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We have a male and female German Shorthair puppy for sale.  They were born 04-26-2014.  You can read about their parents below and see the parent's pedigrees on our website.  Blaze, the dam, is attached to this ad.  Both parents have either sired or whelped several litters, and their offspring are a great testament to the breed and their abilities.  We have had a few repeat buyers over the years, so that too is a testament to the type of dog we breed.

 The female is available for $800.  She is a pretty girl liver roan with a ticked blaze on her face and one liver spot at base of her tail.  She is friendly and loves to play.  She has had her first vaccination and regular deworming.  She has had minimal bird exposure, but picked up, carried and played with the live pigeon.

The male is available for $700.  He is very handsome and also is a liver roan, with an almost solid liver head and a liver patch or two on his body.  He is a very busy boy and would be best suited for a competition home or someone who can provide him with a daily job.  He is super friendly but very independent.  He has had his first vaccination and regular deworming.  He has had minimal bird exposure, but picked up, carried and played with the live pigeon.

The sire, Tippy, is a National Amateur Champion in the horseback trial circuit and a National Amateur Champion in the walking trial circuit.  Tippy is a nice going honest shooting dog. Tippy will stare down a bird with great intensity and stand it all day. He field trials, hunts wild birds, and is a great house dog all at the same time. He has an uncanny relationship with his owner, Pat, and he truly works just to please him. Tippy is exclusively amateur trained, handled, and trialed on a limited basis of 8-10 times a year. Tippy loves the "game" of the field trials.
Tippy is a great grandson of the great DC Hillhaven's Hustler. Tippy's dam is a littermate to NAFC FC AFC Cebourns Shake Rattle N Roll, A.K.A. "Roller". Other notable names include: DC AFC Cebourns Erick of Hustleberg JH, Wendy Vom Enzstrand, FC AFC Pipelines Bobtailed Bandit, FC AFC P W's Abby Lane, DC Kurzhaar's Ruger V Haven SH, and his sire C. Hillshustler Halle's Yogi.

The dam, Blaze, is finished in the field as an Amateur and Open Field Champion.  She is our little sweetheart.  She is always a happy girl, and LOVES to work.  She backs, points, and runs with a high tail.  Her style is impeccable, and her gait is quick and snappy in the field.  Blaze is a real people pleaser and loves to be your friend by your side.   Blaze is a daughter of FC H's Hedge Rise Ignited, "Aggie" and FC DW's Sally's Hilited Affair, "Belle".  Other notable names in her pedigree include NFC FC Chisholm Creeks Cuttin Loose, FC Sin City Slick Ace, FC AFC Palm Glades White Litnin, NFC FC AFC Palm Glades Shameless Sally, FC KJ's Hightailing Saddle, and NFC L B's OHI Shameless.

I will provide photos to those who are seriously interested.  You can see the parents photos if you visit our website.
Ad location: Edgerton, Wisconsin
Ad created: Jul 15, 2014

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