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Dam and Sire

Dam and Sire



Sorry all pups are sold next round will be in july 2014

Born 12/25/2013, They will be AKC Registered, Dew claws removed, Tails Docked 2 Fifths; First Series of Shots will be given. Earliest pickup for pups would be 2/10/14, we like to keep them around for a couple days after their shots and ensure everything is ok.

Dam and Sire are playful and gentle around kids; they are on site and can be viewed if you come to see the puppies.

DAM heavy liver ticked, medium build, large paws, very loving and extremely smart, operates our fridge water and ice machine, opens doors, pulls the caps off water bottles and drinks the water bottle.  She is a very good hunter with the picturesque point every time.  She is a return to scene type hunter, meaning when a covey lands she will track down one bird, allow you to shoot, go back and track down the next.  Small coveys of say 5 or less, you will most always get a shot on every bird.  Came from Nevada as a recommend and wow were they right, she is the best dog I have ever been around.

SIRE black and white partially ticked, large build muscled more than most pits, large paws, even when hunted in the rocks for a few straight days has never had paw pad problems, very high endurance, is hunted regularly and is an extremely efficient chuckar hunter. He is a sweeper meaning he stay will in front of you the distance you command and make sweeps of approximately 45 yards till he finds a bird, then tracks it down and allows you to shoot, then goes back to sweeping the area. He will run miles on the side of you on a 4 wheeler, catch a crossing, stop and take you to the birds. He 50/50 points leg up, but there is no mistake tail up, front crouched when he is on a bird. Came from a pheasant farm/club in Utah and has a lot of champions in his blood line.

If you have ever wanted a quality hunting buddy here is your chance. While we do not enter into the trial scene there are quite a few pups from these two that are master hunters. These pups has been stacked up against other litters and we are getting the return customers. If you look through the gundogbreeders website you will see our prices vs. others and I believe you will like what you see.


1 - Black and White Males $600

3 - Liver and White Males $600

3 - Black and White Females $700

2 - Liver and White Females $700


Fernley Nevada, 775-842-2961 Ask for Shaun or Brenda

Ad location: Fernley, Nevada
Ad created: Jan 23, 2014

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