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Vern has excelled in the field in competition, having placements in UKC, AKC Walking trials, AKC Horseback trials, AKC Hunt Tests, NSTRA, and in France where he received a C.A.C.T, in couples competition, which is only open to dogs that are Champions in France. In addition Vern is a Grand Champion in the Show Ring, and one of very few Epagneul Bretons to be "Best in Show". One of the others Epagneul Bretons to be "Best in Show" was son of Vern. Vern has hunted extensively, and has had Pheasant, Sharp-tail Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Woodcock and Bobwhite Quail, all wild birds, shot over him. Vern is a pleasure to have in the house!  He is classed as C1 excellent by a French judge, has OFA "GOOD" hips and is not a carrier of the Sable gene.




Lucy was whelped from (Irish Import) '06 & '07 NBOB GRCH Cliathan Mighty McSmith TAN of W. Edward Smith's Smith's Kennel by the Pond in Indiana X A' Beaujolais De Pataula of Jim Mondrella's Kennel in Illinois. Lucy is a beautiful working dog in the field. She works whatever cover she is in accordingly. She is a strong pheasant and quail hunter but has successfully hunted many game birds.  Lucy is a hunting dog and family pet first but has proved herself in the show ring. She is a UKC Field Champion and UKC Show Champion.  Her hips are OFA "GOOD."  She has been tested to see if she is a carrier of the "Sable" gene and she is not. 


Ad location: Delavan, Illinois
Ad created: Apr 11, 2013

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