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Summer Sale! A large variety of awesome pups available now! SPECIALIZING in ONLY raising 100% PURE LLEWELLIN (English) SETTERS of Sir. Richard Purcell Llewellin, Esq.'s personal pure bloodline known as his pure "DASHING BONDHU" LLEWELLIN SETTERS. These were his personal bloodlines for over 50 years until his death in 1925. No other English or Llewellin Setter bloodline is his personal pure bloodline and is 100% genetically clean. I will repeat this, "They are genetically clean and have no inherited genetic disorders". They are the ultimate, "NATURAL", "Born Broke" close working, foot hunting gentlemen's and lady's bird hunting and loyal, loving family companion dog with a strong willingness to PLEASE ever created. They are a young hunter's dream that anyone can train. Males only average 45-55 lbs. and females average 35-45 lbs. when grown. Medium length soft silky coats that are easy to maintain. NO American bloodline outcrosses, NOT ONE DROP! All our dogs are 100% NATURAL, individually trained and then "GUN DOG CERTIFIED" before being carefully selected for breeding. They are hunted on native KY, GA, AL Bob-white Quail as well as Kansas Ring-necked Pheasants, Ruffed Grouse, and Woodcock. They are easily trained to hunt close in thick cover for outstanding ruffed grouse dogs and/or train to range out in open country for chukar, pheasant, prairie grouse, etc. and have even been excelled for waterfowl, dove, and turkey dogs. All our Setters were 100% NATURAL at pointing, retrieving, and backing (honoring another dog) without the need of FORCE TRAINING, GPS TRACKING, or ELECTRIC COLLARS ever being used. Our PURE Dashing Bondhu bloodlines were originally imported directly from William Humphrey's Kennel (England) in the 1960's who inherited them all from Sir. Richard P. Llewellin himself, from Humphrey's close friend Fr. James Brannon (Ireland) in 1988, and a pure Humphrey stud imported from another close friend and falconer Marie Thérèse à Goës (Belgium)in 1994. These are the SAME EXACT pure bloodlines that produced OLN's "HANK" of OLN's #1 Sporting Show for a number of years "Hunting with Hank" and his son OLN's "DASH" of OLN's "Upland days with Dash and Dez", still considered the BEST Bird Hunting show ever produced. The Dashing Bondhu bloodline has been carefully selected and line bred for over 145 years from the oldest pedigrees in the world and are 100% genetically sound for a long healthy, happy life, and their strong willingness to please and natural instincts, make them simply the best bird dogs and sensible family pets ever created. THE BEST BLOODLINES = BEST PUPPIES = BEST GUARANTEE, a 100% LIFE-TIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on every pup we sell! Please be sure to see our extensive website considered by many as a must for "Llewellin Setter History", "Dashing Bondhu History", Bio's on "Richard Llewellin", "William Humphrey", and MUCH, MUCH MORE. A must read before you purchase a bird dog or even your next pet. Man's Best Friend, easily house trained. Please check our "Puppies Available" webpage at for prices and availability. Safe airline shipping available around the world! Visits by appointment ONLY! HAPPY HUNTING AND GOD BLESS, Mike & Marie Bloodgood <>< Mountain View Kennel, LLC. "Breeding Old Style Foot Hunting Gun Dogs Since 1971" Supreme Grand Master Dog Breeder and Genetics Advisor.
Ad location: Bonnieville, Kentucky
Ad created: Jul 21, 2014

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GDC Dashing Bondhu Hank
GDC Hank's Champ Bondhu
GDC Dashing Bondhu CountOrtho
GDC Dashing Bondhu Babe
GDC Dashing Odette Bondhu
GDC Dashing Bondhu Toni
GDC Dashing Bondhu Royal