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I have an exceptional male yellow Labrador retriever puppy named Orion's Maverick, born on May 20, 2014, who is available to a good hunting home.  Maverick's sire is Torgs Hunting Memories SH (FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision out of a daughter of FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II,  His dam is my excellent bitch HR Orion's Bold Huntress (4xGMPR Cashmans Super Trooper MH x HR Orion's Quattro, dam of GMPR HR Cashmans PDQ of Orion MH,  Maverick's exceptional parents have each passed a variety of health screenings, including those for hips, elbows, and eyes, as well as EIC and CNM.  Maverick was examined by a veterinarian when he received his first two vaccinations and he received a clean bill of health at each exam.  He has also had his eyes examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist who determined he has no congenital eye defects. 


Maverick has benefited from spending extra time socializing with his littermates and has learned proper canine social skills.  Many pups that are taken from their littermates at an early age (before 8 weeks) lack proper canine social skills as adults which can lead to behavioral problems.  I'm also giving Maverick individual time with me and with the dogs in my pack so he's become comfortable being on his own and has become a responsible canine citizen.  He's learned bite inhibition and is learning not to jump on people.  He's learning basic obedience skills like walking on lead without pulling, sitting on command, and he understands the commands stay, kennel, leave it, and fetch.  In addition to basic obedience he will retrieve marks out to 40 yards in light cover and will seek out bumpers in moderate cover. Maverick is also making short retrieves in swimming water and nearly all of his retrieves are delivered to hand, many while he's sitting at heel.


Maverick has gone on many excursions to discover the world.  He gets to go to the woods and fields with me in my work as a professional forester.  These trips have allowed him to experience many different kinds of cover and terrain, as well as to learn how to travel.  I think you'll find Maverick is very attentive and responsive to people due to the amount of time I've spent with him and also thanks to the large number of visitors of all ages who have come to help acclimate him with people.


Maverick is available for the price of $1,500 until September 3rd when he will receive his final multivalent vaccine.  After that date the price will increase to $1,800, not only due to the additional expense of food and the vaccination, but also because of the additional training and experience he will have received by that time.  Over time additional price increases will occur commensurate with Maverick's level of experience and abilities.  If you're in the market for a started puppy you need to come see Maverick! 


You may contact me at:


Jeff Swackhamer:  765-412-2661

Ad location: Frankfort, Indiana
Ad created: Aug 19, 2014

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