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Puppies, started, finished, we have them all! At Ace's Retrievers, we can help if you are interested in a Labrador retriever for this upcoming hunting season, or are in search of a family companion. We are located 1 hour from downtown New Orleans, and have been breeding, raising, and training imported labrador retrievers from Ireland and England for years. We have sold them all over the world, and offer many different choices. We have everything available from 8 week old puppies, started puppies, started dogs, and imported finished retrievers ready to go to the duck blind today! We are a full kennel operation with years of experience at producing well rounded, obedient dogs that make excellent companions and hunting partners. Our dogs have been trained without the aid of an e-collar to be obedient hunting companions, blood trailers, bomb and drug detectors, search and rescue aids, and of course, playmates for children indoors without being a nuisance to the family. With one of the strongest breeding programs in the country, and a great reputation for producing high quality retrievers, we are quickly becoming known as the GO TO PLACE for high quality working retrievers with great natural abilities. All of our dog and training info can be seen @ WWW.ACESRETRIEVERS.COM. Call (228) 493-7474, or email us @ for pricing and more details.
Ad location: KILN, Mississippi
Ad created: Oct 16, 2013

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