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Obedience Training

Dog Barking Problems – 3 Sure-Fire Tips

Sep 15, 2008
Going out on a long drive with your best friend can truly be a fun and rewarding experience. However, in the case of some dogs which are excited easily, the constantly passing by people and things that your dog sees as you drive along can result in barking and lots of it. Your dog knows objects and ... Read More

Teaching The Heel Command

Mar 08, 2007
The first thing you want to do before letting your dog walk off leash is to have him walk with you on the leash. Many dogs walk well on the leash as long as you are moving in the direction he wants to go, but he'll fight or pull or tug if you defy their will and move away from their intended tar... Read More

The Stages of Puppy Development

Apr 24, 2007
There are five distinct stages of development in a dog's life. Understanding these phases is important to building a confident, well rounded hunting companion. The stages are as follows:1.) pack socialization (0 – 7 weeks)2.) human socialization (7 – 12 weeks)3.) fear period (~8 – 12 weeks)4.) inde... Read More