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Each British Labrador receives the proper training for the day’s skill development. Performing upper level work may require more from the British labrador than basic skills enhancement, but it is greatly noticed during the crucial moments of a season’s opening morning. Below, you will find a listing of the different levels of training available to your retriever, and a description behind each level. Puppy – The prime point in a British Labrador’s life for being socialized with people and other dogs. Time well spent with a puppy in the areas of socialization, short/quick retrieves, and kennel basics produces a young adult dog with the mentality of a full grown British gun dog. Puppies are consider to be up to 6 months old. Started – The actual marking ability for a British Labrador is brought to life in this stage. By the time a British Labrador is 6 months old, he/she possess the ability to see at distances for hunting, a better sense of smell to differentiate between general “outdoors” scents and game birds, and the ability to absorb obedience lessons without becoming bored with retrieving. A started British Labrador is one that can make single retrieves up to distances of 65 yards on land or water. This level British Labrador has a good background of basic obedience. Seasoned – Steadiness to shot, swinging with a gun barrel to mark down birds, running short blind retrieves, and fairly large terrain distances are taught at the seasoned level. Retrieves up to 100 yards through moderately thick cover, on land or water, with the addition of walk-up shooting, in-coming diversionary shots, and 40 yard blind retrieves are all new aspects of the retrieving game. Delivery to hand of the bird, along with double retrieves, are associated with the British Labrador’s marking ability at this level. Finished – A finished British Labrador is one that is capable of hunting to anyone’s satisfaction. The finished level hunting retriever is a very sought-after hunting companion, and is one to be proud of. A finished level British Labrador can retrieve at distances of 100+ yards, with three or more marks at one time, execute blind retrieves at 100+ yards, handle walk-ups, diversions, and work simultaneously with another retriever without fear of interference between the two dogs. This level British Labrador is the ultimate gun dog.
Ad location: Willow Springs, Missouri
Ad created: Feb 21, 2014

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