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Looking for a finished retriever? Reserve today! Quantities are very limited. We have inventory currently on-hand in the US. If you are looking for a finished or seasoned retriever, we may have on-hand, or can find the dog for you. We routinely import dogs from Ireland and the UK of various ages, and at different levels of training. We do this for a variety of clients, and generally have some on-hand at our facility. Scouting trips are made to watch dogs that our contacts recommend, from the field trial and hunting worlds. These dogs are super steady to the shot, and routinely honor the work of multiple dogs. These dogs are easy to handle, and can easily be pushed off of marks to unmarked birds. Most of them are experienced, and have retrieved hundreds of birds. If a calm natured, smooth handling retriever, that isn't a hassle to live with as a pet or hunting companion is what you have your heart set on, feel free to give us a call. We can let you know what we have on site, or what we can find for you. All of our dog and training info can be seen @ WWW.ACESRETRIEVERS.COM. Call (228) 493-7474, or email us @ for pricing and more details.
Ad location: KILN, Mississippi
Ad created: Apr 13, 2014

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