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Northwoods Prancer - whelped: March 22, 2008

Prancer is an evenly masked, orange-and-white female with a beautiful, classic Elhew head. She weighs 45 lbs. She has a want-to-please attitude and loves attention. Prancer gets along well with people and dogs. She has lived in the house with Jerry and Betsy and other dogs and is house trained. She is quiet and clean in the house or kennel and rarely barks.

Prancer is a focused hunter and handles easily at a medium range. She is impressive to watch with her driving, powerful stride and is gorgeous on point—tall and lofty with an extremely high head. She naturally backs and retrieves with a soft mouth. She has been a major part of Jerry's professional grouse guiding string and knows her job. Just take her to birds and she'll do the rest. No ecollar is necessary.

Prancer is the total package—brag hunting dog, perfect house pet and excellent companion. She is an experienced wild bird dog with her best years yet to come. She is offered only to the right situation and will be spayed. She's in excellent physical condition and is ready to hunt this fall.

Prancer is a Finished Grouse Dog and priced at $6,500.

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Ad location: Sandstone, Minnesota
Ad created: Aug 12, 2013

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