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**SOLD**  Young (10 months) labrador, female, out of a quality pedigree, looking for new home. To call her a 'started dog' is a large overstretch - we got her, along with her sister, just a short time ago. I believe she has huge potential because (a) she is drop-dead beautiful; (b) she has a great attitude - loves people, shows no fear, takes to new things, new directions easily (Ex: first time ever in a collar/leash - didn't fight and pull like so many do. Just sat, looked at me for direction, within a minute was walking beside me.). If I didn't already have 2 blacks, I'd keep her, but I don't think that would be fair to her. With her pedigree, this girl should be hunting.  You can view her pedigree on my website - she is 'Bonnie' on there.
Ad location: Oak Hill, Ohio
Ad created: Jan 17, 2013

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