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Dog Barking Problems – 3 Sure-Fire Tips

Going out on a long drive with your best friend can truly be a fun and rewarding experience. However, in the case of some dogs which are excited easily, the constantly passing by people and things that your dog sees as you drive along can result in barking and lots of it. Your dog knows objects and things like houses, your dog may bark at simply for thinking that it is in his territory. All of this barking is enough to drive someone completely nuts, but there are ways of putting a halt to it.

Many people when they are submitted to this repetitious barking tend to get angry and within no time they will find themselves yelling at the dog simply out of anger rather than focusing on a way to prevent this from occurring. Your dog is yelling out of territorial instincts and when you choose to yell at him or her, the dog thinks that you are simply agreeing with them and will continue the rampage.

1) You need to get your dog to relax. Your dog always wants to play games and this game is known as who can stay the most relaxed. Start by playing some calm and soothing music on the radio. While you are at it, pet your dog's head and scratch the dog in its favorite spot; this will definitely help the relaxation process.

2) Never forget your trusty spray bottle filled with water, for when the relaxation does not work, a simple sprits of your dog should produce some results. Dogs just hate a quick burst of water on the face even if they simply love water in general. Do not forget to use a firm command when you spray the dog because you do want him or her to know that it is wrong.

3) Then of course you can always choose to make your dog travel in a crate. This is probably the simplest solution to the problem temporarily, but not a long-term solution. The crate keeps your dog from being able to see everything you pass and thus stops a large portion of the barking.

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