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Looking for a started Labrador for the 2013/2014 season? Hurry. TIME AND INVENTORY IS LIMITED. At Ace's Retrievers, we have a very nice group of young Irish/British retrievers we are raising for this year's started dog program. We consistently produce and sell started dogs all over the world, and are a reliable source for providing your next retriever. Our strong imprinting program teaches our young pups to retrieve from the first time their feet touch the ground. They will continue to do this for years to come with tail wagging. After the basic idea of retrieve and return is developed, we then move to birds, guns, and obedience. Before long, they are ready to be your next retrieving companion. We offer numerous levels of training, so our started dogs will fit your exact needs. Using your description of what you would like to see in your next retriever, we can hand pick the best retriever on hand that matches your description. We also offer custom training options such as young child introduction, boat introduction, platform work, and crate training to name a few. All of our dogs are microchipped and come with a 30 month hip and elbow guarantee, and are guaranteed non affected by PRA, CNM, and EIC. They come with full AKC registration, and without restrictive clauses. THIS IS A HEALTH GUARANTEE THAT IS MATCHED NOWHERE IN THE COUNTRY. Reserve your's today. All of our dog and training info can be seen @ WWW.ACESRETRIEVERS.COM. Call (228) 493-7474, or email us @ for pricing and more details.
Ad location: KILN, Mississippi
Ad created: Apr 02, 2013

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