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Chet is a ready to go bird finding machine. Just add birds.

Nice Male Started German Shorthair "Chet"

If you are looking for a dog that is ready to go for the fall hunting season, this is it! Chet has had 2 months of solid bird dog training and he is looking really nice. He has a great nose and stands his birds with style. He is a natural retriever with a very soft mouth. Chet is easy to handle and has a really calm temerament.

Why buy a started dog?

Buying a started dog is a great way to get a hunting dog that already knows the basics. You don't have to deal with the puppy stage, potty accidents, whining all night, chewing the couch, etc. Started dogs have been properly introduced to gun fire, live birds, pointing, retrieving and loading in the crate and kennel. Started dogs have already begun their bird dog training and can be expected to find birds with their nose, point birds and then retrieve birds to hand. Started dogs will know and obey basic commands like here, whoa, load up, no, etc.

Just Take Me Hunting!

Typically started dogs are to the point where you can take them hunting and have an enjoyable experience in the bird field. While they still require additional training to be steady to wing and shot, a full season of wild bird hunting will be most beneficial to the started dog. Started dogs have enough of the basics down to go out and find birds for you and your hunting buddies.

Ad location: Beaver, Utah
Ad created: Jul 16, 2013

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