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Zaniri's Justa Happy Lad AmCan MH Can*** (Lad) x Tidewater GivinLiteTo Our World JH WCX CCA (Glow) http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=514217

Puppies due late January.  Lad was an exceptional Golden who tragically died at  4-1/2 years due to complications of heatstroke triggered by a previous case of leptospirosis. He was a terrific working dog, an excellent marker who loved the water, and a team player on blinds.  An all around dog, he earned his Am MH status in 6/7 tests, placed 2nd and 4th in Quals, and earned a 3rd place finish in the Novice confirmation class at the GRCA National.  He sired one litter, producing a MH OTCH, Can CH *** MH, and a SAR dog. 

Glow has shown a lot of promise in field work, easily earning her JH and WCX.  She has 2 SH passes and will be working to complete that title and move on to Master next summer.  Glow also loves the obedience ring and is eager to please in whatever venue we enter.  She is a beautiful representation of the breed and also boasts a pedigree of talented, long-lived, healthy dogs.  Both Lad and Glow's history include a number of dogs living 14-16 years. 

Puppies from Lad x Glow will be good looking, talented field dogs with endless possibilities and outstanding temperaments.  Structurally correct with plenty of field intensity to hunt day after day.  Strong hunting homes and performance inquiries only.

Ad location: Hayward, Wisconsin
Ad created: Nov 24, 2013

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