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Available at Stud is "Tucker" 2013 Vizsla Club of America National Gun Dog Champion, out of National Field Champion Onpoint's Sly Coyote.  The win photo does not do him justice.  I may be a good Field handler, but stacking a dog while on cloud 9 is not something I apparently do well!

Tucker is a wonderful dog in the field.  He typically runs a Gun dog to shooting dog range.  He adapts well from Horseback to foot handling.   He can and does handle wild birds. 

Obviously he proved his hunting ability in winning the largest entry of any VCA National Gundog Championship.  In handling Tucker, I am always impressed that instinctively he knows how to find the front.  The other thing that I really enjoy is that although he can be at a long range, he stays in contact and takes direction at a distance.  He is exceptional in the home with that typical Male Vizsla "Love me" attitude.  Happy to rest a head on your lap or simply tag along on a ride (he is a front seat dog), he is a great companion.   

He is available at stud to approved bitches.  Frozen and Fresh Chilled Semen is available.  Non-contiguous U.S. and overseas breeding is per Frozen semen only.

Live cover is at our location.  Collection and Shipping costs of semen or breeding bitch are the responsibility of the Bitch's owner.

For more information, please check us out at or contact us at (Note - Messages sent to Gundogbreeders DO NOT FORWARD and as a result often go un-answered because we don't know there IS a message.  Please e-mail or call us directly.

Ad location: Isabel, South Dakota
Ad created: Jan 07, 2014

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NGDC Vetelytar's Tuff as Leather