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Sage Master Fall 2013

Sage Master Fall 2013


FC CFC CAFC Taylorslab Magic Trick MH CD X CPR DEADRIVERS GUARDIAN SH (Sage) 2  for 2 MH passes Fall 2013

Litter Confirmed on 2-25- Now Accepting a Few Deposits

All Yellow Litter Due on April 5th

We are very excited about this outstanding field trial litter and line breeding on Bubba (FC AFC Hilltop's Hayseed) expected to whelp April 5th.  Magic was a 2006 National Finalist, 2004 Top Open Dog in Canada, and is producer of FT titled dogs, multiple QAA dogs and tens of MH titled dogs .  This is a line breeding on Hilltop's Hayseed (Bubba), producer of the 2004 NFC Drake and other FT titled offspring.  Like our own Sage, both Magic and Bubba are known for their "off switch", incredible marking and exceptional tractable nature that they produce it in their offspring.  Just do some digging on the Retriever Training Forum (RTF) or on the web about either of these dogs and you will see why we bred Sage to Magic.  Magic has 25 FT points.

Sage is a daughter 1998 NFC "Eba" and is an unusually well-bred yellow with 9 Hall of Fame dogs in a 4 generation pedigree, Bubba, Harley lines.  She has the classic "off switch" and tractable nature that makes for a highly trainable field trial or hunt test dog.    If you see her around the house, you would never expect her to have the big motor that she has when you take her to the field.  She was trained to a consistent Master level with minimal training (~1 day a week) by an amateur and picked up 2 master passes without a hitch after hunting her for 8 days on pheasants last October.  Most dogs come apart when hunted that "loose" for multiple days.  She is just a "thinking" kind of dog with a hell on wheels attitude in the field and a very "honest " dog on blinds and poison birds.  She just absorbs training and puts it together even when you make mistakes.  If we were to start over today, she would be run in FT.  But, we are at a different place in life than we were 8 yrs ago…. She will finish her MH title in the fall and also be running in Quals.  This AI litter was planned round our desire for our own FT prospect with "Bubba" lines.  We have just confirmed a litter and are taking just a few deposits on early picks at this time. 

Contact us if you are interested in this litter. We are looking for competitive FT/MH homes for this special litter and we would love to see pups from this litter be competitive in the FT arena.

Pups will be tested for EIC to determine clears and carriers.

Magic Health Clearences:        

OFA Hips: LR-117358E32M-PI
Eye CERF: LR-30887
OFA Elbow: LR-EL14387M35-PI
CNM: LR-CNM05-324-M-PIV (Clear)
EIC: LR-EIC49/117M-PI Clear
AKC Reg: SN58754802

Sage Health Clearances:




CERF Normal (last exam 3013)

EIC - A/N Carrier


Magic X Sage Puppy Pedigree:


Litter Information:


Bryan Dick