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Dog Nutrition – Water and Your Dog’s Health

Just like humans, a dog's body is composed of mostly water; 70% composition to be exact. If your dog were to loose every bit of fat and protein that is in his body, the dog would still be able to live. However, in the event that the dog looses but a mere 10% of this water, the dog will die.

For your dog to be able to survive and grow into a full-grown adult dog, the dog at a minimum will need at least 2ml of water for every single pound that the dog weighs. This amount of water is just barely enough for your dog to produce urine and without the production of urine, the dog will die.

If you were to give your dog an unlimited amount of water, the dog will drink more water than he needs. If you opt to only give him the amount just barely sufficient for survival, the deficiency of water in the dog's body will eventually lead to the harm of the body and the cessation of various functions necessary to survival causing the dog to die.

You must always remember to give your dog more water than he needs for a number of reasons.

1)    The water the dog consumes helps in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
2)    The water in your dog's body is needed in order to burn fuel and create the needed energy to function properly.
3)    Water is an important part in the regulation of your dog's internal body temperature.
4)    As your dog secretes fluids through sweat, evaporation, urination and defecation, the water that he or she consumes replaces what is lost.
5)    When the body absorbs various chemicals, the water is necessary for the mixing of the chemicals and causing the chemical reactions necessary for survival.
6)    Water itself also caries the nutrients to the dog's cells as well as carries away any toxins from the cells and without proper hydration, the cells will not be able to rid themselves of these toxins and waste.
7)    Water is also necessary for the regulation of the acidity levels of the dog's blood.

No matter what type of dog you have or how active it is, water is the most important nutrient that a dog must consume in excess amounts on a daily basis in order to survive.

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