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The Wyndham-Wyndhamian Retrievers began in 1953 as soon as Ed Atkins was old enough to qualify for a junior hunting license. For more than 60 years now the hunting hobby has been a major part of the life here and the breeding development and working of more than a dozen generations of quality working Chesapeakes has been a passion.


Over the years one naturally learns from experience and the kennel aim has always been to produce Chesapeakes with four basic qualities:

1.      Good Health

2.      Physical Soundness

3.      Durable Workers With Endurance

4.      Dogs With The Temperaments and Personalities That Are a Pleasure To Live With and Train Easily.

This is achieved by careful selection of parentage that proved themselves for generations to be easy keepers, that passed very comprehensive soundness evaluations, remained sound well into their senior years while working hard on wild game, by keeping all of  the Chesapeakes as family companions and using a positive training approach designed to instill trust in the dogs towards humans and a strong wish to work for their owner. No forced methods are used here; just building blocks that teach the animal what to do from birth onward.

Litters are bred here to provide replacements for the shooting team. All are born in the house and each pup is handled several times a day so that the touch and smell of the human is as familiar to the pups as is their own mother's. As soon as the pups show any interest in the arrival of mother's meal the "come command" on a whistle is sounded before any food arrives. By the time the pups are ready to eat gruel on their own they will respond vigorously when the whistle calls them. By reinforcing this as the pups progress the response to coming when called strengthens. At about 6 weeks each pup is taken alone to a small dead end hallway. A small rubber ball is rolled slowly only a couple of feet. As carnivores the instinct is very strong to pursue and capture. By using the whistle command that was taught nearly 4 weeks earlier and reinforced positively several times a day the first retrieves are accomplished and built on so that at 8 weeks old retrieving is a most important activity for pup and human as a team. With encouragement and positive reinforcement retrieving to the human hand is the greatest interaction for the pup.

Introduction to basic obedience is done separately from retrieving. Also, introduction to water is done separately as a game as early as nature allows. Between 11 and 13 weeks pups kept in the home kennel are gently taught to line and take direction commands inside the confines of the house. Again this is done in very short sessions of only one to three retrieves and with great care to make certain that the pup never fails. Far better to roll a second ball than be negative; the owner/trainer needs to ensure success with an infant puppy.

Two females will be mated in or around October. Both will be 3rd season workers that have demonstrated as individual working talents and the kennels core values. Both of these very fast and athletic females were from females that are now beginning their 11th shooting seasons as part of the home team. Both of the youngsters are from more than 12 generations of the kennels selection.  The plan is to mate both of these to the kennels very classy senior working dog, Ch Wyndhams Unequaled,  who is himself now working his 11th season in the field. These breedingsdecend from a broad group of old working families within the Chesapeake  breed. These are dogs selected to hunt above all else.

All Wyndham-Wyndhamian puppies are reserved prior to birth. Sportsman wishing a pup from more than 60 years of proven quality, are advised to contact Ed Atkins by telephone or email. Inquiries must include the persons name, where they live, what experience they have with Chesapeakes, a telephone number where they may be called , an explanation of their expectations for a dog, gender and color preference..

Pups can only be reserved with a 50% none refundable down payment/deposit. Balance of purchase price become due when a suitable pup is available and the purchaser is so notified.


Ad location: Ashley, North Dakota
Ad created: Aug 30, 2013

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