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We have three Gun Dog Training Camps during the year. They are created to maximize the specific needs of gun dogs based upon their current training level.

The objectives for our “Basic” gun dog training camp are to set a strong foundation for your dog, which includes proper introduction and exposure to birds, proper gun introduction, basic obedience, hunting in control and basic retrieving. This school has historically included puppies and young dogs, or experienced dogs that have become self-hunters and are hunting out of control/gun range.

The objective of our “Advanced” gun dog training camp is to build on the foundation previously established at one of our gun dog training schools, or the foundation put in place by the owner. Dogs learn proper use of the wind while hunting in control, develop a reliable retrieve, and take part in a conditioning program prior to the opening of bird season. This camp is what you need prior to opening day!

The objectives for our “Wild Bird” gun dog training camp are to provide unmatched experience and exposure to actual hunting situations. These situations include not only consistent wild bird exposure, but it also includes exposure to a variety of hunting cover and conditions. This cover ranges from open pasture, CRP, sloughs and fence lines that hold wild pheasants to thick woods and alder runs that hold grouse and woodcock. This gun dog training camp is conducted in the heart of wild pheasant and/or grouse/woodcock country during the season and allows dogs of all ages to learn how to find and produce wild birds. Historically, owners that have sent their dogs to this camp have wanted to provide the very best opportunity for their dog's to reach their full genetic potential. Not everyone can hunt for 30-60 days straight. Send your dog with us to get it the experience it deserves!
Ad location: Mitchell , Georgia
Ad created: Feb 04, 2013

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