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What's Love Got To Do With It?

Dogs are like people. If you are kind and loving to them they will return the favor. If you are stern and harsh they will either become mean or cowering. If they are ignored they usually develop a mind of their own in defense of their isolation.

When training a sporting dog, or even a couch potato, start as a puppy with, affection, attention, consideration, and discipline. This must hold true throughout the dog's life.

All the dogs in my kennel are given love and affection at least 3 or 4 times a day when possible. I will walk in to the run, pet them, rub their bellies, talk to them in a kind voice, and show them that I care and appreciate them.

This attention pays big dividends during training sessions and in the field. Dogs that know they are loved and appreciated will return the favor. I find them easier to control, and they listen better and want to please me.

Owning and training hunting dogs is not complicated, it's simply common sense. The relationship established between you and the dog is the foundation for success. Dogs are simple creatures and can only reason to a certain degree. That's why we stress repetition and firmness in our training. The one thing dogs do understand is the emotion of love, kindness, and tenderness.

Dan Mar has trained and campaigned dogs from all over the United States and Canada.  He won his first field trial at the age of nine.  He is currently the only trainer in history to win four consecutive field trial futurities, including the National Futurity Championship.  Learn more about Dan, his videos, books and training accessories at