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"GrCH Stonepointe's Und'r The Influence" and

"Rock Point's Call Me Jiggy" breeding announcement.

At Stedfast Vizslas we selectively breed our dogs for the betterment of the whole vizsla with the creation of future champions in mind. Our puppies are bred with the utmost importance placed on quality.  All litters are champion sired and are carefully planned in order to enhance and amplify qualities such as intelligence, classic conformation, style, strong bird drive and loving dispositions.

We have planned this premium lineage Jiggy/Guzzle breeding with expectations of producing puppies of dual quality which display characteristics for both bench/conformation and field performance activities.  Both parents, as well as several generations of ancestors have been evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and are certified free of hip dysplasia.

Through this breeding we are bringing back some of Vizsla history's top competition dogs, premium producers and nationally acclaimed legends. These puppies are expected to be strong, healthy bird dogs with intense desire and style.
An eagerness to learn combined with happy, biddable temperaments make a Stedfast Vizsla easy and enjoyable to live with at home. We prefer that our puppies, above all else, are part of the family and we strive to find the perfect fit for each puppy.

 Pups expected August 2013.

 Accepting deposits now.

Ad location: Marysville, Ohio
Ad created: Jun 30, 2013

Stedfast Vizslas Breeder Information


Rock Point's Call Me Jiggy
Stonepointe's Und'r The Influence (Guzzle)