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Submitted by: John and Tami Simkins on Jan 05, 2016
The whole process was as simple as it could be. You presented the puppies exactly as they are. On the day we arrived we picked the puppy by allowing the puppy to pick us. The paper work was a snap, it was explained very thoroughly to us, and was very easy to understand. You showed us the puppy and explained what we should be looking for. The mouth for a good bite and the belly. Now that we have the puppy at home it is everything you said it would be. She is very smart, athletic, and easy to work with. In the first week she will run up behind me and automatically sit. She loves to fetch and has even pointed at different smells she has found. She has been very willing to be potty trained from the first day.

Thanks so much for the best puppy. We couldn't ask for more in a puppy and I think it would be impossible to find a better puppy!

John and Tami Simkins
Submitted by: Mike Busch on Jan 05, 2016
Ruger is doing fantastic and making my incredible strides in such a short time! Vet gave him 10 out of 10 rating! She hadn't seen that high all around quality in a puppy ever!!!

Submitted by: Natalie Purcell on Jan 05, 2016

Bells is doing great! We just adore her!!!

She's doing well with potty training with only a few accidents. She did however pee and poop in her kennel for the first time last night...? She usually wakes me up with a cry if she needs to go but she didn't do that this time. Oh well, she'll get it figured out in time :-)

As far as feedback from the business transaction from beginning to end, it was good. We felt communicated to on a regular basis and, of course we loved the pictures as the pups grew!

Thank you again for everything and hopefully we can do business again in the near future as we look to getting another pup someday.
Submitted by: Scott Ferguson on Jan 05, 2016
Hello Mike and Happy New Year!

Scarlet is doing great, We try to spend as much time as possible with her as she is loaded with energy. I spend at least 30 min or so after work tossing the Dokken Quail decoy in the back yard with a 22 cal blank gun and also work with her in the house at night practicing her commands. Every Sunday I take her for a long walk through the outdoors.
I started her off by introducing her to a dead pheasant in the back yard to get her used to the scent. I then brought her to a hunting preserve where we kicked up a about 5/6 birds without a gun, she was very interested in the scent where the birds were sitting when they flew. And then last week I shot over her on a bird, she wasn't scared, but not existed ether until we retrieved the bird and then she was just crazy about it. Since then I only was out once where I had two birds on the ground that wouldn't flush, but ran. She new what we were trying to do because she was on the scent trail.
Even tho our state pheasant season ended on Dec. 31. I joined a local club that can be hunted until March 31 for stocked pheasants and chukar partridge. So she will have much more experience with training as time goes on.

This past week she lost three of her teeth. So far everything is great with her, she doesn't start or pick on our other dog the papillon as we last discussed on the phone. The papillon pretty much put her in her place a couple of times, so Scarlet knows her place now in the house. The only issue is that she is up every morning at 4am barking. We let her out to pee, and then she will go and sleep for a hour or so. I sleep with my shooting ear muffs next to my bed which I end up waking up with on every morning.
I have some pictures on my phone that I will forward to you, shes hard to sit still most of the time to get good pictures.
Thanks Mike for all your prior help and I will try and keep you posted on her progress.
Submitted by: The Watkins on Dec 13, 2013
GSP Pup- Lennon 2013

Lennon has proved to be the most challenging puppy we have had to date (our third GSP)! While very petite, with pretty feminine features -she made up for her smallness with an energy and tenacity that is unmatched!

We still laugh at the fact that early on, she would wake up at a level 10, commonly at 5:00am - bouncing off the walls, wanting to play!!

As she has aged, she has matured, having calmed down a great deal. She has very sweet mannerisms; gentle with the neighbor kids, very loving with us (cuddle bug) and is a really good listener. She loves her brother (6 year old GSP) and although he is double her size, 9 times out of 10 he caves to her (giving up toys etc) - not so much because she dominates per se, but more because we think he likes her. :)

Lennon has an eagerness to learn and to be engaged, loves to run!! Fun loving dog overall!

Lennon is very small, 45 lbs and healthy. She loves fruit! (oddly). She has been known to steal apples from our work bags and strawberries straight from the garden.

She is a great addition to our family and we love her very much.
Submitted by: The Lawrence's on Dec 06, 2013
Yellow Lab Male pup- "Vern"

Hi Mike,

Hope this finds you doing well. Here is a photo of Cole and Vern (the puppy we got from you). He is now 6 mos old and a great dog. Chris has been hunting him and he got his first bird in South Dakota last month. Chris says he has a good nose and retreives well and loves to hunt.

Thanks again for finding us Vern. We love him.
Happy Holidays....

Laura & Chris
Submitted by: The Totman Family on Nov 19, 2013

Our GSP pup, Gunner is doing great! We couldn't be happier with him. He still very sweet and affectionate like you said he would be, and does great around people and other dogs. We receive a lot of comments on his temperament and how he's such a handsome pup! He's also a very quick learner and is always looking to please. We've been doing some pheasant hunting training and I can't wait to get him into the field in the next couple weeks!

Thanks again!!

Wes and Sara Totman
Submitted by: Michael Villhaugher on Nov 19, 2013
Hi Mike,

Brantley, from Lucy's litter is doing well. He is a friendly dog who loves to interact with people and dogs alike. We both have some things to learn still, but we are getting there.

He hasn't got to do much bird hunting lately, but he loves to go shed hunting. We had a slow year last year, but he loves nothing more than running through the timber for hours looking for antlers. I'll have to send you some pictures of the sheds we find when we go again toward the end of February.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me and I'll answer them ASAP. Below are pictures, some are old and some are new.
Submitted by: TIM SANDERS on Nov 19, 2013
Good Morning Mike,

Gus is doing fine. He is very loveable, smart, stubborn, birdy and enthusiastic. I am very pleased with him. He eats well, gets car sick, plays well with my older GSP, chews some, very handsome,

He needs more training than I am able to give. Do you know of any east coast or southern trainers that I could take him to for a month or two. I go to Florida in the winter.


Submitted by: THE GLASGOW FAMILY on Nov 19, 2013
Hi Mike,
Just want to let you know, we are very happy with our dog, Ace. He is 2 today.
We hunted him last year and he was amazing! He had around 200 retrieves.
He is hunting again this year and just keeps getting better. He is a lot of fun in the blind. He is very loyal to Dan. He drinks a little of Dan's coffee, and has taken his sunglasses out to the river a few times, but retrieves them too.

We have a blind in a bay on the Mississippi between Ft. Madison and Montrose.
We Love the Dog!

Thank you,
Jane and Dan Glasgow
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