todd Keppy
Submitted by: Brad Eisenbacher on Jun 22, 2011
Cody JH x Harley Female
Spring 2010

The puppy we bought is named Natalie, she's a great dog. We recently taught her how to lay down. She is getting a little bigger every day. She loves to play outside and run around. She really enjoys chasing birds, and is pointing at them. Also, she enjoys chasing butterflies. She has two balls she plays with and she picks them both up with her mouth.
Shes a nice dog, and we love her.

Submitted by: Ricky Vang on Jun 20, 2011
Sammy NLGDC Champion x Hope Litter
Male Pup #3 June 2010

Hello there Mike,
Ricky in Rosemount, MN.

I am really satisfied for the male Llewellin Setter that I bought from you. He hunts very well with great stamina at one pace all day, very solid on point.
THE BEST NOSE I HAVE EVER OWNED! Compared to my last couple English setter, he's far better. That's the different between English and Llewellin do to my experience.

I also have been handling and training dogs in the last 11yrs total of 175 dogs too. He's the best I've ever had.

I just want to give you the credit that you have done a wonderful job with your Llewellin Setters.
Don't know if you still have Sam or not but if you do plan to breed him again in the future my buddies would love to get couple from you.... after they saw and hunt behind Rocky my (Llewellin Setter)from you, they were just destroyed that they didn't get on when they had the chance.

They got the regular English setter that out of have lock and berge brothers line mostly for horse back. And your pup, leaves theirs in the dust!
I'll sent you a better picture of Rocky.
Mike, talk to you later.........and wish you the best

-Ricky Vang
Submitted by: The Molkenthins on Jun 20, 2011
Rip x Bear Litter
Male Pup


Our male pup "Santo" is doing awesome! He has really adjusted to his new home, loves running around the yard. He is full of energy but pretty calm once he comes inside the house. I'm amazed how quickly he has caught on to potty training, goes to the door and gets our attention already when he wants out. Ranae and I were blown away from our experience working with you through the process, couldn't be happier and more excited with the years to come with Santo!

Thanks again for everything, I'll know where to send anyone looking for a pup of their own. We have taken some pictures, I will try to send you some shortly!

Jordan & Ranae Molkenthin
Submitted by: Wind Mill Farm Dairy- Todd and Janice on Jun 18, 2011
APRIL 21ST, 2011

Hi Mike,
Our experience with your kennel has been wonderful and we would recommend you to anyone!
Jet is doing well but we are thinking about changing his name to "monster". Ha Ha!!

We took him to the vet the morning after we got him and they gave him a clean bill of health and think he is going to be huge because of the size of his paws.

He is a VERY headstrong dog. If he doesn't want to do something or doesn't want to be held, he will yelp and whine and twist his little body around to get out of our grasp. We've also had a little problem with him being a "biter". He doesn't want to give me any puppy kisses, just bites!!

However, he is very smart and the house training is going well. He LOVES to eat and acts like he is starving all the time.
We love him so much and I'm sure he will settle down soon!

Thanks for everything!!

Submitted by: Austin Ridenour on Jun 18, 2011
German Short-haired Pointer


Thank you for the great pup! I have run her and she works tight and stays close, doesn't range out like my male which is something I like about her. She is always complimented on how pretty she is and how shiny her coat is. She's a big ham, and always running around with a toy in her mouth ready to play.

She doesn't have the non-stop energy my other short hair has, but she is still pretty young and she is getting faster and stronger, she weighs about 55-60lbs and still has a lot of pup in her. We love her though, and she does well in the house, whenever we come home she has shoes, toys, and our clothes pulled out of the hamper and around her bed, never chews anything up.
Shes a Good dog though.

Thanks again.

Submitted by: The Joslin's on Jun 18, 2011
Bear x Rip Lab Males- Ace and Bud
April 2011


Ace and Bud Joslin are very happy to be in their new home. Potty training is going pretty well , no #2 accidents in house. Also we are very thankful for the sound conditioning you do with the pups before they leave the kennel.

This has been very helpful with all the recent storms. We also shot the starter pistol around them last week and they didn't flinch.

The pups are Sleeping through the night since we brought them home (only 8 weeks old WOW!).

Thanks so much Mike we are very happy with our pups. Oh, forgot the are working on sit, stay and come and doing pretty good for this young.

Thanks again for great pups. We would recommend Bear Creek Kennels to anyone looking for a great puppy.
Submitted by: Nick Bergemen on Jun 12, 2011
Rip x Bear Female Lab Pup (7 weeks)

Hey Mike, she is doing great. House training is going really well. She is extremely intelligent, she learns so fast and is growing by the day.

Thanks again, I'll stay in touch.
She is an amazing pup!

Submitted by: Jerry Roberts on May 16, 2011

I want to thank you for the beautiful black lab we got from you. Our daughter Karen and our Grandson Brandon Schroeder bought her for us. She is 16 weeks old and already weighs 46 pounds. She has such long legs we call her jack rabbit legs . She is training very well .We think she is very smart. Sometimes a little too smart . She loves the snow and out doors. She tacks the coon that is around our back yard. She will be Spayed next week.

After all this I guess what I wanted to say we are very happy with her and love her very much. Can we get a collar like the one that came with her ,of course a larger size . Her name is Plano's Blackberry Brandy. We call her Brandy.

Jerry and Phyllis Roberts
Submitted by: Lee Xiong on May 10, 2011
Hey mike, just wanted to update you on the chocolate lab I bought from you last month. She's a pleasure and joy to have around my family. She's doing really well with birds. Currently training her to retrieve. There's one thing I want to point out about her. Whenever I play with her with a pheasant wing on a fishing pole she comes right in and points. She's doing it so much now. Got me thinking she might be a pointer in the long run if she continues this. I don't know exactly if this is normal for puppies or is it just something unique about her. I do have videos of her pointing if you're interested in seeing. I'm really excited to find out if she has the potential to point. Thanks, mike!
Submitted by: Gary and Sandra R. on Apr 22, 2011

Just a quick thank you for "Remi", such a sweet and smart dog. He's been retrieving to hand, pointing his birds and works a field with ease.

Thanks again for such a wonderful started dog.

Submitted by: Xiong Lee on Apr 22, 2011

Thanks for a great dog. Really has a nose on him, and hunts hard. Can't wait to see what he does this fall up here in Minnesota.

I appreciate your training tips and I'll keep you informed on his progress.

Submitted by: Grant Mitchell on Apr 22, 2011
I recently purchased a gsp pup from Mike at Bear Creek Kennels. Throughout the entire process Mike was very helpful and knows his gsps. He sent me pics anytime i wanted until i picked my pup up. I'm very excited for the upcoming hunting season. I searched and searched for a gsp. I would never get emails back but Ben got back to me right away. He was very professional. Just wanted to give you an update. My gsp from Mike was everything I was looking for!

Thanks again.
Submitted by: Nancy Harders on Apr 22, 2011

Gus is doing great. Still has a lot of energy!

Shawn is working with him
on double retrieves. He has been taking him to Bunker Hill to hunt pheasants and work with a trainer a few times a week.

He's doing great. Thanks again!

Nancy Harders
Submitted by: Jason and Jennifer on Apr 22, 2011
Jason and Jennifer from Chester, IL

We got Hoosier in early March of this year as a started dog and he has been great. Even on the 6 hour drive home he never made a sound. He is very well tempered and listens very well. I have been training with him since early March and he has progressed nicely.

Mike was right when he said all he needed was a good loving family and a place to call home. He even does very well with Jennifer's five year old son. Mike was very helpful with anything we needed and is still helpful anytime we need anything. I can't wait until November to get Hoosier out into the duck blind.

I would recommend anyone needing a hunting dog to Bear Creek Kennels and if I should need another dog in the future Bear Creek Kennels would be my first call.
Submitted by: Kurt Ford and Family on Apr 22, 2011
The dogs are getting along great, the first day I had them eating from the same bowl and even though Sampson is 4-5 times bigger then her Lucy(the new lab pup)still has a lot of pep to keep up with him. Training is going good, only a few accidents inside and once you let Lucy outside she almost goes to the bathroom instantly, she's catching on quickly.

She is starting to get a bit more yellow in her coat, down the back and on her head. Everything is going great!

Thanks again for everything, I we WILL be back again for another lab pup. It's not often we've found a breeder that cares as much as we think you do and we appreciate all the time you spent with us while we made our decision.

Thanks again.
Kurt Ford and Family
Submitted by: R.J. Rose on Apr 22, 2011
Hey Mike, here is a little update on Molly.
She's grown long legs and a long lean body.

FAST FAST LEARNER! She knows her basic commands, sometimes with an incentive. I haven't had the need to put her on the e-collar yet other than for her to learn her property boundaries.

Speaking of drive, boy does she have it. She's still obsessed by the wing on a fly rod and her racquetballs are her driving force. I use them as a training tool because she points them, retrieves them, and they're her reward. He says Molly has that same kind of drive only focused on birds because of breeding.

I've been able to run her a little because of the cool weather this summer but no wild birds around yet. I called my old breeder and she can't get pen raised birds anymore or at least at a decent price.

We're heading up north for grouse this year, I know she'll bust a lot of birds at first, it takes a few years to handle grouse, but she is smart, has drive, and the willingness to please, add birds and what else do you need?

Once again, thanks for the FANTASTIC PUP! Llewellin Setters got to be the top 3 hunting breeds in the U.S. We have Molly and I know she'll put birds in the bag.

Thanks again.

Submitted by: Kim Metroick on Apr 21, 2011
Mike with Bear Creek Kennels was a delight to work with. My GSP is now a year old and she is the light of my life. Rhea is smart, healthy, and has beautiful markings.
I would and have recommended future German Shorthaired Pointers owners to get in touch with them!

Thx again for a dog of a lifetime!

-Kim and Rick
Submitted by: Bill and Kathy P. on Apr 21, 2011
Whether you are looking for a new puppy, a started or finished dog, Mike with Bear Creek Kennels is the man to talk to!

If you give your dog to him to train, you can sleep well at night knowing that your dog is with someone that will respect, love, and give your dog the proper opportunity to become an awesome retriever. He will give you an honest assessment of the dog’s ability whether it is a started dog you buy from him or one he is training for you.

I cannot speak more highly of Mike as a person and a trainer. He has helped me out with my dogs in more ways than he will ever know. He will sit down with any owner/handler to explain things in detail and would give you the shirt off his back to help you and your dog succeed. Thanks so much Mike for your help!!

Give this man a call!! You won’t regret it!!

Bill and Kathy P.
Submitted by: Thomas Angelo on Apr 21, 2011
Hello Mike!

It's been a few years, but I wanted to send you an email on how "Laney" was doing.

We were so pleased with the whole experience with Bear Creek Kennels and yourself. We've referred dozens of people from family and friends to business colleagues of ours.

We've taken Laney for numerous hunting trips from Canada to Florida. She's done tremendous on most any species of birds we've hunted her on. Upland or Waterfowl, she never fails us or ceases to impress us. Incredibly smart, loyal, and has the confidence to be bold and beautiful!

We've moved twice since our purchase, and everytime she falls right into her place in the home, inspects the yards and neighborhood when we go on walks. A great protector of the kids, keeps and eye on them in the yard and even sleeps in the hallway at night as if keeping watch.

For ANY POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS OUT THERE! From the beginning all they way until the end. Mike kept us informed throughout the whole process and is still checking in our puppy (thus our email to you after soooo long). This breeder truly cares about the well being of their puppies!

Our puppy was amazing and is georgeous now at 5 years old, and we could not have asked for a better experience! Thank you Bear Creek!!!

We will be in contact with you soon (kids graduate this year) for another addition!

Thomas and Marie Angelo
Submitted by: Dell Gracie on Apr 21, 2011
I purchased a Started male German Shorthaired Pointer from Mike/ Bear Creek Kennels in November 2009.

The dog was shipped to me in Louisiana and arrived in perfect condition with no problems. He was exactly the high quality dog that was described to me by the kennel.

I found him to be a very happy and balanced individual. He adjusted to his new surroundings easily. It was obvious that the kennel had worked with him a great deal.

He has taken to his training very well, he's broke on whoa, here, and stands his birds with such beautiful style!

I think he will prove to be an outstanding gundog and companion for years to come. I am very pleased with this dog and would not hesitate to look for my next puppy from Mike.

You are really putting good dogs out there, and for that I thank you.

Cinergy Inc.
Submitted by: Carrie Watson on Apr 21, 2011
Llewellin Setter Pup
Sammy x Hope Breeding

I received "Molly" from Mike early last summer. She is about 9 months old now. What a great personality and a quick learner. Although she is high energy she listens and learns very well.

So far, she has Strong pointing instinct and retrieves a dummy with enthusiasm. Mike was a pleasure to work with and his concern for the pups is apparent as he stays in touch with you afterwards.
Thanks again. What a dog.

Carrie Watson
Submitted by: Craig Meyers and Family on Apr 19, 2011
Cody JH x Harley Female GSP Puppy
May 2010 Litter


Thanks for the info. FYI, our Pup, now approaching 1 yr, was named Neytiri (from movie Avatar). Started hunting her with my older shorthair in October and hunted her alot all the way through end of March, mostly on her own once she was big enough to command the field. Shot roughly 50 pheasants over her and just a few quail and chuckers. She is reponds to commands very well, stays in surprising well, and points very well. Surprisingly she also honors the older dog's points, even from 30 - 50 feet away. I don't know where she learned this trick. She's ALL Natural!

Thanks again for a great dog!

Craig Myers
Global Operations Director - Functional Sweeteners

Submitted by: Lisa H. and Family on Apr 15, 2011

Cooper is doing great! He is such a good boy and so sweet! He was very easy to potty train and has been so for many weeks now. He usually goes to the door and gives one wine to let us know that he needs to go out. He now sleeps in his crate right next to our bed and although he sometimes cries in the night, most of the time he sleeps until 6 am. He loves to ride in the car and goes with me every day to take the kids to school and pick them up.

He likes to chew up paper and especially toilet paper so we are working on that! WE LOVE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH! Below are some recent pictures.

Thanks for breeding such wonderful puppies! If possible we would love to see and hear about his letter mates.

-Lisa H.
Submitted by: The Maleki's on Apr 14, 2011

Hey Mike.

Hope all is well in Iowa... I just wanted to check in and let you know how Sadie is doing. She is easily the best dog I have ever had.

I have had no major issues..she has been retrieving everything I can throw at her on land from bumpers/duck decoys to sticks. She is nearly 4 months old now and her teeth are just starting to come in. I'm most impressed in how smart she is. I'm glad he stayed a little longer to hang out with the big dogs..

I have been enforcing crate training with yard training when she first gets out as I have most of her attention then. She understands most commands including sit, shake, down, come, heel(still learning), load up, no, and is now picking up on directional commands at a distance when she looses track of long distance retrieves.

I have just recently started her on a Tri-Tronics field 90 g3 electronic collar and she has taken to it very well. I have been just toning her as of right now but it has helped a lot in getting her to listen and obey when she is called.

I also spoke with a local trainer who was recommended to me by a friend who has had a few GSPs and she will probably begin training around 6 months. To be honest though, she is such an obedient dog and so well composed for her age I may finish training her myself with the help of some weekend training sessions. (considering how well she is picking up force fetching/marking/and directional hand gestures)

Again, I can't believe how bold and how smart she is..Here are some recent pics attached. She has filled in nicely and is a beautiful pup.

Thanks again!
Patrick Maleki
Submitted by: Katie Moorhead on Apr 14, 2011

Hi Mike!

As you know Ollie is doing awesome! He is super friendly and an overall happy puppy. He's not a HUGE fan of his crate (as you probably gathered this past weekend) but after a few minutes expressing his displeasure he calms down.

Potty training is going really well! He was even barking at us tonight and we were not sure why. Took him outside, he did his thing and all was good!

Thanks so much again for everything you've done for us! We love our little guy! :)

Submitted by: Chris Layton on Mar 16, 2011
Clifford is doing great, he has adjusted very well to his new home. I took him pheasant hunting last weekend just to see how he would do with a gun, he actually pointed 2 birds and flushed another, I had no idea he would point, I have never seen a lab point before.

He retrieved all of the birds we shot. I generally work him everyday when I get home from work and I think he would go all night. I was having a problem with him breaking but now he is doing great, he is a typical boy dog as when we go to the lake on the weekends my wife will let him out, and he wont really listen to her and is prone to wander off, He always comes back hours later.

I am excited about duck hunting this next year and I am sure Clifford is too. I will say, he requires a lot of attention in the evenings as his second favorite thing to do is be petted. We are glad to have him and thank you for letting us purchase him.

He's a great dog.

-Chris and Dottie
Submitted by: Chris Sutorius and Family on Mar 14, 2011
Hi Mike

Kya is really doing great!!! She is settling in and becoming more and more comfortable everyday. She is probably the sweetest dog I've ever been around.

I took Kya to my hunting club Tuesday and she had a good time in the uplands and wetlands. She went for a one mile run with my daughter the other day. She has been climbing up on the couch and laying her head in my wife's lap while she reads each night. Kya is great with my 15 year old son, Rudy who is Autistic and MR. Rudy is very loud and hyper, Kya is very patient with him and she seeks out his attention which I know means the world to him. In the short time Kya has been here she has become a sweet, loving irreplaceable family member that we all adore.

Here are a few photos of my wife, kids, other dogs and me with Kya. My son and daughter are both red heads just like Kya. As you can see from the photo, my daughter, Lindsey, taught Kya how to shake hands. I also have Kya sitting to a hand singnal and sitting to the whistle.

Kya is recovering from the spaying surgery very well. She gets her stitches out Friday the 18th. If the doctor says its okay I'll start throwing bumpers for her and maybe take her to the hunting club on Saturday. We are really enjoying Kya, she is a wonderful girl and a gem around the house.

Keep in touch.

Submitted by: Rachael Symeon and Family on Mar 01, 2011
Conner x Harley GSP Female Pup- Dec 2010

Hello Mike and family,

Just wanted to thank you for the WORLDS BEST GSP PUPPY!

She is so smart and has a great personality. She is completely house trained now and never has an accident in the house. She alerts us by whining and going to the door, I let her out she comes back in and we give her a treat.

She knows to sit and come when she is called. I am amazed at how brilliant she is and the fastest learner. I take her to work with me at an emergency vet clinic and everyone loves her and thinks she is so beautiful. She goes everywhere with us.

We will send pictures soon. Mark has started to shoot a cap gun while she eats her meals and she does not pay any attention to the noise.

She's only 10 weeks old and gunbroke to a .22!
We thank you for the Sound Conditioning you've done with her while with the litter. We can tell it works and see the results immediately!

Can you let me know of a good bird dog training book to help us train Red? Thanks again for everything!

Submitted by: Jerry and Phyliss Roberts on Feb 15, 2011
Bogey MH x Diamond Female Puppy- Oct 2010


I want to thank you for the beautiful black lab we got from you. Our daughter Karen and our Grandson Brandon Schroeder bought her for us. She is 16 weeks old and already weighs 46 pounds. She has such long legs we call her jack rabbit legs . She is training very well . We think she is very smart. Sometimes a little too smart .

She loves the snow and out doors. She tacks the coon that is around our back yard. She will be Spayed next week.

After all this I guess what I wanted to say we are very happy with her and love her very much. We named her Plano's Blackberry Brandy.
We call her Brandy.

Jerry and Phyllis Roberts
Submitted by: Ron Newton on Feb 15, 2011
Conner has been hard at work with the
California Department of Fish and Game.

I have had him working at a couple youth hunts and he looks pretty good.

I took a video of him hunting at a State Youth Event and uploaded it to you tube.
Check it out!

Thanks again for a great dog!

-Ron Newton
Submitted by: Eddie Crane on Feb 10, 2011
Bogey MH x Diamond Lab Litter October 2010
Male Pup


Remnar is doing great. I took him hunting with me for the fist time a few weeks ago. He did good. I was hunting with a English pointer and he learned a lot. I used a cap gun around the house a few weeks before so there was no problem with him being gun shy.

4 months old and gun-broke! Awesome. I can tell the Sound Conditioning he had done there as a puppy worked wonders for sure.

He flushed 1 bird and jumped by another. He catches on pretty fast but is starting to push his boundaries.

He is very mild mannered. Chews on everything including my carpet. LOL

If u send me your number i have a great pic on my phone. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks again for a great dog.

Submitted by: Scott Carlisle on Feb 08, 2011
Harley x Haley Litter March 2010

Hello Mike,

Glad to hear from you. I'll tell you Janie is probably one of the most lovable dogs I've ever owned.

She has learned many commands very easily, including sit down paw and stay. She does have a strong personality that includes being very curious of all new things, and she also sometime loses her focus on commands, but she has been a great addition to our house and is always making us laugh.

She enjoys her rides to work with me every day and now that she is out of the puppy teething phase she generally leaves things that are not hers alone. When she does have something she always will drop on command which is a wonderful trait.

We couldn't be happier with her.

Submitted by: Lisa Epstein and Family on Feb 08, 2011
Harley x Haley Breeding March 2010


Hi. Hope all is well in Iowa. Jager is filled with energy. He is feisty and curious.

His temperament is great. He is a sweet loving dog. He loves to give kisses. He will lick you to death. He is a beautiful dog.

His markings are just beautiful. He weighs about 45 pounds. He loves to sit with you. If you are in a lounging chair he will climb up and sit with you.

He loves to get close and snuggle. We just love him and are so happy we have him.

Lisa Epstein
Submitted by: Michael Hermes on Feb 07, 2011

Hi Mike,

Abby is doing great! Mom and Dad are having a great time with her. She was shy for about the first 2 hours after we picked her up and she definitely changed after that.

At about 8 weeks, she was sitting, laying down, and shaking. She is super fast and retrieves for hours on end. I watched her point on several sparrows in the yard, which was pretty awesome.

She has a very strong drive, which has made it hard for her to learn how to 'stay', but she is getting better.

She has a very good personality, with tons of energy. She loves people and attention. My parents have several customers and sales reps that are becoming good friends of hers. They have to see her every time they come in.

I'll have to get back to you on the photos. I have a lot of them but they are on my SD card at home.

I'll be sure to send photos your way as I can and we'll keep them coming. Thanks again for the great pup!

Submitted by: Rusty Donnelly on Feb 07, 2011
Harley x Haley GSP Litter March 2010

Hey Mike,

Maybe is doing fine. She really enjoys running around the hay fields and does a great job of staying within eye distance. Overall she is a great dog.

My only problem is she grabs things off the counters when I’m not looking and very hard to discipline her if I don’t catch her!

Thanks for everything, she's an amazing dog.

Submitted by: A. Ridanour on Feb 07, 2011


Just wanted to let you know how our pup was doing!

Annabelle is doing well. She's healthy and loves to eat, weighs about 54 lbs. She is probably the stronger of my two GSP's. However she doesn't seem to have the running drive my male does but I haven't gotten to work with her a whole lot. She's really friendly and very competitive.

I will get more of a chance to work with her this spring, but I do know two things about her, I got fresh pheasant wings and she went crazy. In 5 minutes of working with her this fall she was pointing and holding on a wing on the pole, I'll know more this spring but so far she is doing well.

So far I can tell she has the drive and intensity to make a superior dog!

Thanks for again.

Austin Ridanour
Submitted by: V. Thietje on Feb 06, 2011
Bogey MH x Diamond BDC Worlds Pup
October 2010

Hi Mike!

Hope you & the family are all doing very well & keeping warm in this very cold & snowy winter! Gauge is loving this weather! In fact, he loves the snow so much that he runs in front of the snow shovel to make sure the snow gets tossed in his face. He is so comical! He climbs in the shower with us, & unlike Gunny, he likes having the water spray in his face. He's doing great on retrieves & on most basic commands...any lack there is our fault & not his. And he travels very well. He went from southern IL to northern IL & back, then to LA a week later & was great. As soon as I get around to uploading my photos, I'll send you some so you can see how much he's grown. He's way over 40 pounds already, but not fat, you know? He's just huge!!!

Thanks again for a great puppy!

Submitted by: Ron Newton- California on Feb 06, 2011
Finished GSP Male-January 2011

Conner is adjusting nicely to the 70 degree weather and seems to be at home now. He has a great personality and gets along well with my other smaller dog.

I took him out today with a friend that also has a German Short-haired Pointer. This guy is really anal so I was anxious to see how Conner would do with the other dog.

Conner hunted well, ranged close and had some really nice points. He adjusting to the mountain terrain and I think with more experience on the hills he'll be even better.

Overall he did pretty well.
I'm very happy with the dog just wanted to keep you up to date.
I can't thank you enough for such a great dog. He is worth every penny!

Ron Newton
Submitted by: Gus Allred on Feb 06, 2011
Started GSP Female- Taylor October 2010


Thanks for the email we have been meaning to let you know how things are going its just been really busy with the holidays.

Taylor is doing great. She's real good with our other dogs and with the grand-kids. Haven't had a lot of time to work with her yet.

Planning on getting started with her more this spring when the weather warms up a bit.

So far we are very please with her, she is a really nice dog. We'd recommend you again to anyone wanting to find a great hunting companion. One of the best.

Submitted by: The Smith Family of Illinois on Jan 21, 2011
Good evening!

This is delayed by many months but we wanted to give you some picture updates of our little girl! Molly was from your March 2010 litter of GSP's and we picked her up in May of last year. She now lives with our family in Dunlap, Illinois. Our only daughter is away at college in Missouri now so she has definitely helped us with the empty-nest phase. She's been a fantastic addition to our family! She's very stubborn and ornery but always provides us with loads of entertainment. It's amazing to us how intelligent she is and she's such a loving dog. Thank you so much for helping us add our newest member to the family! We were looking on your website and trying to remember her parents names so if you could send us that information we'd love it! Attached are some pictures of Molly!

Thanks again and we hope your holiday season was wonderful and your new year is great so far!

--The Smith Family
Submitted by: Thomas Tauche on Jan 07, 2011
Started GSP Female Purchased March 2010
Shipped to East Coast via Dog Transport

Remi is doing great and she is really excelling in hunting the puppies are grown now and looking very good also thanks for everything. Couldn't ask for a better minded dog

thanks again

Sent from Thomas Tauche thank you!
Submitted by: Tyler Corell on Dec 20, 2010

I just wanted to give you a update on Ava (black lab). She is a very
energetic dog with a LOT of drive, she is a perfect fit for my family.

I took her out duck hunting on big water this year and was very happy with
her performance, she has great marking ability and make a 75 yard retrieve on
her first duck!

I'm looking forward to getting her out on some upland game to see what she

Thank you for such a great dog.

U.S. Army
Submitted by: Verna and Brian T. on Dec 17, 2010
Hi Mike,

How are you? I sure meant to email you sooner than this to let you know how Gauge is doing, but you know how busy things get during the holidays...

Anyway, he is doing great! He's assimilated beautifully into our family & LOVES his big brother, Gunny! Those two are so funny together. They have some of the same habits, too, which is odd & amusing. For instance, Gunny has always loved climbing into the bathtub after we shower. He likes to lick the walls & floors of the tub before just lying down in it. Gauge saw Gunny do that once & now he beats Gunny into it. They actually nap on the floor outside the tub while I'm showering so they can jump in soon as I'm done. What crack-ups!

We took Gauge to the vet a couple of weeks ago to maintain the schedule you already had him on & to have him "chipped." Can you believe that he doubled his weight? That was a little over a week after we picked him up from you. You said he was 10 pounds. The vet weighed him at 20...the little chunk!

He's doing halfway decent with potty training. He can make his way through the doggy door & up & down the porch steps on his own. Sometimes he likes going through the front door...those times, if we're not watching & open the door quickly enough, he'll go right there, but he's getting better.

And, he is absolutely fearless. We think he believes he's a lion!

Brian's been introducing him to birds & he seems to have a very strong prey drive. We are very happy about that. His drive seems to motivate Gunny even more...those two are pretty competitive already, so there should be no problem with the two of them retrieving birds.

Gauge is very vocal...we're hoping he mellows out a little on the barking, but whether he does or doesn't, he's a perfect little addition to our family & we love him!

We hope you & your family have a wonderful Christmas & new year. Take care & thanks again!

-Brian & Verna
Submitted by: Rob Hartwick on Dec 15, 2010

Great dog I got here, took him out for his first pheasant hunt, he stuck every point hard, found 2 wounded birds, retrieved to me every single time!
Couldn't have asked for more out a pup, my friends can't believe he's only 6 months old!

Thanks again, and good luck chasin' those ringnecks!

Submitted by: Amanda S. on Dec 15, 2010
This pup is amazing!!!

We love him to death, he took to potty training and after 3 days has got it down. He's a very smart lab pup, we were discussing him with my parents and my dad said he had never seen a pup with that kind of drive and intelligence ever. Thats saying something coming from him.

He's had labs for 60 years.

Keep up the good work, we appreciate people like yourself with a passion for great dogs as we do.


Amanda S.
Submitted by: Timothy Akins on Oct 26, 2010

Thanks again for Tilly. She's great. Has been chasing up roosters and even brought back a few ducks this year.

Really happy with this lab. A really great dog.

I'll be calling soon to talk to you about training, I love all she knows now, and would like her to come back to you to finish her up in spring 2011.

Submitted by: AARON SCHRODER on Sep 29, 2010
Hi mike.
Just wanted to drop a thank you note... We are very happy with Darlin. She is becoming a great hunting companion and a very niches loved member of our family. We can't wait till next month! Hope all is well with you, and we wish you much success with your kennel.

All the best,
Aaron Schroder
Submitted by: Terry Shawkins, Jr. on Aug 23, 2010
Where do I begin,...

We purchased a GSP Pup named "Suzie" from Bear Creek last fall, 2009 from Harley and Harley.

Let me first begin by saying we've hunted all over North America, we love Upland and expecially love hunting Grouse.

We've had many dogs over many years me and my brothers have been hunting and I have to say. It has taken me sometime to put together this testimonial, for the simple fact I thought if I said how great this dog was, people wouldn't believe me.

She has been pointing birds, not wings or butterfly's, but LIVE BIRDS since she was 11 weeks old. She holds point and sometimes I don't even think she blinks for minutes on end while holding point on the birds.
An "Upland Goddess", she is truly a remarkable dog. Retrieves and handles with ease, one of the smartest dogs I think we've ever (MY FAMILY) has been in contact with.

We cannot begin to say how much we appreciate Mike and his family, their time and effort and especially their conscious breeding of two great dogs. Had to be to produce such a natural pointing dog that Suzie is.

Once again, to anyone who may be considering a puppy from Mike at Bear Creek Kennels, donot waste your time looking to other "backyard breeders", this man here is the Real Deal. And has some serious bird dogs to boot!

Thanks again Mike, and I hope you have a great Upcoming Season !
Submitted by: The Novak Family on Jun 15, 2010
To All Interested Parties.

Our experience with Bear Creek Kennels has been excellent.

We are the proud owners of a clever and vivacious black lab, Ava. She was 12-weeks old when we got her and she warmed up to us very quickly. After we had her for a couple of days she was able to follow simple commands, such as sit, down, and playing dead. She quickly learned stay and to retrieve on her name only. She absolutely loves swimming in the river to retrieve her throw bumper and training toys. Ava is a very friendly dog who loves humans and is a great companion. She lives inside and did very well with housebreaking from the time we brought her home. She is an adorable puppy and is growing into solid-statured dog. We look forward to introducing her to hunting this fall.

Thanks again!
Submitted by: Darren T. Lynch on May 06, 2010
Reg: Jewels

Thanks again for the great lab pup. Super smart, tons of drive and loves birds. Couldn't have asked for a better pup.

-Darren L.
Submitted by: Dennis Hodges on May 04, 2010
Bear Creek,

Thanks again for the wonderful started GSP. She's great, and can't wait for the hunting season this year!

Submitted by: Tim Thomas and Family on May 04, 2010
Thanks again for a wonderful dog. She is something we've wanted for awhile, and were hoping we'd get another lab of the quality we had had before for 12 years.
Nothing will ever replace Sandy, but this pup is coming close. She's just as observant and caters to us at every moment. I think she knows what i want from her even before I ask sometimes.

Great dog. We will be back for another. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Tim and Joann
Submitted by: Brent on Apr 28, 2010

Wanted to say thanks for the wonderful pup! A truely great addition to our family. We've had labs our whole lives, and have all decided that "Rocky" is the smartest by far!

Already learned to go to the door to go out, kennel, sleeps thru the night, and sits for treats! And man does he love water!

Gonna be a duck dog I think!
Thanks again.
Submitted by: Nate Pluke on Mar 29, 2010

I wanted to let you know that Daisy and I made it home fine on Saturday. She was great in the truck. She whined a few seconds whenever we stopped, but laid right down when we got moving. We’re getting out to explore the neighborhood so she gets comfortable with her surroundings. That is going well, except she occasionally gets frustrated on the leash – she really wants to run.

I can see those hunting instincts in her each time we go out. Also, you can see by the pictures that it didn’t take her long to get comfy in the house, though she much prefers running around outside.

I’ll keep you up to date on how her training progresses and how her fall hunting goes.

Thanks again,
Submitted by: David A. Kohl on Mar 18, 2010
We purchased a Started Lab Male this past fall, Gunner, and wanted to give a update and background to how he's been for us.
First of all, right from the start Gunner was beyond our expectations. Listens so so well, we don't raise our voice, in the field he's a hunting maniac. Sleeps by the bed, never jumps on us, great with my daughters, a really well trained dog.

Winter 2009
I had the opportunity to hunt with my father (62yrs old) this past season. I was excited because he doesn't get to do the whole hunting thing very often anymore.
We hit a corn field here(in Nebraska), and within 30 minutes had 2 birds down, Gunner found both, one a runner that he trailed around 100 yards before pinning an bringing it back.

We then headed to the south end of the field, found a group together, flushed and shot our limit. Gunner was the only dog on the ground, multiple birds down, he marked them and retrieved all birds back to us. Found even the last bird we thought was long gone for we had only winged it and it flew another 30 yards before falling.

My father told me at the end of the day, that was the Best Dog of any he'd hunted behind, in his entire life. Hands down

I am more than pleased to have come across Mike and his great great dogs. I would recommend Mike and Bear Creek to anyone looking for a truly great lab, or any other dog for that matter.

Thanks again for such a wonderful dog, the hunting experience I'll always remember with my father, and a wonderful wonderful new member of the family.

David K.
Submitted by: The Krapes of Florida on Mar 15, 2010
GSP Pup Harley x Harley Litter
October 2009

Fancy's doing well. She settled right in. Slept all night right from the start.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Took about a week and a half to house train. We're in Georgia right now. I was amazed at how well she traveled. No trouble at all.

My husband said she is the smartest dog he ever had. She can be pig headed sometimes, but we're having fun.

Thanks for the wonderful GSP!!!

Submitted by: Gary from Louisiana on Jan 26, 2010
Regarding:(German Shorthaired Pointer "Lily")


Wanted to send you a couple of pics of Lily.

She is an EXCEPTIONAL dog! She is responding well to training, is house broken, and is already a big part of our family.

One pic I am holding something of interest...check out that intensity! She is a Statue when on point!

Next pic she has what I was holding...her first quail! I just introduced her to birds today.

I hope you and your family are well.

Talk to you soon.

Submitted by: Rich Smidt on Jan 25, 2010
Bear Creek Kennels,

I've owned a lot of dogs in my day, some better than others, many breeds. I will say this, after 20 years with dogs, training and hunting behind them, we may have one here to top them all.

"Jake" a lab pup we purchased last year has turned into a Bird Finding Machine! We hit a field, and he's GoGoGo. Every bird flushed and shot, is retrieved to hand (all natural I didn't do a thing) and he has Perfect Manners.

I am really impressed with the dog and how well he does with other dogs, new or old, kids, other people, his Obediance is Awesome, will sit at the end of the driveway and wait for the kids to get off the bus every day.

Couldn't be happier with this guy, keep doing what you're doing, producing some of the best Labs in Iowa!

Rich Smidt and Family
Submitted by: Harders Construction on Jan 11, 2010

Gus is doing great. Still has a lot of energy!

Shawn is working with him
on double retrieves. He has vbeeen taking him to Bunker Hill to hunt pheasants and work with a trainer a few times a week.

He's doing great. Thanks again!

Nancy Harders
Submitted by: Dawn Hinzman on Jan 05, 2010

Lexi is doing good. She has gained a lot of weight and is getting fat lol. 90% of the time she has her tail up now and is playing well with the other dogs. She has a lot of work to do but over time i think she will come out of it.

I took her out to my grandmas old property and let her sniff around she did end up finding a wild rooster and froze on point. I thought that was a big accomplishment for her because she was completely alive out there.

She is very much attached to me I cannot go to the restroom without her crying at the door. Matt thinks its funny she is like my shadow everywhere i go there she is.

She is still shy of new people though but i have been having them give her a treat everytime someone new comes in so she associates people with good things. She has adapted well to the house she is starting to go to the back door when she has to go to the bathroom.

I did have her vaccinated for everything as well as rabies because i do not know what shots she has had and what she hasn't. Her teeth were cleaned and anal sacks cleaned out (that was gross)

She likes baths and sitting right on top of me at night i have Renegade on my feet Onna on my chest and Lexi on my head. My shorthair blanket can be quite uncomfortable sometimes.

We are very happy with her and she has adapted well as part part of my family.

Dubuque, Iowa
Submitted by: Bill and Kathi Piper on Dec 24, 2009

As you have heard from some of Kathi's updates and photos, Tonka is doing great. Excellent disposition and still has a lot of the playful puppy personality.

He loves to follow me around, fetch whatever I throw and just hang out wherever we are. Have had lots of comments about what a beautiful (handsome?) dog he is.

No regrets - he is a great dog.

Bill & Kathi Piper
Submitted by: David on Dec 23, 2009
Thanks for the note.

Our pup, Ruby, is doing just great! Got her into the vet last week for a
checkup and
received a perfect bill of health.

House trained, smart as a whip ---- still loves to sleep on her back when
she's really tired or happy.

All good here. We'll get a New Year card to you -- (we missed the
Christmas card with too much going on).

Merry Christmas to you and your family -----
David, Heather, Gracie & Will
Submitted by: Tom Grant on Dec 23, 2009

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Roxie (German Wirehair Female )is doing fine, learning all thats needed to find birds! She wants to chase deer, I have been working on that though! Her drive is Incredible!

She is a great family dog and we enjoy her company.

Thanks again.

Tom Grant
Submitted by: Gary Avenel on Dec 23, 2009

Lily is doing great! She is a beautiful pup, great energy and very bold! She is retrieving one of her toys to me on a regular basis...hard to believe she is only 8 weeks old!

Thanks again!

-Gary Avenel
Submitted by: Heath Obert on Dec 23, 2009
I know you said you'd like some pics and I haven't forgotten, just been a little busy!

Drake did wonderful during hunting this year. He made great retrieves and I can use hand signals pretty decent with him, I'll work on that hard next spring and see if I can get him where I want him.
He's actually very steady in the blind and won't take off on the shot. He's a little hyper at home but I just attribute that to being a puppy yet and all the excess energy he has. I knew he had an awesome nose but I didn't know how good it actually was because the duck hunting was so poor this year and he didn't get to use it a lot.

So I took him to a pheasant farm last weekend and he was SPECTACULAR! We had 10 birds put out, he flushed 7 birds and just stuck his nose it and brought back 2 more that didn't even have time to flush so I'm going to try to work on upland hunting a little more with him too.

He definitely had plenty of drive! He ran for over 2 hours straight in 12" snow and was still ready for more!
I'm seriously considering putting in a couple hunt tests next summer if I can get hand signals a little more consistent with him and then possibly looking to breed him.
Anyway, here's a couple pics for you!

Thanks again for a Great Lab!

Happy Holidays!
Submitted by: Steve Turner on Dec 07, 2009

Wanted to tell you I took Tucker pheasant hunting Saturday and he flushed his first bird, I had no idea there was one there!!!

I saw him get real excited dove into a clump of saw grass and out jumped a hen pheasant (preserve hunting), grass was too high for him to see where it went down after I shot it, but I marked it.

I brought him down wind and worked him toward the bird, he caught scent of it , retrieved the bird and brought it back to me.

Great experience for me with such a young dog, he's only 12 WEEKS OLD!

Looking forward to next weekend.

Thanks again,
Submitted by: Emily and Brandon Houdek on Nov 21, 2009

Jazmine is doing wonderful! She is 9 weeks old now. She has adapted to her new surroundings very well and is fitting right in with our family.

She is very smart and is ALREADY HOUSE TRAINED!

Thanks again for everything.

Submitted by: RJ ROSE AND FAMILY on Nov 20, 2009

Here is a photo of Mollie taken Tuesday. We have just returned from partridge hunting in northern MN., a chance to take advantage of the nice weather in between deer seasons.

Mollie holds her points real well if the birds cooperate. I worked her real hard on migrating woodcock this fall, they hold so good for the dog, they are the perfect training bird. She seems to learn something every time we go hunting. She does like to "take off" out of bell range for 10 minutes or so and hunt on her own, but my other dog did that until they get older and seasoned.

I haven't done anything to discourge this at this time as I don't want to effect her hunting desire, she always does show up and usually does a good job of checking in. It took awhile, but she is now completely housebroken, it finnally took the rub her nose in it method, after 3 times that was it. I know it's not the prefered method, but it sure worked in this case.

I've never had a dog that is so adventurous and curious, I feel this is do to her intelligence, her antics can be very entertaining sometimes quite the clown.

We're very pleased with our little peanut and thank you for letting us welcome her in to our family.

Submitted by: Adam Plein on Nov 17, 2009

Just wanted to give you an update on Macy. She's doing great. She's 8 months old and this season has already retrieved 4 ducks and 6 pheasants for me!

I attached a couple of pics so you could see her. Kahri and I love having her around. Lots of energy, but keeps us on our toes! She hasn't gotten on any birds and flushed them yet, but she's been hunting with my dad's short-hair, so as long as she'll retrieve them he'll find them.

Thanks again for the great dog, and hope your hunting season is going well. Thanks agian!

-Adam Plein and Family
Submitted by: David Buchanan on Nov 17, 2009

I’ve been meaning to write, but we’ve got a new puppy keeping us busy! ;-)

She’s great. What a change to our lifestyle – but all good.

Tell your wife the 4.5 hour ride down to St. Louis went well. Only 3 stops, and she slept the entire way. (A little wining for the
first 10 or so minutes, and that was it.)

The kids were totally surprised Saturday afternoon when I brought her home. Then, I left for a 5 day business trip on Sunday.
My wife could o’ strangled me on the timing --- but soon got thru it.

We still have yet to name her, but have a list of top ten. The kids taught her how to sit last Friday. We’ve got a cowbell on the
door and she will hit it to go out --- about 60% of the time.

She’s in bed around 10:30 – sleeps straight thru in the cage till 5:45am. Been doing that since day one. Walk her in the morning,
and in the evening --- easy walks around the neighborhood.

Beautiful dog, very bright, my wife and kids love her….. !!

Thanks again.

Submitted by: Kathi Piper on Nov 17, 2009

Tonka is doing great! and weighs between 85-90 lbs now.
He has been through obedience training-passing with flying colors! He walks well at a heal, knows the basic commands as well as several tricks.
He trained easily. Is very laid back, but has a playful streak as well-he bounces around alot and loves to wrestle with our other dog and another dog who comes for doggie play dates.
He is good with people. He loves to chew on bones, corn from the field, and for awhile baby kitties. He is getting to be pretty fast, but is still puppy clutzy and fun to watch run.
His nose is good.
We love him to death. Thank you.
Submitted by: Plath, Brian D SGT NG NG FORSCOM on Nov 05, 2009

Thank you for the lab pup. She has been a very good dog. Full of life and spunk. She is almost house broke and is very smart. To think, she's only 9 weeks old!

Our whole family likes her very much and love having her as apart of the family.

Thank you again.

-SGT Brian Plath and Family
Submitted by: Jason Schenimann on Oct 15, 2009
I just wanted to email you and give you an update on Hoosier since it has been a while. He is doing great.

Today was actually the first day I have been able to work with him since about a month and a half ago. I took him out and he did great. He is a little out of shape after being kenneled up for six weeks but he still knows what hes doing.

I just want to say thanks again for such a GREAT DOG! Not only is he gonna do great this Duck Season but he is also a great Companion.

No matter where we go, who we are around, or what we are doing he always listens to me and is always by my side.

He is EXACTLY what I wanted in a DOG.

I have included a few pictures I snapped quick with my phone today. I will definetly take pics during duck season and send them to you.

If you are interested in getting in on a duck hunt down here just let me know, we would be more than happy to work something out. Hope things are going well and thanks again.

-Jason- Illinois
Submitted by: Bill Piper on Sep 07, 2009
Hi Mike,
Here are some current pics of Tonka the orange male pup from last March we purchased. He is currently around 75 pounds and still growing. He is going to obedience classes with me right now and is doing well. He is pretty laid back-calmer than other labs we have had in the past. His only "vice" is that he likes to "play" with baby kitties, and big sticks. He is birdy as heck, really excited about this hunting season.

He acts like puppy in a big dog's fur.

Bill and Kathi Piper
Greenfield, Iowa
Submitted by: Sam Milota on Aug 08, 2009
I purchased a female pup out of Fiona and Dakota. She is 6 months old now and just beautiful!

People comment on her and her manners, I always refer them to Bear Creek Kennels.

Mike was great and made the experience one to remember.

Thanks again.
Submitted by: RJ Jose on Jul 24, 2009
Hey Mike, here is a little update on Molly.
She's grown long legs and a long lean body.

FAST FAST LEARNER! She knows her basic commands, sometimes with an incentive. I have'nt had the need to put her on the e-collar yet other than for her to learn her property boundries.

Speaking of drive, boy does she have it. She's still obsessed by the wing on a flyrod and her raquetballs are her driving force. I use them as a training tool because she points them, retreives them, and they're her reward. He says Molly has that same kind of drive only focused on birds because of breeding.

I've been able to run her a little because of the cool weather this summer but no wild birds around yet. I called my old breeder and she can't get pen raised birds anymore or at least at a decent price.

We're heading up north for grouse this year, I know she'll bust a lot of birds at first, it takes a few years to handle grouse, but she is smart, has drive, and the willingness to please, add birds and what else do you need?

Once again, thanks for the FANTASTIC PUP! Llewellin Setters got to be the top 3 hunting breeds in the U.S. We have Molly and I know she'll put birds in the bag.

Thanks again.

Submitted by: Ben Davis on Jul 06, 2009
I just wanted to let anyone know, if your looking for a great Lab, and want superior service, you should not look further than this page.

Bear Creek Kennels, BYFAR!, surpassed my expectations in experience of buying a puppy. We went home with a healthy, excellent bred pup, that we look forward to hunting with this Fall Season.

AKC Papers in order, bag of pup food for the new transition, and even a packet full of coupons and free stuff...Gotta love that!

Great Experience. Mike, thanks for everything. We will see you soon, hopefully chasing Ringnecks in your neck of the woods!

Submitted by: Jennifer Huffman on Jun 01, 2009

I just wanted to touch base with you about Hoosier. He and Jason are progressing well. They are working together at least once a week (weather permitting). Hoosier has transitioned to Jason very nicely and is starting to listen to me as well now. He is wonderful with my 5 year old son as well. Currently Jason and Hoosier are working on doing all commands off the whistle, retrieving out of the boat and trying to get him not to be as much of a bank runner. Things are progressing nicely with them and we are patiently awaiting for dove season. I want to thank you again for wonderful new addition to our home.
Submitted by: Adam Plein on May 14, 2009
My fiance and I got a lab puppy from Mike at Bear Creek Kennels. Mike took excellent care of the puppies, and his updates were great, especially for eager owners waiting to pick up their pup. Great communication and information every step of the way made my experience with Mike and Bear Creek Kennels the best I could have asked for. Macy (our pup) is happy, healthy, and a great part of the family. Thanks again Mike!

Adam Plein
Submitted by: Liz Carver on Apr 28, 2009
I met Mike when he called me looking to add a well bred female German Shorthair Pointer to his breeding program. After several e mails and phone conversations, I came to the conclusion that Mike and I shared the same passion for owning quality hunting dogs that are well taken care of, trained properly and his new propsective owners are screened to provide the right dog to the owners needs and desires. Mike and his wife make this a family affair and ensure that his pups are well socialzed and properly brought up to be healthy hunting companions. Mike also offers an outstanding line of Labs, a breed we do not offer but I would not hesitate in sending someone to Mike looking for a good lab.
We decided to let him purchase Fancy which we agreed to breed to Magic, who is direct out of NFC FC Rawhide's Clown, to assist in his GSP venture. We are pleased that the breeding took and wish him great success. It is our intention to work with Mike in the future assisting each other in this wonderful world of sporting companions. Please feel free to visit us at
Our site will provide further info on Fancy and Magic
Anyone seeking to do business with Mike should have a pleasant experience and learn from it as well. Mike also provides training for those in need.
We wish you the best. Bob & Liz Carver
Rock Point Kennel
Carbon, Indiana
Submitted by: Kurt Ford on Apr 24, 2009
The dogs are getting along great, the first day I had them eating from the same bowl and even though Sampson is 4-5 times bigger then her Lucy(the new lab pup)still has a lot of pep to keep up with him. Training is going good, only a few accidents inside and once you let Lucy outside she almost goes to the bathroom instantly, she's catching on quickly.

She is starting to get a bit more yellow in her coat, down the back and on her head. Everything is going great!

Thanks again for everything, I we WILL be back again for another lab pup. It's not often we've found a breeder that cares as much as we think you do and we appreciate all the time you spent with us while we made our decision.

Thanks again.
Kurt Ford and Family
Submitted by: Bob & Liz Carver on Apr 23, 2009
I met Mike earlier this year when he responded to one of my adds on Gun Dog Breeders for my kennel, Rock Point Kennel. I was offering some of my better dogs for sale and Mike was looking to add an exceptional female GSP for his foundation to excell his kennel venture. After speaking on the phone several times it was quite clear to me that he had the same passion for bird hunting and raising exceptional dogs that we also had. His main concerns are health, good temperment and ease of training. He makes sure that the dog will fit the owner's needs and personality. He is now the proud of owner of BCK Rock Point Fancy That. We are excited for him that she is due to have pups out of our male Rock Point Kenda's Clown Fancy. Anyone seeking to do business with a kennel in Iowa should have a pleasant experience with Mike of Bear Creek Kennels.
Submitted by: Jason and Jennifer Hudson on Apr 12, 2009

We got Hoosier in early March of this year as a started dog and he has been great. Even on the 6 hour drive home he never made a sound. He is very well tempered and listens very well. I have been training with him since early March and he has progressed nicely. Mike was right when he said all he needed was a good loving family and a place to call home. He even does very well with Jennifer's five year old son. Mike was very helpful with anything we needed and is still helpful anytime we need anything. I can't wait until november to get Hoosier out into the duck blind.

I would recommend anyone needing a hunting dog to Bear Creek Kennels and if I should need another dog in the future Bear Creek Kennels would be my first call.
Submitted by: Jason and Jennifer on Apr 11, 2009
Name: Jason and Jennifer from Chester, IL


We got Hoosier in early March of this year as a started dog and he has been great. Even on the 6 hour drive home he never made a sound. He is very well tempered and listens very well. I have been training with him since early March and he has progressed nicely.

Mike was right when he said all he needed was a good loving family and a place to call home. He even does very well with Jennifer's five year old son. Mike was very helpful with anything we needed and is still helpful anytime we need anything. I can't wait until november to get Hoosier out into the duck blind.

I would recommend anyone needing a hunting dog to Bear Creek Kennels and if I should need another dog in the future Bear Creek Kennels would be my first call.
City: Chester
State: Illinois
Submitted by: Heath Obert on Apr 03, 2009
I bought a started lab from BCK about a week ago. The experience went flawless. Mike was more than willing to walk me through everything I needed to know about the dog and where to take training from here. Drake is coming along great and is taking to my family nicely. He listens well and is doing great on his retrieves. Mike has also been there to promptly answer any questions I've had since I brought him home, he actually called the same night I took him home to see how things were going. Drake has a solid foundation and is coming along better than expected. It was obvious when I picked Drake up how much Mike cares about his dogs. I wanted to see him in action as a trainer before I purchased Drake, I've heard of too many trainers beating their dogs and it's obvious Mike doesn't do that. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase or deal with BCK again!
Submitted by: Kathi Piper on Mar 30, 2009
Mike and family,

We just took Tonka out for his first walk around our 2 mile walking path at the area lake. He did better than we expected. He was on leash part of the time and is getting used to that. He made 1.25 miles. We thought that was quite an accomplishment for the little guy. He is napping now and has MORE company coming this afternoon to play with him.
Can you tell we are pretty proud of him?!

Kathi Piper
Submitted by: Bill and Kathi Piper on Mar 29, 2009
7 week old Lab Pup Male

Hello Mike and family,

We got "Tonka", aka Orange male, on Thurs eve from you and have had a blast for the last couple days getting to know our new friend.
Tonka whined quite a bit on the way home, but eventually settled down in a box on the floor between us, and was pretty sad that night as well. But the next day brought few whines and more cuddling and playtime.
Today, less whining and a happy wagging tail. He has claimed us and climbs right onto our laps and cuddles much.

We are pleased to say he is a pretty quick learner. He is figuring out the following commands already. Out, In, Come, Tonka, No, Go Out...which means go potty. He is also figuring out how to use the newspapers while he is in his pen. He is already is learning the boundaries of where he is allowed and not allowed. He barks and jumps at the boundaries he doesn't like, but he is beginning to respect them. We think he is great and we both think he is now the "cutest puppy EVER", a fact echoed by one of Bill's friends.

He has met at least 17 new people-friends so far and is a "shoe in" wherever he goes. He has already met the vet and vet's wife and they think he is sweet too.

Thank you.
Submitted by: Bob on Mar 13, 2009
We purchased a lab from Bear Creek Kennels and have to say they are a "TREMENDOUS" breeder with a great love for their dogs. Mike really walked us thru everything that we needed to know about the pup and getting her training right from the beginning.

We would purchase again, and will in the near future. Thanks!

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