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Upcoming Small Munsterlander Hunting Hills' Kennel Litters - Small Munsterlanders in Brainard, Nebraska - Hunting Hills Kennel

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Hunting Hills' Z litter is between Hunting Hills' Piper and Charly von Sandloh. Piper should have her heat cycle in August 2014. The puppies will arrive 8 weeks after Piper is bred. When the puppies are born and I know the number and sex of the litter, I will know how many puppies are available. The puppies will be ready to go to their new home 8 weeks after they are born. These puppies should have very calm and stable temperament, staunch points and back like both parents. If you are unable to pick the puppy up in person, I can ship the puppy to you by airline. The fee is usually around $350 for the airfare, trip to the airport, and the dog crate. Let me know what works best for you. Piper's puppies from last year are currently testing in NAVHDA Natural Ability test and the two that have tested have earned a 110 prize I and 112 prize I. Hunting Hills' A litter is between Hunting Hills' Pia (Dixie) and Anheuser von der Weidach. Dixie should have her heat cycle in August or September 2014. The puppies will also be ready to go to their new home 8 weeks after they are born. These puppies should have very staunch points, stable temperaments and independent search for the hunter like both parents. As I mentioned before, this next litter is our Z litter so the owners will supply a pedigree name that begins with Z so I will be able to register your dog with both the SMCNA and NAVHDA. Z names could be Zeus, Zack, Zorro, Zander, Zip, Zara, Zati, Zilli, etc. Of course you can pick a call name like Scout or Gunnar that you will call the dog for everyday and use a descriptive Z name for the pedigree name like Hunting Hills' Zippy Scout or Hunting Hills' Ziggy Gunnar. I post pictures of the pups on my website at I also post pictures on my Hunting Hills page on facebook at:!/media/albums/?id=205973169419552. As the puppies are picked, I will place the word PICKED after their name. I will post pictures of the puppies every week and I will try to post video clips of the group and individual pups. This will be a wonderful time for puppies since I will be able to get them into water, in the fields and around birds. They will really be ready for their new home! The female puppies will cost $1200 and the male puppies will cost $1000.00. A $100 deposit will hold your order of pick of the puppy by the date on the check. I do not cash the checks until you pick up your puppy. I reserve the right to select pups for buyers but will try to accommodate your choice. The final decision on which homes the pups will go to will not be made until the weekend of the 8th week. I allow buyers to choose a male or female pup and to give me their feedback as to which pups they like. Buyers are assured of the sex they want but I reserve the right to make the final selection on which pup. I will assist you in any way you want me to train and test your puppy in the NAVHDA NA test. If you live close to our farm you can come out and I will help you with your training. If you would like me to train and run your dog in the NAVHDA NA test I can arrange that with you. I have trained and tested past puppies for owners for the NA test at a cost of $100 per week. I usually get the puppy back a month before the NA test date. If you want me to, I can assist you in contacting the NAVHDA chapter near you for training. And I will assist you by phone or email with any training help. If you expose your puppy to wild game birds or pigeons in launchers or placed in searching fields with varied cover, and swimming in ponds and lakes then your pup should pass the NAVHDA NA test and it should be ready for his or her first hunting season next fall. I will introduce the puppies to birds, noises, searching in the field and if warm enough to swim in our small pond. I think the pups benefit from being around their mother and litter mates until they are 8 weeks old and in Nebraska I am not able to sell the puppies until they are 8 weeks old. I look for the puppies to have strong pointing instinct, excellent coat, nice search and drive, good conformation, and cooperation. I like to sell my puppies to hunting homes as I think the Small Munsterlanders are most happy when they can perform the work they are bred to do. They excellent hunting dogs and are most happy with daily physical and mental stimulation. It is also beneficial to take your puppy to puppy classes or obedience classes through Pet Smart, PetCo or a local dog training facility to get your puppy around other dogs and learn to be a good citizen. If you neuter the dog, I ask that you wait until the pup is at least 1 to 1.5 year years so it reaches its proper height and proportion. The growth plates need the hormones to close at the proper time and the bones, tendons, and muscles need the sex hormones to grow properly. A good article that explains the reasoning on this is: or Please let me know if you have any other questions and if you are interested in a future puppy, I will keep you informed on the breeding process.
Ad location: Brainard, Nebraska
Ad created: Jul 25, 2014
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Contact Name: Kris Hill
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