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    Choc`s litter due about the 25 of may, Choc`s sire GRHRCH UH Dakota`s Cajun Roux , Grandsire GRHRCH Missy`s Cajun Dakota MH. Roux 3 time GRHRCH , and Roux`s sire Cody , his call name, 13 time GRHRCH what a dog he was. Choc has so many great names on her Pedigree it is to much to list here. Snowy the sire well one thing Choc is in love with him but Snowy is one of the greatest dogs I have been around he lives free 24- 7 but when Toby or Max is out he likes to fly for the retrieve in water time an time again everyone is in love with him so he is the sire to these litter`s coming. Price of puppies $700.00 a puppy. Email me it is better because the dogs get me wet he are always around water an my s4 would not last long.
Ad location: Louisiana
Ad created: May 14, 2013

Contact: Robert Buras

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