FIELD BRED ENGLISH COCKER PUPPIES - English Cocker Spaniels in Ayden, North Carolina - Tar River Retrievers

2Black and white females.

2Black and white females.


I have one litter of Field Bred English Cocker Puppies on the ground and one due May 6th.  English Cocker's are the worlds most versatile GUNDOG, DUCK, PHEASANT, QUAIL ,WOODCOCK AND DOVE.  The parents have had HUNDREDS of birds shot over them at the farm.  Very loving and eager to please.  If not used for hunting will make INCREDIBLE house pets as well. 1000.00 

The litter due May 6th the mother is liver roan and the father is blue roan.  Most likely will be 50/50 liver roan and blue roan pups in this litter.  Mother is off field champion and Father has had hundreds of birds over him.


Ad location: Ayden, North Carolina
Ad created: Apr 20, 2017

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