Trained Geramn Shorthair pointers - German Shorthaired Pointers in Kansas City, Kansas - Big Boyz Birddogs

I have 3 males, two to three year GSP that have had 4 to 6000 birds over their in two seasons of guiding at the preserve I guide for. I am helping my friend sell these dogs he has moved to Northeast Missouri and needing to sell them since he wont be guiding near as much. I have used these dogs for myself and guided with them, they are very well trained and great hunters. Finished to point,and retrieve to hand. Any other questions contact myself or Travis at 785-443-1029 I wouldnt vouce for these dogs and try to help sell them if I hadnt hunted with them for 2 seasons and think they were worth selling thru my name.
Ad location: Kansas City, Kansas
Ad created: May 27, 2013

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