Blick - Trained Dog - black and white, house trained, ready to hunt, family dog - German Shorthaired Pointers in Lenora, Kansas - Standing Stone Kennels


Blick has a bubbly, happy go lucky personality!  He loves attention and playing with the other dogs in the back yard.  

Blick was raised in the house and is crate trained.  He is collar conditioned to here, he knows how to stay on a dog bed (especially if there is a tasty bone to chew on) and will sit and stay for his food.

Blick is a greener dog in the field, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in his fast paced hunting style and steadiness on birds.  He is very cooperative and eager to please.  He isn't formally whoa trained but will stop when he hears the whoa cue.  This young pup will make an exceptional hunting dog after a few seasons of birds.

Blick loves to swim and retrieve bumpers at the pond.  He is quiet and cooperative so will also make a great duck dog.

Blick is looking for a loving family that will cuddle him on the couch and take him to the lake on the weekends.  He will develope into an exceptional hunting dog, but will be content to only hunt on weekends if that's all you can manage to squeeze into your schedule.  His love for people and caring nature will make him a great friend to children and home gaurdian. 

Ad location: Lenora, Kansas
Ad created: Aug 06, 2014

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