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Amy is a Started Yellow Labrador Retriever female I had trained and handled in several Started HRC tests this past spring.  She's been made available through her owners at Five Oaks Kennels for $3,500.  She is AKC registered, and was whelped on January 15th, 2012.  While I had her, she was doing on and off-lead heel, whistle sits, remote sits, loading in crates and trailer, steady to shot, single land and water marks out to 100 yards.  She is an extremely pleasant and calm girl, and is absolutely gorgeous.  She has three HRC Started passes, and is a pass away from her SHR title. 

UPDATED:  I now have Amy at our kennels and she has not missed a beat since she left.  I was actually quite surprised how much training she had retained.  Her obedience is fantastic, as is her retrieving drive.  For more info on Amy, feel free to call me direct at (618) 967-4668 or email us at:


Ad location: Anna, Illinois
Ad created: Oct 21, 2013

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