100% Llewellin Setter Puppies, pure Dashing Bondhu imported bloodlines. - Llewellin Setters in Bonnieville, Kentucky - Mountain View Llewellin's Setter Kennel, LLC.

We are taking deposits for our wonderful Llewellin's Setter puppies out of proven, Gun Dog Certified Parents. Shipping available world wide. They are 100% Mr. Llewellin's pure imported "Dashing Bondhu" bloodline (see pedigrees), the same exact bloodline that produced OLN's "Hank" of "Hunting with Hank" and "Dash", of "Upland Days with Dash". They are the ultimate Ole' English Gentlemen, FOOT HUNTING BIRD DOGS and life long family companions. All our pups have a 100% Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee. Please see our award winning, extensive web site with more Llewellin Setter information then all other web sites combined, at www.llewellinsetter.8k.com a must read before you purchase your next bird dog and/or companion pet. Non-Hunting Pet homes are always welcome to prove how great these wonderful Setters are, but if you are a bird hunter, these are the most NATURAL bird dogs ever created for over 140 years and counting. Basically, just hunt them. Please do not use the message system and email us directly at mvcr@scrtc.com for a quick reply.
Ad location: Bonnieville, Kentucky
Ad created: May 20, 2013

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GDC Dashing Bondhu Ringo
GDC Dashing Bondhu Hank
GDC Hank's Champ Bondhu
GDC Dashing Bondhu CountOrtho
GDC Dashing Bondhu Janie
GDC Dashing Bondhu Babe
GDC Irish Bondhu Chess
GDC Dashing Odette Bondhu
GDC Dashing Bondhu Silk
GDC Dashing Bondhu Rosie
GDC IrishKing Lady Bondhu
GDC Dashing Bondhu Toni
GDC Dashing Bondhu DutChess