6 yr old $1500 GGson of Nolan's Last Bullet and Kentucky Belle De La Cour - American Brittanys in Tampa, Florida - Sage Valley

Liver and White, about 40 lbs and tall, long legged, fully trained, and AKC registered. Good, patient, and steady dog to wing and shot, retrieves well. Male is 6 and an excellent dog, father was O&W grandson of 32x champ Nolan's Last Bullet and Kentucky Belle De La Cour, granddaughter of Rebel's Heart of Texas. Look them up if you want to read about legendary gun dogs. Every litter out of this M has had one or two tricolors. Mother from the TK line. Let there be no mistake he is a bird dog, not house broken, but walks well on a leash. Currently in South Florida.
Ad location: Tampa, Florida
Ad created: Aug 01, 2014

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