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"Dietrich Von Den Donau Wirblen, NA Pz IXPretty Prairie's Winn Dixie V Britta, NA Pz I"

Dietrich Von Den-Donau Wirblen, NA Pz I (Emmett)

Emmett's Dam: 3RPJ, HD Lorelei De Valcreole
Emmett's Sire: Int Ch R JCH Eu and D ChKS Seehof Conan


Pretty Prairie's Winn Dixie V Britta, NA Pz I

Dixie's Dam:Ch No-Mars Britta Vom Cinder

Dixie's Sire:Int'l Ch No-Mars Chaz Rowdy Vom Hauss, JH

Coat:White Liver Ticked

Emmett, is solid liver, he is imported from Europe; he is a line bred Hege-Haus dog with 80+ years of breeding for the foot hunter. Hege-Haus is the 2nd oldest GSP kennel in Europe. He field tested in NAVHDA, Natural Ability test and scored 110 for prize I.There are 17 KS dogs in Emmett's pedigree. Kurzhaar Sieger, (Shorthair Winner) is the highest German field title awarded to GSP through the Deutsch Kuzhaar testing and registry system.

Dixie field tested in NAVHDA and scored 112 for a Prize I, Natural ability. A score of 112 is a perfect field score.Dixie has 10 AKC champions in her pedigree, including DC AFC Trekker V Grunbaum BCD3, UDX MH MX the most titled GSP in GSP hall of fame and "North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association," NAVHDA Versatile Champion, VC Enzo Vom Ludwigstein, German import.

Dixie and Emmett have been health screened through Penn Hip and both are HD free.Dixie's hips are 0.34/0.21 CERF GSP 375433, No inherited eye disease found.Emmett's hips are 0.27/0.23; his CERF--GSP-375684, E1.

Dixie and Emmett are AKC DNA profiled and dual registered with AKC and NAVHDA.

Both Dixie and Emmett are nice close working field dogs.

We hunt with all our personal dogs, both upland and water fowl.

Puppy selection is by order of deposit. Whelped 08-28-2013; there are 6 puppies, 4 female; 2 liver/ white patched and ticked, 2 solid liver and 2 males liver/white patched and ticked.

Ad location: Helena, Montana
Ad created: Sep 13, 2013

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