Fall 2013 Flat Coated Retriever Litter Announcement - Flat Coated Retrievers in Ashley, North Dakota - Wyndham & Wyndhamian Hunting Retrievers (Est.1953)


As per our earlier Flat Coated Retriever announcement classified one of the 3 planned litters planned to replenish the flatcoat team with younger members is due in mid November. Please refer to the home page and earlier classified listings on this site for details of the Wyndham-Wyndhamian breeding program, reservation, deposit and placement policies.

The lovely imported bitch, Faradorn Pretty Peachie (imported from Scotland) has been mated to our youngest stud dog, Latent Lawyer of Wyndhamian (imported from Wales).  Both of these wonderful working gundogs represent purely working lines nurtured for many generations from working lines by British gamekeepers. In addition both have different pedigrees but trace to Wyndhamian bred animals from the early 1970's and also decend from the breeds truely dominant female line tracing back more than a century with most of the breeds outstanding workers and Field Trial Champions produced from the various branches of this elite female line.

Peachie is a larger and very strong  liver coated female with a very focused and delightful nature. She is the very model of our core breeding policy' healthy, sound, durable and with the brains, attitude and determination to please that makes her so reliable in the field and a pleasure to have at home year round.

Tripper, is a very happy but focused worker and as sweet natured around the house as one could wish. At only 5 months old he retrieved five Greater Canada geese down in a mud and swimming water. His dam worked her 9th shooting season this year in Wales. Tripper is black colored but may carry the genetic factor for liver.

As a producer Peachie has proven herself a superior mother, raising wonderful young workers sired by GCH Wyndhams Kubla Kahn as well as supplementing 4 rejected Chesapeake puppies at the same time, A son from Peachie's first litter has now mated a bitch on the east coast and is the og of choice for an outstanding working female in Norway. Ftozen semen will be shipped to Norway soon.

Additionally, a lovely daughter kept at home is proving a top worker and will be mated to a British bred dog from the breeds oldest active kennel prefix that was established over 100 years ago and is being nurtured by a 4th and 5 generation of the same human family. This dog is now living and working in France.

Inquiries are always welcome from those individuals wishing the proven longevity, working talents and easy to live with temperaments.


Ad location: Ashley, North Dakota
Ad created: Oct 27, 2013

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