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Upper Ridge Brittany is please to announce the arrival of Tania final litter, whelped 7/10/2013. Tania gave birth to 7, 5 female and 2 male, healthy pups with looks that go all the way. This is a repeat breeding with previous pups doing well what  Brittanys were bred to do, Hunt! Pics of these pups can be seen on our site and are updated every week. These pups will be ready to go to their new homes at the end of September. Please feel free to call with any questions as I am always willing to talk dogs.

Upper Ridge is dedicated to Brittany improvement. Our mission is to raise the whole dog, one who hunts, loves the family and has show qualities. We believe that Brittanys must, first and foremost, be able to hunt, as this is their core nature, and have a temperament that is pleasing and kind, with a willingness to socialize easily into the family setting. These two aspects of the Brittany's nature are equal in our view. Second, we seek dogs that conform to breed standards. This aspect allows those who wish, to show their Brittany companions. To date, we have several Upper Ridge puppies doing well in various AKC and American Field sanctioned events, such as field trials, hunt tests and show venues.

You can't beat these dogs for hunting ability. To ensure gentleness, we socialize our puppies with children of all ages and numerous dogs. They make great family members. Upper Ridge dogs come with a 3 year health guarantee against genetic problems and our promise of the best hunting and family companion.
Ad location: Utah
Ad created: Aug 24, 2013

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