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Dam:  ELKA


Sire:  Bone Points Nightwalker

Sire: Bone Points Nightwalker


This litter lines up some of the most talented and proven dogs in the German Wirehaired Pointer breed.  Both parents have generations of NAVDHA, NSTRA, VDD,  AKC and Versatile Hunting Dog Federation lineage backing them up.  Both parents are tested free of any Thyroid or Hip Displaysia conditions.  Serious inquiries only.

DAM:  ONCE IN A LIFETIME describes ELKA.   Elka is one of the boldest and talented bird dogs you will ever watch hit the field or marsh.  Her desire to find birds is almost unsurpassed.   She has an aggressive and meticulous field search and will range as far as you let her.  She has a very staunch point and a tremendous drive to retrieve.  She stiill has the 3rd highest score in the VHDF Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation test of 188-this number stills stands 6 years after running her test.  Elka is not a dog for the faint of heart hunter...... she is a bird finding machine.


SIRE:  Bone Points Nightwalker

Walker is a young male that we are very excited about.  We own a littermate to "Walker"and we knew early on that there was something special about the litter he came from.  At 7 months old  he was already finding and handling wild, late season chukars and holding them as long as it took us to catch up. He is a very honest dog on point and he has always honored other dogs naturally. Walker has that wild bird savvy that you look for in a hunting dog.

Walker's strongest assets are his incredible nose, strong pointing instinct, cooperation, and his mental stability. His high level of prey drive combined with his intelligence and cooperation have made him a very easy dog to train. He is a dog that can take heavy training pressure and still maintain his style, intensity, and work ethic. Walker has a medium range in the field and will push out 300-400 yards in open country. He is an excellent retriever on land and water. He hits the water hard and he loves retrieving ducks. His temperament is outstanding. He is a very calm, affectionate dog around the house and he is great with kids.

Walker was out of a very successful litter. In fact, one of Walker's littermates had over 100 wild chukars shot over his points by the time he was 8 months old. This gives us confidence that talent runs deep in these dogs' genes and that Walker should be able to reproduce this talent with a high level of consistency in his offspring.

Walker will be VHDF AHAE tested in the spring of 2014, and NAVHDA UT tested in the fall of 2014.


Ad location: Emmett, Idaho
Ad created: Apr 28, 2014

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Elka V. Den Drei teufeln VHDF AHAE 188
Bone Point's Nova NA 110 prize I, UT 190 prize I