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Rippling Run Red Headed Stranger JH

DOB 3/22/2010


Willie is a well built, 80 pound boy, with a large blocky head and a moderate field coat. He has the frame and the musculature to carry himself all day thru the field. He has an easy going golden personality and does well in the house or in the kennel. He is a real people pleaser and loves everyone he meets. 


Willie has been FF, CC, FTP, thru transition and swim by. He marks the fall well and handles with ease to blinds. He has perseverance in the hunt and an acceptable hunt zone. Willie loves to retrieve but he is not vocal or overly excited at the prospect of a retrieve. He has excellent line manners and is an easy worker. He has a good nose and a soft mouth. Willie sailed thru his JH with ease.


Willie has one fault - he does not enjoy competition events and would not be a good prospect for a competition home. He is a fantastic hunting dog and he is a hunters dream dog.  He is good with other dogs and children. 



Here is the link to all of Willies health clearances:

Here is the link to his pedigree:


$3800 - Willie will be neutered before going to his new home.

Ad location: Clayton, Wisconsin
Ad created: Apr 30, 2013

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