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Repeat litter - First litter was outstanding. Email from owner of pup from previous same breeding: Good Morning Ben Thank you for reminding me about Max's birthday. Max is working out extremely well in Alberta. He is a very striking and handsome dog and all the girls are crazy over his good looks and gentle affectionate manner. My wife, daughter and granddaughter are particularly fond of Max and make their morning coffee plans around a visit on the deck with Max. In the field Max is doing very well. I am training him on pigeons at least twice a week and he has become really solid on point, flush and shot. He has a natural high headed intense style with his tail straight up. He comes reliably and is good on whoa and we still need some work on heel. He is a pleasure to train because a person can relax and stay firm and calm which is good for both of us. He checks in frequently and I have every confidence that he will be the close hunting grouse dog that I had hoped for. I believe that he has an exceptional nose for he will become "birdie" at 75 Yards and regularly points at over 50 yards. We inadvertently came upon a pair of Huns two days ago and he pointed and held on flush just as if they were pigeons. We will stay away from that area until fall, but it was pleasant surprise. I take him with me most places that I go, and he loves to go, so he has seen a lot of country. Thanks again for your interest, timely advice and for your ability to breed and train such remarkable hunting dogs. Best Regards Al
Ad location: Clearwater, Minnesota
Ad created: Nov 28, 2013

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